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2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

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Almost as confusing as its male counterpart (though not quite), best supporting actress seems like a wide open race at this point. Kate Winslet was always going to be a surefire nominee for her brilliant turn in “Steve Jobs,” but even with her surprise Globe win, this category is far from a done deal.

As expected, Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara landed where their studios wanted them, and both have strong critical support and rising star power the Academy may take not of, especially because Winslet is an Oscar-winning veteran with no shortage of nominations to her name.

The other two nominees, Jennifer Jason Leigh (“The Hateful Eight”) and Rachel McAdams (“Spotlight”), fit effortlessly into their ensemble, though Leigh’s ferocious turn has many pegging her as the category’s ultimate victor. For now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Below is Anne Thompson’s take on how things might shake down in the race for best supporting actress. Check out Thompson on Hollywood’s Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.


Jennifer Jason Leigh (“The Hateful Eight”) 
Rooney Mara (“Carol”)
Rachel McAdams (“Spotlight”)
Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”)
Kate Winslet (“Steve Jobs”)

Predicted Winner: Alicia Vikander
Potential Spoiler: Kate Winslet

WINNER: Alicia Vikander

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Truth Tea

@RADO wait what? You misunderstood, honey. I meant that she isn’t winning tonight, not that she isn’t ever going to win one. Check yourself booboo


I’m just happy that Kristen’s Stewart’s one note acting was snubbed again this year by every major award. She never belonged in the Oscar discussion and without her throwing a million dollars at her PR firm, she would never be mentioned at all. Sils Maria is playing on Showtime now, and everyone can see that she does her usual lip biting, hair flipping, heavy exhaling and fidgeting thru the whole film. There was no ACTING involved and the critics need to stop lunching with her publicist and grow a pair. Either Alicia, Rooney or Kate can act circles around her without even trying. Let this be the last year her paid for hype is lapped up by IndieWire and other media outlets.




"I can’t find some surprise win out of nowhere for the Oscar in her future" What is that supposed to mean? That she doesn’t stand a chance of winning an Oscar in the future? What planet are you from? She is a great actress, I don’t know what you’re bubbling about…


Rooney was good, but sadly she’s faded into the background and I can’t find some surprise win out of nowhere for the Oscar in her future.

Truth Tea

ALSO, Kate won the Golden Globe in a performance against Vikander in Ex Machina, so I don’t even think it should count for consideration…


I think Alicia’s taking it. I mean, she won the SAG and that’s the number one indicator of who wins the Oscar. Despite Winslet winning the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, I don’t think Oscar will pick her. Look at lawrence vs Nyongo. Golden Globes + BAFTA went for Lawrence; SAG for Nyong’o. Look who went away with gold.


I so very much agree with you @Lauren! Even though I would be marvelled to see Rooney winning, I preffer to have the extraordinary as two-time Oscar winner.

Because category fraud is really ridiculous and the Academy members must use the good sense and give the Oscar for one of those three real supporting actresses.

FOR VIKANDER AND MARA stans: Is that hard to admit how talented they both are?

Rooney in the view of many(and mine) give a far better performance than Vikaner in Danish. But Vikander as AVA was mindblowing and brilliant in a real supporting performance. To be honest I’d rather have Vikander as Leading for Danisg Girl, instead of Jennifer Lawrence for Joy.


@Lauren Completely agree with you. I also mentioned this before, category fraud should be addressed as much as all the other problems within the Academy and the industry such as lack of diversity of any kind, gender, race, age etc. I can’t imagine how they are going to make a fool of themselves by going along with this… They can still mend things by choosing a winner from the three honest supporting entries. Though, they could have penalized this before the nominations..


The fact of the matter is neither Rooney nor Alicia should be in this category, period, and it would be nice if while the Academy is addressing the diversity challenges within its voting body they also ban studios from deciding which category to put their actors in. Sometimes it’s debatable whether an actress was leading or supporting, but in this case it’s pretty obvious both of them should have been among the Leading Actress nominees (not to mention that would’ve made the category far more interesting this year). But instead, Rooney was put in supporting not to compete with Cate Blanchett and Alicia was simply put here to have a better chance. While they both gave great performances, the category fraud is a disgrace on both their films’ studios and THAT should be addressed before arguing over which of them should win the Oscar. I’m personally rooting for Kate Winslet because she not only gave a great performance but is in the correct category as well!


From their body of work, Rooney can play any part. She’s already played the innocent sweet girl in "her" and ""social network" and in contrast played "the girl with dragon tattoo". Can Alicia Vikander pull that off? Any actress can play the Danish girl and get nominated.


Alicia is the "it girl" which is not oscar material, she’s already doing movies like bourne and rooney is doing a terrence malick film. You see now who’s worthy of the oscar. She did cry in danish girl and rooney cried on the train back home when she leaves carols house, which was more realistic.


Man, the only one with angry voice here is those hardcore Alicia stans. Look at many comments in here agreed that all she has done was crying to force that emotion in Danish Girl. What Rooney did takes a great deal of talent and it’s difficult to pull emotion strings without a single tear or pouty face. And no, I’m not even Rooney’s fan, but it’s not that hard to differentiate Rooney’s upper league with the "I’m so it girl" Alicia.


It must be either Rooney or Kate, then JJL for obvious reasons of outstanding performances.

On another note, there’s some serious strong campaigning for Vikander, using everything they could of course, from the misguided skin color to food-interest to the narrative of oh-so-private-relationship. The more they do those things the more people thrown off by her profile. Her performance in DG was already average enough, in which people could easily see if ever she wins oscar for that then that would be typical oscar. Then pushing those trashy materials on the media for marketing agendas, oh those were soooo off.


@ Braulio You have no idea what subtlety means… You have no idea how difficult it is to be so subdued in your emotions as an actor. The whole point of acting is to not overdo it, to keep it simple because that’s what we do in real life, we censor ourselves. We never cry easily, we never open easily. And the glimpses that come through are the real deal…


Rooney’s stans are really angry. Poor things! In which planet Alicia only cried in The danish girl? Her performance was so porwerful and great. Rooney was great in Carol, but it’s not all about looking at the person you "love" and blush. It’s all she did in Carol.


Hmm, I am not so sure who will win. Winslet seems to rise in predictions. Nothing is a safe bet at the moment.


But Alicia will win the Oscar because thats what the academy likes. Women supporting their husband/bf.


