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Trailer: Terrence Jenkins, Cassie Ventura, Paula Patton, Others in Rom-Com ‘The Perfect Match’

Trailer: Terrence Jenkins, Cassie Ventura, Paula Patton, Others in Rom-Com 'The Perfect Match'

Terrence Jenkins, Cassie Ventura, Paula Patton, Donald Faison, Lauren London, Dascha Polanco, French Montana, Brandy Norwood, Robin Givens, Casper Smart, Draya Michele, Kali Hawk, Chantel Jeffries, Timothy Delaghetto and Joe Pantoliano make up the cast of the Queen Latifah/Flavor Unit-produced rom-com, “The Perfect Match.”

Bille Woodruff directed the film from a script written by Gary Hardwick and Brandon Broussard, based on a screenplay by Dana Verde.

Lionsgate/Codeblack Films have set a March 11, 2016 release date for the film which follows Charlie (Terrence J), a playboy who’s convinced that relationships are dead even though his sister (Paula Patton), a therapist, tries to tell him otherwise. His best friends bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he’s bound to fall in love. Charlie takes the bet because he believes that he’s immune to love… until he crosses paths with Eva (Cassie Ventura). Charlie coaxes Eva into a casual affair but soon finds out that Eva has turned the tables on him. Now Charlie is questioning whether he may actually want more than just a one-night stand.

It reads very much like an idea that we’ve watched a number of different versions of: “Boomerang,” “Two Can Play That Game” (and its sequel), “Hitch,” “Think Like a Man,” and several other rom-coms starring black actors we’ve seen over the years, both Hollywood-made and indie; each one, while not exactly the same, are essentially frothy “battle of the sexes” tales that seem so cliché in 2016.

In fact, both Patton and Jenkins featured in a few of these past rom-coms.

But maybe this one comes with a surprise twist on the formula.

Latifah, Jenkins, Patton are producers along with Shakim Compere, Alex Avant and Yaneley Arty.

Trailer below:

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Timoteo D

The Oscar for Best Picture goes to The Perfect Match……2017. These kind of films don’t win anything. OSCARSOWHITE.


Woooooooo girl, this and the perfect guy got to be in my DVD list.


is it me or does it seem like out of nowhere the movies team has come here to post comments about the movie and woodruff?

T. Coates

Great casting from what I see in trailer! Bille Woodruff’s movies have never disappointed me . Addicted was so so very good!! Looking forward to Terrence in this lead role., Cassie as well. Definitely a must see for me!!!


Love the cast!! If this is half as hot as Woodruff’s film Addicted then I’m fully in!! Cast is a winner in my book as well! Can’t wait!!

S Lynn

I love films like this they are the dessert to my stressful days. What’s not to like! Love Dashcha Polanco from Orange Is The New Black! The casting looks great good to see ppl out of their element! Cassie Robin Dashcha! I’m in!!

Miles Ellison

Love Jones was like that. Nobody wanted to see it.

Mark and Darla

Rather watch Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in ‘Indiscretion’ Cary played the ultimate womanizer who got caught by the prey he was after.

Are black directors writers, producers capable of making a rom-com that center on one couple and a few people, why do they keep making rom-coms with a long to-do-list.

Mike Chambers

I feel Movies like this definitely still have a place in cinema. Especially with such a talented cast made up mostly of minorities, this film harkens to a time in film I miss. It seems the movie would be a great film to catch with your significant other and have a good sexy laugh. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that their all great to look at LOL


Oh. My. GOD. Cassie?!?! I friggin love her, I was wondering where did she go for the longest!! Feels like she’s MIA from the industry most of the time, last time I remember hearing about her was when she dropped a mixtape a few years ago but then disappeared again.


interesting cast for sure. Not a huge fan of the trailer but I’m looking forward to seeing this romcom. As a fan of woodruff I hope he will not disappoint and on a side note I’ve had a girl crush on Robin Givins since Boomerang!!


This movie looks fun and exciting . Bille Woorduff always deliver something sexy and fun. Great date night flick my wife and i will be there����

Brett Hall

This movie looks great to me fresh fun and classy. I don’t get all the negativity . Terrence J has never been a lead in a film and he looks great on this trailer and I am excited to see fresh faces like Cassie and the wonderful Robin Govens who we haven’t seen in a long time. Looks fun and smart and sophisticated #cantwait


Pay attention. This is why #oscarssowhite.


Just what we need: another rap video that ran too long.


This seems like an easy sell but this trailer is garbage. In trying to jam as many cameos in, it feels completely random. And none of the actors get billing?


@JDUB Yeah that’s exactly what I mean after Mission Impossible and the film she did with Denzel I thought wow she has a promising career ahead cause I thought she would be able to straddle both Cultural Demos. Baggage Claim was the beginning of her descent downward!


@ Leon Yeah she fell off. I think she lost her window of opportunity. The problem with actresses like Paula Patton is that they are a dime a dozen but there’s very little work that they’re all fighting over. I kinda saw her as an action heroine especially after Mission Impossible but she probably didn’t get offers after that. Only thing she’s got coming is this formulaic romantic comedy and she’s not even the star. I mean she’s taking a back seat to Cassie? And then there’s the Warcraft movie which will probably be big but she’s playing a supporting character and wearing all kinds of makeup and prosthetics. And now that she’s over 40 it gets even harder for actresses to find work when you’re not white. She’s at the point where she needs to start creating work for herself.


her career went down after baggage claim. She was on a roll with precious , 2guns, and mi4. Hopefully Warcraft puts her back where she should be


Paula Patton Had such a promising career -what happened? These type of films do nothing for her. I truly saw talent at the beginning!

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