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PODCAST: How Do Sundance Movies Perform at the Box Office?

PODCAST: How Do Sundance Movies Perform at the Box Office?

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The Sundance Film Festival always begins with a flurry of buzz about a crop of new movies. But no matter how well they’re received at their first screenings, the real challenge arrives when they wind up in theaters. How did last year’s movies fare? That’s the starting point for this week’s episode of Screen Talk, in which co-hosts Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson are joined by specialty box office columnist Tom Brueggemann to survey the 2015 track record while looking ahead to this year’s possibilities. Kohn and Thompson then turn to the highlights from this year’s Arthouse Convergence before listing some of the Sundance titles they’re most excited to see.

Plus: Screen Talk fans at Sundance this year are encouraged to join us on Monday at 3 p.m. MST for a live recording of next week’s episode at the Kickstarter lounge at 591 Main Street. The event is currently sold out but space may be available on standby.

Listen to the full episode above.

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Wow. Can I have a revolver so I can BLOW MY BRAINS OUT! Soooooo depressing.


The short answer…..Not Well! Most people will never hear of these movies.

Brad Hapern

Robert Redford keeps his comments " simple" because he is getting senile and has adopted poster boy child John Cooper as his gay companion to select a bunch of krap, Hollywood low par so called indy films, bullkrap, real independents are not discovered at Sundance, Sundance is an old dead horse beat to death in the ground, they rip off filmmakers, giving them the idea that they should commint to their art and craft and maybe one day they will be discovered too!!! Hah ha yeah Like Kevin Smiths Great movies, he gets his pieces of sheet in every year because him and John aare butt buddys, indiewire, you suk and nobody is reading this anyways.

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