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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

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Much of the early news surrounding the best actress race centered on where Oscar voters would place Rooney Mara (“Carol”) and Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”) on their ballots. The pair were both nominated for supporting actress at the SAGs and Critics Choice, and both as lead at the Golden Globes. Now that nominations have been announced, we know that both have been regulated to the category for which they campaigned, which left the door open for Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years”) and Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy”) to make the cut.

Regardless, the best actress race seems pretty much like a head-to-head battle between Brie Larson (“Room”) and Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”). Both actresses are rising stars that give two of the year’s most resonant performances. Larson won the Globes, though she’s certainly not as big of a frontrunner as Julianne Moore and Blanchett have been in the past.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best actress. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.

Cate Blanchett (“Carol”)
Brie Larson (“Room”)
Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy”) 
Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years”)
Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”)

Predicted Winner: Brie Larson
Potential Spoilers: Saorise Ronan

WINNER: Brie Larson

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There is nothing wrong with all white actresses being nominated this time! They were very deserving. I am Hispanic and not offended that I don’t see a Latina up there! Go Brie!


Hopefully, nominees will get nominated on their merit; not for any other reason.


Brie Larson. But I am sick of the diversity talk. The Academy has rewarded blacks and they are more diverse then the BET or the NAACP are. Did you know that the NAACP is supposed to be for ALL colored actors but they only nominated blacks this year? Its extreamly hypocrtical for Jada and Will Smith to boycott the Oscars but then support an award show that only nominated blacks only. Really disgusting and shameful. I hope the Oscar boycotters are blackisted somehow.


"having the same people nominated all the time" ? I didn’t know that Brie Larson & Charlotte Rampling had been nominated for oscars before ?


jennifer lawrence the best

ray devey

its gotta be Brie Larson


Shouldn’t nominations be based on performance, not "diversity"? Simply ridiculous! Getting VERY sick and tired of this topic!!

June Jimenez

Cate Blanchett is the best and should win



Leigh Ann

You have to be able to spell, or seek out correct spelling, to be understood and listened to, in a public forum. They may be white actresses but I’ll bet they can all spell "shocking" and know Meryl’s last name is Streep. I forgive that one because she is always great. I have a harder time forgiving the word usage of our reviewer. It is "relegated" and not "regulated". Also "Room" was a disgusting horrible book, and so it can only be a disgusting horrible movie. Imprisoned women get some peolple off. That’s all it is. Blechhh!

    Don Jordan

    I too am an excellent speller and see a lot of errors in the written language.






Kev, black film-makers write scripts geared towards black people, so do Latinos. The best response is for legislators to make the casting process fairer. There may be some roles where race is important to convey, but most roles should not be only written for white people with no concrete reason why the character should be white.

Callin Henry

I would actually be happy with either Brie Larson or Saoirse Ronan winning! They’re fantastic actresses!


Unfortunately they can’t nominate more diverse people if there are no roles available for minorities. Most movie scripts are geared towards Caucasians. So if we need more diversity in nominations, there needs to be more diversity in the writers, and more lead roles needs to be written for minorities. It’s unfortunate that most coloured actors are not looked at for their unique acting talent, but rather seen as ‘let’s take an actor from the ‘diversity box’ so our movie could look more diverse.’ It is hard for minorities to even be taken seriously in the acting business unless they are already well known.


Brie Larson is a definite lock on.


Should win: Charlotte Rampling (45 Years)
Shoulda been here: Rooney Mara (Carol) or Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) because category fraud in unfair.


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Tomas Zelenka

Brie Larson. It’s not even close. She was great, they love Room and this is the only award it will get, so they will want to give it something.




Jennifer Lawrence was great in Joy, she deserves everything she gets. And fortunately she will soon start working with different directors like Aronofsky and Spielberg.


There are more important issues in this world than a multimillionaire’s wife complaining about the so called wronged life she has so dreadfully endure. Is it not the casting director decision who they want for a particular part. I mean they do have a black President.


so sick of seeing Jennifer L in every year for doing the same thing. She’s not THAT good. And WHY was Suffragette totally snubbed?? I don’t think it was Best Picture or Director, but it should have gotten an actress and supporting actress nod at least, and maybe a few others


Glenn "All white actress, shoking!" – Should we just nominate the best 5 actors period regardless of their performance to ensure we checked off the diversity box?


Talia’s comment is a little contradictory.

1) Every year there are 5 nominees in both the Best Actor/Actress categories. There has never been a year in which all 5 nominees were repeated EVER, so it has relative diversitye! If you meant in terms of age and race, then this would be an unusually disappointing year.

2)Ordinarily Meryl Streep (was "Streak" a spell-check addition?) IS nominated but she hasn’t been this year. That in itself adds some much needed diversity, although I would agree she is brilliant and her many nominations have been justified.

3)More interesting in recent years has been the diversity of character roles which have been nominated. The Academy appears to have broadened its inclusion of previously ‘untouchable’ subjects and types and this year has again been no exception with Eddie Redmayne’s turn in The Danish Girl and Cate Blanchett given a nod for her beautifully measured lesbian turn in "Carol". I am optimistic that the nominees are realistically representative of the best this year. Charlotte Rampling has been overlooked for many years, but her performance in "45 Years" is exceptionally good and a high point in her career so far.

Ultimately I think there can be no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio will win Best Actor this year (and likely Tom Hardy will manage the double for The Revenant which will clean-up) and my money is on Brie Larson for Best Actress.


Brie Larson was amazing. I hope she wins.


My Final Choices for BEST ACTRESS in Alphabetical Order: 1.CATE BLANCHETTE for Carol, 2.BRIE LARSON for ROOM, 3.CHARLOTTE RAMPLING for 45 Years, 4.MAGGIE SMITH for The Lady in the Van, 5.CHARLIZE THERON for Mad Max: Fury Road. and the BEST ACTRESS goes to CHARLIZE THERON for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!!!!


My Final Choices for BEST ACTRESS in Alphabetical Order: 1.CATE BLANCHETTE for Carol, 2.BRIE LARSON for ROOM, 3.CHARLOTTE RAMPLING for 45 Years, 4.MAGGIE SMITH for The Lady in the Van, 5.CHARLIZE THERON for Mad Max: Fury Road. and the BEST ACTOR goes to CHARLIZE THERON for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!!!!

Patricia Jacobs

Brie Larson!


Not sure who THEIR competition might be am absolutety sure that Indiwire needs some proof readers.


Talia: Larson and Rampling have never been nominated. Ronan was nominated for Supporting years ago for Atonement. If Vikander gets nominated, she’ll be another newbie. Only Cate and J-Law are "repeat offenders." :) And they both deserve it.


@glenn one black actress performance better then the 5 listed?


Sarah Silverman deserves a nomination!


You put the trailer of the movie "The Room" and not "Room" :D!


I hope the nominees will be 1. Charlize Theron for MAD MAX:FURY ROAD. 2. Carrey Mulligan for SUFFRAGETTE. 3. Maggie Smith for THE LADY IN THE VAN 4. Brie Larson for ROOM. 5. Cate Blanchette for CAROL.


Emily Blunt? for Sicario? WHat a joke.


What about Daisy Ridley in Episode 7?


