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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Song

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Original Song

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The last few years has seen a populist uprising in the best original song category. In 2012, Adele became one step closer to EGOT by winning the Oscar for “Skyfall” alongside Paul Epworth. In 2013, the extraordinarily popular “Frozen” anthem “Let It Go” beat out the mainstream likes of Pharrell Williams, U2 and Karen O. And last year, John Legend and Common won for their “Selma” song “Glory.” It seems the days where we’d never heard of the best original song winner are long gone (“Al otro lado del rio” from “The Motorcycle Diaries,” anyone?) — and here are the days when they are #1 on iTunes the day after the Oscars.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best original song. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.

“Earned It” from “Fifty Shades of Grey”
“Manta Ray” from “Racing Extinction 
“Simple Song #3” from “Youth”
“Til It Happens To You” from “The Hunting Ground”
“Writings on the Wall” from “Spectre”

Predicted Winner: “Til It Happens To You” from “The Hunting Ground”
Potential Spoiler: “Earned It” from “Fifty Shades of Grey”

WINNER: “Writings on the Wall” from “Spectre”

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Peter David

"Manta Ray" from "Racing Extinction" should be the hands down winner.
Anohni (fka Antony Hegerty of Antony and the Johnsons) voice and words are simply elegant and beyond beautiful. She deserves to win this award.

Diane Peck

Writing’s on the Wall is an amazing song! I believe it deserves the Oscar for Best Original Song.


Ew… Il Will Til It Happens To You.

cookie 55

sorry, Sam Smith …Writings on the Wall ,,beautiful


‘Til it Happens to You’ is clearly the winner.


In what universe is ‘Earned It’ a frontrunner? It wasn’t even expected to be nominated.

hitanshu lodhia

whta the fuckkk no eminem screw you people NO RAP GOD NO OSCARS MAN COME ON


Should win: ‘Simple Song #3’ from "Youth". Shoulda been here: ‘Love Me Like You Do’ from "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Jude Medhurst

If there’s any justice then "Til It Happens to You" should win. Great songwriting, great voice and an important message.


The only song deserving of the Oscar this year is "Simple Song #3". It is far out of the league of the other four nominees, which are either repetitive, or simpering, or just beat you over the head with their message. And best of all, "Simple Song #3" made me want to see YOUTH, and I can’t think of a better recommendation for best song in a movie than that.


Except GAGA song isn’t from a motion picture it’s a documentary


I watched videos & listened to all the nominated songs & the one that blew my socks off was SImple Song #3! Sumi Jo (an actual musical legend with world class talent) has never sounded better & the music is hypnotic.

Tanya Avranos

Can’t wait for this to come to the uk!!! Seen the trailer and loved it.

Agus Purwanto

Till it happens to you, you don’t know how I feel.

baltolomé santos

Til It Happens To You deserve to win


‘Til It Happens To You’ deserves to win!


"Al otro lado del rio" or Jorge Drexler’s magnificent song for a perfect film! I went to see Drexler in London this year and proposed to my now fiancé at the gig. Do not question The Drexler!!


Til it happens to you deserves to win. I am not a Gaga fan but it’s such a powerful song with a beautiful and real message.


Lady Gaga and Diane Warren for the win! :)

Han S.

Why I’m not seeing "Til It Happens To You" in front runner and contender list?


If "Til It Happens To You" is the frontrunner, why isn’t it on the list any more?


Why there’s only four songs listed as frontrunners? You talk about TIHTY but didn’t bother to put on the list.


The song is awful, like some middle of the road 80’s isht. Do What You Want With My Body should be nominated ! With Terry and that guy who p-eed on a teen !


"It seems the days where we’d never heard of the best original song winner are long gone ("Al otro lado del rio" from "The Motorcycle Diaries," anyone?)"
Once the Academy Awards market themselves as the most important cinema event of the world, Americans must realize the world is much bigger than "America" and start really embracing the world and its diversity. Latin American music is incredibly rich and Jorge Drexler is a popular and important artist throughout latin America. If the American audience never heard of him, it only exposes their xenophobia and aversion to foreign languages (subtitled movies, anyone?) and cultures.


"Mystery of your Gift" from Boychoir by Josh Groban, Brian Byrne, and the American Boychoir!


Why there is only four songs listed. Five will get nomination.

Rose Anne

I adore Til It Happens To You by Lady Gaga! It makes me emotional and reminds me of my beautiful teenage daughter who was raped a few years ago. Even though it brings me to this sad moment, the pain is so perfectly put in words. The pain and the problem which people should be aware of. -Rose Anne

amal alba

Til It Happens To You by Lady Gaga is a Great song



Ezra Campanelli

I thought "So Long" was from 50 Shades, not Concussion.


I’m sure one of the many great songs from "Chi-raq" has a good chance of being nominated (but i’m a bias Mali Music fan)


What on earth happened to "One kind of love" in Love & Mercy? It was the top contender and then it just disappeared off the entire list.


Gaga deserve to win this oscar


Lady Gaga- Til It Happens To You is is the best


Earn it is so much better than Love me like you do


Feels Like Summer from SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE!!! COME ON!!

lynn patzkowsky

Well my first choice would be Fast 7 because honor of Paul Walker..


"Simple Song #3" is far too intelligent a piece of songwriting to win (tho it should).


Brian Wilson’s One Kind Of Love is best original song.

John Thomas

One Kind If Love from Brian Wilson should win!


Is nobody considering the gorgeous, clever, and thematically-important "Feels Like Summer" from Shaun The Sheep Movie at all??


I hope See You Again gets nominated and wins


you are COMPLETELY missing newcomer Andra Day’s The Light that Never Fades from Meru


"Manta Ray" and "One Candle" from Racing Extinction def top five. Also performed by Sia and Antony And The Johnsons with J. Ralph

Hector Alvarado

Furious 7 See You Again made me feel chills

Dax spencer

Brian Wilson One Kind Of Love is so beautiful.

Mong mong mek moi



Til It Happens To You such an amazing song


Lady Gaga- Til It Happens To You is a powerful song with a great message , it deserve oscar tbh



Zack B.

Mean Ol’ Moon from Ted 2 !!!!! Come on!

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