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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

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After months of speculation and predictions, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have finally announced their nominations for best picture. As expected, Tom McCarthy’s early frontrunner “Spotlight” made the cut, and it seems to be taking the same route as “Boyhood” last year in that it is a critically beloved indie that also happens to be relatively small scale and very talkie. 

While “Spotlight” may seem like the early frontrunner, the drama faces some serious competition from four strong studio nominees, all of which joined the journalism drama as DGA nominees. These titles are “The Big Short” and “The Revenant,” both of which have been surging at the box office lately, and the latter of which won three Golden Globes, including best picture, as well as “The Martian” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Rounding out the nominees are “Bridge of Spies,” “Room” and “Brooklyn,” though none of them are posing a serious threat to the top five. 

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Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best picture. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.


“The Big Short”
“The Revenant”
“Mad Max: Fury Road”
“The Martian”
“Bridge of Spies”
Predicted Winner: “The Revenant”
Potential Spoiler: “Spotlight”

WINNER: “Spotlight”

For more insight into the 2016 awards season, visit the Indiewire Awards Season Spotlight homepage here.

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I agree on Sicario. The Martian and Mad Max have absolutely nothing to offer in comparison to Trumbo. Their stories were ridiculous. Cranston was fabulous as Dalton Trumbo.


The Revenant was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Spotlight gave me chills. If Spotlight doesn’t win, I will be appalled.

Charles R Carte

Who will win an oscar? I would like to preface these coments with a big WHO CARES about something so STUPID in the first place. I would like to add that there won’t be any black actors because the entire white establishment in Hollywood, and in California, met in secret conclave, over a period of twenty days, and conspired, over Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, that by hook or crook no black would be nominated. "It is definitely a case of deliberate, claculated and malignant, racist conspiracy" one black cry-baby (excuse me, ‘actor’) was reported as saying. It is entirely possible that the conspirators were influenced by the Intergallactic Empire which is upset that no aliens, space creatures or star slugs were nominated either.

When asked about whether or not any black actors did A GOOD ENOUGH JOB to be nominated, one activist (not the ever-so-nauseating Al Sharpton), declared that "this should not be an issue because just being black is good enough to merit everything in our society!" When asked about the white actors who support the protests he declared that he was grateful for "those milksops who can be led by their politically correct noses to buy into anything, however ridiculous!"

Max Media

When an actor, a director make you to feel as real, then what lefts behind. Lovely Movie and unforgettable impact. Must win OSCAR.


I can’t believe Martian and Bridge of Spies are even nominated with Room. Room should win.


Last minute rush to watch all Best Picture nominees- I thought Spotlight was a great movie, but I don’t think it will take it. Honestly I liked other movies that weren’t even nominated more that Spotlight (I’m looking at you Tangerine and Sicario…)

Alex P.

There are many good movies in the list of nominees; maybe a couple of great ones. However there is a glaring omission of "Carol". This oversight ranks right up there with the bypassing the finest movie of the last quarter of the 20th century, "Raging Bull". When the Academy drops the ball, they really drop the ball.


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD should win. The Revenant is great movie but it’s kinda long and I get bored in the middle part of the movie. If Spotlight or The Big Short wins, It’s just like ARGO winning Best Picture.


The Big Short was a decent film, but nowhere near best picture quality IMO. Where the hell is Sicario??

ray devey

its gonna be The Revenent


Revenant was bad


Revenant has got the best picture!!!! <3

Marc Schenker

Easily Mad Max. By the way, Sicario sucked an the Martian, with its incomprehensible script, bad music and miscasting, was dreadfully overrated.


Of those I’ve seen, Spotlight seems a very made-for-tv movie. Brooklyn is immaculate. When I came out of Carol , very disappointed and perhaps showing it, a woman accosted me with ‘Have you just seen Room, too.’ And she started to cry again, saying it was the most powerful film she’d seen for a long long time.


I have watched 5 of the 8 nominees, Spotlight included. And the other four were all better than Spotlight. Spotlight winning will be just another example of the academy going with the safe choice.


Come on let’s be real. I’ve seen Spotlight…did that film make any of you go "WOW that was amazing!!" There was good acting and the story kept you interested but when I compare this film to others in the list like the Revenant, Mad Max or The Martian it doesn’t even come close.

ken predovich

Revenant is difficult to watch but 5 stars might win best picture

Max Davidse

Spotlight should win this. The only ones I didn’t see are Brooklyn and Room but from all the other ones, Spotlight hands down.


Spotlight is likely the winner although this year no film is a standout.


…though none of them IS posing a serious threat…

Rohn Jay Miller

"Sicario" is the best film that’s getting the least love in the Oscar races. I think the editors faction will swing the cinematography award to Deakins, a lifer who has produced at an outstanding level for many years.


Peter Knegt’s two further categories are missing:
Should win : Mad Max:Fury Road
Shoulda been here: Carol

Jesse Delirious

I personally didn’t find any of the nominees for Best Picture like ridiculously great, but having seen them all and based on the ‘traditional’ criteria for Best Picture, I’d have to say the award probably goes to ‘The Revenant’ with ‘Bridge of Spies’ close behind it. As good as ‘Mad Max’ is, I don’t think it fits ‘their’ criteria. ‘The Martian’ shows us a different side of Matt Damon which was a bit refreshing, but just not enough. ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Room’ are good, but feel a little indie, not that there’s something wrong with that but not strong enough to beat out the grander production pieces. Same for ‘Room’. The one that I personally enjoyed most was ‘Brooklyn’, but also don’t think it has enough for the win. Then there’s ‘The Big Short’… with a superb cast – just don’t think it connected as well for me. It makes you think too hard and loses you at times.


I haven’t seen any of the Best Picture nominees other than The Martian and Mad Max. I have yet to make a final judgment but let’s not forget last year when Birdman stole the Oscar from the well deserved Boyhood.


This is a very good list of nominees, but IMHO Carol and Inside Out should have been the 9th and 10th nominees. I do hope they go back to having it be 10 films, no less, or no more.


Spotlights seems like a film that’s already been made at least once. The Big Short for Best Picture.


Why was Sicario not nominated?


The Big Short won best picture at the PGAs last night. The Oscar has gone to the same winner the last 8 years in a row. (*Tie between 12 Years and Gravity in 2013).

Tomas Zelenka

This category seems like 2012 Republic primaries. You have new frontrunner every 2 weeks. Spotlight, then Revenant, now Big Short. Could Mad Max be Mitt Romney and outlive them all or will one of them get buzz at the right time? I don’t know.

Rai The Noblesse

the revenant was stil fresh for a movie, but not that fresh’ (using slow wifi atm)

Rai The Noblesse

Spotlight had better not win (great story and unreavling.. but could have been overall better done for a movie… more tension and build up besides other elements).. Bridge of Spies is the most complet movie (has all elements and well done) or Mad Max (the freshest of them)… the revenant sufferst from the fact, that there wasnt enough tesion, we were never afraid Dicaprio would die (till the end), so the survival feeling and tension didnt work that well as it should have.. besides other things. (the revenant was still fresh for a movie but that that fresh)


is the best action movie ever


mad max


the martian


Concussion is not mentioned. Heavy Shade from the committee, probably at the behest of the NFL… Its not racism, that Will Smith was not nominated for best actor. It is an attempt to shade a movie that highlights the dangers of engaging in an extreme contact sport.


Sicario sucked. Violent, yet extremely boring at the same time, as well as unrealistic character development for Emily Blunt.

Rai The Noblesse

ment of course Bridge of Spies… (not Bride..)

Rai The Noblesse

Bride of Spies is way better than Argo, that won 2014 best picture.., imo Bride of Spies deserves best picture more than The Revenant.. (dont see Revenant winning.. but seeing how Argo could win, undeserved, anyone could win…)


If Gravity won last year you’ve got to be kidding me that the Martian doesn’t blow people out of the water. It’s too bad it’s not a viewers’ choice that determines the results for such prestigious awards.

Rai The Noblesse

dont think The Revenant will win best picture.., might win a lot of Oscars and hopefully Leo finally (nomatter how good the others where).. but not best picture (imo Mad Max was better, more original/fresher… even if it was lacking on the story side)

Mayank Agarwal

Carol is not even nominated in the best picture category !!!


Who told this lady that Carol was nominated??


Top 3 Contenders: In Alphabetical Order:


But Carol wasn’t nominated for Best Picture…?


Carol wasn’t nominated… Brooklyn was


Carol was not nominated!


There’s an error, Carol was not nominated. There are only 8 nominees this year.