Brie Larson was spectacular in ‘Room’. She definitely deserves an Oscar. I’m happy she’s finally getting some recognition for her remarkable talent.


Christ almighty…multiple posts from one person regarding why they (the ONE person) believes Jennifer Lawrence should not receive a nod…good Lord it’s obsessive. The K-Stew fans are usually the worst offenders (super jealous of Lawrence, her critical acclaim and popularity)…Lawrence may get a nod or not, if so, it’s as usual very deserving.


I’d say based on BAFTA, there is an increasing likelihood Vikander gets dual nods: here for TDG and supporting for EM.

john carlton

"there" competition? are you fucking kidding me? why am i surprised…its yahoo. illiterates.


Charlotte Rampling?


I agree with Talia.Enough with Jennifer Lawrence and Hellen Mirren.They are great actresses but c’monn!


I think you post de wrong trailer.


I think you put the wrong trailer, there… Just saying XD

Matt Cipolla

What’s up with the trailer for The Room at the beginning of the article? That’s not the same thing as Room.


I predict that Rooney Mara will be nominated alongside Cate. Just because the movie studio is pushing for her to be in the supporting category doesn’t mean that the Academy will go for it. She has as much screen time and deserves it. In the end, the Academy will not be "persuaded" and will do its own thing.


Jennifer Lawrence all the way baby!!!


I think Charlotte Rampling should win, her performance was extraordinary!


The lead categories are quite boring this year. I haven’t seen Lady in the Van so I can’t say but I think Mirren will get nominated for Trumbo if at all. I think you nailed it with your five. Would rather see Lily Tomlin over J Law though. My fantasy 5 would be Tomlin (Grandma) Ronan (Brooklyn) Rampling (45 Years) Blanchett (Truth) Larson (Room)


How, oh jow, is Emily Blunt not even in the conversation?


I think Lawrence and Ronan are overrated and Emily Blunt for Sicario and Charlize Theron for Mad Max: Fury Road are so Underrated.
COme on! Put THERON and BLUNT on the list!

Dashdorj S

I think Emily Blunt was great in Sicario.


the Regina Case could well be nominated for an Oscar for the film ‘ ‘ The second mother ”


Stop with al the lawrence love, i think she is not that good of an actress and there are hundreds of actresses that are better then she is. And emily blunt is so underated

Tyler Smith

Cate Blanchett over Rooney and Jlaw. Sorry bout it.


Please, somebody, give us a break from Jennifer Lawrence already!


Highly over-rated Jennifer Lawrence again! Seriously?
Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara should both get nominated in this category. The drawback of that, of course, is that only one of them can win. (I would really like to see both of them win.) I do not feel that Alicia Vikander’s performance in either of "The Danish Girl" or "Ex Machina" is strong enough to get her a lead role nod. I think it should be (in order of their winning chances):
Rooney Mara
Cate Blanchett
Brie Larson
Saoirse Ronan
Charlotte Rampling


I think this is the toughest one to call…so many good performances, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in "Carol", Jennifer Lawrence "Joy" and Saoirse Ronan in "Brooklyn" I can’t decide.


Caete Blanchett out ? Lawrence won’t get a nod!


Juliette Binoche, Clouds of Sils Maria? I think Kristen Stewart’s performance was much better.


Emily Blunt was absolutely brilliant in Sicario. Really underrated movie.


Catê Blanchett por Carol ficou de fora?


I think people are underestimating role of jennifer lawrence in Joy . It was spectacular


I wish Bel Powley would at least get a nom, I know she won’t but her performance in Diary was one of the best of the year. Anyone who hasn’t seen Diary of A Teenage Girl, I encourage you to do so. While most focused on the premise of a "15 year old girl having sex with a 38 year old man" that is hardly the premise of this touching movie. There is a scene about 45 minutes in where Powley stares at herself in the mirror, completely naked and observing her body for about 45 seconds. I was transfixed by this scene, Powley envisioned the actions and thoughts of every adolescent young woman finally seeing herself for the first time. After that scene I thought to myself,"I’m going to come out of this movie and my entire outlook on life is going to change". She captured every thought, expression and feeling I felt when I finally saw myself as a woman in a 45 second scene, I left the theater feeling empowered and enlightened, can anyone say that about many movies? I absolutely loved Brie Larson and she is a lock, but I can’t seem to give up hope that Saoirse will sneak in for the upset. Brooklyn was a vibrant, enriching and heart wrenching film. Ronan carried her film and it wouldn’t have worked without her, she was in every scene and at times the movie was heading downward she saved it. Not to knock Larson, but I personally believe Jacob Tremblay was the stand out in Room. While I think she is deserving and her performance is certainly "Oscar worthy", I just don’t believe she was the better than Ronan/Blanchett or even Powley. Carol will be an interesting race, with Mara and Blanchett both deserving awards for their gut wrenching performances. Although, I don’t see the Academy giving Blanchett her 3rd Oscar anytime soon, her portrayal of Carol Aire stands out in my mind more than Larson or Ronan’s did even though I loved both of their respective films.


Daisy Ridley has to win

George Lucas

Brie Larson should win. Jennifer Lawrence should not even be nominated.

Henry Plantagenet

I like Lawrence, but I hope she isn’t even nominated. That may finally impel her to break up with Russell and start working with top-drawer directors and scripts. It’s shocking when you realize how amazing her work has been, despite the fact that she has had lousy teachers, and not one A-level script since Winters Bone.


Well, here is an idea for everyone screaming about the lack of diversity in the nominations. Why don’t we do this? There are 5 slots available, save one for black actors only, one for latino, one for Asians, one for Middle Eastern and the last slot for everyone else. Yeah, that sounds fair.

Tyler Smith

Cate Blanchett should be in third, sorry Rooney and Jlaw.


Brooklyn was not a good movie and I don’t think it will be receiving Oscar nominations. Diary of a Teenage girl was brilliant.


All I care about is Jennifer Lawrence getting nominated (deserves to win, frankly)…her performance in JOY is phenomenal.

Lawrence is the millenials answer to Marlon Brando.


This list is so messed up. Cate Blanchett not being even nominated will be a travesty. And how in the world is her role in Carol similar to the one she played in Blue Jasmine? It’s so completely different that what you say here makes zero sense. Cate shouldn’t only be nominated for Carol, she should actually win and I think that if she wins any major televised award this year, watch out for her at The Oscars.


Alicia Vikander for the win! She was superb in The danish girl. Far better than Brie, Cate, Jennifer, Rooney and Charlotte combined.


Cate Blanchett is f—- amazing in everything she does. I hate the science fiction movies that we are surrounded with them . So I like seeing something more human


Ok I’m confused indiewire has Rooney Mara for "Carol" at #6 and Alicia Vikander at #13 on the best actress list but Alicia Vikander at #1 and Rooney Mara at #2 on the best supporting actress list. Huh? That doesn’t make sense!!


What about Daisy Ridley as Rey in Episode 7?


@JUSTIN that’s not a situation to be complacent about, and while I imagine your pain must be unbearable, if you’re sick of the diversity conversation then possibly you’ll be able to understand just how sick of the situation mega talented actresses of color are.

