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PODCAST: Here’s What We Think of the 2016 Oscar Nominations

PODCAST: Here's What We Think of the 2016 Oscar Nominations

This week’s episode of Screen Talk is brought to you by Indiewire and Time Warner Cable’s Awards Season Spotlight.

You might have heard about the Oscar nominations this week. They’re kind of a big deal. At Indiewire, we’ve been anticipating these results for months. Now that they’ve arrived, however, the real work begins: Who’s really a frontrunner? Who got snubbed? What snuck into the race—and what snuck out? And let’s not forget the touchy subject of diversity or lack thereof.

In this week’s episode of Screen Talk, co-hosts Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson are joined by managing editor Kate Erbland to discuss the newly unveiled nominations and share some of their favorite results. They conclude with a hypothetical: If you could force the result of just one category, what would you do? Share your own thoughts in the comments.

Listen to the full episode above.

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Love to hear better production value with this podcast. Strongly in the camp with Carol being snubbed as best picture and director. (Will come back when I’ve seen them all)


Thanks "LMAO" – my sentiments exactly! You’re a mind reader! I just wanted to see/read if the "elevator was reaching the 12th floor" with this guy, or was he standing in the basement pressing the "down button"?!! *lol*


@Nate don’t waste your time with people like "BENXPETE" they are set in their ways and beliefs. He believes the crap he’s spewing but I guarantee you if it was the other way around, this guy would be blowing a horn with a different tune.


If you talk about snubs against minorities, I think that Idris Elba is the only stand out. Coogler and Jordan were amazing, but not "TOP5 material".


"Straight Outta Compton" was a great story, and in a different year it may have been nominated. however, this year the ones selected ahead of it were better. I do hope Stallone wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor because he did a superb job transistioning from the "Rocky Balboa" character. I also don’t believe that the race of the movie’s director and main character have anything to do with the final outcome of the Oscar committee’s pick. Both the director and Michael B. Jordan (Creed/Johnson) did fantastic jobs

Just curious "BENXPETE" – who is "You all" and what "quotas" are you speaking of?? Just curious, respectfully, about your comments. Standing by.


In what fvcking world should Straight Outta Compton be nominated? Also, you’re really trying to be upset that Creed’s director is black and the main character is black but the white guy gets the nomination…the guy who created the characters? The guy who, if he doesn’t exist, the movie doesn’t get made. Get real. You all won’t be happy until quotas are in place for art.

Cameron Johnson

Throwback to Cannes when Anne was like "Mad Max is in for Director and Picture" and Eric was like "nah"

Bob Bob

Please mix the audio on these. The volume is all over the place and you can hear Anne typing louder than the rest of you talking.

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