I agree with Jason. Rooney deserves the Oscar. If you look at the movies she’s done, she’s played every character to perfection. Therese in carol and Lisbeth in girl with dragon tattoo are polar opposite and yet she received an Oscar nominee for both. Top directors – David fincher, Terrence malice and Todd Haynes all want to work with her for a reason. I don’t hate Alicia but she’s new and in Danish girl all she did was cry. I can see any actress playing that part well.


the danish girl and steve jobs are not movies you look back years later and say – wow that was a really good movie. when you watch audrey hepburns roman holiday even today you say she deserves an oscar cause its a simple yet classic film.


kate winslet won bafta cause its the british academy award and they are going to make their people a priority! the academy needs to realize that and give the americans awards – whether black or gay. as for alicia vikander – i watched the danish girl and tbh, i dont see what sag or cca voters saw in her character. rooney mara won the best actress at cannes and its clear she should win the supporting. if you look at the most prestigious awards in the world, its the oscar, cannes and then the baftas!


i was shocked when kate winslet won bafta. she is a great actress but her role wasnt as great as the other actress’ in the same category. i loved kristen stewart in sils maria and she shouldve been nominated for an oscar. the academy should nominate movies that have been made without any technicalities and vfx. ive read that revenant was shot in natural light so it should receive bp.




@Marion I agree with you. I think more discussion should be made about this category fraud injustice. Why is everyone shutting up? I hate injustice to begin with. It doesn’t matter how good Rooney or Alicia are, it’s a cheat and a very blatant one. I suppose studies are doing everything they can to suppress any possible it riot on this.


Is The Danish Girl winning all the awards? You have a problem with quantity. Rooney won the highest prize in Cannes already, nothing more to be said. Apparently, the Cannes jury and audiences which I consider to be more of a barometer when it comes to cinema than the American ones, were highly impressed. On the other hand, Kate Winslet or Jennifer Leigh should win since they are the strongest HONEST supporting entries. Rachel’s part is not so consistent. Rooney and Alicia shouldn’t be in this category in the first place..

ray devey

its gotta be Kate Winslet


Wow, Rooney stans are really bitter. But the fact is that Vikander has already demonstrated her range, she doesn’t just cry through one film. She imbued more emotion in as a robot in Ex Machina than Kristen Stewart did in her last ten films. Vikander is unlimited as an actress and has given more than one extraordinary performance in the past year. She doesn’t need to prove anything else in order to win. She’s been impressive for years. She was outstanding in Testament of Youth. Rooney is going to need to do more than make eyes at someone in order to win. And I understand that a role doesn’t need dialog to be special, but the actress does need to convey their emotions to the audience, and unfortunately, many audiences were not touched by her performance or by Blanchett’s. If you went in determined to love Carol, you loved it. If you went in neutral and left the film unfold naturally, you were left disconnected and not impressed. And that’s why it’s not winning all the awards. The film didn’t live up to the hype.


I really want Rooney Mara to win, I’m in love with Alicia Vikander, I think she should’ve been double nominee this year (her performance in Danish would be in Leading and her much more interesting Ex-Machina performance in supporting).

The point is that Rooney’s performance was really next level, she took my heart as Therese, a beautiful subtle performance that I couldn’t even know she was able to do.

I’m rooting for Rooney or Kate Winslet, because I do agree with the fact that academy should ignore Vikander and Mara and award a SUPPORTING performance. But, my heart really wants Rooney to win and that’s I hope to happen.


First of all, I think it is not fair for leading performances to be placed into supporting. Why isn’t there an outcry on this?What is this, this is totally disrespectful to all involved actresses and it discredits the Academy, it makes them look like can do whatever they want with no rules whatsoever. The category fraud trivializes the awards and makes them less valid. Nobody can take this seriously anymore. It is a mockery to supporting actresses who did a very good job and they didn’t get a spot in and to those who did get a spot in but will be ‘ilegally’ crushed by the leading ones UNLESS the Academy voters have enough decency, respect to penalize the faults and go on choosing a winner from the ‘honest’ entries.


Can you please stop amassing her films this year and use this as a lame argument for her to get the Oscar. We are talking about the film which she is nominated for, get that in your silly head. Only that matters. Not the horrible confusing accents she used in the Man from Uncle or the 1 minute cameo in Burnt or any other films she might have done.


@SNAP Clearly your knowledge of cinema, and brilliant interpretations or any other superior form of art must be very poor. You don’t need a lot of words, noise, tears to create a piece of art. It’s not about how many tools you use, it’s their quality. So please stop using arguments like crying your guts out for the entire film as viable reasons for her to receive a higher honour. Oscars have become a joke for some time now…


at this point almost everyone knows that Oscar does not always equal to great performances, while Cannes is indeed the epitome of cinema. That says a lot about Rooney, and pointed out that Vikander needs more films to consider herself at Rooney’s league. Vikander can have the Oscar, but the fact that Rooney or Winslet deserves it more than her can’t be denied.


Is that you, Alicia? Sounds a lot like someone who hasnt been watching many movies other than Alicia’s. I’m not a Rooney fan, but I’ve watched movies and clearly saw the different between Rooney’s league and Vikander’s. As I scrolled up a bit, I don’t see anyone belittle SAG. Fact is, Cannes Best Actress is more of a prestigious recognition than SAG. Rooney won Cannes and Vikander won SAG pretty much differentiate versatile talent (Rooney) and "at the moment" talent or as some would say "IT GIRL" (Vikander). Alicia won and ATTENDS (as she obviously has to promote and marketing herself) in every single awards no matter major/minor. Vikander cries in almost 3/4 of Danish Girl which everyone agreed that would be the ticket, an obvious dramatic turn as any actress has been able to do. The fact that only "stand and moon over" could get Rooney many rave reviews said loud of her unique talent. Have a break, Alicia stans, not everyone like her performance as much as Rooney’s. It’s not throwing shade whatsoever, it’s a matter of taste. Even if she won Oscar, only time will tell if she has any versatile quality.


I’m really tired of Rooney fans trying to shade Alicia Vidkander. In what universe is the SAG Award considered a "minor" award? Many actors say it’s THE most important award. It’s nominated by their peers, it shows respect and admiration, and they don’t have to mount a big campaign for it the way they do for the Oscars, which are much more political because of the input from the studios. Alicia hasn’t won ANY minor awards, and frankly, she acted circles around Rooney who only had to stand and moon over Cate Balanchett. She didn’t even have to learn dialog. Anyone could have played her part, it wasn’t that demanding. Alicia turned in two extraordinary performances that showed range, and that is why she will win the Oscar.