Michael Baumann

What a rich year for Lead Actress performances. Nothing against Charlotte Rampling, but I would much rather see Helen Mirren nominated for Woman in Gold. A great performance in a powerful film. I’m going with Cate Blanchette, Jennifer Lawrence, Saiorse Ronan and Mirren/Tomlin/Danner for the 5th slot.


Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Joy is simply incredible and just another testament to her awe-inspiring gift of commanding the audience’s attention every single damn time she’s on screen. She grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. She’s just terrific in the film, you root for her from the very beginning to the end. She’s deserving of another nomination for her spectacular work with this role, plus it’s fantastic to see her doing something so completely different from her previous collaborations with David O. Russell in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.


Personally and based on what I’ve seen. (Haven’t seen Joy, 45 years and Danish girl) My five would be…
Saorise Ronan, Brooklyn
Brie Larson, Room
Lily Tomlin, Grandma
Rooney Mara, Carol
Blythe Danner, I’ll See You In My Dreams


I completely agree with Talia. The academy needs to stop nominating the same people over and over. Frankly, I’m sick of the Oscar-bait films of David O Russell that feature Jennifer Lawrence. Hollywood seems to only give roles to the same 50 actors and actresses. This is why independent cinema is a much better place to find solid performances.


Charlotte Rampling please!!




Gosh what’s with the obsession with Jennifer Lawrence in this thread? She’s good but the film isn’t doing as well as people had hoped. Why are we still acting as if she’s a shoo-in for a nomination?


Go Jennifer Lawrence!!.


I’m still hoping fot CHARLIZE THERON in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD! Come on! She has the most memorable character this year! Give the Oscars to FURIOSA!!!!


Jennifer Lawrence��


What ever happened to Elizabeth Moss for "Queen of Earth"? I think she deserves the mention! Don’t you think? However would be nice to have some new actress wind an Oscar like Brie or Sarah.. Enough with Jennifer or Cate..


@Silrone Lima: Jennifer Lawrence is #4 because she has been receiving rave reviews for her performance and because she currently has the #1 film in America and around the world…Lawrence is also critically acclaimed and look ved in the industry. JOY is not a flop…critically, the film has received mixed reviews-Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand has received near universal praise.

JOY will most likely resonate with audiences far more than critics…that matters a lot.

Audiences will love the film and care less


I don’t get some critics…JOY is great. Incredibly inspiring and emotional movie. Jennifer Lawrence is incredible and I think it’s her against Brie at the Oscars…

Silrone Lima

Jennifer Lawrence in #4 over Rampling, Mara or Theron is nonsense. JOY is a huge flop. Tsc tsc

Mong mong mek moi

And when someone wins one award then the rests will be the same. Why can’t we have a winner for one award show, then a different winner for another award show, then another one for another award, why it has to be the same all the time??


I think this will be down to the wire between Larson and Ronan. Cate was stunning in Blue Jasmine but a win just two years ago might go against her. Mara certainly seems to be gaining momentum and Carol has certainly been this years critical darling, a la Brokeback Mountain. I think Carol will win in other categories but the actress gong will go to one of the former


Larsen, Blanchett, Ronan, Lawrence, Rampling.


Calling it now: Larson will win along with DiCaprio and Spotlight.


1. Brie Larson, "Room"

2. Saoirse Ronan, "Brooklyn"
3. Cate Blanchett, "Carol"
4. Lily Tomlin, "Grandma"
5. Charlotte Rampling, "45 Years"

will win: Cate Blanchett, "Carol"
should win: Brie Larson, "Room"
should be nominated: Juliette Binoche, "Clouds of Sils Maria"


Jennifer Lawrence


And Julia Roberts??


Kitana Kiki Rodriguez ain’t white

Helen Mirren should be up here for woman in gold, it was bad, but she was outstanding, as always.

Helen Mirren


what about alicia vikander in ex machina?


1. Brie Larson "Room" 2. Cate Blanchett "Carol" 3. Jennifer Lawrence "Joy" 4. Carey Mulligan "Suffragette" 5. Saoirse Ronan "Brooklyn"


This should be more of the indie actresses, not the same mainstream ones i.e. Jennifer Lawrence,etc.
I do like Lawrence, but don’t feel she deserved the nominations, or win, in any of her movies. She’s an all right actress.
That said, I love Meryl Streep, but just saw ‘ricki and the flash’, and the movie was boring, and she was ok, but not great. Definitely not oscar worthy


To glenn— Enough with the PC b.s..
So what,they are white actresses?! Did you k now there happens to be a lot of white actresses? Get over it.

Kingdavid Akwara

Oscar has to look outside the box. Let see fresh faces picking the award.


Why is nobody talking about Macbeth this awards season? Both lead performances (Cotillard and Fassbender) seemed like shoe-ins for nominations… at least, to me they did


N-I-C-O-L-E K-I-D-M-A-N all the way… But she will be back next year with Genius and Lion (saw first cut) she will be the talk of next year!!




NICOLE KIDMAN is ALWAYS IGNORE BY THE OSCARS. She should have at least 3 oscars. She was incredible and I was lucky to see that small australian movie. Blanchett is overrated and mechanical in carol… Mara is a good second


ahh… yes, Nicole Kidman was mesmerizing in that little movie and Carey Mulligan excellent!


the best this year is Nicole Kidman in stranger land. It will be unforgivable not to recognize her virtuoso performance


Man, so many Indiefilms in this list!


okay yeah,all nominated actresses are white.But they deserved nominations without a doubt…you cant nominate ethnic women just to add a little bit of diversity… if there were great roles acted by colored women,no doubt they would be nominated…it is not the oscars fault…it is the movie companies that choose actors and actresses


Charlotte Rampling’s performance in 45 Years was simply magical. She should win in my opinion, but won’t. Might not even make it as one of the nominees. She will win at the BAFTAs for sure though!


interesting …


Saorise Ronan was fabulous in Brooklyn. A real iconic, heartfelt performance. I think if Larson doesn’t sweep the critics awards, she’ll win.


Sally Field for Hello, My Name Is Doris ?


Right away some brainless idiot adds the comment about all the actresses are white. Whatever happened to the black actress who won the award for being a slave. Out to pasture. Why can’t the best person be picked for anything anymore. So sad. We pick to keep people happy.


This year will be Charlotte Rampling vs. Brie Larson, like in 2012 Lawrence vs. Riva. Larson will probably end up winning.


The nominees will be Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt.

Ken the Magnificient

@Glenn and @Talia – Glenn, not everything is a color issue. Say a number of actreesses of color starred in some rotten crap films…should they then be nominated solely to fill a quota? @Talia….the Oscars are solely a business with a mask of art. Hence why you will rarely if ever see an actress of precious few films up there. It just doesn’t work that way, you know?


No one’s even seen JOY yet. Give me a break.

Ethan Nielson

Wait till you see Juliet Stevenson as Mother Theresa in THE LETTERS. Not only will she become the front runner I predict she will win.

Mong mong mek moi

Brie who? This is ridiculous!!


Carey Mulligan should be nominated for Far from the Maddening Crowd, not Suffragette. Just because it came out early in the year should not disqualify it from consideration.


A terrific summary but missing one important actress I think – Alicia Vikander.