Carol was not nominated for Best Picture (although it sure should have been!)


But… Carol didn’t get nominated


Carol wasn’t nominated, it was Brooklyn


Brooklyn got nominated


Carol didn’t get nominated


just as a note, Carol was not nominated for "Best Picture".


You guys were as convinced as i was that Carol would be nominated for best picture that you put it on the list of the official nominees. Even though it wasn’t…


Carol was not nominated & Brooklyn was.


and the Best Picture goes to….. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!!

Reece Daniels

It all depends on the 5% rule..heck, all of these could be nominated!


What about Room? Contender?


I think Trumbo belongs in the front runner list along with Room. I’m remove Inside Out, Mad Max, The Martin and Straight out of Compton and put them in the Contenders list.


It is funny how some people are criticizing the prediction because films they enjoyed are not mentioned. They probably forget that this is not a Top 10 list of the predicter but his guesses who has chances at the Oscars. And I also think that Legend or Macbeth or Diary of the Teenage Girl wont receive nominees because of the missing hype.


Why isnt The Hateful Eight in the list?


After the Globes I would go with 8 nominees in alphabetical order:
Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Big Short
The Martian
The Revenant

And 8 challengers in order of likelihood for getting a nomination:
Inside Out
Straight Outta Compton
Steve Jobs
Star Wars: The Force Awakens


You better change this after tonight. Spotlight is toast.


I can’t post my Reply! It says It is too spammy???????? WHAT THE?




"How can Furious 7 not be a contender… What a joke." When has something like Furious 7 EVER been an oscar contender? Is that really a joke?

"If the precursors matter and if box office is a factor then Furious 7 has both."
Box office success sure, but then The Avengers had much bigger box office success and it got no best picture noms. And precursors? Like it has previous movies? When has that ever been a factor? If anything the opposite is true in which sequels RARELY EVER get nominated.

"Just won the people’s choice award for best picture,"
So? Twilight Eclipse won that award too. The Oscars have NEVER cared about that award.

"and it has Critics Choice nominations."
For action movie yeah, but certainly not in the overall picture categories.

"Gotta be in this list." Furious 7 has an almost zero chance of being nominated for best picture. Don’t blame the website for figuring that out before you did.


Where is Beasts of No Nation?


what about the danish girl ??


The Physician


What happened to the movie Concussion and Will Smith’s performance which was fantastic

D. Ward

Why doesn’t Star Wars: The Force Awakens make this list? With music by the world’s best living composer, under the care of sci-fi’s most inspiring director, hand-crafted with practical effects in an industry full of CGI, and starring a cast of fantastic rising actors and actresses, it falls short of Mad Max: Fury Road? I could understand if people discounted Star Wars because it’s an action/sci-fi film and not a brilliant, emotional work like Carol. But I’m failing to grasp why a continuation of a world-changing saga would not make this list while Mario Kart: Desert Explosions does.

Gary askew

I think Star Wars should be in the run its by far the biggest film of the year


My Fave: Revenant, Trumbo, Big Short, Spotlight


"In my last comment, I compare the Storyline and not the genre."

That matters why? I merely compared the dialogue trick, and THAT was worth getting a "why compare the two? they’re two different genres", and yet comparing something bigger like the entire goddamn STORYLINE is ok despite different genres? You make no sense.

"There’s really a big difference about the movie and THE BEST PICTURE focuses not only on the Storyline and Dialogues"

Once-a-fucking-gain I was only referring the argument "mad max should win because it doesn’t use a lot of dialogue". I was saying that makes no sense because other movies this year used the exact same trick. I was in no way saying "Ex-machina and Sicario will be nominated and Mad Max won’t be", nor was I even saying it SHOULD be. I was merely trying to understand why someone would think Mad Max should win best picture because it doesn’t use a lot of dialogue, which, ONCE AGAIN, makes no sense because plenty of other movies this year did the exact same thing.

Chris X5150

Sicario had many flaws, not a best picture film. Room could be a dark horse, it’s gotten some unique buzz and it a different kind of film that the Academy often goes for. Hope we see 9 or 10 best picture nominees.


My picks based on reviews and politics:
-The Big Short
-Beasts of No Nation
-The Danish Girl
-Star Wars
-Inside Out or Trumbo
-The Revenant


why isn’t The Danish Girl on either of these lists? I think it could be a frontrunner.

John McCormick

Spotlight will win most of the awards that it is nominated for, because it is powerful enough to literally change the religion of tens of millions of people.

No other movie in history did that, and Hollywood will acknowledge it’s power, rewarding itself, as it should.

This movie will have a more dramatic impact on people’s lives than any movie ever made, and Hollywood doesn’t want to be remembered as the institution that didn’t understand that.


Where are Peter Knegts Predictions?


I would think Room would be ahead of Brooklyn which was cute & refreshing but not amazing & Carol…..I did not care about what happened to or was interested in any of the characters…plus slow..


How can Furious 7 not be a contender… What a joke. If the precursors matter and if box office is a factor then Furious 7 has both. Just won the people’s choice award for best picture, and it has Critics Choice nominations. Gotta be in this list.


Why the hell did room fall into contenders!!!!!!!

And what about star wars, i thought the academy wasnt gonna be pretentious about it especially considering it was in the AFI top ten and is nominated for the critics choice awards


TIM: In my last comment, I compare the Storyline and not the genre. And you said that Sicario and Ex-machina did the exact thing about the amount of dialogue, well, There’s really a big difference about the movie and THE BEST PICTURE focuses not only on the Storyline and Dialogues. And as of now, Mad Max: Fury Road has more awards and accolades than Sicario and Ex-Machina especially in the Best Picture categories. THIS BEST PICTURE RACE is between MAD MAX, CAROL and SPOTLIGHT. While Sicario and Ex-MAchina are just behind them.


Star Wars was very mediocre in my view. I can’t believe it’s even being discussed here.


I will be so angry if Carol and Room don’t get nominated, I was so surprised they didn’t get in at the Producer’s Guild


"Why compare Ex-Machina to Mad Max: Fury Road? They are both Great films but they have different genres" Because that’s what the oscars do, don’t they? Nominate a certain amount of movies each year as the best of all of them, different genres be damned? I mean I was comparing how both of them don’t use a lot of dialogue to convey the story, as that was the original commentor’s argument for why it should win best picture. By his logic, no other movie this year used imagery, symbolism, or body actions to convey the story, and it’s simply not true.

"Ex-Machina and Sicario have more dialogues than Mad Max: Fury Road" Completely irrelevant. Point is none of the films heavily relied on dialogue to tell the story.

"Mad Max: Fury Road has Better Storyline than them" Not only completely your opinion, but also contradicting your first comment asking why compare the movies when they are two different genres.


I so wish Sicario gets the Best Pic nod.


And The Hateful Eight????


Star Wars?


I guess Room will be there, not so sure about Straight Outta Compton. They’re both great though.


i will be really pissed if Room doesn’t get nominated , and i have seen spotlight its just about acting otherwise it’s a complete boredom and very anticlimactic


…The Hateful Eight?


Is it possible that this list and all the others forgot MACBETH ???


Some people complaining that Mad Max: Fury Road is too actiony. lol. It’s an action movie, so expect a lot of actions in it. If you didn’t like it, then watch another action movie that is 1 hour of Talking then another Hour for action scenes with full of CGI effects.


TIM: Why compare Ex-Machina to Mad Max: Fury Road? They are both Great films but they have different genres. But I enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road more. Alicia Vikander is great and should win Best Supporting Actress. but that’s it, Only Vikander and Isaac did an Amazing performance in the movie. Ex-Machina and Sicario have more dialogues than Mad Max: Fury Road but Mad Max: Fury Road has Better Storyline than them, especially in the side of the warboy "Nux".


this is not rigth my dog(pipi) is stolen


It’s interesting to see that Trumbo, which received okay but not great reviews, is considered a contender, yet films such as Creed, Ex Machina, Love & Mercy, Anomalisa and Star Wars: TFA, which all received critical acclaim are out of the conversation.


Why is everyone forgetting Ex-Machina, no it’s not a movie that would traditionally fit the Best Picture bill, but it won 14 awards at various award shows so far. The only three films with more wins are Spotlight, Mad Max and Carol.


