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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography

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After many losses, Emmanuel Lubezki finally won an Oscar two years ago for “Gravity,” and then managed to do so again a year later for “Birdman.” And it looks he could very well three-peat this year in a win that would be quite historic. Standing in his way is some serious competition from Ed Lachman (“Carol”) and John Seale (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), both of which have shared the wealth of best cinematography awards among critics group.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best cinematography. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.

“Carol” (Ed Lachman)
“The Hateful Eight” (Robert Richardson)
“Mad Max: Fury Road” (John Seale)
“The Revenant” (Emmanuel Lubezki)
“Sicario” (Roger Deakins)

Predicted Winner: “The Revenant” (Emmanuel Lubezki)
Potential Spoiler: “Sicario” (Roger Deakins)

Winner: “The Revenant” (Emmanuel Lubezki)

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lubezky or…….lubezky


Should win: Edward Lachman (Carol)
Shoulda been here: Brandon Trost (The Diary of a Teenage Girl)

Dex Ancel

Lubezki for sure. 3-in-a-row.


Roger Deakins??? Um, no… John Seale is going to win it for Mad Max: Fury Road with Lubezski coming in second.

Rai The Noblesse

modern games (of the past few years) overuse such light effects thru tree(branches).., such as often used in the Revenant.. , nice to see a movie use it so often(intens), but not oscar worthy in a gamers view


dont see’ (using an old laptop atm.. not home)

Rai The Noblesse

and see see the Martian winning much (not best movie, not best actor and not best cinematics…, or imo shouldnt win any of those..)

Rai The Noblesse

the Revenant had cool cinematics.. but as a veteran gamer (skyrim, FFXIV etc..), those slow landscape clips of (darkish) winter forests/mountains and tree tops are nothing new (maybe for the older movie veterans, who dont know much about modner games).. so I dont think The revenant should win, but very likely will.. while Mad Max on the other hand (even if it had somewhat "comic/anime" looks, resp. somewhat familiar) Mad Max was still the most impressive visual movie and should imo win (but very likely wont.., such looks dont seem to loved by the acadamy)




The Revenant, Stunning, best we have seen for a long time. A lot of effort was put into the scenes. And done in Canada.


I know that the Oscars are very US-centric but why hasn’t The Assassin got a mention in this category?


Your frontrunners for this list is the same as the Hollywood Reporters!


No shout out for Maryse Alberti for Creed and a rare female in this field?

Dashdorj S

Roger Deakins’s work on Sicario was espectacular.

Baha Topbaş

What about Adam Arkapaw and Macbeth? It was visually stunning.


foretig ompletely fere

And now something completely different: Tangerine.

Rick Martinez

Hands down John Seale for Mad Max Fury Road. The way he captures the futuristic landscape is breathtaking.


I can’t believe you left out "Macbeth", which had some magnificent cinematography, some of the best I’ve seen this decade so far.


Poor Deakins, I guess he’ll win the year Lubezki takes a break


straight outta compton should win for cinematography


The academy never votes for directors when the do they own cinematography but Beast of No Nation has amazing cinematography (very much Lubeski inspired)


I absolutely adore Lubezki (especially in all Malicks) but I think Luca Bigazzi should be nominated for Youth.


1. Emmanuel Lubezki, "The Revenant"

2. Roger Deakins, "Sicario"
3. Cary Fukunaga, "Beasts of No Nation"
4. John Seale, "Mad Max: Fury Road"
5. Edward Lachmann, "Carol"

Chris Kostaras

Total bullshit that Victoria and Youth won’t be nominated for best cinematography.


Chivo is without a doubt going to win his third Oscar, all the reviews for the Revenant, good or bad love his work, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to take it. PS: Son of Saul is most likely going to earn a nomination y’all are crazy to think not


Lubezski did amazing work in Bridge of Spies.


I think Deakins should get it this year with out a doubt especially with the out of the box choices in Sicario that he made work so well but a strong statement should be made for Matyas Erdely for the brilliant composition and camerawork in Son of Saul which really helped make that movie as great as it was not to mention the work he did shooting James White

Max Parsons

I am finding it hard to believe that THE MARTIAN will be one of the front runners, but if lots of people are saying so then I guess it will likely be.

Also, how come MACBETH isn’t down for Best C-tog?



Not sure about Spectre. HVH was a major draw to the film for me, but he played it a bit too muted colour wise for an action adventure romp to draw Academy attention.

Spectre, to an arguably minor extent, underperformed critically and commercially and the usual "blockbuster" slot is Seales to take this year.

Though I’d be pleasantly surprised to see him in the final mix.


"Victoria" was beautiful, but Deakins is the master of American cinematography still working today. So many consecutive nominations, they’ve got to give it to him soon, hopefully this year.

Steg Five

How come Charlotte Bruus Christensens work on "Far From The Madding Crowd" is not mentiined? Very few films are actually made in camera these days! A skill a true cinematographer should master! All good technicians can shoot green screen or create magic in post, but only real artists can communicate through their tool!!!! In thus case the camera. Charlotte Bruus does that!!


The Asasain (won’t let me spell it) they ALWAYS nominate the pretty martial arts movies


Watch hungarian movie "Son of Saul" – the best a new concept of telling story with a camera. Great!


Macbeth looks mind-blowingly amazing, expecting a nomination for that


knight of cups anyone? lol it is by chivo after all. but seriously, mad max should win for being so freaking ambitious


Adam Arkapaw – Macbeth, Lol Crawley – 45 Years, Ping-Bing Lee – The Assassin and Sturla Brandth Grovlen – Victoria.


Youth will undoubtedly get passed over just like The Great Beauty.


You forgot Hoyte! Spectre looks incredible, and he’s due for at least a nomination. HOYTE 2016

Seamus McGarvey

Hi Peter, It’s nice to see you give PAN a mention for cinematography… John Mathieson and I are co credited as cinematographers on the film.


I would also add Macbeth to the list, it really looks beautiful. The same D.O.P. as True Detective Season 1, too.


Looking at the trailer, let’s not forget Macbeth.


Um…Cary Fukunaga?


Lubezki will win his third consecutive Oscar, just you wait and watch …


I haven’t seen it but from the trailer what about Youth? From what I saw in the trailer I would’ve thought it would have a chance?


The only right choice is Sturla Brandth Grøvlen for his masterful work in "Victoria". Nothing more to say!!


You seem to be forgetting Hoyte van Hoytema for "Spectre". I imagine he’s very likely to finally get his first oscar nomination!


The backlash for Chivo’s back to back wins will be huge!….the revenant would need to be really spectacular for him to have a chance, trailer is beautiful.

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