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Watch: Check Out The Extras From The Criterion Collection Laserdisc Of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Watch: Check Out The Extras From The Criterion Collection Laserdisc Of Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'

Most of Stanley Kubrick’s more revered and well-known flicks haven’t received The Criterion Collection treatment. Only a handful of his early efforts have received the brand’s refurbishing and restoration (among them “Paths of Glory,” “Spartacus,” and “The Killing”). However, fans of Kubrick’s — as well as committed savants of outdated A/V analog technology — may remember that his magnum opus, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” did once upon a time get the Criterion treatment… on Laserdisc. Well, Kubrick nerds, your day has come. What we have here is a juicy bit of behind the scenes goodness that will appease any die-hard fan of the director, one that’s ripped straight from the Extras section of the film’s Laserdisc release.

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The video begins with the ever-magisterial Arthur C. Clarke, author of the source material, at the L.E.M., or Lunar Excursion Module. Clarke goes on to explain the shared objectives that brought him to work with Kubrick, as well as his hope “… to convey to the audience the wonder, beauty and promise… of the new age of exploration”. Clearly, Clark and Kubrick understood that they weren’t simply making another large-scale science fiction epic, but also a terrifying and prescient glimpse into what the future of our earth and its people may hold. Faithful Clarke readers will be thrilled to discover that the video eventually gets into the kind of dense, far-out-there territory that the author has made a career on (alien moons, far-off solar systems, etc.) but aside from the more celestially-inclined theories, this video should be catnip to any “2001” fan. And to think that’s what home video extras used to look like!

Take what Neil Young calls a “journey through the past” and check out some of the extras from the “2001” Laserdisc right here.

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Lyle Petersen

There was no 1993 Criterion Collection laserdisc of 2001. The 1993 CAV Special Edition was released by MGM/UA themselves. The Criterion CAV edition is much older, originally released in 1988. Whoever titled this video is confused.


@MARK LYNDON – "outdated A/V technology" is a reference to LaserDisc, not film. Did you just come from an internet fight about Film vs. digital on another site?

Mark Lyndon

Having witnessed the phenomenal interest generated by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, both created using "outdated A/V technology"; brings to mind the the public pronouncements
of "Comical Ali" in the last stages of the Invasion of Baghdad.
70mm film is back with a vengeance, with more productions in the pipeline.

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