As it happened before, if someone gets the Oscar and they don’t deserve it, it will make them sink. Look at Gwen Paltrow’s undeserving win for Shakespeare in Love, general consensus was Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth was supposed to take it. Time will tell..


The number of awards is not important, it is their quality. Rooney received the Cannes, the amazing best actress prize, the epitome in cinema. So it really doesn’t matter how many low profile awards Alicia got… I am happy to see other people think Rooney was phenomenal and unforgettable. I generally don’t regard sudden rises as a good omen. Explosions don’t last. And Alicia’s growth especially in the light of her aggressive marketing campaign is not organic at all. And then I also hate this silly tricks they are using, creating controversy around her skin to keep people guessing and interested.


The people from 9 months ago who said Kristen Stewart had no chance were right. Just read all the comments, and they nailed it. She was snubbed by the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, the BAFTA’s and the Critics Choice Awards. She never should have been included in the discussion at all, and if she didn’t have such an aggressive PR rep, only her stans would even think of her. She’s made a string of flop indies since the Twi franchise ended, she’s not in the same league as Alicia Vikander, Rooney Mara, Saoirise Ronan, or Jennifer Lawrence. Stop buying into the hype and focus on the actresses who deserve attention for their talent.


I actually think Kate Winslet might walk away with the Oscar especially if she wins the BAFTA this weekend.


Lol at those hardcore screamers of "Alicia is talented", there must be some dollars coming their way from Harvey Weinstein to promote his so-called IT girl of last year. Even if Rooney go home with Oscar, that would be just another little cupcake for her. Oscar = the cupcake for Rooney that would mean the world for Alicia. Alicia has been talking bout Oscar since 2013 without even being asked. Having earned Cannes Best Actress Award has legitimate Rooney’s talent, and the world knows it.


What is it with people who’s rooting for Vikander always called those who’s not on her side as "Alicia’s haters" or underestimate her talent? It’s as simple as she is not winning everyone’s heart. From the way people commented, it’s clear that her so-called talent is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when the race in the category were superb-packed. When someone doesn’t stand on her side, that means other performances were more captivating than hers. It isn’t about hating or loving. I personally picked Rooney or Winslet, or even Jennifer Jason Leigh, for obvious reason that they’ve done unique performances in the movie. I’m not even gonna call them more talented than Alicia, although it’s obvious. I don’t hate Alicia, but for me her performance in Danish Girl is just average. Not hating her doesn’t mean I agree that she deserves the Oscar. And vice versa, not rooting for her at Oscar doesn’t mean I hate her.


I wanna make this clear, I don’t hate Rooney Mara at all, but you guys really get on my nerves. I think Rooney’s truly a great actress, but I don’t like at all that you are trying to underestimate Alicia’s talent, she offered an incredible performance in The danish girl, it was just as great as her performance in Ex Machina. The truth is that she amazed the critics as she’s won 16 prizes for her performance in Ex Machina. Rooney has only won 4. Does that tell you all something? Alicia had an incredible year and she deserves the Oscar for two great performances, not just one like Rooney.


I love you Alicia’s haters! She’s gonna win the Oscar. Rooney, well, she’ll leave the ceremony empty-handed. Hahaha


Alicia Vikander is a superb, talented actress, and while she may have been in a "dull" film her performance certainly was not. I think her nomination (and Eddie Redmayne’s as well) was justified. And it’s true that the bolder, showier performances tend to win more often than the more subtle ones-after all that’s why Anne Hathaway, Lupita Nyong’o, and Patricia Arquette won this category in the years past. That’s not to say someone else should have won instead-it’s just the way Academy voters perceive the winner. This is going to be an interesting race no matter who ultimately wins, but I don’t think any actress should be discounted or called pathetic because she played the role as dramatic and emotional as the script intended.


Rooney for the win! What she did in Carol has never been done before by anyone. Meanwhile, Vikander’s tons of crying scene is simply predictable as many people already said it, and it would be indeed pathetic if Oscar goes only for that crying-load profile. Saying that Rooney didn’t amaze anyone is exactly sounds like someone who’s just started watching movie in the past what 2 years when Vikander just started adding stuff to her cv, which is not even reach Rooney’s level.


Hahaha seriously the guy is talking about haters? Say that Rooney Mara didn’t amaze anyone is truly like being without internet for months, not only critics and audiences around the world, but Cannes is really important to anyone who works with movies, that was a beautiful recognition. I like Alicia, but that Oscar is going to be pathetic.


Alicia’s performance was far better than Rooney’s. Deal with it haters, Rooney didn’t amaze anyone with her performance, so forgettable,Alicia shined like no one in The danish girl. She’s gonna win the Oscar, that’s for sure.


Glad to see that I’m not the only one who think Alicia Vikander was simply predictable and forgettable in The Danish Girl (Actually I’ve already heard similar stuff from friends). Loved Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kate Winslet, but Rooney Mara was beyond words.

Erika W

Seriously, any award that you need to campaign really hard to get in can’t be considered a "Best Performance Meter" or anything. Oscar is all glamour and that’s it. Alicia did the right thing, cried a lot, and that’s how people get oscars mostly. Rooney will kept happily her Cannes Best Actress Award (plus I believe there is nothing in terms of cinema more prestigious than that), and will not be easy, at least for me, to forget her performance. Cheers.


@Leticia I agree. Academy voters rarely recognize subtle performances. I don’t know why, it must be the american perception. Europeans think differently and she was naturalistic, real, no unnecessary fidgeting or exaggerated mannerisms. True acting! Apparently, crying your guts out, playing handicapped, losing extreme weight or doing something boisterous will get their attention.


Now this is something that is completely up in the air.


Rooney Mara made the most beautiful performance of the year, with no scandal crying scene and yet powerful and heartbreaking. Academy usually ignore this kind of performance, so we can expect an injustice right here.


Should win: Rooney Mara (Carol) Shoulda been here: Mya Taylor (Tangerine). Should not have been here: Rooney Mara (Carol) and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) because they were leads.


Stewart is of course amazing and brilliant actress.
She’s not so playback like other actresses and I see it likeridiculous, completely funny when I watch JLaw or Vikander.
Stewart has the gorgeous subtlety and sensitivity, and she merges with her figure and she is pleasant to watch. Her lack of support in the US is so obvious she does not have a team that would fight for her. What a shame.


