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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

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The only acting race with a full-on frontrunner that seems extremely unlikely to lose come Oscar night, best actor is all about Leonardo DiCaprio. You’d be unwise to think Leo won’t be giving his first speech on the Oscars stage on February 28, for the only other contender with some critical support is Michael Fassbender, though even he is way back in second place.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best actor. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.

Bryan Cranston (“Trumbo”)
Matt Damon (“The Martian”)
Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant”)
Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”)
Eddie Redmayne (“The Danish Girl”)

Predicted Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio
Potential Spoiler: Michael Fassbender

WINNER: Leonardo DiCaprio

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Shaikh Al-amin



Leonardo win


I am appalled that Leonardo DiCaprio is the predicted winner of this. I thought The Revenant was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I was not impressed with his performance at all. I couldn’t understand a word he said. All he really had to do was master the grimace and keep that expression for the entire film. Pathetic.


Eddie Redmayne ("The Danish Girl") best moovie best ACTORS


Eddie Redmayne ("The Danish Girl")

Jessica R

I hope Leonardo wins for best actor he’s such a get actor and in this movie wow.He more then deserves the Oscar


I’m rooting for Eddie. :) He’s portrayal in The Danish girl is just spectacular! He’s the new generation Daniel Day-Lewis.

Kostas L.

Eddie Redmayne got to win this. I don’t really care that Di Caprio hasn’t got any Oscar all these years..The thing is that we can not compare these 2 actings,between Leo and Eddie as the second was incredible.So please people,it won’t be any surprise if he finally wins..Di Caprio was really good but come on..Redmayne was outstanding!And always we have to compare them basis their role needs.Redmayne was transformed into a "woman" and he did that so convincing that mr little guy down here almost got up to say a hell..Leo just fought with a bear and survived.What are the odds ,really now..


Leonardo DiCaprio ("The Revenant")


If I rank them…. based on Portraying the Character: 1.DICAPRIO, 2.REDMAYNE 3.FASSBENDER 4.CRANSTON 5.DAMON. Based on the difficulty of the role: 1.DICAPRIO, 2.DAMON 3.REDMAYNE 4.FASSBENDER 5.CRANSTON… Based on having the most memorable and amazing scenes: 1.DICAPRIO 2.REDMAYNE 3.DAMON 4.FASSBENDER 5.CRANSTON.


How can you say Leo will win, EDDIE IS THE AWESOME AND FANTASTIC one


Got to Be Redmayne 100%

Vuth Sovin Chem

I’d say if these actors deserve to win an Oscar, Eddie should stand out of the 5. They all deserve to win, but who stands out is the most important. Eddie in the Danish Girl made me believe that he was a real transgender. I was so in the movie and I hadn’t felt that in so long.

Angel Ruano

I really want Leo to win

ray devey

Leo DiCaprio will take this


Leo is going to win this year!!!! Come on!!!


Are you fuckin kidding me? DiCaprio is going to win because it was truly the best performance of the year and yes, even his best performance ever. Period.


As someone on FaceBook so beautifully put it, it’s truly sad that Eddie Redmayne and Michael Fassbender are both such "long shots" this year because of the social media movement around Leo. Yes, Leo’s performance was good, but it doesn’t outshine everyone else’s. Michael Fassbender was impeccable as Steve Jobs, and Eddie Redmayne gave a one-in-a-million performance in The Danish Girl (that no other actor I know of could have done half as convincingly). I love Leo’s work, and he’s done so many films that were way more deserving of an Oscar than this one, but sadly it seems that once again this category will be based, at least in part, on who is more popular with Hollywood and the media and not who gave the best performance. Sad.


Even with the Golden Globe (which barely reflects how the Academy votes) and the SAG (which is increasingly not reflecting how the Academy votes) I don’t think Leo has this is in the bag just yet. It would be wonderful to finally see him win, but it would also be incredible for Eddie to win and become the third actor (and first Briton) to win the category in back-to-back years. I almost want there to be a tie because both of them are such brilliant actors and have a serious chance at the award, but at the end of the day I’ll be happy with whoever the Academy chooses to honor. :)


excuse me but whoever suggests that leo should get it, should stop watching movies and go have some other art form as a hobby…


Caitlyn Jenner, in Bruce almighty.


Leo seems sure to get it, sorry for Michael though and his talented hard work on Jobs. Eddie doesn’t even come close, instead of nominating his unrealistic, over-laboured performance they should have gotten someone else, can I say Idris Elba. Probably.


Leonardo’s a lock at this point. He should take his first Oscar.


Should win: Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)
Shoulda been here: Jacob Tremblay (Room)


I wish that it could be Leo…but i think it will be Matt for the Martian…they give Leo Golden globe…like compromis :)

Dex Ancel

I thought the race would be DiCaprio-Redmayne but if you say Fassbender (cause I haven’t seen Steve Jobs) now I believe DiCaprio definitely will win the oscar.


It should be Bryan Cranston, but it will be Leo. At least a lot of people made a lot of money making sure Leo wins.


Redmayne was exceptional in The Danish Girl. His ability to sink into the character and own it ….incredible. He truley deserves to win. However there may be a bias towards Leonardo (an exceptional actor) who has never won an academy award !!! Or may be the panel will make an exception and credit Redmayne….the true winner in all senses. Beautiful performance….

Tomas Zelenka

Leo is so lucky that Eddie won last year and that he isn’t in better movie than Danish Girl.

khadijah martin

I really hope leo win this year because he really do deserve it!! The revenant was an awesome movie!!


I really can’t see any other movie beating Leonardo DiCaprio’s outstanding performance in The Revenant. It was like seeing the frontiersman "Hugh Glass" himself it was such a grand performance. Best of luck to all the great actors. This is Leo’s time!

Rai The Noblesse

have a feeling, that after Leo got an award at the WEF, they wont give him an Oscar this year anymore (some dont like mixing politics & such P/R with movies..)


Leonardo DiCaprio period!

Rai The Noblesse

@Cassandra Lakes: just because Leo hardly spoke in the revenant doesnt mean Matt Damon deserves it more.. it was part of Leos roll/character not to speak much (and its harder to give a good performace with little dialogue.., besides Leo endured a lot for that roll…)… even Tom Hardy had more to say in his roll and kind of stole the show of Leo.. but those still moments off reading off his emotions and fears were played great from Leo.. while Matt was just playing his self (a clever student), dont see why Matt was even nominated in the first place (no memoralbe moments of real acting, no intens or subtile acting features in the Martian from Matt.. dont see him winning nor the Martian winning best picture)

Rai The Noblesse

ment… dont give it to Hardy but not Leo.. either both or none… (the fight will be DiCaprio vs Redmayne.., Redmayne was better, but he had more to play in his role, so wouldnt mind Leo getting it the "blink" moment is Oscar worthy from Loe too)

Rai The Noblesse

Eddie Redmayne might win again (he’s so good.. again) .. but for Leo´s accomplishments he might finally get it, wouldnt mind Leo getting it this time, even if Eddie Redmayne is better… (but if they give too Eddie Redmayne, they should give it his supporting actress resp. if Leo gets it, then Hardy should get it.., just hope Leo doesn’t get it but Hardy does.., either both nor none pl)


Because the movie they play also affect the assessment, I think Michael Fassbender will win.

