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‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Franchise To Get Rebooted With ‘The Silver Chair’

'The Chronicles Of Narnia' Franchise To Get Rebooted With 'The Silver Chair'

After the release of “The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader” in 2010, there was some question of where the franchise might go next. In 2011, Walden Media honcho Michael Flaherty revealed he was aiming to negotiate with Fox and C.S. Lewis‘ estate to get the rights to “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew,” which is more of a prequel story, rather than a direct follow-up to ‘Dawn Treader.’ That never happened, and a couple of years later, it was announced that “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair” would be next. That movie also never really materialized, but it seems the plan is still there to bring it to the big screen. 

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, producer Mark Gordon told Collider, “We’re hoping to be able to make the movie very shortly.” However, they will be starting everything over from scratch, with none of the previous cast members involved.

“… it’s all going to be a brand new franchise. All original. All original characters, different directors, and an entire new team that this is coming from,” he added.

So yes, King Caspian (originally played by Ben Barnes), Eustace Scrubb (originally played by Will Poulter), and Aslan (voiced by Liam Neeson) will all likely be recast, as the franchise looks to get reinvigorated. I can’t say I was ever really invested in the books or movies, but many are, and if you’re one of those folks, share your thoughts on this news in the comments section.

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When I saw them in the theatre I was not impressed, but watching all three back to back I can say definitively they all have redeeming characteristics. My 9 year old daughter and I look forward to any other Narnia projects with great interest and anticipation.


I think it would be great if they continued the series I read all seven books as a child and still love then to date my only let down is that the magicians nephew won’t be the one to be produced…. it may be a bit of a prequel but it explains the origin of not only Narnia but the ice queen


I, for one, absolutely love this series. I’ve read these books to my students for the past several years and the kids fall in love with these books and the characters every time. We watch the movies as we read the books and compare/contrast the books and movies. I’m thrilled to learn that they are making "The Silver Chair" and hope the other movies follow suit. However, I’m disappointed that they are considering starting over from scratch with all new actors for each character. I find sequels/series much more enjoyable when the characters stay the same. I absolutely love Liam Neeson as the voice of Aslan and hope they reconsider keeping the same actors for these beloved characters.


Clay needs to get laid.

Shai Williams

My comment is that if you’re going to be rebooting the series and you admit you weren’t invested in the books or movies then that needs to change. Get invested, study them, understand why we as an audience are so fascinated about them. This is something you want to do then to make it good you need to have that passion.


Clay, calm down, it’s going to be okay. You can cry if you need to.


Interesting prospect but I’m not going to hold my breath. I am a lifelong fan of the books by Lewis, but the movie version of his The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe convinced me that this books series could not be well translated to the screen – it’s a complex, yet simple and fantastical story, very difficult to convey on film without enormous talent in every department, and very, very deep pockets.


Growing up with the chronicles of Narnia, I love the story itself, but I also fell in love with the actors who portrayed the characters in the Disney/Walden Media versions. Aslan, to me, wouldn’t be Aslan if he wasn’t voiced by Liam Neeson. Anytime I see Neeson in anything, I automatically think of Aslan. The casting for all of the characters was absolutely brilliant, and if they are changed, I feel that it wouldn’t really be Narnia. Especially since The Silver Chair is the sixth book. It’s like making a sequel to a movie with amazing casting, and completely changing the actors. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. Ben Barnes is Caspian, and Will Poulter is Eustace. It wouldn’t be the same if they were changed.

I give this idea a thumb’s down.


I enjoyed the first movies, despite never reading the books. The fact that it wasn’t a commercial success is disappointing, but a reboot? No thank you. I liked the actors, particularly Ben Barnes as Caspian. I thought every actor was very well cast. Oh well. Another Hollywood money grab.


I hoped that the creation of the inevitably weak previous Narnia movies would help to realise for everyone what the "saga" of Lewis is: simply an outdated and didactic Summer School novel serial, which is way overrated by both the scholars and the public. It is ridicolous that many people still consider it as a serious and valuable element of the fantasy genre.
Amongst the remaining four books The Silver Chair has some merits, but the other three are the weakest ones of the overall quite moronic series.


In the comic book world, this is called a revamp.


A complete reboot seems strange considering the use of the same cast being possible. Also considering that three previous movies have been made with continued characters, it seems disappointing and unrealistic to use different actors.
The whole point of making a movie from a book is to depict the actual story of the book as readers and fans have come to know and love. You cannot call something what it isn’t and so making something other than the content of the book would be silly.
The combination of these two points leads me to believe that another movie is fine as long as the same actors are used and the script follows the book.


Why are they insisting on calling it a "reboot", when they’re not remaking the previous films and just moving on to the next book in the series? It’s not even going to require any major recasting, as the only past characters that appear in it are Eustace and Caspian, and Caspian is an elderly man in The Silver Chair.


    @Joom, “Kaspian is an elderly man…” Yes, in the beginning… but then in the end, no.


Well, considering that the studio head said that they will be starting from scratch and beginning again with all new everythings, then it WILL be a reboot. Just because it’s an adaptation of an already existing book series and doesn’t start from the beginning, that doesn’t preclude it from being a reboot. Not at all, in fact – the two are NOT mutually exclusive.


This has bomb written all over it. Pretty much no point in bringing in an all new cast and crew to drudge up this "franchise" with book 6 in the series.

Steve D

The first film was pretty faithful to the story. The second took a lot of liberties but they could be justified. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader abandoned all the things that make the book good and became a film loosely based on some of the story. There is no reason whatsoever to depart from the story line of The Silver Chair at all. Do it right or forget it.

derek winnert

Please keep the original star cast for the reboot, guys!


you mad bro?


Not to mention th fact that all cast members are too old to contimue their characters. Whith the exception of Liam ofc,who probably is happy enough to be moving on.


I for one, am delighted. I read the silver chair as the 4th book following the exploits of the the pevenseys then the scrubbs. I realise it is a more difficult story to bring to the screen. Will definitely need some artistic license. But the news is superb.


Here is my comment, since you asked for it. I know you and your colleagues like to use and push buzzwords such as "reboot", but this is not a reboot. This would be a sequel to a dormant franchise, and if you actually had any, you know, knowledge of the books or films that you are reporting on and, for some reason, getting paid to do so, you would know that. So just know that you are a complete and utter phony and probable idiot. That is all.


I’d much rather them do what they’re doing now then try and force another mediocre film. This gives them a chance to revitalize the films without having to remake the first 3 films.


Presumably they will then ignore the books and make original stories "based on the worlds of C. S. Lewis" so they can really screw things up…


It’s odd that they’re rebooting the series and still moving forward with The Silver Chair, which chronologically is the sixth book in the series.


“The Silver Chair, which chronologically is the sixth book in the series.”
According to whom? The Silver Chair was published as the 4th book, and even in the new order, the chronological order, comes straight after the two previous Kaspian books. Magician’s Nephew and The Horse and His Boy are sort of freestanding. The Last Battle cannot really be made before the two others, and it has Eustace, too, so they need to get busy, if they want to use Will Poulter – or they could make it first but release it later. Though he is already over 20, so it might be really awkward for him to play a pre-teen.

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