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Watch: Here’s A Video of Every Black Actor Who Has Won an Oscar (It’s Not Very Long)

Watch: Here's A Video of Every Black Actor Who Has Won an Oscar (It's Not Very Long)

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Since the Oscar nominations were announced almost two weeks ago, controversy has erupted over the AMPAS’ continued lack of diversity. From calls to boycott the ceremony to massive changes within the Academy itself, ScreenCrush has assembled a video that illuminates the issue, while honoring the actors and actresses who have earned the praise and acknowledgement of their industry. 

As ScreenCrush notes, their video shows how “in 87 years of Academy Awards, just 14 men and women of color have earned Oscars for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, or Supporting Actress.” These performances include Hattie McDaniel in “Gone with the Wind,” Sidney Poiter in “Lilies in Fields,” Denzel Washington in both “Glory” and “Training Day,” Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball,” and, most recently, Lupita Nyong’o in “12 Years a Slave.” Intercut with the footage are the winner’s acceptance speeches, all of whom advocate others to follow their dreams, even when the odds seem to be stacked against them.

Check out the ScreenCrush video above.

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Natosha Carney

Abrianaz Thanks your words are spoken just like a real racist. Give yourself a hand for making a statement showing your true colors. Now before you go to work you can take off your white sheets. ������������ I hope your not a teacher or state attorney!

Natosha Carney



Thank you for the clips. The gratitude in the acceptance speeches always gets me. Those movies were great movies and deserve to be winners. We have got to stop putting race on everything in this country. Sometimes you lose because the other guy was better than you. All that means is come back harder next year. Look at Leonardo Dicaprio, he’s been making movies some 20 years and hasn’t won. He just tries again next year. I am African American but I do believe that no one has it worse than the Native American.


How many white people have wont the BET awards? How many white guys have won basketball’s MVP award, HINT: NONE since Larry Bird in 1985, 30 years of blacks getting that award. NAACP image awards?? None. Miss Black USA? Oh wait isn’t there a Miss White USA???? NOT! BCALA literary awards… not one white person.

So, why doesn’t this fake arse "diversity" work both ways? Blacks want to have their very own system where they can exclude anyone white, but cry racism if they don’t get it both ways. It doesn’t matter if they are good enough or not, they should just get an award for "being black".

A "Hindu"

I’d really like for white people to not invoke other people of color, especially not by referencing Indians as "Hindus," in order to justify their own bigotry in defending the shamefully low representation of black excellence in the US.


well maybe if these actors would actually do a better job at acting and not be so lazy when getting a role and make it their own they would win a lot more. i see a lot of lazy acting these days not just from blacks but everyone. acting has gotten very lazy aside from a few actors who take their roles seriously like the guy played lincoln and christian bale 2 guys who get lost in their roles and become that person they are protraying the rest all suck its not a black thing or a white thing its a generational thing. want awards start being a better actor plain and simple


Progressives’ racelust will never be quenched until 51% of awards are given to blacks. This is logical, too, because they make up 51% of the populous.

James M.

HERU, whether or not you realize it (I assume you don’t), you proved PENTAGALOT’s point by furthering the discussion about blacks, instead of focusing on total diversity. You’re part of the problem.

James M.

Oh, this is pathetic. Let’s also take a look at how many black artists have won Academy Awards in ANY category since 1929. I assure you, the list will be longer.

Heru D'auteurs

Again privilege stops people from thinking. The question about black actors is raised because if you know enough about the film industry you will know that in the East there are film industries thrriving. So much that in the Executive producer list and behind the scenes in Hollywood you will find players from the far East. The context of black American actors is based on the fact that America is their home and they have no where else to be recognised. They put in so much work and thus as industry stakeholders have a voice as much as anyone. To make ignorant statements like where are the Native Americans is a privilege only a white person enjoys.
The issue is that America is the most racist country in the world and the above comments by 34RGT and PENTAGLOT (who hide their names from a subconscious fear of being held accountable for their ignorance) reveals how deep white ignorance is. I have been to America, Germany, Spain as a film practitioner working with a film festival and visiting film festivals. Change is a process that cannot be forced upon those who like to pretend that black people are inferior beings. So when we look at the arts we must also remember that we are dealing with the very thing that shapes society. Paul Robeson said ‘He who controls images controls everything’.
ANd I celebrate Nate’s Birth of the Nation and how well its doing in Sundance. So much you


The first African American male to win an Oscar was James Baskett for his role as Uncle Remus in "Song of the South." They don’t allow links here, but feel free to google it.


and how many Asian, Arabian, Native American, Hindu people? Why do people keep talking about racism only between "white" and "black" and ignore the rest of ethnicities around the planet which can also be found in the US?


well, that’s 14 more than Native Americans.

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