Cassandra Lakes



I must say, Will Smith should have been nominated as well!! His performance outshine some of the other nominees. It’s a shame he wasn’t!!


I see two to three movies a week, I must say,I love DiCaprio performance, I want to feel and see the emotional struggles.I want to be drawn in. His performance brought you everything,pain,fear,the love,struggle and his will to survive for justice of his son. I teared up twice. I love when a film can bring you to an other time in history or bring you to an other world.
The other actor’s nominated are good but none of them gave you the feeling that DiCaprio gave in his role!!


Eddie will win, Leo never wins. The Danish Gril, apart from it drifts a bit apart from the real story of Lili, was outstanding. He’ll esp. win because of the LGBT-rights-thing happening, that would be an amazing.


I hope Matt Damon wins. We’ve seen men braving the elements on the quest for revenge but rarely a smart and inventive role like the Martian, which was the most unusual.


Will Smith for Concussion is somehow missed here!


What about Bryan Cranston? He was incredible in Trumbo. Incredible. Deserves the Oscar.


I saw The Revenant last night, but Leo was alright. He was excellent in it, but Tom Hardy was more powerful. In my opinion, Tom Hardy deserves the Oscar. I’m glad he’s nominated in the Supporting Actor category. If Leo wins and Tom doesn’t, then there is a grave injustice.


This is it! The moment that we’re all waiting for, slay DiCaprio!


I have to say that I’m very delighted that Tom Hardy has been nominated (Best Supporting Actor in "The Revenant"). While everyone seems to be busy with the "It’s Leo’s time" narrative, it is actually Tom Hardy whose acting stood out in "The Revenant" for me, he was a stronger presence on screen and outshone Dicaprio as a character. Hopefully, it’s him who will get recognized in his category.
For the best actor, I see Bryan Cranston as the universally safe choice for the Academy.


No other contenders have a chance. At the end of the day, it all comes down to Leo or Eddie.


It’s leonardo’s so everyone else back off


Potential spoiler – Fassbender? No. He’s good, but this is the Academy. Potential spoiler is Cranston, who plays an Academy Award winner in a movie where the Academy is portrayed as doing the right thing in a movie about making movies. Remember "The Artist" or "Argo"? Films that shouldn’t have won but did because the Academy loves movies about movies.


My Final Choices for BEST ACTOR: In Alphabetical Order: 1.MATT DAMON for The Martian, 2.JOHNNY DEPP for Black Mass, 3.LEONARDO DICAPRIO for The Revenant, 4.MICHAEL FASSBENDER for STEVE JOBS, 5.EDDIE REDMAYNE for THE DANISH GIRL. and the BEST ACTOR goes to LEONARDO DICAPRIO for THE REVENANT.!!!!!


My Final Choices for BEST ACTOR: In Alphabetical Order: 1.MATT DAMON for The Martian, 2.JOHNNY DEPP for Black Mass, 3.LEONARDO DICAPRIO for The Revenant, 4.MICHAEL FASSBENDER for STEVE JOBS, 5.EDDIE REDMAYNE for THE DANISH GIRL. and the BEST ACTOR goes to LEONARDO DICAPRIO for THE REVENANT.


The Hungarian actor in Son of Saul

Cameron Johnson

You don’t think Will Smith could upset? I think he has a higher chance than Depp and Caine.

Coleman Shedman

There have been two back to back Best Actor winners, Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks. Redmayne won’t be the third. This is Leo’s year.

Ntr dvr

Johnny Depp of course Win The Oscar


I just watched "The Danish Girl" & "The Revenant" today and Eddie’s performance is outstanding! Leo never won an oscar because he never deserved one. And in The Revenant he’s overshadowed by his co-star Tom Hardy.


I hope the nominees will be 1. Leonardo DiCaprio for THE REVENANT. 2. Johnny Depp for BLACK MASS. 3. Eddie Redmayne for THE DANISH GIRL. 4. Michael Fassbender for STEVE JOBS. 5. Matt Damon for THE MARTIAN.

gareth jenkins

The young lad in beasts of no nation was amazing. I hope he at least gets a nomination. He was outstanding.


no chance for eddie this time. He acted really well, but come on .. he’s not even close to leonardo.


LEONARDO has done a very amazing, perfect, difficult and Outstanding performance in the Film History. That Scene where he attacks by the Grizzly Bear was AWESOME! You can really feel the Pain and Struggle from Leo’s Acting. GIVE THE MAN an OSCARS!


Best Actor – Nicholas Cage (Pay the Ghost)

Jen Hiltwine

Bradley Cooper for Burnt.


Leo DiCaprio or Cranston?


Yeah it is DiCaprio’s year.He will win it but I am personally rooting for Michael Fassbender as he was fabulous in steve jobs


Wasn’t DiCaprio nominated for a SAG, Globe, and Critics as well?


Leonardo DiCaprio in Revenant, hands down, for a most challenging performance in harsh conditions.

Susan Harker

If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win an Oscar for The Revenent I will never watch the Oscar’s again! He was absolutely brilliant in that movie and as far as I am concerned anyone who would brave freezing water and eating raw fish and bison liver deserves a golden statue!


Did anyone read the things Leo went through during this role??? That’s not ignore all the hard work that went into it physically because he didn’t transform into a female. Eddie I’m sure was amazing but it’s Leo’s year. He deserves recognition for the hard work and work environment that went into this role.


Too many possibilities I’m just waiting to hear what the Academy nominates as its usually a shock and I believe this year will be no different I think they are looking outside the box and some big names will get the chop. I m not saying thats preferred by any means but they do have their way of going about nominating thats for sure!


Why is Keaton here.. There is no definitive lead performance in Spotlight. Are we gonna keep seeing category fraud because everyone feels Keaton was robbed last year? Carrell is a prime example of this last year. He was definitely not the lead in Foxcatcher. It was Tatums story. This needs to stop


Why is every critic underestimating Johnny’s performance in Black Mass, it’s likely he’s going to win


Dicaprio’s acting wasn’t good. He shouldn’t get it for this role.



Liam Griffin

Eric St. John is on the official contenders’ list for being nominated, but I hope that Sir Ian receives a nomination.