Who will win: Rooney Mara
Who could win: Alicia Vikander
Who should win: Rooney Mara (please)

Laura Antunes

Jason Leigh was remarkable, but Rooney was alongside Cate Blanchett the best actress of the year, and gave for sure one of the most precise and delicate performances of the decade. Vikander winning here is the biggest disaster ever, she is a fine actress in a disappointing dull film, her acting in ex-machina is much more interesting and if Academy choose her it will be a disrespect with all these actresses.


Rooney Mara is the best. I still have hopes…

Michael Patterson

I thought it was a shame Kirsten Stewart was not nominated. She played an administrative assistant and brought just the right amounts of detachment and cool to the part. I can see the character she created negotiating out sticky situations on her boss’ behalf. As for who was nominated, Mara was good but not award worthy like she was in "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Vikander would be an acceptable alternative to win the award. But if Jennifer Jason Leigh wins I will jump off my sofa, scream and praise the lord. She has always been one of my favorites and I am glad that she has a great part in a mainstream(?) film that does her justice. She probably won’t win but…

Tomas Zelenka

My guess is that Jennifer Jason Leigh is going to surprise in this category. She has the most "showy" performance plus she transforfed, it was a comeback and she worked for a long time in the industry. Academy loves those kind of performances. I also feel like the frontrunners are too similar in their performances and only Jennifer stands out.


Kate Winslet for her second statuette. (y)


Alicia Vikander for the win!!!!

Luis Mendoza

Rooney Mara will win!!!


" Her affair with a married director embarrassed the
whole industry"
what the hel l ? How old are you? 16?
It’s about acting darling,not personal things


Stergios and Adrian are complete morons.


WHO collectively, not which. Does no one proof this stuff?


What about Vikander for "Ex Machina"? She already has supporting nods for that role from the Golden Globes, BAFTA. I think it’s much more likely she will be recognised for that role in supporting, and very likely for lead in "The Danish Girl". Hope so anyway – she’s had an incredible year


My Final Prediction.. I Hope the nominees will be. 1. ALICIA VIKANDER for Ex-Machina or The Danish Girl, 2.JENNIFER JASON LEIGH for The Hateful Eight, 3. MARION COTILLARD for Macbeth, 4. KATE WINSLET for STEVE JOBS, 5. HELENA BONHAM CARTER for Suffragette.


It’s hard to choose between Jennifer and Rooney, I think Winslet has no chance , despite Golden Globe win. I bet for Rooney, as Jennifer’s performance is too violent for an Oscar and she’s too indie.


Marion Cotillard needs to be in those five names. A stunning performance. I am really surprised no one is mentioning her here….


I Hope the nominees will be 1. Alicia Vikander for THE DANISH GIRL or EX-MACHINA. 2. Jennifer Jason Leigh for THE HATEFUL EIGHT. 3. Kate Winslet for STEVE JOBS. 4.Hellen Mirren for TRUMBO. 5.Helena Bonham Carter for SUFFRAGETTE.


I disagree. Room is an excellent story with a low budget and it isn’t going to break even. Yet, the actors deserve the awards. Truly, Oscar worthy movies are not representative of box office success. I understand that you aren’t a fan of this actress, but, I really doubt you have seen all of her films and are judging her "range" accurately. Kate Winslet plays herself just like Kristen does. You just like Kate better. Understood.


Kristen has recently gotten some impressive recognitions from the New York and Boston critics and she deserves to be finally nominated.

Daniele Roma

Mara will go for the supporting nod . I believe that Kristen could be a last minute surprise for "Sils Maria"


I’ve seen most of Kristen’s films and the roles she pick are similar in that they all require limited emotions in her face especially….those are her roles. Obviously these directors know exactly what they need and want from her…I just don’t understand why we criticize that. Let’s take Jodie Foster for example I used to wonder why my mom loved her acting when she had no change in her expressions in any of her movies, but she’s an Oscar winner.


My top 3 would have to be Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kristen Stewart, Alicia Vikander (for ex machina).

Ian Elrick

I dont think she should win but Cynthia Nixon was very good in James White.

ian elrick

Clearly people want something different out of actors cause I thought Tessa Thompson was AWESOME in Creed. She’s my pick.


Personally I thought Vikander’s performance in Ex Machina was deeply misguided, but I don’t know if that’s her fault or the director’s. She was far too robotic. (And yes, I know she was playing a robot. But given the story, she should not have SEEMED robotic.)

Brian in Torrance

Alicia Vikander’s role in Ex Machina was not a "supporting" role. Her masterful performance is the essence of the movie; it’s why the movie works as a chilling vision of the future of AI. Both the male actors played "supporting" roles.


Me again, Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina is my front runner


I will actually riot if she gets nominated this year.


The fact that you think Rachael McAdams is even a contender here, haunts me. When I saw Spotlight, she felt more like a background character. She’s not even that good of an actress.


Olivia Cooke for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl? Not even a chance?


Joanna i agree with you i think she is an amazing actress the oscar is totally hers


Well i think Kristen Stewart is an amazinng actress and cesar award is just the beginning i think oscar is Kristen Stewart’s . Kristen Stewart was always a talented actress may be many of you disagree but this is the truth she worths this oscar.


I saw Carol last night & there’s no way you could consider Rooney Mara for supporting. She’s in nearly every frame of the film and probably has more screen time than Cate Blanchett. It’s a great performance but Blanchett is better and more showy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t nominated at all.


Alicia Vikander is the frontrunner in this category with her performance in Ex Machina. She should win for either, Ex Machina or The danish girl. She already won 12 prizes, 10 for Ex Machina and 2 for The danish girl and Rooney Mara only won 3. She had a stellar year and she did a better job that Rooney Mara imo.

Pamela levy

jennifer Jason Leigh kills it and deserves the award ! She is the real deal


After finally seeing The Danish Girl it’s an absolute travesty that Alicia Vikander is in this category… What a joke. How is she not the lead actress. Category fraud is getting worse and worse every year. Same with Mara… She and Blanchett are pretty much co leads. It’s kinda embarrassing. Vikander for sure should be in lead


I think Jennifer Jason Leigh might have this in the bag based on the critics awards she’s been scooping up this season But Rooney Mara is a sure thing if the category confusion ends. The supporting categories are tough to call this year.