I think…
1.)Mad Max 2.)Spotlight 3.)The Martian 4.)Love & Mercy 5.)Beasts Of No Nation 6.)The Revenant 7.) The Big Short 8.)Straight Outta Compton 9.)Carol 10.)Room


"Tim, re: Mad Max. Your opinions place you in a tiny minority. Your entire post consists of your personal feelings which you claim to be ignoring." Uh, no, NOT ignoring my personal feelings would lead me to conclude that it’s a repetitive dull action movie that does nothing to elevate itself above the many other action movies out there. If I was wrong in my ignorance of anything I pointed out there, feel free to correct me and not smuggly dismiss me with no explanation


Seriously? Star Wars? You have to be kidding me.


Really? You think straight outta Compton and bridge of spies have more chance than Inside Out? You’re definitely underestimating it.

Tyler Paulina

Ex Machina should absolutely be added to the "close calls."


Black Mass and the danish girl defiantly don’t belong in the long shot section

Margaret Marston

Number of films rather than amount of films

…five to ten films get in based on the amount of films that receive a certain percentage of high rankings on voters’ ballots.


What a minute? What about the new Macbeth movie? You don’t even mention it, even though it was obviously the best film of the year. Yes, some of the others are okay, but don’t even come close to Justin Kurzel’s brilliant adaption of Shakespeare’s Scottish Play. Its acting is impeccable, it’s cinematography haunting, and obviously it already has one of the greatest stories in the history of literature. It should at least get a nomination if not actually win the Best Picture Oscar.


Sorry for second post….Mad Max…am I the only person who just stopped watching mid way through? I may have to give this another try…I just am astonished at all the ravings about this movie. I got bored and thought this is just stupid. Ok, I’ll give it another go.


I think you are underestimating Trumbo…great film and Bryan Cranston gave a remarkable performance.

Concussion cannot be overlooked

Concussion cannot be overlooked


If I were to pick only four, it would be Spotlight, Mad Max, Sicario, and Creed. So many brilliant movies this year. Really pulling for Mad Max. It received critical acclaim, but I still feel like it’s underrated.


@kevin….Kevin, Star Wars DID make the AFI top 10. Critics choice awards put it as an unprecedented 11th best picture nomination. Look I never though Star Wars: The Force Awakens would get a best picture nomination either. But it’s just too big at this point to ignore. It’s gonna get nominated for best picture. I’ll go as far as saying this. It gets a best picture nomination if it was 5 nominations. It’s too big to ignore. Will it win? Who knows. Stay tuned.


What about Ex Machina I have heard very good things for that and is in the top 5 for many of the lists I have seen.


Tangerine was a terrible movie. To even mention it as a longshot is laughable.


I think Inside Out and Brooklyn have a better shot of getting that 10th spot. Don’t get me wrong, Straight Outta Compton’s very good – I just don’t see it really getting nominated for anything else.


I’m kinda ashamed you didn’t mention Ex Machina. From what i’ve heard it has a good chance and maybe a "close call" yet you dont even have it "long shots."


Mad Max? Really? My son and I watched it and struggled to get through it…my bad acting, writing, plot…the special effects were ok…but beyond that I don’t get all the fuss.


what about Legends


Hey Kayla, that’s hilarious.


"Star Wars" won’t get a Best Picture nomination. "The Revenant" will. It didn’t make AFI’s Top 10 because it came out so late. "Mad Max" will get one as will George Miller for directing. "The Martian" won’t get a Best Picture nomination, but Ridley Scott will ride the "never has won" wave on his next film.


Why isn’t The Outfield even being considered??? Is it cause it came out on itunes? Hunger Games, Fifty Shades, Insurgent, The Longest Ride, Crimson Peak should all be on this list


As much as I liked Star Wars, I personally do not think it is good enough for Best Picture. It is basically a remake of Episode IV.


SPOTLIGHT is by far the most powerful, churning story that has been shown in recent memory. The ensemble cast–Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Brian d’Arcy James, Liev Shreiber, John Slattery, and Stanley Tucci–works so well together that it would be tough to single out one or two—but not impossible: Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton shine here. This film did not seem to have a very heavy media campaign behind it which is sad because my fear is that many people haven’t even heard of the film! Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this truly oscar-worthy film.

George Lucas

Spotlight will win, but I do not think it is the best movie from this year. Room, Mad Max, and Martian where better films in my opinion.


And it should be a strict 10 nominees for Best Picture. No more, no less.


Brooklyn should be in instead of Straight Outta Compton. And Steve Jobs should be in the close calls category instead of Beasts of No Nation.


"MAD MAX SHOULD WIN! Why??? Because It doesn’t need to have too much dialogue because their actions and facial expression show it all! No need of too much talking to present and undertand the film. THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!" Sicario and Ex-Machina does the exact same thing. I would argue they both do it hundreds of times better than Mad Max did.

"and Amazing Performances Theron, Hoult and Hardy!" Amazing? Not really. Ex-Machina and Sicario have performances ranging from just as good to far superior.


"@TIM I really enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road. But I agree that Kingsman is a better film (if that’s what you’re saying). In fact, Kingsman made my top 10 this year. Awesome, awesome film."

I wouldn’t say it was better or worse. I enjoyed both films a lot, but I don’t see why it’s so goddamn critically acclaimed, has such a huge cult following, and has mountains of oscar buzz surrounding it? What is it doing differently that other action movies this year isn’t doing?


Sicario? Anyone?


I think The Diary of a Teenage Girl will earn some nominations.


and Amazing Performances Theron, Hoult and Hardy!


MAD MAX SHOULD WIN! Why??? Because It doesn’t need to have too much dialogue because their actions and facial expression show it all! No need of too much talking to present and undertand the film. THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!


I simply can not comprehend how Sicario is seen as a long shot, ahead of Mad Max??

Josh Relyea

I’m not so surprised that it’s fallen down the charts. Steve Jobs was a good film, but saying that it’s a "revelation" (as some critics have said) seems like an exaggeration to me. Aspects of the film are quite outstanding, yes, but other scenes in the film seem cliche and recycled to me (most notably the very end). But otherwise, good film, well done for the most part.

Josh Relyea

I really enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road. But I agree that Kingsman is a better film (if that’s what you’re saying). In fact, Kingsman made my top 10 this year. Awesome, awesome film.

Josh Relyea

Damn, that’s too bad about Sicario. That made my top 10 this year.


Ex Machina? That film floored me.

Ira Hirsch

Sicario…intense/ the dirty,gritty true story of our federal government playing both sides.Praise the HITMAN !!!


Can someone tell me why everyone is going crazy over Mad Max? I get it, it’s a well directed action movie, but so were Kingsman and Ant-Man and no one is talking oscar nominations for those. What is Mad Max doing that supposedly elevates itself over them?


Don’t understand how Steve Jobs has fallen this far


I think "The Hateful Eight" is out of the running completely. Also "Trumbo" will snag a best picture nomination. It’s got everything the Academy likes – it’s about movies which 3 of the last 4 winners have been about (The Artist, Argo, Birdman), it’s a period piece (Academy has a long history of nominating those), it has a really soft non-controversial message (The Academy can think it’s taking a stand but it’s not), and the Academy is in it!

Murphy K

You guys are losing credibility with this Star Wars nonsense

Michael Graham

I am completely not getting the attraction to Spotlight and Mad Max. Spotlight was a great story that was told well, but not Oscarworthy. And it looked horrible. It was so dark that it was hard to watch. Max was one of my least favorite movie experiences and everyone leaving the theatre was bummed. Hateful 8, Bridge of Spies and Star Wars were such better films.


How is Anomalisa not up here! I don’t think Indiewire gets how much hype this film is going to get. I guarantee that in January Anomalisa will be the most talked about film. It definitely deserves a nomination and even a win for best picture.


star wars here is a comedy


My nominees for Best Picture are (in alphabetical order):
1. The Big Short
2. Bridge of Spies
3. Brooklyn
4. Carol
5. The Hateful Eight
6. The Martian
7. The Revenant
8. Room
9. Spotlight
10. Steve Jobs


Having seen most of the films of that list and their performances, here’s my prediction:

– Best Picture: Carol
– Best Direction: Todd Haynes (Carol)
– Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)
– Best Actress: Cate Blanchett (Carol)… but she has won recently so this is unsure. Alternate: Brie Larson (Room)
– Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)
– Best Supporting Actress: Rooney Mara (Carol)
– Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight
– Best Adapted Screenplay: Carol
– Best Animated Feature: Inside Out

I have my money on these.


IMO Creed should be waaay higher at least higher than Straight Outa Compton and The Revenant.