Mong mong mek moi

Eddie Redmayne’s performance is amazing!!!

Alan Kardissi

I don’t think dicaprio should win . Revenent is more a show case of cinematography and direction. The acting was ok but nothing special I agree with last commentators who said Christian bale would have been perfect for the role. Plus it wasn’t a very convincing performance he didn’t lose a lots of weight . I think it would be fassbender vs cranston.

Ian Elrick

The Martian was a cool movie but the fact that it’s getting oscar buzz is kind of mind boggling. Also, Christopher Abbot should be way higher up on this list. He was really, really good in James White.


I’m betting M.B.Jordan gets in there over Redmayne or Cranston. People didn’t really seem to like the Danish Girl movie all that much… and the Academy is apparently freaking out that they might seem out of touch if they don’t start nominating some POC


I’d really like to see Johnny Depp take home an Oscar. I thought his performance in Black Mass was amazing. He is a great actor after all.


I think this will be a DiCaprio, Fassbender and Cranston race. Personally I would like to see DiCaprio win but as you can tell from my other posts, I’m a big Trumbo fan…and Cranston was fabulous.




Love and Mercy and Trumbo are my favorite movies of the year. Go Cusack/Dano and Cranston! Long shots.. but they are my favorites!

Doesn't matter

Please tell me why Henry Cavill isn’t here for his performance in The Man From Uncle


Redmayne winning back to back Oscars would be quite the shake up. He’s an amazing actor, but Theory of Everything and Danish Girl are very ‘made for an Oscar’ roles, if you know what I mean. That said, he’s be deserving. I’m pulling for DiCaprio, Fassbender, and Damon personally.


Bryan Cranston for Trumbo the best actor Heisenberg


Fassbender will win. Di Caprio had netter performances than this and did not win so why now?


I fail to see why the Academy would be impressed enough with Matt Damon playing Matt Damon to vote for him. Meanwhile every time Johnny Depp’s been up for a nomination, he’s gotten in. The actors love Depp and he’s very respected among them. Will Smith and Bryan Cranston’s roles look very dull and uninspired. So I predict the nominees: Leonardo DiCaprio for "The Revenant", Johnny Depp for "Black Mass", Michael Fassbender for "Steve Jobs", Eddie Redmayne for "The Danish Girl" and Michael Caine for "Youth" (as a surprise). And the winner would be Leonardo DiCaprio for "The Revenant".


Tom Hardy, hands down!!! Even though, in my humble opinion "Mad Max," was horrible, Tom was excellent in "The Revenant," and near flawless in "Legend." To be able to play two main characters in one film. . . incredible!!!


^ I agree with Kathryn!


Just saw WILL SMITH in concussion. Hands down best movie my husband and I saw this year. He did an EXCELLENT job of portraying the Nigerian doctor. Forgot it was even Will Smith. He definitely deserves an Oscar nod for his role in this movie!


@Gameoffacts WTF?


I think DiCaprio is a shoo-in for Best actor. But perhaps there may be an upset in the form of Fassbender.

Also, how come all the comments are from March, even though the article was written on December 28? Was it updated? What was the old article like?


Leo acting difficulties-5, Fassbender acting dfficulties-4.9, Eddie acting difficulties-4.8, Matt acting difficulties-4.7, Bryan acting difficulties-4.7


Leonardo will definately win. I’ve seen all the other movies and they don’t match Leo’s acting performance.


How can you not have Jason Mitchell from Straight Outta Compton on this list! At least in the possibly long shot category.


I think that Eddie Redmayne should win the Oscar, not DiCaprio….


Tom Hardy in Legend!!! no one else is playing dual roles and hes phenominal as both kray brothers!


Probably not likely to win but I saw all of these and by far my favorite was John Boyega in Star Wars. He is unknown so it is highly likely he won’t be nominated but he was amazing.


For me, it’s about whether you can imagine someone else in that particular role. The Danish Girl shows Eddie’s range and willingness to take a chance. I can’t think who else would play that role and pull it off. It’s a great, unique, performance. The Reverent is another great role for DiCaprio, but I can imagine Tom Hardy and a couple more actors playing that role and doing just as good a job.


why is this article so unchecked for typos? it’s both frustrating and enough to prevent me from coming back to this site tbh

Marissa Tamayo

I though that the film would be dark and full of violence.. but I watched with admiration. It is the best performance of LEONARDO DI CAPRIO… the is really breathtaking, a great survival experience, and it sure deserves Oscar nominations.. Leonardo di Caprio deserves the OSCAR for best actor.. He has my vote.

Michael B

I love the Top 5 picks as a category, but would really like to see Johnny Depp back in the race after years of total crap. I would dump Damon or Fassbinder in place of Depp, although they are both excellent.


Depp should make it in! I don’t necessarily see him winning but he is definitely a contender. No-one could have done that role better. His acting was superb. The only drawback is the film is not in the caliber of the other films. This shouldn’t deter the academy. Johnny Depp was incredible. I grew up in Boston and he is the perfect "irish gangster"






I’ll cry as Leo cries as he accepts the award….. But then, it probably won’t happen.


I wouldn’t be so sure about Leo winning as the role was obviously more a human endurance test (for the entire crew actually) rather than an exceptional test of acting skills. I can easily picture a lot of other actors looking equally good amidst the movie’s spectacular cinematography. (Leo doesn’t even look quite right for the role to begin with.It is Christian Bale who would’ve made a PERFECT Hugh Glass). It appears that Innaritu and his cinematographer are the actual stars of the show.


LEONARDO DICAPRIO eating real Fresh Bison Liver in THE REVENANT versus EDDIE REDMAYNE in a Transgender Role in THE DANISH GIRL versus JOHNNY DEPP’s Transformation in BLACK MASS.I’m hoping Leonardo Dicaprio will win this time!!


I’ll be very surprised if The Martian is nominated in non-technical categories. It was marketed as an oscar movie, but it’s ultimately pretty fluffy for me. Matt Damon never truly gets time to deal with being alone on a planet.


I think Leo deserves an Oscar for this incredible performance.

Tom Jamieson

It’s Leo’s time. It’s past his time. Smith and Fassbender look good also. Redmayne stole Keaton’s last year, he shouldn’t win again

Mong mong mek moi

Geza Rohrig from son of saul had a solid acting!!!!


Why do you think SLJ will get anything for playing SLJ?


I think the only reason Leonardo has not won an award is because Hollywood does not like Martin Scortasie and Leonardo stars in most of his films. I like Martin Scortasie a lot, I am just giving me honost opinion and he should have won it for "What’s eating Gilbert Grape" and "The Aviator". He is an an excellent actor and deserves that awrd.

rachel...I want Johnny Depp wins bc his performance was great !!!


rachel...I want Johnny Depp wins !!!



