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Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander Join Forces in New ‘The Light Between Oceans’ Image

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander Join Forces in New 'The Light Between Oceans' Image

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After a gorgeous first look image of Alicia Vikander surfaced last November, Disney has released an official photo for the upcoming adaptation “The Light Between Oceans.” Based on the bestselling novel by M.L. Stedman, the movie marks the latest from Derek Cianfrance, who knows a thing or two about marriages, thanks to his “Blue Valentine.”

“The Light Between Oceans” tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who find a baby washed ashore in a rowboat and raise it as their own. The cast includes Alicia Vikander, Michael Fassbender and Rachel Weisz. 

Unfortunately, audiences may have to wait a while to see “The Light Between Oceans” as the film is still in post-production. The movie currently has no U.S. release date, and its UK release was recently postponed to January 2017. In the meantime, check out the photo below, which teases a joyful moment between Fassbender and Vikander.

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Fiona, what you see is the dark side of the Fassbender fandom. They can’t accept that he isn’t available, so they hate her and make up stories about how the relationship is “fake”. Almost as insulting to him as to her really. It will get even worse once they start to promote this film. This comment field could use some moderation though.


Why are you all heaping such insults on Alicia Vikander? You are just vicious. She’s a talented actor who’s doing great work and finally getting recognized. Why do you have to trash her? You must be sick puppies.


The only jealousy I see here is of her jealousy of Michael’s career and anyone else who is more successful than her! It’s sad! With her behaviour she’s threatening her own future as shallow as that is which is once again a reflection of her attitude! Meanwhile the fact that Michael her get away with so much was because he was up and over his eyeballs in work he’s a smart cookie and I’m sure broke up with her all those months ago once he realised her true colours and saw straight through her, rest assured karma will do the rest of the work here. Hopefully Michael will soon find a compatible woman closer to his age with a real business like and professional attitude toward all this rather than his usual type of a shallow and artificial actress


Meant ‘fame whore’ obviously!


It is low and excruciating watching this little form whore disrespect such an actor of his caliber by attempting to walk all over him! & then her friends and fans ask to respect her! That’s what’s balderdash it isn’t jealousy or disrespect as they so put it it’s justice which we are all after to see her hit the ground hard for attempting to hold back, suppress, walk over and control such a kind soul that is our Michael Fassbender!


I’m actually sad that Indiewire got dragged into this kind of forced promotion. Again.. considering this isn’t out until 2017 whats the rush in promotion, unless someone got something to prove, which is so obvious by getting this similar story published with this vikander girl always in the picture. The smell of desperation is so evident for her PR team to push her name out. It’s evident that she’s not in a relationship with the guy she’s been claiming, and keep throwing articles to promote smth that is far away to throw a shade of another one-side claim of her relationship, that is just low.


Why keep posting this crap can’t you see from all the posts and complaints it’s unanimous.. Enough is enough quit posting and sucking up to this childish actress .. Jacob Tremblay isn’t even this much trouble why do people keep encouraging this PR crazy fame whore needless to say by the looks of things she certainly must be paying you all quite a sum!


More Fassbender, please. Alone or with Weisz. Enough with that over hyped actress.

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