Michael B

Another over-crowded category, filled with real possibilities. Let’s begin by eliminating Kristen Stewart from the conversation. I’ll agree that she has improved marginally over the years, but she is stiff and wooden and without warmth or emotion. But, to the topic at hand: Rooney Mara, Kate Winslet, Alicia Vikander, Helen Mirren (since she won’t get a nom for Woman in Gold). I sure would love to see Jane Fonda back in an Oscar race! God only knows what will happen if the voters promote Rooney Mara and/or Alicia Vikander to Best Actress. That would mess-up 2 categories.




I’m rooting for ALICIA VIKANDER for THE DANISH GIRL and EX-MACHINA, but I would like her to win for EX-MACHINA!

Kenny Carrillo

@Elle, I must admit, I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies, but Clouds of Sils Maria is one of the best movies of the year, one filled with great performances, including Kristen Stewart. Whether or not "the important ones" nominate her, it’s undeniably her best performance to date, and is one of the best performances of the year. (yes she’s had other great roles, Camp X-Ray?!?)


are you sure kate wont win the oscar??ridiculous

she win the oscar this season..strong character so far…great scrip than rooney or JJL


Alicia Vikander should be the obvious winner here for either The Danish Girl or Ex Machina, the other nominees are terrific but Alicia is my favorite. I do have a feeling she won’t win :-/


I’ve also been under-impressed with Kristen Stewart’s acting but admittedly haven’t seen her latest movies. And if she’s considered the "Best" in a supporting role for 2015, so be it! It doesn’t matter if her previous performances were lackluster ~ it’s what considered "Best" for the calendar year. Strange that no mention of Alicia Vikander in the wonderful "Testament of Youth" released earlier this year; here’s hoping she’ll be recognised in "Best Actress" category for that one.


And…here they are again! The annoying Twilight fans. Seriously get a life! That girl’s acting sucks, don’t even compare to Lawrence, who is flawless in everything she does. And Joy was not very well received but Jennifer’s performance was praised by everyone, she got nominated for a GG and the Critics Choice. Stewart? NONE of the important ones. So… Bye.


Vamos por un Oscar Kristen Stewart!!! :D
Clouds of sils Maria es una fantástica película y para muchos críticos es la mejor película del año


Kristen Stewart merece una nominación al Oscar ella es fantástica.


Kristen Stewart se merece una nominacion, ustedes idiotas la critican por su vida privada y por twilight. Ella ha mejorado muchísimo y esa actuación no fue sobrevalorada, fue fantástica y ella es seria ¿Qué querían? Que en toda la película pasará haciendo muecas??? Que tiene que ver Lawrence con kristen??? No sean tan patéticos de comparar. Les recuerdo que hasta ahora kristen tiene más buenas críticas que la película de Jennifer que fue un fracaso en críticas, solo digo esto porque es absurdo que miren inferior a kristen Stewart cuando ella es una excelente actriz y si tiene posibilidades a un Oscar y ustedes que??? Sólo publican tonterías en esta página.
I love kristen Stewart she is amazing and the best actress.


I think its a bit of an exaggeration to say that the critics unanimously went for Stewart.She got NY and Boston; LA, Toronto, Detroit, and DC went for Vikander; San Francisco went for Mya Taylor. And Stewart didn’t even get a nom for Critics Choice. She’s in the running for San Diego, Chicago and St. Louis but Vikander seems to have grabbed the momentum at this point.


Please, please, stop already with the freaking Stewart! I’d bet anything that if she hadn’t had won the César, nobody would even talk about her performance. Not to mention that she obviously won because otherwise no one outside France would talk about those awards. Also, she was the first American woman to win, not the first American, Adrien Brody won one in 2003, ok?
That said, if by any remote chance they were crazy enough to nominate her for an Oscar, this whole thing would be a joke, I mean, come on!! My dog has more expressions than her, she plays the same person over and over again (hair touching, lip biting, mumbling words and looking pissed). If that’s award worthy…
Leaving the KS thing apart, I think Mara will most likely end up in this category and will win, we all know the Weinsteins always have their way. It’s a shame too not seeing any recognition towards Blunt or Theron.


Actually, on my list above, I should replace Ladd with Rachel Weisz (Youth). That makes a bit more sense, at least.


Aw, disappointed not to see the full list of 20. Even if it’s just fluff, I would probably add the following myself: 16) Marion Cotillard (Macbeth); 17) Isabella Rossellini (Joy); 18) Diane Ladd (Joy); 19) Sarah Paulson (Carol); 20) Julianne Nicholson (Black Mass). Yes, all are a huge stretch, with only Cotillard having any feasible, theoretical potential. Surprised how vacant it is, honestly. Meanwhile, you could name another 5 who’ve generated some kind of buzz for Supporting Actor. I wish the Academy would increase the # of nominees for acting. I would probably choose 10 just because there are such a wealth of choices and yet it’ll STILL result in omissions. (But potentially, foreign language performances would fare better than they currently do.)

Daniella Isaacs

It’s possible Kristen Stewart will squeak by with a nomination based on sympathy she could get over having to suffer from the all the idiot haters online. (What’s that all about? Ingrid Bergman had an affair with a married man in the late 40s and Hollywood got over it. It’s not uncommon.) After everyone ridiculed Marisa Tomei for her "fluke" win for Best Supporting Actress she was nominated two more times–almost an "F*** you" to her haters. My theory is she seems smart and like someone who doesn’t present herself as a sex object, even though she’s young and attractive. Hence the hate.


Also- what happened to Emily Blunt for Sicario?


Thank you so much Stergios for saying it perfectly! Kristen Stewart is one of those actresses that you know isn’t very good but you watch anyway. I can’t place why (and occasionally she can be better, occasionally), but she draws you in with her twitchy mannerisms, and her "feeling face" as I like to call it. It’s sometimes so bad that it somehow becomes entertaining. Like the blockbuster that’s hollow, but you are enthralled regardless. If she was to be nominated for an Oscar I think I would officially lose hope in the system (almost did when Boyhood didn’t win, not to say Birdman wasn’t worthy, but c’mon).
Moving on from that I like the nominations mostly, though I would love it if Vikander was nominated for Ex-Machina because she was incredible in the film and it was one of my favorites – at least earlier in the year- prior to the onslaught of Oscar contenders. We shall see.
I know it’s best leading- but I hope Brie Larson wins. She’s mesmerizing, and sometimes – no matter how incredible they are- seeing the same faces win or be nominated, can get tiring.


Rachel Weisz anyone? She was perfection.


Correcting myself – Kristen was the first American in 30 years to be nominated. She is the first American to win it.