Honestly don’t think Damon is going to get nominated. He was perfect in the movie but I just don’t think it’s really an Oscar worthy role.


I think this is going to be the final list
1. Leonardo Dicaprio
2. Michael Fassbender
3. Eddie Redmayne
4. Matt Damon
5. Bryan Cranston
And the winner will be either Leo, Fassbender or Matt Damon.
It’s tough to imagine Johnny Depp will be nominated for his dull performance in Black Mass Though SAG nominated him Golden Globe has snubbed him so now Depp should outbeat many to enter into Oscar finalist. Will Smith’s momentum is increased now due to Golden Globes nomination. The surprise (which i expected earlier) is Bryan he is sure to be nominated at Oscars though he may win. Eddie Redmayne was good but not outstanding to get him back to back Oscar and Then as far as Matt Damon’s position looks weak right now becoz SAG has snubbed him though he will sure be nominated for Oscars becoz of his winning performance in The Martian and the most important thing the Oscar will notice is his solo acting & owning the screen for an hour which was fabulous. Looking at the Golden Globe nomination Matt will win for sure in his category so that will put him right on the top with Leonardo Dicaprio & Michael Fassbender so as I said earlier its between these three men mostly Fassbender might grabbing it.


Tom Hanks will be nominated. He doesn’t deserve to win, but a nomination I will say is not a long shot if you look at the history of the Oscars


This has to be Leo’s year. I think he’ll have competition from Matt Damon though, and Depp, whilst not a fan is sure to get nominated as his performance has been widely praised, even if the film hasn’t lived up to everyone’s hype. I think Fassbender and Redmayne are locks too, and we haven’t had a back to back winner since Tom Hanks so if it’s going to happen again this could be the year. I’d hope Leo will win it though I’ve yet to see the film but it’s one that’s top of my list

david elujokor

this year gonna be so tough a lot of great films but i want will smith to do the trick

david elujokor

this year gonna be so tough a lot of great films but i want will smith to do the trick


Johnny Depp will def get a nom. But I think Eddie Redmeyne will take the win again due to Hollywood politics and PC. Just like how Cate Blanchett will win Best Actress again due to the same reason.


How can there be any doubt that Johnny Depp gave one of the best performances I’ve seen in my 71 years of being a movie buff?


1-Leonardo DiCaprio-The Revenant
2-Michael Fassbender-Steve Jobs
3-Michael Caine-Youth
4-Matt Damon-The Martian
5-Bryan Cranston-Trumbo

should win: michael fassbender
will win: leonardo dicaprio
should be nominated: Jake Gyllenhaal-Southpaw


It’s probably Leo’s year but the Eddie Redmayne love and Michael Keaton kudos are coming on strong especially since not everyone is in love with Revenant. Might actually be a good race this year!


Leonardo DiCaprio is the only lock to win the Oscar in 2016. I seen everyone else’s performances and no one can even go the distance with him. PS: Matt Damon is brilliant in The Martian, I hope he gets a nomination


Though I liked The Martian and Matt Damon did well, Paul Dano I felt was much better this year, playing Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy. It was a much more complex role. IndieWire has him down for Supporting Actor, but he definitely felt like the lead for me. I find it hard to imagine Johnny Depp being nominated for Black Mass, simply because Black Mass had such a lukewarm reception. Surprised to see Sam Jackson so low on this list.


1. Leonardo Di Carpio "The Revenant" 2. Leonardo Di Carpio "The Revenant" 3. Leonardo Di Carpio "The Revenant" 4. Leonardo Di Carpio "The Revenant" 5. Leonardo Di Carpio "The Revenant" :D


Bryan Cranston nominate Trumbo


Surprised no talk of fassbenders macbeth performance

Will Smith



^ LOL and Taylor Lautner should have won in 2012 too


Honestly the Academy needs to consider YA films as serious contenders. Josh Hutcherson deserves an oscar nomination. Also, Andrew Garfield should be a front runner.


I really think it’s gonna be between DiCaprio and Fassbender.And because i’ve seen both Black Mass and Legend,Depp wasn’t better than Tom Hardy.Hardy was amazing in both parts even with a very weak and messy script.

marie claude perrin

Why not Keanu Reeves ? He does deserve it for his career and his sincere love of cinema. But i think that movies’s world doesn’t like him


Y’all are sleeping on Jake Gyllenhall for sure. One of the best performances I’ve seen this year.

James M.

Oh, this is a new low, Indiewire. You can’t even manage to complete the opening paragraph? The internet really has killed quality film journalism.


Whoever making this list is such a bandwagon-riding motherfcker. Matt Damon was never on a list until its successful box-office hit, Will Smith was on a top-5 list until they realized how inaccurate they were and how irrelevant Hollywood Actor’s Award thing was. Putting Mark Ruffalo on the Supporting Actor’s list? Are you F-ucking crazy?


I didn’t expect Tom Hardy to be this low he is amazing in Legend


I will be seriously annoyed if Matt Damon gets a nomination for The Martian. That spot should be Gyllenhaal’s for Southpaw.

Chris Reyes

I’m shocked no one is showing Tobey MaGuire any Oscar love for Pawn Sacrifice

Bernardo Arteaga

What about Jason Segel for "The End of The Tour"?

Franchesca Ortega

Although Michael B. Jordan made a shockingly good performance in Creed, I do not think his ranking should be that high. Jake Gyllenhaal marked a more powerful performance in Southpaw.


Depp and Damon really? I hope Jordan jumps one of them. Damon does an adequate job but Depp lets the latex do all the work as usual.

Actor's Understanding

*Higher* — Autocorrect fail!

Actor's Understanding

I have no idea what kind of industry Hollywood is, when Matt Damon’s performance in The Martian is rated hire than Abraham Attah’s performance in Beast’s of No Nation. Really leave’s one to wonder what the Academy truly sees as art.

Léhi Valladares

Let’s not forget Bryan Cranston’s performance in "Trumbo." Not an incredible movie, but a good performance.

Darrell lottie

The Revenant has not been seen….

lynn patzkowsky

I think Leonardo DiCaprio because he was always there everytime he is nomantied and he support other actor’s. Its his turn.

No Tobey Maguire for "Pawn Sacrifice"?



I agree with your predictions, i would love to see the return of Deep, his performance was brilliant but unfortunately the movie was average. Either way, unless The Revenant becomes a tremendous disaster, i believe this is finally Leo’s year!


I see Smith is out and Depp is in again.People should not forget about Depp just yet.Dude is campaigning hard,got raves for his performance and had a pretty solid BO and the movie has yet to open to some major markets.The only thing that drags him down is some not so good reviews for the movie but still 76 RT AND 68 MC is still pretty respectable for him to be one of the 5.Other than that I wouldn’t be surprised if Redmayne or Damon don’t make it in.