I think Hatefull Eight belongs in strong bet


It’s Bleecker Street, with a "c"






Did you really put The Big Short at #2? I mean, it was good but it probably won’t even get nominated for best picture.


i dont hate Spotlight i think its a good movie but can soneone whos a big fan of the movie please explain why it stands out from the rest of the group, just curious



This will be a fight between MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and SPOTLIGHT. But I'm really Hoping that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD will win BEST PICTURE!!!!



Mad Max is finally getting the attention it deserves from these predictions and I’m so glad. Such an incredible movie and film people go crazy for it


My best films to enter AFI 100:

1. Nymphomaniac
2. Predator 2
3. Under Siege
4. Double Impact
5. Death Wish 2

The Reverend

Mad Max Fury Road (best picture & best director)

Anthony Giogaia

Creed should get nominated for Best Picture

George Lucas

New star wars sucks. Phantom Menace should be on the list.


Star Wars 7 should definitely be higher. The chances are slim but hey I’m hopeful


Inside out is gonna be there


Yeah, Bridge of Spies will be on the list. Maybe even win it


How is Anomalisa not up here??? It’s gonna win over inside Out for animated picture. Also Mad Max should not be in the top 10. Anomalisa may even get a best picture nod.

Murphy K

You guys are seriously foolish for giving this much credence to those wacky SAG nominations. These are ridiculous.


I have faith in Carol, maybe isn’t going to win in Best Picture but Im sure something I’ll get. Otherwise im leaving this planet.


Straight Outta Compton deserves way better than #15. Sicario is also very low. Dope should be on the list as well.


Hateful was a flatout masterpiece. Seems like it should be at the top of the list to me.

M Night Shyamalan

Joy should be off the list bad early reviews. Should replace it with Last Airbender.


I’m starting to think that based on the early reviews for The Revenant, that Alejandro González Iñárritu might just get a Best Director nom if the film isn’t nominated for Best Picture. If that’s the case, I think he can maybe even win it, making him the only Best Director winner for a film that was not nominated for Best Picture since the early days of the Academy.


I don’t know. Based on a lot of the early reviews, I don’t think the Revenant is as sure a thing as everyone thinks. Many have called it long, plotless and a chore to sit thru. Dicaprio might be a lock but the film sounds like anything but.

Shylendra Singh N

"Black mass"

It would be nice to see Inside out win best picture. It made me cry like a baby. And I am proud of it!


Kenny Carrillo

I really do want Carol to win, sadly I think it might be Spotlight who takes the big prize.


I don’t know why they didn’t even considered Sicario. Benicio del Toro was superb. He was amazing and definitely needs to be there on top.


Mad Max is a lock … And I hope the winner here is either The Martian or The Revenant. PS: everybody is wrong to thing Spotlight will win. It’s brilliant but it’s not the film to win best picture at the oscars. Hell I predict Spotlight to only win best screenplay.


Don’t get all the love for Mad Max. I thought it was a really good, entertaining film, but not great. Definetly not a "next tier" film


I can’t believe THE MARTIAN is even in this conversation at all. ANOMALISA and JOY should see big jumps.


Steve Jobs was a revelation; though its box office was disappointing, it’s by far one of the year’s better films. I don’t see why The Martian is given such hype – it was pretty good, but definitely not worthy of an Academy Award. Love & Mercy was excellent. I can’t see it getting nominated, but for the purposes of this list, it should be higher up in the list. I definitely thought it was better than Straight Outta Compton or The Martian.


Anomalisa? Have you’ve seen it?


What the hell happened to Joy? Why is it on 16 now? + You can delete In the Heart of the Sea. Reviews are mediocre.


Saw Creed, decent movie, but not best picture worthy. Stallone for supporting is a huge stretch too. So far my top 10 (in no order) – Sicario, Love & Mercy, Mad Max, Steve Jobs, The Danish Girl, Bridge of Spies. Saw Spotlight, liked it, but it is totally overrated to win let alone to be best picture. Carol/Brooklyn are not best picture worthy, but definitely good for a few acting noms. I’m assuming Joy, The Revenant, and The Hateful Eight. Still in process of seeing a few more.


Mad Max is by far one of the best action movies of the last decade.I hope it gets the attention it deserves at the oscars.


Creed was amazing. Loved that film. Not sure if it would be in my top for best picture (personal favorites for sure) but I think Spotlight will be the front runner even after we see Hateful Eight, Revenant, Joy, Big Short etc. To me, the Big Short is interesting because it definitely just kinda slid in last minute to get a release date, could really shake up things if it’s good and early reviews indicate it is. Gonna be interesting to see how this next month plays out.




I think that everyone forgot about "Infinitely Polar Bear". Certainly should be considered as well as Mark Ruffalo’s great performance.


I think it will be a 3-way fight – Brooklyn, Spotlight and Carol.


It should be: The revenant, straight outta compton, joy, carol, mad max, martian, creed, sicario

Kyle Tucker

Creed above Steve Jobs is outrageous. Stallone deserves an Oscar nom but the movie and Jordan shouldn’t even be considered.


Saw Spotlight yesterday and it’s a total wow and a lock for best picture. Also saw Brooklyn and there’s no reason it won’t get noms for picture and Ronan. I’m not sure about Joy however. I saw a long trailer yesterday and it looks sort of terrible. Like David O Russell doing a Lifetime movie.


Like many others here, I don’t understand how Anomalisa isn’t even part of the "Longer Shots" part, even though I think it could very well be nominated, as the reviews have been nothing put positive so far.


I think Spotlight will win, only because the Academy always seems to vote for really important or original films, like The Artist, Argo, 12 Years a Slave, and Birdman


Are you sure about Creed? Really. Rocky VI isn’t it? I should not prejudge but you are forcing me to see this!

Robert Turner

Trumbo of and Ledgend two best films I’m have seen so far set and costume design amazing. Best actor in a lead my choice.


Spotlight is the clear front runner I would say.It has everything Oscars want.Talented cast.Deep and True story.In most probability it’s taking Bet Picture home

Jeff Dearman

Inside out should be higher than #10 , yes its animated, but it was a really well done creative movie.


I think it is very true that there are a lot of films likely to be nominated but no film seems to be a sure favorite so far. Spotlight, Brooklyn, Carol are too Indie, Room, The Martian, Creed not good enough, Revenant (you mentioned the problem, perhaps it is too experimental, too), The Hateful Eight suffers from Tarantinos controversial reputation (demonstration against police). I am not sure, but I could imagine that if Joy earns rave reviews, the Academy may reward David O Russel. But there is really nothing sure, yet. That makes the Oscar Race exciting. As for myself, I would be glad if there was a surprise like Creed coming in December. This would make it even more exciting.


I think Steve Jobs is a lock, despite its financial intake (or lack thereof). Sicario also initially seemed like an Oscar-ish lock but it seems to have fizzled out after its run at the box office.

Sean Courtney

How is Anomalisa not up here? Trust me it’s gonna be nominated. Hell, it may even win it!


From what I can see, About Ray should’ve been in the Oscar running but they pulled it from its official release date

Girukwishaka Oscar

I Love You So Much


"You left out Suffragette, By The Sea, and The 33. All far superior to Sicario, Bridge of Spies, and The Danish Girl. "

Please tell me you’re joking

"The nominations don’t need to be for the same kinds of movies we’ve seen from the Academy every year."

Wha…as opposed to Suffragette, By The Sea, and The 33? Yeah, never seen biopics or romance movies at the oscars before. Seriously?

"That is exactly what is turning people off the Oscars."

No, what’s turning people off the oscars is that THEIR favorite movie didn’t get nominated, and therefore the oscars are biased.


no mention of " macbeth"??


The Lobster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tema L. Staig

You left out Suffragette, By The Sea, and The 33. All far superior to Sicario, Bridge of Spies, and The Danish Girl. The nominations don’t need to be for the same kinds of movies we’ve seen from the Academy every year. That is exactly what is turning people off the Oscars.

Murphy K

No way Steve Jobs doesn’t get in


Ex Machina is way better then some of the films you are listing

lynn patzkowsky

Star wars… There been 6 Star Wars and none win best picture


Phillip, are you under the impression that I think minorities are bad at making movies? Do you think I DON’T want more movies made from minorities? I absolutely do. That’s why I watch a lot of foreign films. But here’s the thing: I don’t look at the lack of diversity in our cinema and immediately jump to the conclusion that it MUST be because the studio is run by a bunch of racist white guys. You speak of black cinema getting marginalized, but how do you know this? Do you work for the film industry? Have you heard an anecdote about how a black man was denied funding PURELY on the grounds that he’s black? Are there statistics out there showing that it’s significantly harder to make it as a director if your skin color is black? Or is this conclusion based on the fact that the movies coming out feature mostly white people (which, again, we’d expect to see in a county that is 80% white people)? I’m genuinely asking, because you didn’t really address my point. Yes, there are a lot of “filmmakers of color that are interested in making art”, but there are statistically 4 times as many white filmmakers who are ALSO interested in making art. Yes, black people have a hard time getting funding for anything other than broad situational or comedy films. But let’s be fair here, this is true for white directors too. I mean unless you’re a big name or have awards under your belt already, odds are good major studios are gonna reject your work because it’s too risky.
As for indiewire, I dunno. I don’t really read much of their stuff. What does it matter considering I wasn’t defending indiewire?


