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Watch: ‘The Martian’ is a Golden Globe-Winning Comedy (For Real) in Hilarious Spoof Video

Watch: 'The Martian' is a Golden Globe-Winning Comedy (For Real) in Hilarious Spoof Video

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After the Golden Globes nominated “The Martian” as Best Picture – Comedy or Musical, many viewers questioned the validity of this choice.

Sure, “The Martian” has its light touches and humorous moments, but at the end of the day this decision was made for the sole purpose of the film having a better shot at winning the prize. It’s a move that paid off somewhat, as Matt Damon won the Best Actor – Comedy or Musical prize, something he probably wouldn’t have if he was facing off against Leonardo DiCaprio in the drama category.

The Globes’ decision sparked a ton of hilarious responses and well-earned criticisms, but fortunately for the Hollywood Foreign Press, one savvy YouTuber has solved the problem by turning the movie into an actual comedy. The YouTube channel PayingforMovies adds classic comedy elements like laugh tracks and slapstick humor to tense scenes, making the movie a worthy recipient of its Golden Globe win.

Watch the video above.

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Well of course Hollywood awards are silly. Think about it: does any other group spend Millions every year to throw a party for themselves? And before you go "Oscars So White"- remember these are all LIBERALS.


@ Jay: remember when Gladiator won for Best Picture in 2001?


This Martian as comedy debacle highlights the complete bullshit award shows are, and preempts the #oscarsowhite criticism. As implied in the article, the picture and the actor were basically not good enough to even make the nominations they were actually appropriate for, yet the producers and the globe organisers still wanted a win and so placed it into a wholly inappropriate category. This is corruption in plain sight, and people just act as if its an odd choice… this whole mess basically shouts out loud how utterly devoid of merit hollywood award shows are

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