Interesting where you put Will Smith. If his performance is standout I think he has a better shot than Tom Hanks even. Academy has nominated good performances in mixed reviewed films before and Jennifer Aniston almost got nominated last year in a pretty mediocre film in Cake last year.


I think Eddie Redmayne has a better shot at a back to back win than Leo does


I really thought Jason Segel would be next tier at the very least for The End of the Tour. He’s not even mentioned in this… how is that possible?


@Jeff I think you’re in the minority there about Leo haha. Never seen a film where he was the same character. Commits to every role. I agree with you to some respect. Can’t say it’s his year to win when no one has seen the film yet. That’s probably not what you were getting at though lol


Matt Damon does not deserve to be in the top 5. And let’s not start the "This is Leo’s year" to win crap. He plays himself in every film. There’s no acting. Just Leo spouting words.


Jason Segel (The End of the Tour), anyone?


Way to completely forget about Jason Segel in The End of the Tour


To the comment above mine: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha oh… Oh wait you’re serious? I’m losing faith in humanity…


Nash Grier for The Outfield!

Darrell Lottie

Will Smith for Concussion may be the frontrunner he just won the Hollywood Film Award Best Actor


This is Tom Hardy’s year, in any nominated category. Three performances and each one hits it out of the park.


Where is Jake Gyllenhaal for Southpaw, he is supposedly the winner!


Except Will Smith I agree with your current prediction. So it might be tough competition between Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon I supoose


I told you a month back do not underestimate Matt Damon’s performance in The Martian now look what has happened he has climbed up to No 3 from No 7 in your predictions. Leo at no1? Let the movie comes out how can you be that sure? Yes he is a great actor but why everyone want only him to win Oscar we have to watch the film to put someone at No1 in the list. And steve jobs is already tanked at the box office his performance has also received mixed reviews so I think we are rating him up much higher than he is going to be may be no5 but wat the hell Will Smith is doing there? Lol..r u kidding me? Where s Tom Hanks, Michael Caine? I agree with you in one thing tats Johnny Depp will sure go out of the race his performance was a snorefest not Oscar worthy in any possible way.


After "Steve Jobs" shockingly tanked at the box office, I might as well move Leonardo DiCaprio back up to No. 1 on my list.


Toby McGuire, Pawn Sacrifice


I saw the Brady Corbet movie "The Childhood of a Leader for which he won the double lion award at the Venice Film Festival. I was able to see the movie and I was stunned at the performance of Robert Pattinson. What a departure in this period piece. His performance was so integral to the film and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. What an intense performance. Unfortunately it has not hit the theatres in the States, but I would encourage everyone to see that movie. There are a lot of good movies out, and great actors but for the time Robert is on the screen it is so just rivetig to the movie. What an is an outstanding performance which is what the Oscars are all about. So, I have to say Robert Pattinson.


Christopher Plummer in Remember. He was fantastic in the role.


Robert Pattinson in "The Childhood of a Leader" or "Life" outstanding performances.


ha ha


Will Smith at 4th place?!?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!


Leonardo DiCaprio for the win


@Riley Yes it sure was!


@Evan it was tremendous


@Riley By the way, hope you enjoyed the movie.


@Riley I know exactly what you meant. And I agree that it is tough to make predictions, especially if that movie has not been seen yet.

Michael Holeman

Where is Jason Segel? (The End of the Tour)


Jason Segel, End of the Tour. Cannot believe he isn’t on the list above. His performance was brilliantly understated and emotionally charged.


@Evan Looking forward to seeing the film on Thursday. lol I wasn’t saying Leo is going to win necessarily but it’s tough to even make these predictions when there’s stuff yet to be seen is what I meant lol


@Riley That’s right! It’s best not judge a performance if you have not seen the movie yet. Leo will do great in "The Revenant," but it’ll be really hard for him to topple Fassbender. And, I wasn’t necessarily comparing him to Mr. Day-Lewis. I was just kind of stating the facts that the Academy likes to go for actors who play legendary famous people. That being said, I do believe Leo will win an Oscar someday and I hope he does because he’s a great actor and he deserves one. But I’m not sure if "The Revenant" will be his ticket to Oscar glory or not. He’ll nominated for sure, but it’ll be tough for Academy members to choose him over Fassbender for Best Actor. Just saying!


michael fassbender it’s your year!!!!


@Evan you may be right, I haven’t seen the film yet but hearing good things about Fassbender in it. Hard to compare Fassbender to Lewis, I don’t think he’s that good yet. Regardless, all I was saying is that it’s hard to judge when you haven’t seen all the performances lol. My early guess for the 5 nominees are 1. Leo, 2. Depp, 3. Fassbender, 4. Caine and 5. Will Smith. I think if concussion is good he could sneak in like Bradley Cooper did for American Sniper last year.


Fassbender should be moved up to No. 1. Even if Leo gives a remarkable in "The Revenant," I got a feeling it’ll still be Fassbender’s year. Remember Daniel Day-Lewis’s successful win for playing Abraham Lincoln?


^^^^How do you know Fassbender will win? Have you seen the Revenant already?? Let’s cool our jets here and stop saying this person WILL win. Wait till you see every performance

Arslan Baig

Michael Fassbender is winning the Oscar in this category. Period! No one comes close to him when it comes to acting. Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio will have to wait even more for his first ever acting Oscar.


Replace Tom Hanks with Michael Caine and then I can say you got it right


Would love to see Geza Rohrig from Son of Saul in the final five nominees instead of Redmayne.


Jake Gyllenhaal for Southpaw!

AS Alfred

Steve Jobs, Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are already the 4 out of 5 whose should receive nomination in Best Actor category. The remaining 5th place should be placed by Kurt Russell for his performance in The Hateful Eight. Even though Kurt Russell said to be should nominated in Best Supporting Actor category for The Hateful Eight he must filled up himself on the competition.


It’s Fassbender who is poised to "take away" DiCaprio’s Oscar (for a film no one has seen), but you rank him third. For a film with a Metacritic score of 65. Okay…


yea matt damon deserves a nom


1. Leonardo DiCaprio – The revenant, 2.Michael Fassbender, "Steve Jobs" 3.Bryan Cranston, "Trumbo", 4.Johnny Depp, "Black Mass"


If the academy snubs _________ then it will be a travesty.

Fill in the blank with whatever actor you like. Clearly there are no right opinions except your own.


What about Adam Sandler – Pixels ;)


Matt Damon needs to be nominated for The Martian. His performance brought on too much realism to not be. Every action of his created a sense of sympathy from the audience.