So, we’re not thinking Chi-Raq is going to upset the conversation is any major way?


Sicario definitely deserves to be in the top 5. Sicario is one of the best films i have ever seen, this film is as close to perfection as you can get. The Academy will definitely give it a nomination but it really should win, even though it has definitely gone under the radar. It will at least one award, because it would be impossible not to give Benicio Del Toro best supporting, in all fairness he really steals the spotlight from Emily Blunt especially in the last 30 minutes of the film. Joy is one I’m definitely looking forward to, nice to see the Silver Linings Playbook actors back together (Lawrence, Cooper and De Niro. The Hateful Eight and The Revenant are another two hopefuls, but only time will tell. At the moment Sicario is my pick and one of those films would have to be extremely good to change my mind.

Jason McCann

Sicario is Waaaahaaay better than Bridge of Spies. Come on now. Spielberg gets it way too easy, man!


I feel stupid I BNN the first time


Hmmm no Beasts of No Nation…


Now. Then. And always. The Martian <3


How come there is still no mention of Anomalisa. Considering the hype around it, the acclaim that it has received on the festival circuit and the talent behind it, it really should at least be placed under the "longer Shots But Could Rally" section.



Philip Christian

One last point @tim lol Indiewire constantly is commenting on films and filmmakers from around the world. How often have you seen them discuss African cinema? Outside of Spike and McQueen how often are young black talents spoken on?

Philip Christian

The ability to get those films made, that set the attention of smart movie lovers, the academy, and critics alike is just not there. Let’s be fair. The marginalization of blacks, Hispanics, and the lgbt community make for a pretty bland American film industry one that doesn’t rightfully reflect our diverse country. What great masterpieces have been missed because the filmmakers story was too black too Mexican too gay? Some of our greatest contemporary writers and musicians and visual artist are black. All other major creative mediums have embraced intelligent, searing, emotional and political black art. Why is film realitively still in the Jim Crow era? As a film lover (which I’m sure you are because your on Indiewire) you should want to see more films directed by racial minorities because that means films with different textures, different povs, it opens up the film landscape

Philip Christian

@ Tim My apologies that was an oversite on my part. As for your commentary on racial diversity in American film, it’s still flawed. Black filmmakers (black people in the United States are the largest racial minority group) are not represented fairly in cinema. Artist have a difficult time getting funding for Black films that are not broad situational or sex comidies. There are many filmmakers of color that are interested in making art


I’d put Ex Machina above many of those films.


Philip Christian, first of all, Creed IS on this list as a possible contender. Second of all, if it wasn’t is it maybe at ALL possible that it’s because the film doesn’t have oscar buzz surrounding it? I swear people enjoy a film staring a minority, and immediatly jump to the conclusion that the only reason no one ELSE likes it is because we’re all secretly racist.

"That being said for a site that has put so much emphasis on gender inequality in the industry, they often disregard racial diveristy."

Yeah, welcome to the U.S., where 80% of the population are white people, and therefore, the industry will TEND to have more white people working for it than other races. That’s not discrimination, that’s statistics. It’s why Japanese films tend to star mostly Japanese people.


okay now why is it that Inside Out is allowed to produce toys and kids stuff based on the movie and basically be like a stand alone franchise movie but god forbid we nominate a brilliant sequel like Mad Max: Fury Road

Philip Christian

@tyler The Martian is well made populist fare the marks the "triumphant" return of Ridley Scott after a long string of dismal movies. It is in no way a masterpiece but something a lot of people could get behind… Very similar to the success Argo had a few years prior. ‘Beast’ is staggering, violent, beautiful, and complex. It’s a difficult film, one that’s not easy to embrace. Without a doubt it’s the better film and I’m sure years from now it is a work that will still be affecting audiences and inspiring scores of young filmmakers. Its subject matter and its groundbreaking release method just might not have the Oscar pedigree to go all the way. Releasing it on Netflix, while a seemingly brilliant move may be the variable that keeps it from being a major contender. Elba is for sure in there tho.

Philip Christian

First off if like to say I mess wit Indiewire and their coverage of both populist movies and arthouse fare. That being said for a site that has put so much emphasis on gender inequality in the industry, they often disregard racial diveristy. Why the hell creed (the 7 rocky film) directed by the young and extremely talented Ryan Coogler and featuring by rising star Michael B Jordan hasn’t been considered a possible contender is beyond me. Initial reviews have been stellar and this seems like a huge misjudgment based primarily on race.


Can someone please tell me why ‘The Martian’ is getting so much love, and ‘Bests of No Nation’ has fallen short of most lists. I’ve seen both films, and I’ll save me opinions, but I find one film to be far superior and farm more affecting. Please just any insight.

Jeffrey Kare

Why are people taking a film’s box office into account? The Academy awards the best of the best, NOT the best of the success!


How is Southpaw not up for contention. It was a great movie.

Dax Spencer

Love and Mercy best movie of the year hands down.

What about Crimson Peak?



No Macbeth?


Seriously? I can NOT believe Ex Machina is not on the list.


Regardless of what the "powers that be" may think, my favorite movies to watch are "Kingsman: The Secret Service", and a close second would be "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl". Pure enjoyment. I haven’t seen the others, but I thought "Grand Budapest Hotel" was the best last year, so…what do I know about their mind-sets…?


Bridge of Spies is Dreamworls not Disney


There’s no buzz for Snowden because it’s going to be released next year.


Spotlight was incredible and I think deserves the win. It’d be awesome to see Inside Out and Straight Outta Compton get nods though.




Of all the movies I’ve seen so far, Bridge of spies is the best so far.


I’ve been seeing trailers for Snowden, Oliver Stone’s film opening Christmas starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No one has mentioned this in Oscar discussions. Is there absolutely no buzz about it?


umm, no anomalisa? it should be the frontrunner but It wont be but should at least be in long shot


Mason lol- I also came on here to post about Anomalisa…I haven’t been so excited to see a movie since, well, Birdman! I think this movie has a great shot to not only be nominated, but to actually win!


I’m curious as to why Anomalisa isn’t making any prediction lists. Between the buzz and the fact that it’s a Charlie Kaufman film, seems like it ought to be a contender. Then again, it’s early, most people haven’t seen a large amount of these.


Between the reviews and the box-office, Steve Jobs is probably out. It’s not beloved enough to overcome the stink of failure. And The Danish Girl probably won’t go all that far beyond nods for Vikander, MAYBE Redmayne, and the design categories.


Joy should be higher even though it hasn’t been seen except for research screenings it still has a better chance then the Martian and Room.


What about Spike Lee’s "Chi-Raq"? Do you think that would get a chance?

Sean Courtney

I think Anomalisa has a great shot at being nominated for best picture


LOL By the Sea has a 38% on RT and a slew of bad reviews. I don’t think it should be put in the Best Picture Oscar category.


Also there is no Ex machina in the entire list which I think really has a shot because of how good that movie was.


Peter, BEASTS OF NO NATION for God sake! What are you talking about!


Peter, Have

Rowan Penn

Why the hell is Burnt still in here. It was a commercial and critical failure

Murphy Kenefick

I still have a hard time believing that "The Martian" will make it all the way to best picture. I think it’s being overestimated due to its box office popularity.

"The Martian" (20th Century Fox) this movie was great


Looking at the NY critics pole, "Carol" as best picture, and Todd Haynes as best director seemed like strong possibilities as they polled as the critical and audience favorites.


i think that sicario is being underrated as well and that Burnt doesn’t have a chance and neither does straight out of compton. also they’re missing "a few"


For me beasts of no nation deserves to be in the top 10. It was absolutely awesome

Roberto Aguirre

¿No Man on Wire?


The Walk not even considered?


Bridge of Spies and The Martian ahead of Sicario is mind blowing to me. It would be a shame to see Sicario ignored.


