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Watch: Tarantino, Iñárritu and More Reveal Influences and Industry Issues in One-Hour Roundtable

Watch: Tarantino, Iñárritu and More Reveal Influences and Industry Issues in One-Hour Roundtable

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What happens when Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, David O. Russell, Danny Boyle, Tom Hooper and Alejandro G. Inarritu sit down to discuss their eclectic directorial careers? The answer can be found in The Hollywood Report’s one-hour Director’s Roundtable above, which aired in full on SundanceTV last night, January 3. 

Over the course of the one-hour discussion, the directors behind some of the year’s most acclaimed titles get candid while reflecting on their current influences, the pressing issues plaguing the entertainment industry and what film clip they’d put in a time capsule, among many other topics.

“I could not wait to see ‘Prometheus,’ when we were shooting on ‘Django’ the
whole crew went out to a New Orleans theater to see it because it was
Ridley dealing with ‘Alien’ again,” says Tarantino in one of the roundtable’s best moments. Scott goes on to explain why he continues to return to space-centric films, even after Boyle claims how exceedingly difficult they are.

Additionally, Inarritu opens up about his much-publicized exhaustion from working on “The Revenant,” while Russell reveals “Hobson’s Choice” as a central inspiration for “Joy.” Viewers can get the full uncensored discussion online at or in the video above. 

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Sorry… I’m just screaming in my head and wondering why Alex Garland isn’t at this table.

No Excuse

No excuse for not having female directors on the panel.


Someone is complaining about ANNA KARENINA spoilers?

Dude, read a book for crying out loud. It’s like complaining about Hamlet spoilers. #idiocracy


Yea, all dudes? Never mind that it’s arguably the most successful film directors currently working – We have inclusion quotas to fill!

Paulina Plazas

All dudes? What the fudge


Why is Tom Hooper always invited at these HR directors’ tables? He’s an amateur hack compared to the others.


thanks for the ANNA KARENINA spoiler alerts assholes

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