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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay

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Much more competitive than the original screenplay category, the adapted race increasingly seems to be up in the air now. Aaron Sorkin won the Golden Globe, but he’s not even nominated, which makes the race even more exciting.

For now, this seems like close race between “The Big Short” and “The Martian,” both of which have earned vast acclaim for their scripts.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best adapted screenplay. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.

Emma Donoghue (“Room”)
Drew Goddard (“The Martian”)
Nick Hornby (“Brooklyn”)
Adam McKay and Charles Randolph (“The Big Short”)
Phyllis Nagy (“Carol”)
Predicted Winner: “The Big Short”
Potential Spoiler: “The Martian”

WINNER: “The Big Short”

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Should win: Phyllis Nagy (Carol)
Shoulda been here: Andrew Haigh (45 Years)

Tomas Zelenka

Now Big Short is almost lock after PGA to take this category. But if there is potential spoiler for Precious/Up In The Air situation, it would be Room.

Jerry Aronson

I would reverse those predictions:
Predicted Winner: THE MARTIAN
Potential Spoiler: THE BIG SHORT
I thought that THE MARTIAN was true to the book but made it more accessible as a film by adding humor and Matt Damon and Ridley Scott pulled this wonderful script off.


Hmm, I actually think Room is the potential spoiler this year! I think the Big Short will win!


I hope "The Martian" wins!


MAD MAX is for Original Screenplay and not Adapted Screenplay.


Surprised not to see The Big Short on here, as it’s starting to look like the frontrunner.


Mad max screenplay is a joke, I’m writing better dialogue on the inside of my toilet right now. Big short should be on this list, it’s a great film and explains Wall Street so anyone can enjoy.


I think it’s going to be The Big Short v. Room


"The Martian" should win.




1. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu & Mark L. Smith, "The Revenant"
2. Nick Hornby, "Brooklyn"
3. Charlie Kaufman, "Anomalisa"
4. Drew Goddard, "The Martian"

Phyllis Nagy, "Carol"


So far, the critics awards seem to be split between Spotlight and Carol for screenplay. Steve Jobs’ buzz dropped off a long time ago. And Room hasn’t been showing up that much at critic’s awards either. And so I think Carol should be higher than 5th place (at least 3rd)

Z (v.2)

Yeah, no, I meant to post that comment to the Originals Screenplay predictions, open in my neighboring tab! Apologies…


GRANDMA is very short but very crisp, distilled comedy writing. Maybe a long shot?


Why is the screenplay for Anomalisa even in the mix? My understanding is that the script is almost exactly the same as the one used for the original sound play in 2005. Does something count as ‘adapted’ if simply presented in a different medium i.e. same screenplay as used on a stage but now used in a film? If so, then the whole category is a farce. And surely an honourable person like Charlie Kaufman wouldn’t accept any award made on such a basis?


Why on earth is the Kaufman script for Anomalisa in the mix? Isn’t is exactly the same script the the used for the radio/sound play of Anomalisa 10 years ago? If that can qualify as an ‘adapted’ screenplay then the whole category is a farce.


Why on earth is the Kaufman script for Anomalisa in the mix? Isn’t is exactly the same script the the used for the radio/sound play of Anomalisa 10 years ago? If that can qualify as an ‘adapted’ screenplay then the whole category is a farce.


Anomalisa should be above all of these movie for best adapted screenplay. it is one of the best scripts of this decade.


original films?


You can shift Anomalisa here as it’s going Adapted. I’d probably bet on Kaufman but it depends. I’d also put Carol up in the big leagues, I think it’s the biggest threat to win.


An easy win for Sorkin once more.


All the sequels are considered adapted screenplays, because the "source" is a movie that already exists. (In this case all the Mad Max movies). Sounds dumb, but that’s how this works.


The End Of The Tour is great,but it did very poor at the box office.


Mad Max is a sequel…


I believe movies that are part of a franchise can be considered adapted from their previous installments.


2016 Oscar Predictions Best Adapted Screenplay:
1.Steve Jobs
2.The Revenant
4. ?
5. ?

Carlos Torres

Every single sequel is an adaptation of the previous film, because they use source materials (CHARACTERS), so is not that they adapted the screenplay previously done but because it is a sequel.


Same as Christian above, Mad Max Fury Road is not an adaption. There’s also a major mistake on the "Besr Director" page, where the author says that Iñárritu won for The Revenant, when he won for Birdman. These predictions are pretty poorlu written, researched, and edited.


Why is Mad Max: Fury Road an adapted screenplay? What is it adapted from?


1. Carol
2. The Danish Girl
3. Brooklyn
4. Steve Jobs
5. Black Mass
6. The End of the Tour
7. The Reverant
8. I Saw the Light
9. Me & Earl & The Dying Girl
10. Snowden
11. The Martian
12. Freeheld
13. Genius
14. Trumbo
15. Tulip Fever
16. Mad Max: Fury Road

Jon Paul

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