And Spotlight! Forgot to put that lol


Seen 17 of these films now and I’m looking forward to get a chance to see them all. Particularly the Revenant and The Hateful Eight. Never count out a David O. Russell film and if the academy likes Son of Saul it will be in no doubt. When its all said and done its going to be; Bridge of Spies, Carol, The Danish Girl, The Hateful Eight, Joy, The Revenant, Son of Saul, Steve Jobs


Spotlight is a lock, and there’s an end upon it…

Michele Hunt

So far I have only seen Jobs and it is the best thing I’ve seen this year. I guess I’ll see Sicario although it sounds overly geaphic.


The Revenant for the win.The Danish Girl,Brooklyn,Steve Jobs,Spotlight,Inside Out,Carol,Joy,Room,Bridge of Spies


"@Timmy Brooklyn premiered at Sundance back in January."

Which would still make it rather impressive if Daniel Wiles happened to be there.

Sam Koek

I think Star Wars is a real underdog here and it has high potential to score a Best Picture Nomination.


Jobs was aweful, room was ok – bring on Sicario the most intense movie of the year so far.


By the Sea doesn’t have any reviews in yet, which doesn’t bode well.


I think you can throw Burnt out of competition it is getting panned by critics. I would not go for Truth, either

Q Blume

@Timmy Brooklyn premiered at Sundance back in January.


I think "Trumbo" should be considered in this category. It’s a solid film and personally, I wouldn’t vote it as a Best Picture nominee, but it has everything the Academy likes – it’s about themselves, it has a soft and uncontroversial message, it’s a period piece with a great script and some solid acting.


"Not only was it commercially successful but was also critically acclaimed"

So were a ton of other movies this year, and not any less so than Straight Outta Compton

"Where’s Ex Machina?"

It has little to no oscar buzz, so it’s not worth putting on the list. I don’t care how good YOU think it is, it don’t mean anything if the academy isn’t considering it.

"The Martian should be top tier. Brooklyn? Really?"

You seen Brooklyn yet? That’d be mighty impressive considering it isn’t out for another month.

Daniel Wiles

The Martian should be top tier. Brooklyn? Really?

Donny Darko

I watched the Secret in their Eyes yesterday, but I somehow could not find the magic in it. Hopefully, it will be different with the remake.


Where’s Ex Machina?


Steve Jobs will get nominated but is is not very good. I like The Martian, me and EArl and the dying girl., 99 homes and bridge of spy’s.


Beast Of No Nation certainly deserves a standing ovation!


How is Straight Outta Compton not on the list as a long shot but could still rally? Not only was it commercially successful but was also critically acclaimed. It’s time for the Academy to stop shying away from controversial subject matters


Personally think that Beasts of No Nation should be much higher. It’s a flawless film all round, direction, cinematography (also done by Cary Fukunaga), acting, writing. It has no faults. I’ve seen Room and Carol and BONN is definitely on their level.


Going to go check out Bridge of Spies today, and reading The Revenant right now, but my Oscar predictions for Best Picture in order of best to worst is:
01: The Revenant 02: The Hateful Eight 03: Steve Jobs 04: Inside Out 05: The Martian 06: Black Mass 07: Spotight 08: Beasts of No Nation 09: Bridge of Spies 10: Joy

Will Carr

Sicario is definitely being underestimated.


I might end up being in the minority here in the end but I LOVED Bridge of Spies. Lots to see still but that film is so beautifully done and directed brilliantly. From everything to the acting to the production design is terrific. Haven’t seen a lot of these. Waiting to see Steve jobs when it opens wide this weekend and I’m going to check out Beasts of No Nation later today but for now from all the ones I’ve seen I think Bridge of Spies will definitely get a nomination. Excited to see what’s coming! Cough The Revenant Cough :)


I’ve seen a few of these (Carol, Brooklyn, Steve Jobs, Sicario, Mad Max) – So far my picks for best pic in no particular order – Steve Jobs, Mad Max, Love & Mercy, Sicario. Wasn’t that impressed with Brooklyn, and Carol was good acting, but not best picture worthy. Going to check out Room, Black Mass, Bridge of Spies this week – Love Oscars time!


SOUTHPAW!! It deserves to win!

AS Alfred

10 MOVIES WITH HIGH CHANCES TO BE NOMINATED: 01.Steve Jobs , 02.Bridge Of Spies , 03.Carol , 04.The Hateful Eight , 05.Joy , 06.Spotlight , 07.The Revenant , 08.The Martian , 09.The Danish Girl , 10.Sicario.:FROM MOST DESERVING TO LESS DESERVING.

AS Alfred

01.Steve Jobs
02.Bridge Of Spies
04.The Hateful Eight
06.The Revenant
08.The Martian
09.The Danish Girl


"Steve Jobs" the movie is garbage. Idiots voters and reviewers have no guts to vote for The Martian.


for once it would be cool to see movies people actually watched get nominated like inside out, mad max and star wars if its a classic


Absolutely agree about Sicario, which so far to me is the clear standout for best picture of 2015. The only justification for it’s exclusion in a top ten best picture list, would be Academy politicking. And it’s basically guaranteed to be nominated for film editing, cinematography, and score.


Mad Max: Fury Road is an iconic action film but its extraordinary critical and box office success won’t carry over into the Oscars. Academy voters have a horribly short memory. It’s not going to happen.


My prediction: JOY will win! Love him or hate him, David O. Russell deserves it. Jennifer Lawrence will probably win Best Actress if the movie is great.


A totally terrible biased list. Spotlight as the fruntrunner is a kind of joke. According to Indiwire, the film is not the great deal, but for this guy is the most universally well-received picture of the year until now. Did you read all the reviews in metacritic? 81 based in 10 critic, with 2 60/100 doesn’t look like" the most universally well-received". Please, if you want to write a convincing article, you should stick to the facts and don´t involve your personal taste.


ex machina should be here. Steve Jobs is INCREDIBLE. and SICARIO WAS AWFUL


Sicario, Mad Max: Fury Road, Carol and Joy are the top contenders.

Ashley Johnson

Hey, we can use this list for our Oscar event.


I think one of the incoming heavyweights will take this home. The Danish Girl and Steve Jobs are good, but no masterpieces. Carol and Spotlight are too small. I would be glad if Inside out got nominated

A A Ron

What about Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl??


I’m sad Macbeth is no longer on this list. It looks good, and I doubt Fassbender is gonna give a better performance in Steve Jobs, but that looks more likely to get the nominations.


-Steve Jobs
-Inside Out
-Bridge of Spies
-Black Mass
-The Walk
-The Revenant
-The Hateful Eight

and then possibly
-The Martian
-Straight Outta Compton
-The Danish Girl

Jose Andres

My predictions would be:
•Mad Max: Fury Road.
•The Revenant.
•Inside Out.
•Me And Earl And The Dying Girl.
•Steve Jobs.
•Straight Outta Compton.
•Black Mass.
•Bridge of Spies.


By watching the trailers for "The Good Dinosaur," I don’t think it’ll end up being a possible nominee for Best Picture. Don’t me wrong, the movie does look good and Pixar could prove me wrong, but if any animated movie has a shot at being nominated for the category, it’s "Inside Out," which I guarantee you will win Best Animated Feature.


Put on Anomalisa


"Have people forgotten that Ex Machina exists?"

God no, considering fanboys keep whining about it’s absense on the list, and probably will continue whining once the academy inevitably doesn’t nominate it.

"It’s a brilliant movie that came out this year, and if anyone’s forgotten, it’s still one of the year’s best films."

This all means didley squat considering A. it’s just YOUR opinion that it’s one of the best films of the year and B. this is a list speculating based on oscar hype rather than your opinions.

"Sadly, the Oscar will be for Carol because of political correctness."

I fail to see why when plenty of LGBT movies have come out in the past oscarless.

Ivan el Terrible

Sadly, the Oscar will be for Carol because of political correctness.


Beasts of No Nation will be getting a theatrical release.


How can Beasts of No Nation even egilbale for an Oscar? Its being produced by Netflix which is a VOD streaming service.

A Guy Who Thinks This List is Dumb

Have people forgotten that Ex Machina exists? It’s a brilliant movie that came out this year, and if anyone’s forgotten, it’s still one of the year’s best films.