Will MacAdam

I don’t have a problem with who’s nominated usually, just with who wins. I don’t think I buy this diversity complaint. It seems to me, if there is a dynamite performance by an AA actor, he/she’ll usually get nominated. We can’t bend over backwards to be all inclusive at expensive of "the work." If it ain’t there, it ain’t there. If we’re going to worry about demographics, these damn awards will become even more artistically meaningless than they are now. Just sayin’ . . .

Felipe Dumas Varon

Brie Larson (Room) is the definitive winner. Nobody’s performance is better than hers. I also root for Lily Tomlin. She was amazing in Grandma.

LuisK Mendoza

They’re saying that Mara would enter the race leading actress


Guys talking about diversity, could you give an examples of good non-white female roles in 2015? But really good, Oscar worthy?

The problem isn’t the Oscars. The problem is the casting process. People of colour don’t get good parts, so they don’t get nominations. That’s the Hollywood for ya.

Margareth Victoria

Angelina Jolie? Goodness her acting in BTS is far more better than Sandra….


Blythe Danner???…is Goopy paying a ton of people off or what just so that SHE has a reason to show up at the Oscars???. God knows Goopy won’t have an opportunity to go otherwise.


I can’t believe that Melissa McCarthy won’t be considered for her magnificent, and very centered, performance in "Spy"


Charlotte Rampling deserves it. Stunning, flawless performance.

Xavii Matisse

Olivia Wilde In Meadowland was outstanding; Sarah Silverman was electric in I Smile Back and Sally Field is pretty amazing too. There’s gonna be a shake up there. It’s a female driven year.

Jason Stuart

not all with Kiki Rodriguez is trans women of color

Zack Reed

Elle Fanning for About Ray


I believe there might be a battle for the 5th spot, like last year, when it was between Aniston, Adams and Cotillard. This year I would imagine it’s between Lily Tomlin, Charlotte Rampling and Blythe Danner. Maybe Carey Mulligan, but I’m not to sure about it. I put my money on Lily Tomlin!!! :)


Where is Meryl Streep? I can’t believe you left this off your list. She is nominated every year.


No Dakota Johnson for 50 shades???


More colors ? LETS talks about performances not the skin color. Not these ladies faults that not enough black films are made. So back off.


Mentioning Juliette Binoche in "Clouds of Sils Maria" isn’t even funny. Probably her worst work til date.

Renan Maia



Kate Winslet or Judy Davis in the Dressmaker? Unfortunately because it’s Australian, I feel a great film will get overlooked…


I think it will be Jennifer Lawrence vs Cate Blanchett. Brie was good but I thought the little boy Tremblay was even better, he stole that movie.





Grace hk

I’m rooting for Emily Blunt to win, cuz she deserves the nomination for her work in Sicario. No pun intended…


Regina Casé(the Second Mother)?


Doesn’t Elizabeth Banks – "Love & Mercy" – deserve a look? Wait… I’ll answer that – ABSOLUTELY! :-)


Cate Blanchett’s Truth was a mess, so her only hope would be for Carol. Jennifer Lawrence looks really strong in Joy, so I’m expecting another great performance from her.

Luke McGowan

I don’t understand why the triple club counts against Blanchett while the double club doesnt count against Lawrence? The trailer for Joy makes me cringe so hard


I have seen Cate Blanchett in "Truth" and… marvelous, fantastic, great, a masterful performance. That’s all I have to say


Well you can forget about Sandra Bullock now. She doesn’t have a chance in hell.


Jennifer Lawrence is kind of a veteran already (in only 5 years. I know it’s crazy) and she is an Academy darling…If the movie is great she has a very good chance at winning (her second Oscar, again, it’s crazy). This would be just the first nomination for Brie and frankly I don’t see her winning. I thought the little boy Tremblay gave the best performance in Room.

Petula Madison

J-Law again? Jesus. Hopefully the overrated and boring Meryl Streep never gets nominated again. These awards, and the world of acting in general, need some diversity.


Jennifer Lawrence is winning her second Oscar this year! JOY will probably win Best Picture.


This is Cate Blanchett’s year. She deserves nominations for both of her film.
She will be winning her 3rd Oscar for Carol.


Brie Larson seems a huge contender but I also admire Jennifer Lawrence and Lily Tomlin


Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing in Joy and is definitely number on on my list. With that being said, Brie Larson deserved a nomination in 2012 for Short Term 12. So I am glad that she is now getting recognition for Room. Also, Alicia Vikander looks pretty compelling in The Danish Girl. And well everyone loves Cate Blanchett. Also, I think that people are overlooking Angelina Jolie in By The Sea. So either way you can’t go wrong by picking any of them. (Go JLAW!)

Side note:
Oscar season- hint the word season- does have a date. So films like Mad Max and Sicario aren’t going to be nominated. They were released in theaters too soon and did not campaign at film festivals. Which is where a lot of academy voters and critics get first looks at Oscar films.


1.Cate Blanchett
2.Jennifer Lawrence
3.Carey Mulligan
4.Brie Larson
5.Emily Blunt


The force is strong with Jennifer Lawrence!


I am pretty sure Saoirse Ronan is gonna take it this next year .Brooklyn is so freaking awesome.


Saw the new trailer for Joy…Jennifer Lawrence means serious business! Oscar number 2…


My Predictions:
Brie Larson – Room
Cate Blanchett – Room
Lily Tomlin – Grandma
Jennifer Lawrence – Joy
Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn

I also think Charlotte Rampling has a chance to get in!


cate blanchett for the win please!!!


Brie Larson all the way!!!


Jennifer Lawrence will find JOY again…2nd Oscar for her!


what about olivia wilde for Meadowlands? She was incredible.

Renan Mayer

For me:

E não se fala mais nisso… haha


Jennifer Lawrence for the win…get that second Oscar baby girl!!.

Kenny Carrillo

Just saw Room. Brie Larson was phenomenal in it!




Charlotte Rampling deserves to win. There’s no question she is the most deserving of this entire group of actresses.


Charlotte Rampling – 45 Years
Brie Larson – The Room
Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Carey Mulligan – suffragette


modifying my prediction for best actress as no longer think julianne moore or kate wisnlet will get best actress nominations.Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn, Brie Larson – Room, Cate Blanchett – Carol, Charlotte Rampling – 45 years and Carey Mulligan – Suffragette

Renan Maia

Where are the great actresses CHARLOTTE RAMPLING(never nominated in 50 years), LILI TOMLIN and MAGGIE SMITH?????????????


and no Jennifer Lawrence please. I have just about have had enough of her. She really is not that good.


Charlize Theron is a Lock this year. There’s no way in hell she can be considered in the 2nd tier.


Stop using the Meryl Streep excuse. If Daniel Day lewis can win a third within the five years after his second, then Cate can win too.


I hope that Cate Blanchett can get his third Oscar. GO CATE!!


god yes love to see saoirse ronan and brie larson in the top five. those two are a perfect example of young actresses that should be getting a lot of attention (jlaw too of course but she already gets that attention). not the likes of emma watson, amber heard or kristen stewart…they are NOT actresses they are celebrities. love what watson does for feminism but she is a terrible actress, heard is only getting roles because she is hot and stewart is so damn thirsty with all her fashion bullshit and then cries she doesn`t want to be famous and only wants to be recognized for her acting (which she can`t do because she only plays herself in every single role). why do they get any roles anyway? how about we start to push and give the good roles to the GREAT actresses??


