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Vote for December Project of the Month: Will It Be ‘The Secret Life of Lance Letscher,’ ‘Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee,’ ‘Dreadtown,’ ‘Phantom of Winnipeg’ or ‘Endo What?’

Vote for December Project of the Month: Will It Be 'The Secret Life of Lance Letscher,' 'Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee,' 'Dreadtown,' 'Phantom of Winnipeg' or 'Endo What?'

[Editors Note: Project of the Month is presented in partnership with Blackmagic Design, one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology.]

The project which receives the most votes for Project of the Month will get a reported feature story about their project on Indiewire and will receive a Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12 License. From there, they will be in the running for Project of the Year, where the prize will be a Blackmagic URSA Mini 4k camera.

Below are the five projects up for the prize. Click on the film title to learn more about each project (descriptions courtesy of the filmmakers):

The Secret Life of Lance Letscher: A portrait of collage artist Lance Letscher, as he segues from intricate colorful paper collages to a large outdoor metal mural in one of Austin’s most recognizable business districts, South Congress Ave.

Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee: Rudolpho is famous & depressed Italian fashion designer who decides to kill himself during Berlin Fashion Week. All goes wrong and, injured, he is taken in by a group of Bohemian artists, who don’t know who he is.

Dreadtown: A feature documentary that tells the story of British reggae group Steel Pulse, who emerged from the racial turbulence of 1970s Britain to become one of the world’s most loved and timeless reggae bands.

Phantom of Winnipeg: A documentary about the fan community around Brian DePalma’s 1974 horror musical comedy film “Phantom of the Paradise” that exists on in the small, frigid city of Winnipeg in the wilds of Canada.

Endo What?: A film about endometriosis, the most common, devastating disease that most people have never heard of.

Voting will end Friday, January 8 at 5:00 ET.

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Nicole henderson

Endo What must get picked!!!! It will save and educate so many! We cannot allow the world to dismiss this devastating disease any longer!

Sue Coppinger

Endo What please by far the most important


The uplifting comedy Mr Rudolpho’s Jubelee! is WORTH to VOTE!! It is proofed! Laugh is one of the more powerful medicine!!! :-)


Do you have a sister, daughter, niece, cousin, mother, wife? Voting for Endo What could change their lives for the better. How? Because millions of girls and women worldwide suffer excruciating physical pain, preventable infertility, as well as the emotional pain of having doctors and family/friends tell them it’s "normal," they’re exaggerating/attention seeking, or they’re just wimpy and have a low pain threshold for a normal fact of women’s lives: menses. And all of that is FALSE and completely UNNECESSARY!

If more people knew about this horrible, debilitating disease, our sisters, wives, mothers, nieces, cousins, and daughters would not have to suffer for as long or as much as they do.

We can help mitigate the suffering of women worldwide by voting for Endo What which will help educate women and girls and the family/friends/doctors in their lives who are largely ignorant of this all too common disease, and help them get properly diagnosed and treated.

We’ve been suffering in the dark for far too long!

Channyn Hess

My whole Endo story is on my blog. The pain started when I was 11 and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 21. I went through my adolescence being told that cramps were normal, and after I was in the ER with bursting cysts my general practitioner told me that I was just depressed, which is what caused the cysts. I was put on Prozac, but that obviously did nothing to help the pain. If Endo What? Had been available when I was a kid my story would be different. I pray that this video makes a gigantic impact in the world so other girls and women don’t have to suffer as long. Please cast your vote for Endo What? Your vote could change lives.

Ceri Kitely

Witnessed personally and professionally the suffering this condition causes


Endo what is so important about awareness
I have it and so many women I know have it

S Sweeney




Charlotte Burn

So important to explain what this disease is and how if affects daily living and fertility. It is actually really common (up to 10% of female population) but has been shrugged off as being just period pains. Diagnosis for this can take many years because it is not taken seriously. Maybe because women don’t feel comfortable talking about it or maybe they just don’t know that their symptoms (which can include bowel pain, IBS-like symptoms, pain during sex, pain with urination, ovary pain, period pain and infertility) are something that needs investigating. Symptoms can also be vague – like brain fog, nausea, fatigue, muscle aches etc and that can make doctors think that the patient is not really ill… but they lack the knowledge about the full extent that this can affect women’s lives. Infertility in itself can be devastating. Please vote for Endo What?


Please vote for "Endo what?" This movie needs to win. There are about 175 million women worldwide that have Endometriosis, I am one of them. No one including doctors have any idea of what Endometriosis really is. Let’s get the word out on this debilitating and misunderstood chronic pain condition. Millions of us thank you.


Yes, the jubilee of Mr. Rudolpho. From the filmmakers of the best feel-good movies!


Mr. Rudolphos Jubilee a great Film with an international Team of "love"! Must vote for this!

Ulrike Beilharz

Please vote for Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee

Christina Franzen

We need Endo What?! The common "treatments" (only surpressing symptoms) are based on studies made in the 1980’s (the latest of them) with less than a 100 women. And most doctors still believe in a vague theory from 1920’s on why women gets endometriosis. It has never been proven, infact a few specialist has disproven it. We need more research in this disease. Endometriosis cost the USA 76,2 billion $ a year, 1/3 in medical expenses, 2/3 in lost work productivity.


By far it should be "dreadtown"!!…this group has paved the way to unity & humanity. Their & thousands of unjust struggles are heard by millions & they managed to put in into music w/truth along w/charisma. Their "MESSAGE" is in their music. And w/the exquisite sound of David Hinds, makes it fit perfectly.


Please vote for ENDO WHAT? It is by far the most important movies out of these 5. It’s a devastating disease that affects millions of women all over the world but goes mostly unnoticed. It’s unacceptable. People need to know about it, people need to hear about, be aware of it and research should no longer put us on the back of the waiting list, like we’re not important. Endometriosis destroys lives, so please vote for Endo what?!!!


Endo What? … important, such a debilitating disease, so much ignorance in the world. Please vote for Endo What? Thank you xx


Hands down, the MOST IMPORTANT film in this category is EndoWhat? The name says it all! As prevalant as diabetes and just as life destroying, it is hugely ignored because it is a "woman’s disease". This is a crime! Please vote for endowhat? Millions of women are suffering everyday needlessly because no one cares about this issue.

Patria Fryhover

Endo sufferer for many years

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