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WATCH: Michael Fassbender on Feeling the Pressure of ‘Steve Jobs’ and His ‘Total Immersion’ in the Role

WATCH: Michael Fassbender on Feeling the Pressure of 'Steve Jobs' and His 'Total Immersion' in the Role

In-demand Michael Fassbender has been shooting actioner “Assassins Creed” with his “Macbeth” director Justin Kurzel in the UK; as part of a whip-sawing intercontinental schedule, he flew into Los Angeles to campaign for Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” via the Palm Springs Film Festival and Academy parties and interviews last weekend, before returning for a week of filming before flying back again for the Golden Globes January 10th.

When he wraps “Assassin’s Creed” he will fly to Norway mid-month to take on the lead role of crime squad lead detective Harry Hole in the Tomas Alfredson adaptation (Working Title/Universal, October 13, 2017) of the Jo Nesbo international bestseller “The Snowman.” Hole starts to investigate a missing person and possible serial killer victim on the first snow of winter, with support from a new recruit (Rebecca Ferguson); they need to connect the dots on cold serial killer cases before the next snowfall. After that Fassbender is slated to reprise the “Prometheus” role of robot David in Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant.” 

In the can for 2016 are indie drama “Trespass Against Us,” Derek Cianfrance’s “The Light Between Oceans,” opposite Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz (Disney/DreamWorks/Participant), a return to Magneto in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” (Fox), and a long-in-the-works movie for Terrence Malick (Broad Green). 

As well as Fassbender is doing, he was never more anxious about a role than taking on the Apple co-founder in Aaron Sorkin’s dense, Shakespearean three-act bio-drama, which he wasn’t sure he was going to get despite Boyle’s steadfast belief in him, as the Sony hack revealed all the machinations behind the scenes as the movie passed from Sony to Universal. (He watched co-star Seth Rogen deal with the fallout from “The Interview” while they were filming.) Fassbender devoted himself 24/7 to absorbing Sorkin’s massive pages of dialogue, never checking a script or sides on set. He relied for support on Kate Winslet, who would run lines with him in one of their trailers. He is still grateful to her: one weekend she even booked him a hotel in Big Sur for him to recharge. 

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Fassbender and Winslet as the Macintosh marketing chief Joanna Hoffman both dazzle with their fleet-tongued performances, unlike anything they have done before. Fassbender is playing a monster, in many ways, who is also a genius who believed his computer would change the world. Fassbender describes what the prep and filming were like as he experienced gut-churning anxiety. Then on day one, everything took off, and each section brought new rehearsals and more confidence. Another reason he’s promoting “Steve Jobs” while he can is that so far it hasn’t taken off at the box office, and he wants to help this smart-house entry—Oscar nominations could help widen its audience. 

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I’m with Lana on who’s really "thirsty" and that person is soiling his name.


No, he’s not "thirsty" at all. I think he would apreciate it though. He’s an excellent actor and he seems to really love the craft. Anything else is secondary. Having said that, I think leo is taking it this year.


Fassbender is no more "thirsty" than Leonardo. He’s going for the nomination and win, and you can’t blame him.


the "you know" every 2 seconds was painful and made watching this intolerable despite my Fassy love.


Glad to see that this great interview with everything worth-knowing about him. We need more of this about Fassbender when we do a google search on his name, not those trashy PR-made news about the fake one-sided relationship that Fassbender himself never admit of.


Oooh that blue eyes and jawline are killer! Fassbender is no doubt the best around right now. Thirsty, no. Thirsty is that whatever-vikander woman who keeps attaching her whatever to Fassbender’s name.


I’m not a big Fassy cheerleader but Fassbender isn’t thirsty. He’s being a good lead actor and promoting his film. Steve Jobs bombed at the US box office and has little hope of doing well overseas because its so wordy. The movie needs an OSCAR nom for PR purposes. I’m sure he’d rather be resting then flying cross country. He’s a great actor. He’s acknowledged as a great actor. He’s tall, thin, blue eyed and white. He doesn’t need an OSCAR. He won that at the genetic lottery.


Thirsty, not at all? Certainly nowhere near Leo level of all engulfing thirst, anyway.


Fassbender is thirsty for the Oscar, isn’t he?


Fassbender is thirsty for the Oscar, isn’t he?


The author of the Harry Hole novels is Jo Nesbø. I have no clue who this Jan Nesbo is.

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