First screenings of JOY…Jennifer Lawrence is golden (pun intended).


Jennifer Lawrence for the win! She is just the best.


Members of the Academy shouldn’t even bother voting. Just give it to the goddess of acting who goes by the name of Cate Blanchett already. Truth, Carol, Cinderella, just for the fact that she’s in a league of her own, I mean the talent of this woman is just incomparable. If we could have her, Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet in the same film, I’m sure Oscar voters would go crazy! Jokes aside, I hope somehow Cate can score two nominations in both categories once again because I don’t feel it’s right for any of her two performances that seem Oscar favorites (Truth, Carol) to go nomination-less. Again, Harvey said she’s going lead for Carol and Mara supporting which is clearly category fraud in the case of the latter.


In the predicted five I’d take Lawrence out replace her with Charlotte Rampling.


If Jennifer Lawrence wins this year she will make history…again. Even if she only gets nominated, she will be the youngest 4 times nominee of all time! Crazy.


Jennifer Lawrence…that’s it and that’s all that matters.

Tim Thompson

Where is Eddie Redmayne?


Jennifer Lawrence has a very good shot at winning this year! Can’t wait for another amazing Oscar speech and antics from her!!!




Marion Cotillard for MacBeth?
Jessica Chastain for Crimson Peak?
Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina or The Danish Girl?
Melissa McCarthy for Spy?
Olivia Cooke for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl?


Regina Case needs to be considered. She was absolutely phenomenal in THE SECOND MOTHER.


One of the best performances of the year was clearly given by Juliette Binoche, who really deserves to be nominated again.


The Second Mother’s Regina Casé?


MARION COTILLARD – Macbeth!!… Honestly if anyone does not get it I hope the Oscars will be able to recognise true talent (no matter the nationality and no matter if the Shakespear’s English language is difficult to understand)


It is Alicia Vikander not Alicia Vinklander


Blythe Danner was wonderful in I’ll see you in my dreams


No one is more overdue here than Charlotte Rampling, she deserves a nomination more than anyone else. She deserves to win.




I wouldn’t rule out Regina Case for The Second Mother. She could be the spoiler dark horse nominee.


Jennifer Lawrence might not even be nominated. Just because she was nominated twice in David o russel film.

Jose Andres

My predictions would be:
•Charlize Theron, "Mad Max: Fury Road".
•Lily Tomlin, "Grandma".
•Jennifer Lawrence, "Joy".
•Cate Blanchett, "Carol".
•Carey Mulligan, "Suffragette".


Toni Colette – miss you already


Really? How is Lily Tomlin not on this list. Her performance was fantastic in Grandma, she was on it just a couple days ago. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you just forgot to put her name on the list because as of right now she is a serious contender for an Oscar nomination.


Always the same people. Brie is great anyway.


where’s Marion Cotillard?
She was amazing as Lady Macbeth.


Regina case was absolutely fantastic in The Second Mother. Her name is not there probably because she’s a latin Actress.


You mention Lily Tomlin garnering great Sundance buzz, and she’s gotten it again upon "Grandma"’s release, but you don’t list her in your predictions?

Kenny Carrillo

On the other hand, it’s great to see Brie Larson here, after Short Term 12 didn’t get any nominations when award season came around. She’s such a great actress!

Kenny Carrillo

what? Why is Lily Tomlin not on this list?


The problem with the lack of diversity in nominations is that awards shows can only be as diverse as the field in which they’re nominating from. Viola said it best this week when she said "You can’t win an award for roles that aren’t there." While I wish there were more black actresses on the list, that has more to do with the fact that Hollywood just doesn’t make them rather than not getting nominated.

Maria Manuela

It’s already been spoken that Cate Blanchett submitted Carol as supporting so she could run for leading for Truth. You really need to update this thing


Where is Regina Casé for THe Second Mother? She won Sundance!

Aled-Rhys Jones

What about Lily Tomlin in "Grandma"?


Woah… Did you forget Lily Tomlin? She was just on your safest bets list… Incredible performance by her.


Hey, Indiewire, it’s Alicia Vikander, not Vinklander or Vinkander as you mentioned her in your Supporting Actress post. She’s garnered some huge Oscar buzz already besides the category she’ll be campaigned for. Maybe you should get her name right, because I won’t be surprised if Alicia Highlander is what’s next.


It’s Alicia Vikander, Indiewire. In this whole series of articles you do not spell her name right once (Vinklander here, Vinkander in the supporting actress column). Give an up and comer a proper debut!


Where is Lily Tomlin?

James VDB

It’s Vikander, not Viklander

Spelling Police

It is Alicia "Vikander" not "Viklander". Also Meryl’s film is "Ricki" (not Ricky) and the Flash".

RJ Niemczura

Really surprised to see you removed Lily Tomlin from your list!!!


Well there’s talk Alicia will be put forward for Supporting. There her competition will be Rooney. I’m saying it will be between Saoirse or Brie for Best


Alicia Vinklander???? Her name is Vikander and she is going to be a big star, so lets get her name right and show her some respect.




sorry but by the sea trailer alone should get the razzie award, one of the worst trailers ever so it laughable to have both Angelina jolie and brad pitt in the Oscar conversation.

btw boxoffice mojo even have said just yesterday that people weren’t interested and excited when the trailer dropped


Weinstein already said for Carol that Cate is lead and Rooney is supporting.


It will be a real tragedy if Marion Cotillard doesn’t get nominated in this category. Judging from the trailer and the promo, she’s a lead in Macbeth. And Harvey Weinstein better do a good campaign for her. Ahh nevermind, her performance doesn’t need promotion…


Wonderful List!!!


Was there any good role performed by the non-white woman though?


Great to celebrate a list of great women’s roles, but again, hard to celebrate the fact that not one is a woman of color. At least there’s a little age diversity. In some ways, this list is just as much an indictment of the film community as it is any evidence of progress. All that said, I hold out hope for Brie Larson…but mainly because I thought she should have won for Short Term 12.


what about sandra bullock?


Alicia "Vinklander" LOL

James M

What happened to Marion Cotillard for MACBETH? She’s getting raves for her performance. And wasn’t she on this list not too long ago?


Carey Mulligan will happen. Universal praise for the performance, even from those that weren’t moved by the film. She’s in.


Carey Mulligan is not going to happen.

September 14

Emma Watson Colonia Best Actress


Emily Blunt is having RAVE reviews for Sicario.


What about Regina Casé in The Second Mother?


Sarah Silverman? Nominated for an Oscar? That’s hilarious!


Marion Cotillard must be nominated for Macbeth but I think she will be up for a supporting nomination.


Carey Mulligan (winner)
Regina Casé
Cate Blanchett
Charlotte Rampling
Lily Tomlin, "Grandma or Brie Larson (Room)

Darrell Lottie

Getting boring now the same people getting nods



RJ Niemczura

Really pulling for Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Tomlin, Brie Larson and Julianne Moore. But haven’t actually seen any of their films, so my thoughts could change.