Adrian: Are you really serious? You think Rupert Sanders’ pursuit of Kristen and her indiscretion of 7 MINUTES DURATION!!(Even both families said it wasn’t ongoing and was literally "momentary.) is going to get in the way of a reward? Do you have an idea of how many much more extreme infidelities are ongoing in the film industry? Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston when he cheated with Angelina Jolie during Mr. and Mrs. Smith and it hardly damaged either one of their careers.

Stergios: Jennifer Lawrence is "meh" at best while Kristen played a variety of types of characters. Sing their praises all you like but the fact still remains that Kristen Stewart is the first American actress to be nominated for that award and the ONLY American actress to ever win the Cesar – France’s equivalent to the Oscars.


1. Kate Winslet, "Steve Jobs"
2. Alicia Vikander, "The Danish Girl"
3. Rooney Mara, "Carol"
4. Rachel McAdams, "Spotlight"
5. Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The Hateful Eight"

will win: Rooney Mara, "Carol"
should win: Alicia Vikander, "The Danish Girl"
should be nominated: Joan Allen, "Room"


Marion Cotillard! Girl was out of this world as Lady Macbeth!




Freaking keyboard! *being considered
*to say. Last comment I swear hahaha


*I pressed sent by accident haha
What I wanted yo say is: stop, you’re not being objective. That’s all.


All the buzz about Stewart is starting to get absurd. She was FINE, just fine in COSM. I’m not a hater, I think I’ve seen almost all of her movies, she was a great child actress (Panic Room, Fierce People) but then she ruined herself. To see her getting critics awards and Oscar consideration is outrageous. Just look at the other great actresses, and more who are not even been considered, like Emily Blunt in Sicario.
And to all of the crazy Twilight, just stop, really, you’re not

Kenny Carrillo

Oh my. I really do wish that Kristen Stewart gets some love for her performance in Clouds of Sils Maria, she was phenomenal in it, and despite what others say I do see that she is a great actress. As for Rooney Mara, I really hope she wins this category, but Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Jason Leigh have great performances as well.


What about Cote de Pablo in The 33? Fantastic performance.


@ ALFI Couldn’t possibly agree more with you.


i really wonder what will happen with mara and vikander. i mean yeah maybe for screen time it could be more leading but i would be really disappointed if the 2 didnt get nominated at all because the leading actresses already have their top 5. they are both amazing in their roles and deserve to get nominated! this kirsten stewart situation is quite suspect to me…it`s like jennifer aniston last year and all the nominations she got like how did that happen?? she wasnt that great in cake at all. honestly who paid for those nominations?? i am active on 3 movie fan forums and their are literally no people that think those actresses are good. like none. why do critics think they are? really suspect if you ask me…


Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to….!! No DOUBT! Rooney Mara :)


Julia Robert ended up in supporting category in August Osage County, I think Rooney and Alicia could ended up in this category.


If we’re going to consider screen time appearance of an actor, no doubt Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara are lead actresses. They both deserve attention in lead category than supporting. Now, if this is gonna happen, it leaves as spaces in the supporting role. I do think Jane Fonda is worth it in her cameo in Youth, given that more or less five minutes on screen she has given a bravura performance. But it is between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kate Winslet to have the battle on who should take home the coveted golden statuette. Leigh has never been nominated yet and with the span of her career ,she has given great perfomances and with her performance in The Hateful Eight she truly deserves the attention; however, she would be competing against Kate Winslet ,who is not just an ordinary actress but rather one of the best actresses in the industry. With Winslet’s oscar record- 6 nominations , 1 win, and with her acclaimed performance as Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs , this would probably the battle between the two.


If we’re going to consider screen time appearance of an actor, no doubt Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara are lead actresses. They both deserve attention in lead category than supporting. Now, if this is gonna happen, it leaves as spaces in the supporting role. I do think Jane Fonda is worth it in her cameo in Youth, given that more or less five minutes on screen she has given a bravura performance. But it is between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kate Winslet to have the battle on who should take home the coveted golden statuette. Leigh has never been nominated yet and with the span of her career ,she has given great perfomances and with her performance in The Hateful Eight she truly deserves the attention; however, she would be competing against Kate Winslet ,who is not just an ordinary actress but rather one of the best actresses in the industry. With Winslet’s oscar record- 6 nominations , 1 win, and with her acclaimed performance as Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs , this would probably the battle between the two.


Headline is not fitting any more.


Stewart is fine. She’s great in the movie, but I wouldn’t say it’s an Oscar caliber performance. I’m surprised a lot of people are considering her for a nomination to be honest. This is like Emma Stone’s nomination for Birdman, she had one great scene but that’s it.


It’s "Alicia Vikander". You managed to spell it wrong twice two different ways in this article.

kevin Alexander

Academy members must consider Jennifer Jason Leigh distinguished body of work which spans at least two decades of inspiring performances to people everywhere and particularly generations of actresses and yet has never being recognized by her peers. Oscar is overdue

kevin Alexander

Academy members must consider Jennifer Jason Leigh. She has had an incredible career in the movie business spanning a couple of generations but has never being recognized by her peers

Kevin Alexander



if vikander and mara are out i truly hope that weisz and julie walters take their place. i think they would deserve it! i am not sold on rachel mcadams yet. i can`t think of any role were she was truly outstanding. she isn`t bad but in my opinion can`t keep up with the other predicted ones. same goes to elizabeth banks but i must admit she was really good in love and mercy. she really won me over with that performance. no never to kirsten stewart. hellen mirren and marion cotillard were as amazing as always. didn`t see the other performances. but my guess for the winner is kate winslet.


I bet for Kate Winslet. Her performance as JH in Steve Jobs is truly amazing. Hoping for her 7th nomination and hopefully her second win if JJL won’t provide us a terrific performance in The Hateful Eight.

Dax Spencer

Elizabeth Banks for Love and Mercy was amazing. I think she will win.


@Kenny my thoughts exactly. SAG will probably determine Mara and Vikanders fates. But doubt AMPAS will let the globes make their decision for them. Steve Carrell should have been supporting last year. Believe he was Bafta nominated in supporting. Don’t remember for sure though.


Also, I just read that the HFPA will will not accept the campaigns for Mara and Vikander, and will place them in the lead category, if they’re deemed worthy enough. It’ll be interesting how that works out, and whether or not it’ll affect the academy’s choices (probably not). Guess we’ll see what the SAG and BAFTA awards have in store.


I really do think there should be more buzz around Kristen Stewart for ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’. It really is one of the finest supporting performances I’ve seen this year.


