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Netflix Drops First Trailer for 1970s NYC-Set Hip-Hop Musical Drama Series, ‘The Get Down’

Netflix Drops First Trailer for 1970s NYC-Set Hip-Hop Musical Drama Series, 'The Get Down'

Here it is! Netflix has dropped the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s music-driven 1970s-set drama series, “The Get Down,” which will follow a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers in a broken down and beaten up, violent New York City at the brink of bankruptcy, which gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco – a story told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids who changed the city, and the world… forever.
Cast members include Justice Smith (playing “Ezekiel”), Shameik Moore (as “Shaolin Fantastic”), Skylan Brooks (as “Ra Ra”), Tremaine Brown, Jr. (as “Boo Boo”), Herizen Guardiola (“Mylene Cruz”), Yahya Abdul-Mateen (“Cadillac”), Mamoudou Athie (“Grandmaster Flash”), Jimmy Smits (“Francisco Cruz” aka “Papa Fuerte”) and Jaden Smith (Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling).

Luhrmann directed the first 2 episodes and the season finale, and serves as executive producer of the series which is also executive produced by Catherine Martin, Paul Watters, Thomas Kelly, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Shawn Ryan and Marney Hochman.

The series is set to premiere this year, although an exact date has yet to be provided.

Check out the trailer below:

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Chris Smith

I don’t know what "folks" liked that psuedo whitewashed "The Breaks," but it was no one with any type of credibility or knowledge about hip-hop. Corny, predictable, and "wack" all fit "The Breaks" perfectly. In other words, GTFOOHWTBS.


Looks kind of lame/ The dancing isnt really 70s moves.


I don’t know about this either. I found the trailer unsettling. Hopefully there’s much more depth in the story than we’re privy to here. Seems as if Skylan Brooks might be a secondary character to the Latino & Black-ish character. And where are the Black women? Someone call up the kids from Everybody Hates Chris and the young lady from the Bernie Mac show. They’re talented. But yeah, parts of that trailer look like an extended Blaxploitation film and not a good one. I hope the series is better than this because I have a feeling people around the world will be watching and (mis)taking this for a true representation of the culture.


The bottom line is we don’t have to wait for anyone to give us the opportunity. If you don’t like it, do the work to make story YOU want told come to life. All the whining about what someone will let us do, and how we don’t control the narrative are SOOOOOOOO DEAD already. If you wanted to happen, then you would have made it happen. Sheesh. All the mouths and no hands.


Cool Herc!


Cool Hercules and Afrika Bambaataa better be in this!


When I think of the 70’s I don’t think crappy hip hop.. I think of Disco….
I’ll pass

Shane Ķing

The new Star Wars was fun this is personal. Vynil corner Starbreaker


If the people in the film had a problem why did they cast themselves for it? If they didn’t believe in the film or directors why would they bother? If they were so hung up on this issue of racism in the industry why would they get into it? It actually tells me that without the cast the show would not be here. It’s not just about the directors yes they have a vision but it’s usually thought through and made TV worthy for the masses.


Make-believe imaginary ghetto bullshit created by people who can’t dance and gots no rhythm for other people who can’t dance and gots no rhythm.

Carlos Suarez

Karate Charlie coordinated the ,1971 Peace Treaty.

Carlos Suarez

As the Legendary karate Charlie who coordinated the 1971 Peace Treaty.

Big W

Let’s see how this show plays out through all 13 episodes. It looks like a good alternative to the usual off-the-wall-now-normal Netflix fare. And if the story’s told right, doesn’t really matter who tells it. Let’s see if it’s told RIGHT.

Scorpion Sting

Sorry – if producers were black or latino, would this have or have not gone forward? Who or what was the inspiration? Where blacks or latinos blocked from telling this story

Tabitha Thomas

It looks like it would be better as a movie then a series! I am just tried of my African American race is always on a plantation or the ghetto and seem to never get out! We come from a race of Kings and Queens of Egypt and the great conquer Hannibal. King Solomon the wisest Black man that every lived that was the son of King David! My people are much more then this so again I must pass. I am sure its a great story but I am still waiting on a black version of Game of thrones or just something that shows us more then just run away slaves and struggling all the time! This story has been beat to death! Next please!

Scorpion Sting

I have to ask

julius hollingsworth

looks well done to me.We will see sure enough.I’m sure Baz will have some black writers and directors on the project if he doesn’t already.


I’m not really understanding the story and direction of this series, based on the trailer and synopsis, but it does appear that the production design is well tailored to the era.


Until we continue and allow others to tell our story the truth will never be told…not accurately anyway. My favorite hip hop movie is beat street by Harry Belafonte..


It’s said we try so to get out, we’re just scare to go back. Really think about it. Peace.��������✌✊


Vivian on part you are missing in your analysis is it’s not enough black people with money willing to invest in our stories. I don’t buy that a group of black people with money couldn’t come together and put together a series about the beginning of hip hop.


What’s not to love? There are black folks in the hood dancing, singing, being half nekked, running wild, drugging, thugging, talking slang etc. All the elements of a Hollywood made black series. The only things missing are black folks eating watermelon and fried chicken!


It’s not that we love others telling our stories, it’s that the industry won’t give us the opportunity to tell them. This is an industry that’s so racist that Spike Lee can’t get a sequel to Inside Man made, a film that was a HUGE hit. A white director would be on his/her 4th film by now.


I don’t know about this, I just have to ask, as black folks when are we going to take control of our culture and tell our stories. This is about the beginning of hip hop and it’s not one black person that’s a producer on this series.SMH, we love other people telling our stories instead of us.

kid video

Folks seem to like The Breaks, but they thought it was a stand alone movie.Netflix put some money behind it and the same crowd that watches "Orange" and that Aziz show will eat it up. Not sure if Jaden’s fashion endeavors will hurt/help the show.

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