Where the f*ck is Marion Cotillard on this list… her performance is one of those to beat….


I agree. The Oscars need to be more diverse in genre, ethnics and roles. But it is not the AMPAS’ fault if the Hollywood continues to produce great (or, award-friendly, at least) ones almost exclusively for white people.


Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina would probably go supporting.


Jennifer Lawrence should already be mentioned in bold!


It will come down to Mara v. Lawrence.


@GLENN: Do your research before making racist comments. You made yourself look dumb.


I’d love to see Charlotte Rampling finally the recognition she deserves. The same with Emily Blunt in Sicario. Also I’d love to see Maggie Smith and Charlize Theron back at the Academy Awards. It would be very boring to see Lawrence and Bullock again, for the same performances. Would be amazing to see Carey Mulligan getting her Oscar after being robbed in 2009.

The oscar contender

Top 5:
Emma Watson – Colonia
Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Marion Cotillard – McBeth
Emily Blunt – Sicario

elujokor david

carmen ejogo will win this

Renan Maia

OSCAR 2016 – My predictions (Sep 3rd, 2015)

Michael Caine, "Youth"
Don Cheadle, "Miles Ahead"
Bryan Cranston, "Trumbo"
Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Revenant" *
Eddie Redmayne, "The Danish Girl"

Cate Blanchett, "Carol"
Emily Blunt, "Sicario"
Carey Mulligan, "Suffragette"
Charlotte Rampling, "45 Years"
Lily Tomlin, "Grandma" *

Helena Bonham Carter, "Suffragette"
Jane Fonda, "Youth"
Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The Hateful Eight"
Rooney Mara, "Carol" *
Helen Mirren, "Trumbo"

Idris Elba, "Beasts of No Nation" *
John Goodman, "Trumbo"
Tom Hardy, "The Revenant"
Harvey Keitel, "Youth"
Samuel L. Jackson, "The Hateful Eight"


excuse me but didn’t you see Viola Davis on the list?


2016 Oscar Predicitions Best Actress:
1.Carey Mulligan-"Suffragette"
2.Saoirse Ronan-"Brooklyn"
3.Jennifer Lawrenc-"Joy"
4.Charlotte Rampling-"45 Years"
5.Juliette Binoche-"Clouds of Sils Maria"


Nicole Kidman? is she supporting for genius/the secret in their eyes or lead?

Renan Maia

CHARLOTTE RAMPLING (45 Years) and MAGGIE SMITH (The Lady in the Van), please!!!!

Ariel Jiménez

Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin y Salirse Ronan


Any chance of Nina Hoss for PHOENIX??




Its S-a-o-i-r-s-e Ronan, fyi.

Renan Maia

HONORARY OSCAR – Suggestions:

Doris Day
Gena Rowlands
Leslie Caron
Albert Finney
Donald Sutherland
Liv Ullmann
Mia Farrow


Marion Cotillard should be in the "Women to beat category"… just watching the trailer for Macbeth gives me chills, can’t imagine what ill happen when I watch the whole film…


Elisabeth Moss for Queen of Earth.




Rinko Kikuchi must be included!She was amazing on Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter!


Glenn they are not all white (Viola Davis, Carmen Ejogo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw) but sadly yes, there is a majority of caucasian women here :/

Yes, Connie I bet that is sad if you’re a racist.


I’m placing my bet on Saoirse Ronan. It’s the role of a lifetime for her.


The competition is seriously strong this year, but I believe a lot of people are underestimating Angelina Jolie’s power in a decent drama. I’m rooting for her & it would be incredibly lovely and refreshing to see someone like Alicia Vikander, Maggie Smith or the forever underrated Tilda Swinton on the list. Quite excited to see what Nicole Kidman does before the race begins.

Oscar oscar oscar

Cate Blanchett – Carol
Angelina Jolie – By the Sea
Keira Knightley – Everest
Emma Watson – Regression
Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker


Marion Cotillard!


Glenn they are not all white (Viola Davis, Carmen Ejogo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw) but sadly yes, there is a majority of caucasian women here :/


@MIKE, yes, Lawrence has incredible projects in development with Spieberg and Tyldum. But please, don’t ever mention Linklater in terms of quality. The guy is overrated as hell.


Jennifer Lawrence for the win! Even though considering the incredible projects (with Spielberg and Linklater) in her future, just a nomination is good.


Jennifer Lawrence = JOY


Saoirse Ronan is a mile ahead, coming into the straight!


"Ricki and the Flash" is misspelt. Great list so far though!

DavidMinton Silva

Sandra Bullock in the animated feature MINIONS was great as Scarlet Overkill.

DavidMinton Silva

DavidMinton is a retired film critic


Also think emily blunt has a chance with Sicario


Early predictions for best actress(in no particular order)
1.Cate Blanchett – Carol
2.Julianne Moore- Freeheld
3.Saoirse Ronan- Brooklyn
4.Carey Mulligan- Suffragette
5.Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker


You’d have to replace Sandra Bullock with Natalie Portman, and then you’d have the most recent winners in the category. Hopefully Portman will be in the conversation, too, though. Just a heads up!


Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina)


GO KATE WINSLET!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar oscar oscar

Top 5:
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker
Emma Watson – Regression
Keira Knightley – Everest
Angelina Jolie – By the Sea


I recently saw Testament Of Youth and man Alicia Vikander is simply incredible in this. I’m here with everyone feeling that her role in The Danish Girl looks like the one that seems like the most Oscar-bait at the moment but I was really floored by her miraculous work as Vera Brittain. I can’t wait to see her next to Redmayne obviously but her mesmerizing work in James Kent’s film deserves some major award wins. She’s just phenomenal in an extremely rich, complex and fascinating character and she deserves more roles like that to come her way. Her future looks really bright.




Roadside Attractions is releasing HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS next year. It will not be eligible.


1. Cate Blanchett (Carol)
2. Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl)
3. Lily Tomlin (Grandma)
4. Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn)
5. Juliette Binoche (Clouds of Sils Maria)
6. Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)
7. Carey Mulligan (Suffragate)
8. Brie Larson (Room)
9. Julianne Moore (Freeheld)
10. Emily Blunt (Sicario)
11. Marion Cotillard (MacBeth)
12. Carmen Ejogo (Born to Be Blue)
13. Tilda Swinton (A Bigger Splash)
14. Sandra Bullock (Our Brand Is Crisis)
15. Maggie Smith (The Lady in the Van)
16. Charlotte Rampling (45 Years)


I think Melissa McCarthy should be considered for Spy. I know that comedy films are regularly ignored in terms of acting categories, however her performance was fantastic in the film, just like when she was nominated for Bridesmaids!


While, they do have 2 black women, it would be nice to see someone like the fabulous Rinko Kikuchi for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter .


I’m personally rooting for Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn, because ….. underdog


reply to Glen "All white actress, shocking!"

Viola Davis?


if there were no afro-american or asian actresses or rookies (who haven’t been nominated) worth the nomination as in, they gave a brilliant performance that was better than other cauciasian or veteran actresses, they shouldn’t be nominated. it should be fair, not discounted for skin colour or age and the amount of awards you have


@Karl: Umm…nice try TROLL. Jennifer Lawrence has been critically acclaimed for far too long now and will continue to be.