I would be glad if Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks were nominated. Especially the latter is constantly good and you can rely on his performances. Not like Eddie Redmayne who can be awesome (Danish Girl, Theory of Everything) but also awful (Les Miserables, Jupiter Ascending)




Banjamin with his long paragraph from August 15th has one of the most accurate looks at who should and shouldn’t have one. Didn’t miss a beat. I agreed on every single statement.


Thanks for the heads up, these are the movies I won’t be wasting my time or money on. Hollywood has gone crazy with their perversion agenda.


The Academy has to make up for Jake Gyllenhaal’s criminal snub for his awe-inspiring work in Nightcrawler with another awe-inspiring work like the one he delivers in Southpaw. The film is almost painfully formulaic while Nightcrawler was a phenomenal film, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in both is astonishing. He has to score at least a nomination this time around. And who can forget his snub for his superb work in Villeneuve’s Prisoners? The man is an extraordinary actor. It’s just that the competition is way too high again. I just recently saw Ian McKellen in Mr. Holmes and Michael Caine in Youth and God, they’re both incredible. Still, a nomination for Jake has to happen. And I say that for a film that it’s as mediocre as Southpaw.


I think Redmayne will be a threat but we shouldn’t count out Will Smith in this year race he is looking very strong in his new film Concussion and he may surprise everyone.


Ah, you can tell it’s fall. The shills are out.


@James M. MILES AHEAD will be at the NYFF. As far as we know it’s still a 2015 release.


Paul Dano as Brian Wilson from Love & Mercy?


You must include Jacob Tremblay (Room) in your predictions. This kid was amazing! The best performance from a child actor since Quvenzhane Wallis in Beasts of the Southern Whild, or Keisha Castle-Hughes in Whale Rider.


Depp is gaurnateed for a nom atlest. He is long overdue for an Oscar but I think with all the LGBt movements that is going on, he will lose to Redmayne because of that. I have ntohing against Redmayne, but he will win because of the hype surrong the LGBT events I think. Depp and the film both got rave reviews at Venice and at TIFF. The Danish Girl did not get great reviews and the only good part about was Redmayne I heard.


Pretty sure it will be between Redmayne and DiCaprio, with the latter being my bet . But it will be hard to say. Fassbender could be a possibility too


Where is Jacob Tremblay for his role in "Room"? Surely he deserves a nomination. His performance was absolutely outstanding!

James M.

Benjamin, I’m the last person in the world to pull the homophobia or transphobia card, but your entire comment reeks of both.

James M.

MILES AHEAD got pushed to 2016.


You dont even have Mark Ruffalo listed?? He should prob be in th top 5 as of now. Not sure Caine is gonnna get it. I would replace him with DiCaprio in the end.


No way Redmayne is still the frontrunner after The Danish Girl got widely panned at both Venice and Toronto. He’s probably in with this weak competition, but I can’t imagine him winning over Fassbender. If The Revenant is at least somewhat accessible this feels like DiCaprio’s year.


Yup, this is definitely a three-way race between Depp, DiCaprio & Redmayne. Unfortunately none of them won the Volpi Cup, so we have no clear launching point.


It should be obvious by now that The Program won’t be released in 2015.

Michael Sargavakian

Are we forgetting about Jason Segals thrilling performance as the late David Foster Wallace


I mean don’t count "on" anything changing right now.


From I’ve heard, Michael Fassbender is the the frontrunner for Best Actor. It could all change overtime, but I wouldn’t count it right now. They say his performance as Steve Jobs is the best performance given by a lead actor of the year.


cliff curtis and James Rolleston the dark horse


Ben Foster loool


Fassbender is clearly the frontrunner, he’s getting great reviews for Steve Jobs…


Rooting for Michael Fassbender for steve jobs.It’sIt’s getting great reviews from its unofficial premere.Especially Fassbender’s performance


Psssst’ Tom Hiddleston will win for his portrayal of Hank Williams in ‘I Saw the Light’.


Judging from the unanimous critical acclaim from Venice, Johnny Depp has swiftly become the Oscar frontrunner. Considering The Danish Girl opened to ‘lukewarm’ reviews, noone is blatantly singling out Eddie for an Oscar, unlike Depp who’s work in Black Mass is signaling career best. How lovely would that be, a world where Depp finally wins an Oscar, I think the general public can get behind this.


No offence but i thought Southpaw was not all that great. Even if Gyllenhal tried his best, the film is full of cliches and its hardly original.


I wish everyone would stop with the criticism against Eddie Redmayne already. This movie was well into filming before Caitlyn Jenner ever went public, so political correctness or "going with current events" had absolutely nothing to do with it. As for Redmayne, he has been attacked, unfairly in my opinion, ever since he became a contender for the Oscar last year. No one would have complained if he had been an American heartthrob like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio or yes, Michael Keaton. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the Academy voters thought he deserved the Oscar, and he won it. The end. And if they believe he deserves it again, then he will win again come Oscar season.

Winning Oscars SHOULD be about who did the best out of all the nominees every year, no matter what the category. Not about who is "due," or who lost the most weight, or who stepped the farthest out of their comfort zone, but who gave the best performance overall. I am as a big a fan of DiCaprio’s as anyone else and I certainly hope The Revenant will be amazing as the trailer looks, but he shouldn’t automatically win the Oscar because he has never won before. Nor should Redmayne automatically be excluded because he has won before.

Rusty Shakleford

Jason Segel should be up there for The End of the Tour. Great performance

Michael J

Tom Hardy for "Legend" and Jason Segal for "The End of the Tour" should be on the list of possibilities.

Renan Maia

OSCAR 2016 – My predictions (Sep 3rd, 2015)

Michael Caine, "Youth"
Don Cheadle, "Miles Ahead"
Bryan Cranston, "Trumbo"
Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Revenant" *
Eddie Redmayne, "The Danish Girl"

Cate Blanchett, "Carol"
Emily Blunt, "Sicario"
Carey Mulligan, "Suffragette"
Charlotte Rampling, "45 Years"
Lily Tomlin, "Grandma" *

Helena Bonham Carter, "Suffragette"
Jane Fonda, "Youth"
Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The Hateful Eight"
Rooney Mara, "Carol" *
Helen Mirren, "Trumbo"

Idris Elba, "Beasts of No Nation" *
John Goodman, "Trumbo"
Tom Hardy, "The Revenant"
Harvey Keitel, "Youth"
Samuel L. Jackson, "The Hateful Eight"


Tom Hardy in Legend?


2016 Oscar Predictions Best Actor:
1.Michael Caine-"Youth"
2.Leonardo DiCaprio-"The Revenant"
3.Michael Fassbender-"Steve Jobs"
4.Ian McKellen-"Mr. Holmes"
5. ?

mike jones

looks like if you do anything brucey style these days you win an oscar


Robert Redford in Truth is under two different categories.