It’ll be interesting to see which way the Academy goes after Mara and Vikander were deemed leads by HFPA. I know the globes are irrelevant to a point but I think it’s interesting none the less. I enjoyed Love & Mercy very much but I’m surprised you have her as high as you do. The always great Rachel Wiesz was terrific in Youth and I think she’ll be in the conversation.


Jennifer Jason Leigh, please. It’s her comeback year with The Hateful Eight and Anomalisa.


Stergios, marry me! ��


Kristen stewart for supporting actress.


Kristen stewart, for best supporting actress.


What about Emily Blunt in "Sicario"?


@RAM yeah i noticed that too. it`s not like her name is that difficult. really weird.
i would love for jane fonda to win but i don`t think she will :-( it will be Mara or vikander. I suggest that people just ignore the kristin stewart fans they are an all around unpleasant fandom. they are incredibly mean and rude and i really don`t want them to spread that on movie sites as well…


Seriously? I’ve been checking your page for months and you never got Alicia Vikander’s last name right! You even manage to get it wrong twice in one article.

Anyway. I hope Vikander and Mara get nominated in this category.


Trying to sabotage Kristen Stewart? Because academy members read this and base their votes on comments? LMAO. Really wish the K stew fangirls would stay away from legitimate discussions.




Kristen Stewart was amazing in "Still Alice", but she was unbelievably perfect in "Clouds of Sils Maria" for her flawless performance as Valentine. Kristen was perfect in the role. and it’s definitely an Oscar worthy performance. I’m stunned at the vitriol, and defensive comments above that seem to be biased, and of a personal nature, rather than of a professional nature. They are certainly not objective and without malice. To try to sabotage a great actress they must truly believe she is a serious contender.


how about lea Seydoux in Spectre? Saw it this week and thought she gave a great performance opposite Daniel Craig.


What about Meryl Streep and Helena-Bonham Cater in suffragette

James M.

It’s Vikander. Alicia Vikander. Vick-un-der.

Mong mong mek moi

Meryl Streep deserves a nomination for best actress!!!!


Cynthia Nixon deserve a nomination for her heart melting role in James White


I believe that Crimson Peak will be the dark horse at this year’s Oscars, and I second Stergios with Jessica Chastain having a real shot at a nomination. Between the "Gothic romance" genre Del Toro envisioned and the horror throwback to 1940s-era films, right now it’s looking like Oscar gold and I’m amazed it’s being largely ignored on predictions lists so far. And it doesn’t hurt that the Academy has always had a soft spot for Jessica Chastain, or the fact that her acting along with Hiddleston’s and Wasikowska’s was top-notch.


I think it is about time you correct Vikanders surname.


Just saw Crimson Peak and man I’m in awe of what Jessica Chastain and Guillermo Del Toro achieved with this one. If there’s no room for Chastain’s extraordinary portrayal of such a complex character simply because the film would be labeled as horror (which basically isn’t the case anyway since it’s a beautiful blend of gothic horror and romance with some fairytale elements as well), it’s so damn disappointing. Chastain is not only worthy of a nomination for her phenomenal work there but even a win. Without giving anyway for someone who hasn’t seen the film yet (and I’d recommend to any cinema lover watch it in a movie theater as soon as possible), there’s a scene between Chastain and Hiddleston towards the end that you could even hear people in the theater whispering things like "Man, Chastain’s acting caliber is just unbelievable". What a brilliant, brilliant actress, my God. It’s a shame she still hasn’t won an Oscar and to say that in Crimson Peak she definitely delievers a performance worthy of one is actually an understatement. No offense to Rachel McAdams or Elizabeth Banks, both of them I love, but since I’ve seen both Spotlight and Love & Mercy and I found both wonderful in them, their performances are still not even remotely close to Chastain’s awe-inspiring work in Del Toro’s film.


Jessica Chastain for A Most Violent Year (or Crimson Peak)
Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina
Marion Cotillard for Macbeth
but especially Chastain for A Most Violent Year


I’m sorry but in what world does Mya Taylor have a chance at all? She is okay in Tangerine, but nothing oscar-worthy. And do you really think the mostly white male academy would nominate a black trans actress who, if we’re being honest, doesn’t exactly pass? You’re kidding yourselves, folks. Cotillard is gonna get nominated one way or another, because Weinstein is relentless, the academy loves her in everything she does (did you see 2 Days 1 Night? Because no one else did) and she is amazing in Macbeth. This post is too full of wishful thinking.

Hansel Moya

Oona Laurence was amazing in Southpaw she’s totally worthy of a best supporting actress nomination.


for me the top 5 are alicia vikander, rooney mara, joan allen, julie walters and julianne nicholson. and reading all the comments here can we just ban even mentioning kristin stewart? her twilight fans are the WORST and also she is a very limited actress it`s like one thing is not like the others in this list.


Oh, boy, if you refered also to me when said KS haters, you’re so wrong. She’s fine, but that movie is Binoche’s show, entirely. My point, anyway, is Cotillard. Is there some news or anything to make him cut her out the predictions?


Alicia Vikander FTW !!!!!!!!!
p.s. and Kristen Stewart haters, get a life!!!!!


"Peter Knegt is always doubting Marion Cotillard’s strength"
Now he’s sure about it, not even a long shot he considers she is. On the other hand, he keeps with this Stewart-thing, just like Woodley in best actress last year. Laughable.


I watched Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth the other day and I’m genuinely left in awe of the accomplishment of everyone involved in the film. This is by far the most cinematic Shakespeare adaptation of all time and definitely among the most significant. The performances are uniformly outstanding and especially the ones delivered by the consistenly brilliant Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in their iconic roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth respectively. The latter continues to prove herself an unstoppable force of nature. It goes without saying that Lady Macbeth is a goldmine of a role for any actress and Cotillard grabs it by the throat and doesn’t let go. She truly seizes the opportunity to explore every facet of such a fascinatingly complicated character. Her performance is so phenomenal that it is near impossible to keep your eyes off her every time she’s on screen. With her almost unearthly eyes, reptilian gaze and an Anglo-Continental accent that makes even more clear her otherness, she creates a woman that’s manipulative, frightening and deeply human, all in the same breath. Her "To bed" monologue before the sleepwalking scene is one for the ages. I mean my goodness me. She’s just mesmerizing and the chemistry she shares with an as incredible as ever Michael Fassbender is electrifying. I don’t know if The Weinstein Company plans any Oscar campaign for the film or if Harvey will shamefully bury it pretty much in the same way he does with every of his films Marion Cotillard is in (Nine, The Immigrant) but the film deserves huge recognition in pretty much every major category at The Oscars 2016. Marion is a lead in the film but a supporting campaign will increase her chances of getting a nod and that’s what Weinstein should have gone for with her heartbreaking Luisa in Nine.