Lawrence is hands down, one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood these days and most successful and it’s well deserved. Deal with it, pal.


Meryl Streep’s new movie is spelt Ricki and The Flash not Ricky and the Flash ��


I hope Jennifer Lawrence isn’t nominated. She was absolutely terrible in American Hustle and Serena. At this point, I just think she’s incompetent.

Steve G

Time to remove Emma Stone (Aloha) from the long list.


I hope Julianne Moore can win actress again in Freeheld next year.


my Predictions for best lead actress are
Bel Powley-Diary Of A Teenage Girl
Carey Mulligan-Suffragette
Cate Blanchett-Carol
Jennifer Lawrence-Joy
Lily Tomlin-Grandma


1. Cate Blanchette. 2. Jennifer Lawrence. 3. Sandra Bullock. 4. Carey Mulligan 5. Meryl Streep or Julianne Moore


Meryl Streep for win


Sandra Bullock would be 6th. Natalie Portman is the 5th most recent winner


1.- Rooney Mara – Carol
2.- Cate Blanchett – Carol
3.- Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
4.- Jennifer Lawrence – Joy
5.- Carey Mulligan – Suffragette


My Predictions so far are:
Cate Blanchett – Carol (Unanimous praise + Cannes hit + Todd Haynes + Cate Blanchett + After-glow nomination)
Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn (Previous nominee + Sundance hit + Overflowing praise + Sensational young talent + Underrated)
Lily Tomlin – Grandma (Previous nominee + Praise + They miss her)
Alicia Vikander – Danish Girl (Break-out of the year nominee)
Carey Mulligan – Suffragette (Previous nominee + Snub for Shame + Astounding actress)
Some obvious choices:
Meryl Streep – Ricki and the Flash
(Obligatory Meryl nomination + Looks quite promising. Though the early release date might hurt)
Jennifer Lawrence – Joy (It’s Lawrence for God’s sake! She would have seated safely in the short list predictions, if her nude leaks didn’t happen. But it’s Russell, the Academys love him)
Brie Larson – Room (One of the Acting MVPs of 2013 + Painful snub + Has quite the same fate of Felicity Jones)
Julianne Moore – Freeheld (Excellent actress + After-glow nomination. But unfortunately Cate Blanchett also has the same trajectory, as well as Rooney Mara vs. Ellen Page. The Academys don’t want 2 Lead and Supporting couples both in the same year. But who knows?)
Emma Watson – Regression (Hot young actress, and has given some solid works from the past. The early release date might hurt, but if this happens to be it, then go straight to the podium. What makes her a solid contender is not her talent or popularity, or even her *overrated* beauty, but rather her feminist movement, that is gaining much praise from people, including famous celebrities.)
Praying to Happen:
Alicia Vikander – Ex Machina (Scarlett Johansson "Under the Skin" of the year. Luminous performances, but overlooked by the Academys.)

Satan Joy

@Athena: Well imo their wins were undeserved. I’m not gonna even talk about Bullock. Chastain’s trenchantly ferocious performance in Zero Dark Thirty easily beats the hell out of Jennifer Lawrence’s insubstantial, one-note work in SLP. Julianne Moore is a fantastic actress, but her recent win in Still Alice is questionable and absurd. She did gave a fairly nuanced turn, but it still felt overly calculated and insipid, especially since we had the same turn last 2 years with Emanuelle Riva’s much superior Amour. Rosamund Pike, Marion Cotillard, Agata Trzebuchowska, Scarlett Johansson, Shailene Woodley, Gugu Mbatha-raw, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Felicity Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Essie Davis, were all better, perhaps even Kristen Wiig in The Skeleton Twins.
Yes I know their nominations are one-foot inside the podium, because the Academys love them; they have the fanbase, the likability factor, the in-demand status. I’m just saying the Academys should be purely rational in picking nominees, and let new talented faces shine.


@Satan Joy: NONE of the actresses you mentioned were undeserving of their wins. I also believe that no one needs to "sit out" the 2016 Awards season without even having seen their film, just because they have won before. Lawrence, Bullock, Moore are all fine actresses with buzzy films hitting theaters this Fall…trust me, if the film’s live up to the promise, not only do they deserve Oscar recognition, but they will indeed receive recognition.

The academy loves all three of those actresses very much and each one is very respected critically and can deliver at the Box Office.

Satan Joy

Marion Cotillard deserves at least one nomination for each of her performance, with exception to The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. And oh let’s not forget how SNUBBED she was in Rust and Bone for that nuanced and heartbreaking turn. Yeah f*ck the Academys. But now that she has finally broken her long streak of egregious snubs, she ought to be nominated for her already acclaimed performance in Macbeth.

Satan Joy

I’m not buying the abundant acclaim on Theron’s performance in Mad Max: Fury Road. The film breathes ferocious exhilaration at each and every frame, while never losing it’s keen insight on political dynasty and ecological decadence; but Charlize Theron’s performance is not really deserving to be inside the podium. Yes it was a transformative—that accent, that make-up and styling, those mannerisms!—but not really heft in totality. Imo a bona fide Oscar-worthy performance in a blockbuster would Blunt’s primally commanding and emotionally absorbing turn in Edge of Tomorrow. Alicia Vikander, on the other hand, displays formidable talent in her beguiling and well-crafted portrayal of a humanoid robot; she deserves an Oscar nomination for this performance alone, I’m anticipating her work in the future.
Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, and Julianne Moore—3 of the most undeserved Oscar acting winners in recent memory—all need to take a break this 2016, we are in a crucial demand for new talented actors to be recognized by monumental awards shows—like Vikander, Olsen, Woodley, Larson, Mara—not the same actors delivering constant pedantic performances. Not to say they’re bad performers, Moore in particular, it was just a huge let-down how superfical in quality their winning turns were, when a lot of underrated works could’ve replaced them.

Benjamin Jones

@Glenn Well, we’ve got Viola Davis hanging in there. The fact is, the Academy can only nominate great performances and unless you can list a few more non-white actress that deserves to be on this list, then I’d argue it’s not the fault of the Academy. Although more roles for non-white women would be preferable.


Helen mirron


It’s probably safe to remove Emma Stone in "Aloha" from contention now…


If the Oscar’s carry’s on with its 94% white male vote and doesn’t change and diversify it, people will stop watching and demand change. Its absolutely ridiculous that POC are not given a chance because of this percentage.


It’s just my early prediction… I say Blachett (Carol), Jennifer Lawrence (Joy), Julianne Moore (Freeheld), Meryl Streep (Ricki &The Flash), and one slot… Idk. If Marion Cotillard gets in, she probably goes for supporting since she didn’t have much screen time in Macbeth- at least that’s what I read.


Makes absolutely no sense having Jolie in Director and Original screenplay and don’t have her in Actress where on paper she has the best shot. It was that a mistake?

Peehole Skin

Stop trying to make Amy Schumer happen.


It would be amazing to see Juliette Binoche getting a nomination !