Josh, I’m not sure you’re aware, but there are these things called "opinions". They allow the individual person to like a movie more than another movie regardless of how much critical acclaim one has received over another. And this attitude extends to the academy awards voters as well. And unless you enjoyed every single movie that has critical acclaim, you too have these things called opinions. There is no such thing as "actual best film of the year" because the only thing that makes a film better is whether or not YOU enjoyed it. The point of this website isn’t the influence academy voters, it’s to just predict their voting record. What if the academy genuinely likes The Danish Girl more than Mad Max or Inside Out? Is that so wrong? Hell, I thought Mad Max was pretty good but don’t see any reason why it’s more worthy of a nomination over Ant-Man or Kingsmen.


where is starwars TFA on this list?


People like you are the reason why the Oscars tend to pick boring awards bait. You say The Danish Girl, a film that has gotten mixed reviews stands a better chance at being nominated for Best Picture than MAD MAX or Inside Out, when both those films have been unanimously praised. How about instead you make predictions that are based around what were the actual best films of the year, that way when voters are filling out their ballot they are reminded "oh yeah I quite liked that film" and don’t pick the conventional safe choices because they feel like they had to.


My predictions
1.Steve jobs
2.The revanant
3.the danish girl
5.inside out
6.the hateful eight
8.Bridge of spies


Best Picture(the first movies being not most likely to win but most likely to be nominated so far)

1) Inside Out
2) Spotlight
3) The Danish Girl
4) Beasts of No Nation
5) Room
6) Sicario
7) Carol
8) The Revenant
9) Joy
10) The Hateful Eight

Runner Ups

11) Steve Jobs
12) Brooklyn
13) Bridge of Spies
14) The Martian
15) Black Mass
16) MacBeth
17) Concussion

Long Shots

18) Mad Max: Fury Road
19) Spectre
20) Creed
21) Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Actor

Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl
Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs
Johnny Depp – Black Mass
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
Mark Ruffalo – Spotlight

Runner Ups

Michael Caine – Youth
Matt Damon – The Martian
Tom Hanks – Bridge of Spies
Will Smith – Concussion

Best Actress

Brie Larson – Room
Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
Jenifer Lawrence – Joy
Emily Blunt – Sicario
Cate Blanchett – Carol

Runner Ups

Saoirse Ronan – Brookylyn
Carrey Mulligan – Suffragette

Best Supporting Actor

Benicio del Toro – Sicario
Idris Elba – Beasts of No Nation
Michael Keaton – Spotlight
Sylvester Stallone – Creed

Best Director

Alejandro G. Inarritu – The Revenant
Tom McCarthy – Spotlight
Pete Docter – Inside Out
David O. Russel – Joy
Denis Villeneuve – Sicario

Runner Ups

Carry Fukunaga – Beasts of No Nation
Steven Spielberg – Bridge of Spies
Quintin Tarintino – The Hateful Eight


Call me a jackass, but I find this trendy LBGT movement to be quite annoying. Carol and Danish Girl at the top of the list? "Hey, Academy, look at us cater to the progressive times. Give us Oscars!" Screw you.

Although, Carol does look beautiful.


The Light Between Oceans is more than likely going to be released in 2016.


Consensus on the Danish Girl thus far is that it’s just OK. Goodbye to the Danish Girl!


you have left out ‘The End of The Tour’

V Johnson

I am a big fan of End of the Tour. A brilliant, subtle film.


Ex Machina is better than all of them. Independent of the film, Steve Jobs the person is the most over-rated human being to ever walk this earth.


Why is Love & Mercy not on the list?! It’s truly an incredible movie.




You forgot Macbeth


Best Picture (very early predictions)

The Danish Girl
Inside Out
Bridge of Spies
The Revenant
The Hateful Eight
Beasts of no Nation

Runner Ups

Steve Jobs

Longs Shots

Mad Max: Fury Road
Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Isn’t September too early for all of this speculation? Half of these films haven’t even premiered at any festivals anywhere.

Cameron Johnson

Star Wars will be the dark horse. Harrison Ford will get a nomination like Ian McKellen did for LOTR, too, I hope.


It’s upsetting that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is being thrown aside for movies that seem made to be Oscar bait.


I am not so confident about Steven Spielberg despite his Hollywood status, but we will see …


I believe The Danish Girl, The Revenant, Joy, The Hateful Eight will all be in …


Is The Light Between Oceans getting a release date this year?


Miles Davis is the greatest jazz trumpet player of all time, not known as a singer.


I don’t care about any of those, it’s Inside Out and Mad Max all the way!

Renan Maia

OSCAR 2016 – Predictions (Sep 3rd, 2015)

Michael Caine, "Youth"
Don Cheadle, "Miles Ahead"
Bryan Cranston, "Trumbo"
Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Revenant" *
Eddie Redmayne, "The Danish Girl"

Cate Blanchett, "Carol"
Emily Blunt, "Sicario"
Carey Mulligan, "Suffragette"
Charlotte Rampling, "45 Years"
Lily Tomlin, "Grandma" *

Helena Bonham Carter, "Suffragette"
Jane Fonda, "Youth"
Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The Hateful Eight"
Rooney Mara, "Carol" *
Helen Mirren, "Trumbo"

Idris Elba, "Beasts of No Nation" *
John Goodman, "Trumbo"
Tom Hardy, "The Revenant"
Harvey Keitel, "Youth"
Samuel L. Jackson, "The Hateful Eight"


How many films are going to be in that category? 5 or 10? I would like if the go back to the 5 instead of 10.


Singer Miles Davis? Ha, someone call an editor


2016 Oscar Prediction Best Picture:
3.Steve Jobs
4.Bridge of Spice
5.The Hateful Eight
6.The Revenant
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?


what about macbeth?

Mark Allan

What about the Canadian film "Mommy"?


Mikes Davis …a singer? Lol..only one of the best trumpet players ever


The trailer for By the Sea was horrendous. No wau in hell will this movie get any Oscars. Try the Razzies for it.

Jasim Perales

Um….Miles Davis is NOT a singer. He’s a trumpet player.


The Light Between Oceans is also set for its release in 2016.


My personal pick (of what I’ve seen) is definitely me and earl and the dying the girl. But I think 5 that will for sure Be there are Carol, Brooklyn, Inside Out, The Revenanr and Bridge of Spies. I also wouldn’t count out Straight outta Compton. Good film. Resonated with people I think.

Zachary Hardy

Here are my nomination predictions:

45 Years
Inside Out
Love and Mercy
Mad Max: Fury Road

Jake Albrecht

I really think at the end of the year Ex Machina is going to be the best film that came out this year. It’s lack of buzz I found somewhat shocking.


Yeah, I’m sorry to be boring- the film lists look great… But Miles Davis is 1000% not a singer. Try pioneering trumpeter and jazz musician maybe…


I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see the score for "It Follows" get nominated. Truly creepy and made that film what it was. Also Jason Mitchell ran away with his portrayal of Eazy-E and should get supporting at least.


Ex Machina and Tangerine deserve consideration as two of the better and more thought provoking movies of the year.


What about The Light Between Oceans, The Keeping Room and The Lobster?


Why is "Money Monster" with its April 8 2016 release date is in your list:


No Superman v Batman? It’s the first time they’ll be in a real movie so I think it’ll beat even Star Wars.


Silence is a 2016 release for those wondering about it’s "omission."

Javier Corral

Ex-Machina anybody?


Staright Outta Compton could easily be a contender. This opening weekend it got a 700 person showing at the Academy screening and even had a major applause which doesn’t usually happen. Hope it gets a nod.


1. The Hateful Eight (Quentin Tarantino)
2. The Revenant (Alejandro G. Inarritu)
3. Steve Jobs (Danny Boyle)
4. Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg)
5. Black Mass (Scott Cooper)
6. Sicario (Denis Villeneuve)
7. Carol (Todd Haynes)
8. The Danish Girl (Tom Hooper)
9. The Martian (Ridley Scott)
10. By the Sea (Angelina Jolie)
11. Joy (David O. Russell)
12. Everest (Baltasar Kormakur)
13. In the Heart of the Sea (Ron Howard)
14. Spotlight (Thomas McCarthy)
15. The Program (Stephen Frears)
16. Snowden (Oliver Stone)
17. Suffragette (Sarah Gavron)
18. Spectre (Sam Mendes)
19. Genius (Michael Grandage)
20. Burnt (John Wells)
21. Miles Ahead (Don Cheadle)
22. The Walk (Robert Zemeckis)
23. Youth (Paolo Sorrentino)
24. Freeheld (Peter Sollett)
25. Truth (James Vanderbilt)
26. Creed (Ryan Coogler)
27. Our Brand is Crisis (David Gordon Green)
28. Trumbo (Jay Roach)
29. Love & Mercy (Bill Pohlad)
30. 99 Homes (Ramin Bahrani)
31. Legend (Brian Helgeland)
32. A Bigger Splash (Luca Guadagnino)
33. Brooklyn (John Crowley)
34. Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller)
35. Inside Out (Ronaldo del Carmen & Pete Docter)
36. Pawn Sacrifice (Edward Zwick)
37. Beasts of No Nation (Cary J. Fukunaga)
38. Concussion (Peter Landesman)
39. The End of the Tour (James Ponsoldt)
40. Room (Lenny Abrahamson)
41. I Saw the Light (Marc Abraham)
42. MacBeth (Justin Kurzel)
43. Tulip Fever (Justin Chadwick)
44. Mr. Holmes (Bill Condon)
45. The Lobster (Yorgos Lanthimos)
46. Trainwreck (Judd Apatow)
47. Mississippi Grind (Anna Bowden & Rick Fleck)
48. The Last Face (Sean Penn)
49. Fathers and Daughters (Gabriele Muccino)
50. The 33 (Patricia Riggen)


How about A Little Chaos?


