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Ridley Scott To Direct Film Adaptation Of TV Series ‘The Prisoner’

Ridley Scott To Direct Film Adaptation Of TV Series 'The Prisoner'

A film adaptation of the cult British TV series “The Prisoner” (ask your Dad or Granddad about it) has been knocking around Hollywood for a long time now. At one point Christopher McQuarrie was attached, and Christopher Nolan toyed with it too, but neither iteration ever materialized. But Ridley Scott, who is plenty overcommitted with multiple proposed “Prometheus” sequels, “The Cartel,” and more on his plate, has decided he could stand to be busier. 

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Deadline reports that Scott is in early negotiations to helm “The Prisoner” for Universal, which has a recent draft of the script by William Monahan (“The Departed“). The story revolves around a government agent who is imprisoned in oddball seaside village that he can’t leave — because he knows too much — but his life remains in danger, and attempts are made to capture him because of the intel he has.

This is all early days, as another writer is going to be hired to punch up the script to Scott’s requirements, and, of course, he begins shooting “Alien: Covenant” this spring. Hopefully, Universal will succeed where Warner Bros. failed last summer. Their attempt to bring the old TV show “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” to the big screen missed the mark, in part, because (I’d wager) a good portion of the audience had zero familiarity with the original property. That said, it also didn’t have much in the way of A-list stars, something that Scott has no problem attracting for his projects.

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Keep an eye on, The Prisoner and Portmeirion website, for more news on this possible remake.


Super-skeptical this will happen. As the article states, Scott has a habit of committing himself to far more projects than a filmmaker half his age could reasonably expect to complete. If there’s even a hope this will go before the cameras, it will likely get farmed out to another director with Ridley exec producing. Also, if Ridley is only in "early negotiations," then he’s not yet attached, and so it’s poor (read: typical internet) journalism to state he’s definitely helming the film in your headline.


Daniel Craig perfect casting.


I assume we’re all trying to forget the 2009 AMC series.


Even if he only did one film between each Alien entry that’d still be ambitious. He’d still be 85 or so making Alien 10.


So I’m guessing Scott wants to do three sequels to Prometheus/prequels to Alien & will keep doing three or more films between each entry. Ambitious for a 78 year old guy.

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