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‘Lazy Eye’ Shows the Magic and Mystery of Reconnecting with a Past Love

'Lazy Eye' Shows the Magic and Mystery of Reconnecting with a Past Love

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Lazy Eye

Logline: When Dean, a 40-year-old graphic designer, unexpectedly hears from Alex, the ex he hasn’t seen in 15 years, the two meet for a weekend at a house in the desert near Joshua Tree.

Elevator Pitch: 
Everybody has the one person from their past, that one love that got away, that broke your heart. What if that person suddenly reappears? That is the heart of the story of “Lazy Eye.” Dean, a 40-year-old graphic designer in Los Angeles, is lonely, frustrated in his work and his life, when Alex, an ex he hasn’t seen or heard from in 15 years, contacts him out of the blue. When they meet for a weekend at a house in the desert, secrets are revealed, truths told, and old wounds reopened in hopes of burying the past and starting anew.

Production Team:
Director/Writer: Tim Kirkman (“Dear Jesse,” “Loggerheads”)
Producers: Todd Shotz (“Ghost Team One”), Tim Kirkman
Executive Producers: John Ainsworth, Gill Holland, Howard Rosenman, Leesa Wagner
Cinematographer: Gabe Mayhan (“Greater”)
Editor: Caitlin Dixon (“Loggerheads,” “FLOW: For Love of Water”)

About the Film:
Around the time I turned 40, I experienced a sudden change in my vision. I was born with amblyopia (known as a “lazy eye”), so eye problems were nothing new. But this change was dramatic and it triggered an accompanying unexpected emotional upheaval. I experienced a profound need to assess my life and examine all of the things I had—and hadn’t—accomplished. When an ex reached out to me one day via social media, the floodgates opened and I realized there were things in my life that were not resolved. It was a bad time, but it became a great story.

Current Status: Currently in post-production, looking for donations to our fiscal sponsor, More Than Friends Film Funding, a nonprofit supporting LGBT and women filmmakers and their projects.

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Betsy L

Compelling set up and universal story told by a proven filmmaker — sounds like a great recipe!


Sounds like a great story! Would love to see it!


Love the premise!

Nancy Austin Dixon

I would love to see this film. Kirkman’s earlier films have been wonderful.

Frank Orlando

A must see

Åsa Svensson

I would love to see this!


Not bad, but, not special nor original… I don’t get the point of this movie getting made. Visually looks great, though.

Harris Pollock

Make it!


Movie sounds great.

Dotty Brown

Sounds terrific

Ricki Gever Eisenstein

I would love to see this film!


I know this will be great!

David Pearson

I can’t wait to see this film. Many times.

debbie jaffe

Can’t wait to see it!

Katie Alice

Would love to see it!

Ruth A Derrow

Very intriguing idea..would be good to see!

Liz Edelstein

I can’t wait to see it!


This could be the movie of my life…I want to see it!!!

Melissa R

Sounds great, want to see!

Joe B

I cannot wait to see this. We all have that one person that got away!

That sounds pretty cool!



I would love to see this.

Emily Brecker Greenberg

This movie sounds so interesting. I hope it becomes available to watch as soon as possible!!!

camille Brandt

Yes, I would love to see this movie!


I would love to see this movie!


Can’t wait to check this out!

Frank Parr

This movie sounds great!


Totally want to see this!

Kim Loeffler

I would definitely like to see this

Jenna LR

Would love to see this!


would love to see this

Nancy Micklewright

Sounds intriguing! I’d like to see this.


Can’t wait to see it and to have it be seen! Thanks for all of the supportive commentary and overwhelming interest too; adding fuel to the fires of the independent filmmaker. Please follow us on social media… Twitter, Facebook, IG: (@) LazyEyeMovie

Simon P

I wanna see it!


I Want to see this movie

Would love to see this movie


Rick Benattar

I can’t wait to see this! Sounds amazing!

Christina Stephens

I can’t wait to see this!!!

Tonda Griffin

Would love to see this movie


I want to see this movie

Jett black

This movie sounds pretty great. I would love to see it !

Diana Smith

Where do we see this new movie?

Kenneth-Michael Glass

I wish i could watch it NOW!


I actually had thievery experience. Mine was a great reconnect. I would really love to see how others experiences went.

jk winn

Love to see the movie.

Robb McCaffree

I’d love to watch this film!


Absolutely! Sounds different from anything out there.

Howard Husik

I would like to see this film

Catherine Magruder

Can’t wait to see this film!!!

Jayne Meehan

Not only the, ‘Elevator Pitch’ , but the bio makes me want to see this film now!

Murray Levin

Can’t wait to see this movie. Who hasn’t been there ?


Can’t wait to see the finished product.


Sounds intriguing and thoughtful. Eager to see it



Day Yeager

I am EAGERLY awaiting the chance to see it!


Sounds great. I would like to see this

Maf Lewis

Count me in!

Sherre hirach

Would love to see this movie.

Jan Miller Corran

Looks fascinating. You have my support

Barb Shotz

So excited to see this film!

Julie Jaffe

I am looking forward to seeing this film!

Pauline Realey

Who among us hasn’t googled an ex (or three) and wondered about what could have been? This sounds like a story I’d like to see.


This sounds so interesting – and would appeal to everyone who has ever had a lost love. I would definitely like to watch this film.

Tommy Wooten

I can’t wait to see this! I love Tim Kirkman!


Please make this happen.

Russell Metheny

Love to see this


Excellent. Looks great. Def want to see this.

Shawn Deloache

Would love to see this!

Tom R

Would very much like to see this


I would love to see this!

Nicole Cohen

Sounds great, I would love to see this movie!

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