Tim, re: Mad Max. Your opinions place you in a tiny minority. Your entire post consists of your personal feelings which you claim to be ignoring.


Money Monster is being released in theaters in 2016.


"singer Miles Davis" really? Come on. You’ve got to be more culturally literate than that.


What about 99 Homes and Pawn Sacrifice?

Cameron Johnson

I think Star Wars 7 should be in the conversation. If it’s good, it could pull a LOTR or a Titianic. If it’s meh, then it’ll get nothing of course.


You obviously have not seen "LOVE & MERCY". It HAS to be in the top tier. And Paul Dano`s performance is nothing short of astonishing. Cusack gives his career best also. And then there`s Paul Giamatti.


How about Yorgos Lanthimos’ "The Lobster"?


singer miles davis?


Where’s The Lobster?? at least it has to be in the conversation.


Sicario is a safe bet, Brooklyn should be just in possible conversation and don’t think Son of Saul should be there, its foreign.

Michael Scott

Miles Davis? Singer????

Donald Clarke

"singer Miles Davis (Don Cheadle)" Surely some mistake.


Is it just me that thinks Pawn Sacrifice could be a sort of this year’s The Imitation Game?


What about "Love And Mercy"?


I don’t get Mad Max’s buzz. Even ignoring my own personal feelings about it, it doesn’t seem at all like the kind of movie the Academy would nominate for best picture. Does it tackle deep themes? No. Does it contain any interesting cinematography, editing, or filmmaking techniques that film buffs tend to enjoy? No. Is there a complex story being told? No. Are there complex characters? No. Is there some spectacular acting? No.

Yes, off-genre movies get nominated every once in a while, but Mad Max? I don’t see how it’s any more or less special than The Avengers or Kingsman.


The movie dope should be on the list. If not I’m not watching the Oscars.


we don’t know anything because it’s too early


"singer" Miles Davis?!


No mention at all of Love & Mercy?


What about Russell Crowe’s directorial debut, "The Water Diviner"???


The Revenant*


1. Carol
2. The Danish Girl
3. Brooklyn
4. Steve Jobs
5. The Reverant
6. The Hateful Eight
7. Black Mass
8. Sicario
9. Bridge of Spies
10. Suffragate
11. Mad Max: Fury Road
12. Inside Out
13. Joy
14. I Saw the Light
15. The Walk
16. Trumbo
17. Demolition
18. A bigger Splash
19. Freeheld
20. Beasts of No Nation
21. MacBeth
22. The Martian
23. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
24. Everest
25. Snowden
26. Me & Earl & The Dying Girl
27. Son of Saul
28. The Martian
29. Genius
30. The Light Between Oceans


Don’t forget Ex Machina


Inside Out could be nominated for Best Picture if the Oscars get their shit together and stops nominating forgettable sentimental crap.


The winner should be Inside Out or Mad Max: Fury Road, but alas, they will give it to Oscar bait again.


Will the Coens’ ‘Hail, Caesar!’ be shown in time for awards consideration?


my Early predictions for best picture are
Brooklyn, Carol, The Danish Girl, The Hateful Eight Inside Out, Joy, Me and Earl & The Dying Girl,The Revenant,Trumbo & The Walk.

Felipe Mejia

I think you have forgotten Macbeth..


@Johan: I think your list is spot on, particularly with JOY, Steve Jobs, The Revenant.


1.- Steve Jobs
2.- Joy
3.- The Danish Girl
4.- The Revenant
5.- The Hateful Eight
6.- Inside Out
7.- Bridge of Spies
8.- Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

J Hobbes

Miles Davis played the trumpet…astonishing mistake.


"…singer Miles Davis." Really? Come on.


The Assassin, at least for Best Foreign Language, possibly Best Picture.


Brett, the new Star Wars film is directed by JJ Abrams. There is no way on Earth it will be an Oscar contender. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Satan Joy

Ex Machina also deserves to be in this one, such a deft and spine-chilling sci-fi that tackles apparent issues and themes in our society, such as our inclination towards technology and women abuse. Though it’s definitely not as monumental and numinous as Under the Skin and the defining sci-fi chef d’oeuvre 2001: A Space Odyssey, still it’s pretty superlative compared to The Imitation Game or The Theory. When Marnie was There, a Ghibli film devoid of Ghibli innovations and Ghibli’s out-of-this-world journey towards the metaphysical world, but still rings the emotional resonance of its predecessors and triumphantly breathes with masterful storytelling and a profound, almost disturbing commentary on child abuse and bad parenting. The critics aren’t as vigorous as I am, but it’s austere serenity and honesty made When Marnie was There, simply deserving of a Best Picture nomination.

Satan Joy

The Revenant I’m 90% sure is a preeminent film by Iñarritu, so I think it’s a no-brainer. Mad Max Fury Road also deserves a spot for being the blistering fury of action, and a hell kind of motion picture in general—the cinematography, the score, the production design, the visual effects, the screenplay, the acting, the direction, were all first-rate tho there some minor faults here and there. It just left me breathless. I really do wish Snowden will be a Stone Renaissance, and display all his talents as a true filmmaker, that was profusely showcased on the last decades; I had a huge feeling that this would be the Zero Dark Thirty of the year. Joy seems to be a frail film compared to the rest, but it’s Russell. Carol and Brooklyn are the ones to beat, and I’m pretty much sure these are both fantastic when I finally see it. A fortuitous nomination for Saoirse Ronan’s exceptional art would boost Brooklyn. And C’mon Carol?! It was a gigantic hit in Cannes, plus it had Haynes and Blanchett. My body cannot wait for a Tarantino orgasm for The Hateful Eight, and this is a film that definitely would be a tattoo on the shallow minds of the Academys, the adroit critics, and the always available audience. That ensemble!!! Suffragette could be this year’s Les Miserables, or even better, Chicago, the eyes are on this one especially since the terrific Mulligan stars in this one.


Mad Max: Fury Road won’t get squat. Just like Furious 7, I know the reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. Sorry.


Okay I have not seen Fury Road but what is with all the buzz this movie has been getting? This doesn’t look ANYTHING like Oscar bait


no ex machina ?


No, Martin. I don’t think so. The Academy very rarely reaches that far back into the year. They have a strong preference for films released in the fall or later.


Maggie, The Hateful Eight, MMFR, Southpaw, Brooklyn, & possibly Ex Machina although that’s a huge LONG shot….


do you think they might consider ex machina?


Miles Davis was not a singer

Thomas Anderson

Miles Davis isn’t a singer….

Ion Porcu

Where the F*** is Scorsese’s Silence?


The End of the Tour should be up here!


Best Picture
– The Hateful Eight
– The Revenant
– Steve Jobs
– Joy
– The Danish Girl
– Mad Max: Fury Road
– MacBeth
– Bridge of Spies
– Brooklyn
– Either "Southpaw" or "Demolition"


"Joy" is my most anticipated…so, "Joy" for the win.



Jon Paul

What about Child 44?


Real good list I think. But The Danish Girl should be at the top.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inside Out and The Martian can all be eliminated even this early in the year. Give me a break.


One movie to remember is Silence – the new Martin Scorsese film. This sounds like it could be another nomination for him and the film.


Star Wars 7 in long shots for sure. I don’t see it happening but I think it could.


I think we are underestimating Sicario


The new Star Wars movie could be like the original, it belongs in longer shot but it should be up there for consideration


Bridge of Spies and St. James Place are the same movie.


You have Bridge of Spies and St. James Place. One that I see as a possible long shot is Sicario.

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