Lily reeds

I believe that Jake Gyllenhaal should be nominated for Southpaw!


@Joe, Hard to tell who was the lead in that one by academy standards. In a way they are both leads and Segel has the stronger performance no doubt. But his best shot might be at supporting I would think.


No one’s gonna mention about Mark Ruffalo’s role on The Spotlight?

Renan Maia

HONORARY OSCAR – Suggestions:

Doris Day / Gena Rowlands / Leslie Caron / Albert Finney / DOnald Sutherland / Liv Ullmann / Mia Farrow


Don’t you mean Jason Segal from The End of the Tour not Jesse Eisenberg? That’s who performance has been getting the buzz.


He won’t be in the conversation when it comes to the end but Shamiek Moore deserves to be on this list for Dope I think. He did a great job in that film.


I don’t think Redmayne deserves another Oscar for playing a transgender. It’s not that difficult or impressive of a performance to pull off that deserves so much praise. Nothing against transgendered but that’s like saying portraying Bruce yes Bruce Jenner not Caitlyn in a biopic would deserve winning an Oscar. Come on! Seriously! Maybe the physicality of the performance but other than that, it’s not that difficult and only say this because I’m an actor. DiCaprios historical challenge of physically getting mauled by a bear left for dead in the wilderness and having to rely on his natural physical abilities and emotions rather than his appearance and voice sounds like a much more deserving and difficult performance that deserves recognition and DiCaprio is way overdue and this sounds like this role will finally be the one to earn him his much more deserved Oscar. I’ve seen many performances over the years. Brilliant ones and bullshit ones that had no business winning. Sean Penn for both Mystic River and Milk had no business winning nor did Roberto Benigni, Denzel Washington for Training Day, Malcolm X or Flight yes! Training Day no! Colin Firth didn’t deserve to win over James Franco or Jesse Eisenberg though I think he’s an amazing actor and does deserve an Oscar on account of his pure brilliance but other than his speech empedement it wasn’t better than Franco’s heartbreakingly physical demanding performance that demanded his brilliant acting only throughoutt to carry the movie and bring the story to life or Jesse Eisenbergs cold disdained heavy portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. George Clooneys portrayal in The Descendants was also brilliantly done and natural. Edward Norton for American History X was so unrecognizable and transformative of Norton that he became that character and you believed he was that swatsika wearing racist anti Semitic fascist that was down right reality based horror in your face. Brad Pitt for the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button was strictly a character actor based driven performance and Brad didn’t miss a beat as he aged younger and younger and was much deserving than Sean Penns easy going gay political activist Harvey Milk. Michael Keaton in Birdman was such a vulnerable performance and you felt everything He was expressing. He portrayed a true actor but more importantly a broken man dealing with the peer pressures of society’s entertainment world and what he’s perceived to be and labeled as. Joaquin Phoenix performance was much more deserving than Jamie Foxxs Ray a year earlier. Joaquin Phoenix became Johnny Cash. Jamie Foxx did not become Ray Charles and hasn’t acted another nominated worthy performance since. Al Pacino should have at least 3 or 4 but I’ll say 3 of the 8 oscar nominations he got and none of those should be for Scent Of A Woman. The Godfather Part 2, Dog Day Afternoon and Glengary Ross. Morgan Freeman should’ve won for The Shawshank Redemption, Johnny Depp should’ve won for Pirates Of The Carribean because no matter what he created a character that became even more iconic than when it was created and Depp brought him to life. He also was amazing in Finding Neverland which is say was his most impressive and Sweeney Todd despite what people say about the movie itself, Depp was amazing as The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. Chiwitel Ejiofer was amazing in 12 Years A Slave as was Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street and Christian Bale in American Hustle. Liam Neeson for Schindlers List. Replace Tom Hanks oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump for Saving Private Ryan and Cast Away which were much more deserving performances along with Big who I would put as number 3. Leonardo DiCaprio for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape over Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. Tom Cruise in Magnolia over Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules. Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire over Geoffrey Rush in Shine. Edward Norton in Primal Fear and Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys. Hailey Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense and Ian Mckellen in Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring also Gods And Monsters over Geoffrey Rush for Shine. Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby and Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl. Paul Newman for The Hustler. Peter O Toole for Lawrence Of Arabia. Leonardo DiCaprio for The Aviator. Daniel Day Lewis for Gangs Of New York. Nicholas Cage for Adaptation instead of Leaving Las Vegas. Christoph Waltz for Inglorius Bastards but not for Django Unchained. Hugh Jackman for Les Miserables or Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook or American Sniper. Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty. Emma Stone for Birdman. Take away Sandra Bullocks Oscar for The Blind Side, Jean Dujardins for The Artist, Halle Berrys for Monsters Ball, Gweneth Paltrow for Shakespeare In Love. Kate Winslet for just about everything she’s done who I find to be a much better actress then Meryl Streep.


Money Monster isn’t being released till April 2016.

And the Academy couldn’t do much worse than snubbing a deserving actor AGAIN and giving Redmayne another statuette. Weepy British hack should get its own category if you want to keep wasting Oscars noms on the likes of redmayne, firth, cumberbatch, etc.


This seems like a tough year for the male acting slot but Leo is going to take it no doubt in my mind. Sure Danish Girl will be fantastic, but The Revenant is going to sweep so many categories its not even funny.


Tom Hardy-Legend


Jonny Depp seriously deserves some recognition.


Is this the most sexist post ever??? Where are the female contenders! Booooo hooo!

Dylan Byth

Also "Born to the Blue" with Ethan Hawke is "Born to be Blue"

Dylan Byth

I think "Icon" with Ben Foster is now called "The Program"


I’d love to see Jason Segel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Michael Fassbender make the list this year. Jason Segel is my number one pick, but seeing Leo or Depp finally hold the Oscar would be great too. Fassbender also would be pretty good.


dude you forgot tom hardy


Paul Dano for "Love & Mercy". Be a crime if he`s not nominated.


what about andrew garfield in "Silence" ?


My list:
Jake Gyllenhaal, "Demolition"
Johnny Depp, "Black Mass"
Ian McKellen, "Mr. Holmes"


Tom Hardy not here for Legend? Hmm.


No talk on Love and Mercy? Dano especially gave an incredible performance.


With the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing going on, they might as well just reserve this oscar for Eddie. Simply for making the right movie at the right time because at this moment, transgenders are a hot topic. Anyway, i reeeally hope that this year will finally become DiCaprio’s year and The Revanant sure as hell looks promising!


1. Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl)
2. Johnny Depp (Black Mass)
3. Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)
4. Leonardo DiCaprio (The Reverant)
5. Bryan Craston (Trumbo)
6. Michael Caine (Youth)
7. Jason Segel (The End of the Tour)
8. Michael Fassbender (MacBeth)
9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Snowden)
10. Jake Gyllenhaal (Demolition)
11. Ian McKellen (Mr. Holmes)
12. Tom Hiddleston (I Saw the Light)
13. Tim Roth (Chronic)
14. Javier Bardem (The Last Face)
15. Ben Foster (Icon)
16. Ethan Hawke (Born to Be Blue)


I think people are forgetting Robin Williams for Boulevard.


Fassbender is my bet. Even if he doesn’t win he is the safest bet.


Tom Hardy in "Legend" perhaps?


1.- Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs
2.- Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl
3.- Leonardo Dicaprio – The Revenant
4.- Jake Gyllenhaal – Southpaw
5.- Ian Mckellen – Mr. Holmes

Tom Hardy

What about me?


Ian McKellen for Mr.Holmes

Satan Joy

And I’m sad that Joaquin Phoenix, my favorite actor, isn’t in contention this year, the reviews for Irrational Man was a total letdown. He wildly deserved that Best Actor win for The Master, it’s one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen, ever!

Satan Joy

Michael Fassbender is damn overdue for an Oscar trophy, his tumultous turn in Shame is deserving of an Oscar alone, but unfortunately he was snubbed by the atrocious Academys. Hopefully he would further widen his trajectory as an actor, and continues to deliver outstanding performances back-to-back; his work in Macbeth and Steve Jobs, seem to be both home runs for the hurricane of best actor wins. Jake Gyllenhaal is f*cking snubbed for Nightcrawler, a lot of times actually, but his agitating, enigmatic performance was mindblowingly unforgettable—he was just the best lead actor last year. He needs to get nominated (a win would be the best) this year, for both meaty roles in Demolition and Southpaw.
But the best thing about this race is Leonardo DiCaprio, who is just one hell of an actor, he is terribly overdue for an Oscar, and if The Revenant—directed by the spellbinging Inñaritu—happens to be the best goddamn thing, HE WOULD WIN.

James M.

If SOUTHPAW draws even moderate raves from critics and performs well at the BO, it’ll be the Gyllenhaal. Like Russell Crowe, who was awarded for GLADIATOR to make up for the Oscar he should’ve won for THE INSIDER the year before, the Academy will be looking to make up for their egregious snub of Gyllenhaal, who gave what was arguably the best performance of 2014 in NIGHTCRAWLER.


Segel’s name shouldn’t be considered in a group with real actores. He can’t compare to household names like Caine or McKellen. He’s a joke.


A gaping hole in this list is because it’s missing Schwarzenegger for Maggie. Seriously, he HAS to be in the conversation as a from runner for the role of his life! I love Eddie Redmayne (and predicted his win last year although I believe Miles Teller’s performance in Whiplash was just as brilliant) but I don’t want to see him on the podium again just yet. He was basically handed the best possible role, with a golden screenplay so the second time around it has to be harder for him! My top nine Schwarzenegger, Gyllenhaal, Smith, DiCaprio, Sir Ian, Hiddleston, Hardy (for both Child 44 & Legends), Pitt, & Depp. And a tenth in Fassbender for Steve Jobs.


so you have pretty much listed every actor form every drama movie coming out in the fall GREAT PREDICTION. From what I heard form people who saw Concussion’s test screening Will Smith gets his 3rd nom


i think it’s safe to scratch Matthew McConaughey off the list, given the boos and hissing The Sea of Trees got in Cannes.


How and why is Depp not on the list???????????? You actually think some of these actors have a better shot than him?


Well I’d add Matthew McConaughey to the probably-nots, too. Sea of Trees is getting torn apart at Cannes. Too bad, I like him.


Jake Gyllenhaal is hardly due. I’ve watched most everything he’s done including Nightcrawler, and he’s one of the least natural actors I’ve ever seen on film. His casting in a movie will now actually deter me from watching.

Not confident on Matt Damon either, but everybody else you mentioned sounds reasonable.


Let’s not forget Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams in "I Saw The Light". At least on paper.


There have been a few screenings of Trumbo. The comments I read were not enthusiastic.

Nathan Gray

Eddie Murphy has two dramatic films coming "Cook" and the "Richard Pryor Biopic"

Jon Paul

What about Tom Hardy for any of the several films he is going to be in this year: Legend, Child 44, etc.?


this year could be mostly all previous non-winners against each other! Gyllenhaal vs DiCaprio vs Depp vs Pitt vs Redmayne (possibly Matt Damon for The Martian since that whole film is just him.)


Johnny Depp in "Black Mass" looks pretty solid as well.


my early Predictions for best actor are
Bryan Cranston-Trumbo
Eddie Redmayne-The Danish Girl
Leonardo Dicaprio-The Revenant
Michael Fassbender-Steve Jobs
Tom Hanks-Bridge Of Spies


I really feel that Idris Elba will get nominated for something for Beasts of No Nation, whether that be Supporting or Leading, I really think he will get the nomination.


Redmayne won’t win back-to-back Oscars. Maybe he’ll be nominated again, but come on. His fans are dreaming this time around.


I would also be excited with a DiCaprio-Redmayne-Fassbender-Gyllenhaal race. Redmayne would be the one to beat and his consagration as Actor, demostrating he is not a "one hit wonder". But DiCaprio has the best chances for the win because he is directed by a Mexicano. You’ll see that the Deserved Oscar for Blood Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street will finally come to Leonardo thanks the power of Iñarritu.
We all expect to see DiCaprio and Streep receiving the Leading Oscars the same night.


What about Tom Hardy for "Legend" playing two roles


I’m not a fan of Eddie Redmayne… So, I hope someone else gets nominated instead of him.


I’m getting the sense that if Redmayne wins again, there’ll be an immense backlash coming his way. One reason is that names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender, and last year’s snubbed Jake Gyllenhaal are in the mix and fans of those actors will come after him and his recent win already upset a good amount of people pulling for Michael Keaton. Plus, there is still that whole issue people have with straight actors playing gay or transgendered.


Keanu Reeves for The Whole Truth


I’d be excited about DiCaprio-Redmayne race.
On the paper, provided he nails the role, has to be Redmayne. Sounds like it’s the most challenging role that requires most outstanding nuanced performance to pull it off believably and he has all the potential to be once again exceptional. Other actors on the list can take on each others roles, in general, but I doubt anyone can be even remotely successful in this one.


I think it’s about time that there was a back to back Oscar winner and Eddie is the one to do it.His performance in The Danish Girl is sure to be incredible!


These are not really predictions.

It’s just a list of possible contenders at this point.

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