@ KIKI Oh YES! A hell of a big YES to that! Rinko Kikuchi was simply mesmerizing in Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter. She made you really FEEL about her character. Her work there is one for the ages. It’s a shame independent pictures like this aren’t the ones who usually tend to attract major Oscar buzz, especially in leading acting categories. If a star like Scarlett Johansson couldn’t score a nomination at the last Oscars with her brilliant work in Glazer’s Under The Skin, then probably Kikuchi is going to be left out. I pray I’ll prove myself wrong though in her case. We’ll get a great Keisha Castle-Hughes or Catalina Sandino Moreno-like surprise once every few years, but by and large, we all know Academy members tend to recognize turn for the "Oscar-bait". A bummer really.


RINKO KIKUCHI please!!!!


Well, I got to say it’s crazy how Marion Cotillard’s name isn’t mentioned even as a long shot.


Seriously no Marion Cotillard even in the long shot?


Charlize Theron deserves a spot for her ferocious turn in Mad Max: Fury Road. This is a hell of a performance in a hell of a film and anyone trying to diminishishing the latter for being "an action movie" is stupid to say the least. For me, though, it’s Cate Blanchett, that supremely talented lady who should score another win for Carol. She was robbed of an Oscar win for her acting masterclass in her previous collaboration with Haynes in I’m not there and the reviews for her turn in Carol suggest it might even be her strongest work to date.


@ Marie. Jolie isn’t going to get a directing nod for 2016. I doubt her directing has improved much and the 2016 best Director category is once again very crowded. Jolie has no talent as a director, She should just stick to acting. I don’t think her or Brad are gonna be nomanie for the 2016 Oscars.
Where is Natalie Portman though? I could see her being nominated for Jane got a Gun.


Jennifer Lawrence!.


Where is Natalie Portman? She premiered three films this year, certainly deserves a place here
Marion Cotillard for Macbeth?
Enough of Meryl Streep



Andrew Mitchell Perry

Please to Charlize Theron being up for Best Actress!


Jennifer Lawrence all the way!!!

Jennifer Lawrence all the way!!!


The Warrior Woman

Jennifer Lawrence (JOY), Care Blanchett (Carol), Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn),Julianne Moore (Freeheld), Meryl Streep (Rikki and the Flash).

Go Jennifer Lawrence!!.


Strong On Paper and there’s no Marion Cotillard???


my top five would be:
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Marion Cotillard – McBeth
Emma Stone – Irrational Man
Emma Watson – Regression
Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker

Naomi Watts – Demolition
Meryl Streep – Ricky and the Flash
Angelina Jolie – By the Sea
Carey Mulligan – Suffragette
Keira Knightley – Everest

Darrell lottie

Zoe Saldana for Nina Best Actress!!Please


What about Juliette Binoche in Clouds of Sils Maria ?


Kate Winslet for The Dressmaker or Steve Jobs , Likewise Leonardo Dicaprio for The Revenant.
It would be an night to be remembered. :)


It would be cool if the past four Best Actress winners ended up competing against each other in the same category, and it seems like a possibility at this point.


Fingers crossed for Saoirse Ronan whose powerful performance should see her earn her second nom for Brooklyn.


as much as I would love to see Angelina nominated again, there is too many great female roles this year for her chance. I see Brad getting a nomination before her and maybe a directing nod for her. My Predictions (right now): [all previous winners] Cate Blanchett – Carol, Marion Cotillard – Macbeth, Meryl Streep – Ricky and the Flash, Jennifer Lawrence – Joy, and Nicole Kidman – Queen of the Desert (if it comes out in 2015 – if not then, Julianne Moore – Freeheld. – I would love for Blythe to get a nomination but I think they would only do it if Meryl wasn’t nominated, and yes, thats because of an age fulfillment, when it should be acting.


why is there no alici vikandar on ex machina she’s great there


Cate or Meryl that’s the battle :o


Hey, if you guys want to suggest some non-white actresses to be nominated then please do so. Until then, I’m rather sick of people calling for diversity but ignore the fact that 90% of all movies that come out in America are made by white people about white people and therefore the odds of the non-white people sticking out are slim.


Blake Lively- The Age of Adaline. She is amazing!


Kate Winslet for The Dressmaker
(The story sounds great)


I really would like to see Maggie on the final list.


Emma Watson Colonia
Kate Winslet The Dressmaker


Viola Davis- Lila & Eve


my Early Predictions are Carey Mulligan-Suffragette, Cate Blanchett-Carol, Jennifer Lawrence-Joy, Lily Tomlin-Grandma, Saorise Ronan-Brooklyn


And Viola Davis in Lila and Eva


Anna Kendrick for the accountant or the hollars


top 5:
Emma Watson – Colonia or Regression
Kate Winslet – The Dressmaker
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Marion Cotillard – McBeth
Emma Stone – Irrational Man

Helen Mirren -Woman in Gold
Meryl Streep – Suffragette
Rooney Mara – Carol
Saorise Ronan – Brooklyn
Tilda Swinton – A Bigger Splash


Streep isn’t leading on Suffragette. She has a cameo


What actresses of color would you propose nominating? It is horrible that movies are not being made with actresses of color as lead, but you can’t fault the predictors for not choosing actresses for movies that are not being made.


Yes MERT, it is missing Marion Cotillard and then would be 5 recent winners. Don’t underestimate Marion just because the Academy did it for Inception / Rust and Boone but you saw last year she gave the surprise in Best Actress Nominees.
Meryl Streep should win to finally reach the Top of Oscars with 4 and we all can wait the 5th. I think she sould be considered as Leading for Suffragette.




I love JLaw performances , but she needs to stop working with David O’Russell


Four most recent winners sound epic!


@Maria because The Woman In Gold looks stupid!


Why isn’t prior winner Helen Mirren in your top 20?

aldia carlos

4th oscar’s for meryl streep,she’s been robbed so many time.


All expectations facing Cate!


Go Meryl, go!!!!!


What about Meryl Streep for "Suffragette"?She’ll most likely be nominated for that instead of "Ricky and the Flash". But then again, she should be nominated for both. ;)


Let us all be reminded that Meryl could be nominated for "Ricki and the Flash" or for "Suffragette". And how about Diane Keaton for "5 Flights Up"?


I believe the line up will be:

1. Cate Blanchett

2. Jennifer Lawrence

3. Julianne Moore

4. Saorise Ronan

5. Meryl Streep



My top 5 would be:
Cate Blachett – Carol,
Marion Cotillard – MacBeth,
Helen Mirren – Woman in Gold,
Emma Stone – Irrational Man,
Emma Watson – Colonia Dignidad or Regression


Personally, I’d love to watch Cate Blanchett win another Oscar. She should have won for pretty much every brilliant performance she has delievered thus far. She’s simply incomparable. I also think that the wonderful Julianne Moore and the incredibly charismatic Jennifer Lawrence have many chances to return to the Oscar race as well. It’s too early to assume let alone predict anything, but I feel like there’s going be a stronger awards season for female performances in leading roles than the one of 2014.


I want to see a movie with Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore…How incredible would that be?


The Oscars need to be more diverse in the people nominated instead of having the same people being nominated all the time (unless its Meryl Streak who is great in every film she is in).


Marion Cotillard ??


All white actress, shoking!



Mark Robinson

Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy”) is my favorite one, she is a great actress and so beautiful girl.

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