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Watch: Kate Lyn Sheil is the Anchor Who Committed Suicide on Live TV in Exclusive Sundance Clip

Watch: Kate Lyn Sheil is the Anchor Who Committed Suicide on Live TV in Exclusive Sundance Clip

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Television reporter Christine Chubbuck took her own life live on-air in 1974 in one of the most shocking moments in television history. Now, “Actress” director Robert Greene’s new film, “Kate Plays Christine,” follows indie starlet Kate Lyn Sheil as she prepares to play the controversial reporter in a new version of the story. 

Originally an inspiration for the 1976 masterpiece “Network,” the mysterious circumstances around Chubbuck’s death have been confounding journalists for decades. In “Kate Plays Christine,” Lyn tries to find the answers she needs to portray Chubbuck, but she finds the task easier said than done.

“Kate Plays Christine” is not the only feature at Sundance about Chubbuck. Antonio Campos’ Rebecca Hall-starring “Christine” will also be showing at the festival, though that’s a more straightforward narrative and not the experimental approach Greene is trying.

“Kate Plays Christine” premieres at Sundance this week. Watch the clip above. 

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Dave Itzkoff

It is incorrect to say that Christine Chubbuck’s death was an inspiration for "Network." Paddy Chayefsky started writing the screenplay several months before her on-air suicide, and had already decided to have Howard Beale declare that he would kill himself on television before this incident occurred.

Larry Vaughn

I worked at the TV station in the early 90’s. They changed the call letters, but many of the same people worked there. I might know someone who knew her.

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