god i hope julie walters gets a nomination. i loved brookly so much. she and ronan were so incredible. but also everyone in room. those two movies are the best for me so far including their casts. but yeah it`s the oscars and let`s be honest here the oscars are more about who pays more money for campaigns…unfortunately. so no the oscars are not a fair awards show. side note: damn i thought tom hiddleston fans were awful, childish and embarrassing but the kstew fandom proved me wrong. but at least i understand why tom has a fandom seeing that he is quite a talented actor. kstew on the other hand…


I. Raffey Cassidy, "Tomorrowland"


i thought mcadams was great in the spotlight! i think she should be up higher in the list and yeah the whole "room" cast was just amazing. rooney or vikander will win in my opinion. NO to rachel weisz and HELL NO to the twilight girl she was awful in still alice…that stuttering…she ruined every scene she was in for me.

Renan Maia

Jane Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh…

And I wanna see Glenn Close winning soon…


Please proofread your articles for the spelling of Alicia Vikander’s name. She’s been good enough in a number of movies this year for her name to start sounding familiar to us. Thank you.


Kristen Stewart – Clouds of Sils Maria
Keira Knightley – Everest
Meryl Streep – Suffragette


i think mara and vikander will be most likely to win. and ugh those kristen stewart fans are so annoying. on every damn article were she is only merely mentioned. always the same…cecar award (who cares about that??), hard worker (if only she would work hard enough to actually learn how to act and stop playing herself all the time)…i swear those embarrassing people ruin every article.


Why does Kristen Stewart keep showing up on these lists? It’s crazy. IFC is not going to mount an Oscar campaign for a movie that flopped. It didn’t make a dime, they will not throw good money after bad, it doesn’t work that way for the Oscars. She may have picked up a French award, but it was a French movie, backed by Chanel, who is a big force in the Cesars. They have no pull with the Academy. I know her PR rep works overtime, but you guys just embarrass yourselves by including her on these lists. If you insist, put her last, because Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and Alicia Vikander all have a much better chance than she does. She won’t be getting any award nominations in the US for very long time. AU was a flop both critically and at the box office and Equals is deadly dull, Rotten on RT and unable to find distribution.


i love reading all these stuff! BUT SERIOUSLY?!! I am half swedish, so on behalf of Alicia i am really sorry because you gotta check your spelling!! Her last name is Vikander, not Vinkaner or Vinklander!


You’ve misspelled Alicia Vikander’s last name two different ways.


Hahaha… So now it’s Vinkaner? Man, your imagination never cease to surprise us! Is "Alicia Vikander" really that hard to get? V-I-K-A-N-D-E-R. Maybe you should at least try to get it right. Just saying. The woman has so much Oscar buzz this year not only with her work in The Danish Girl but also with her brilliant turns in Testament Of Youth and Ex Machina. It’s seriously disrepectful to her butchering her name all the time both in your lead and supporting actress posts.


I wonder why everyone is collectively ignoring the strong trades notices for Anne-Marie Duff in Suffragette. She got stronger reviews than Helena Bonham Carter and I could easily see a double nomination for them in this strange year.


I hate when someone try to discredit Kristen all time. Kristen is always in the topic on comments in every website
I know someone hate her and don’t want her has a chance in awards so they try to go every website and start to comment Kristen instead to speak to the other actresses.


What amazes in film is how an actor makes it theirs without losing himself. I find good roles in lousy movies but most of those good roles are exceptional in one way or another. The actor complimens other actor in some way, as it compliments the film.
As for Kristen Stewart, she has been acting since she 9, with over 30+ films past her it is important to have seen some of her earlier work to truly evaluate her.
I especially loved her in Twilight, reading the books, she followed Melissa Rosenberg & Catherine Hardwicks direction with a pleased Stephanie Meyer support.
Kristen has gone off to find roles that interest her and is doing very well. Her Cesar award was exactly right & I couldn’t be more proud of her. An academy not, a win would be just right but if it doesn’t happen, she’s got movies ready, Equals out hopefully next year and is working constantly. Gotta love a fighter who love making film for her fans.


Peter Knegt is always doubting Marion Cotillard’s strength, he did the same last year ignoring her chances for Two Days, One Night.

By the reviews, she is obviously a lock in Supporting Actress. None of these actress he has listed above her are a big name in the industry with a significant and challenging role as her Lady Macbeth.


"the Academy doesn’t nominate films that are total flops at the box office"?????? Hugo $190m budget (prod+mark), $185m bo; Citizen Kane lost about $160k, Dazed and Confused $9m (prod+mark) bud, $7.99m bo; The Wizard of Oz lost $1.1m in its first run; what are you talking about??


Keira Knightley- Everest
Lake Bell- No Escape
Sterling Jerins- No Escape
Reese Witherspoon- The Good Lie


Alicia "Vinkander" LOL (Third time’s the charm, Peter?)


Muna Otaru – The Keeping Room, Elizabeth Olsen – I Saw the Light, Carmen Ejogo – Born to be Blue, Jessica Chastain – Crimson Peak?


DIANE LANE (TRUMBO) is getting great reviews for TRUMBO – far better reviews than HELEN MIRREN is for the same film. There is always little fanfare about Diane Lane which is a shame as she is a worthy actress and is proving again here why she is so underrated and overlooked. I’d love her to surprise people and get a nod for TRUMBO. It is a great worthy performance – if not a ‘showy’ one.

RJ Niemczura

Really hoping Jane Fonda pulls through with her first nomination in years. I’ve heard she’s outstanding in Youth.


Alicia Vikander will definetely go lead. Rooney Mara is going to win, at least she doesn’t get considered lead. In that case, Kate Winslet would win. Hope to see Cynthia Nixon nominated for "James White", she’s powerful in it.


Marion Cotillard’s role is a leading one


I believe Jennifer Jason Leigh will win the Oscar. Mara will be pushed for lead, because why not? it’s an easy win.


Alicia Vikander should definitely go Supporting for The Danish Girl, she’d have far better chances at getting nominated or even winning.


2016 Oscar Predicitions Best Suppording Actress:
1.Rachel Weisz–“Youth”
2.Parker Posey-"Irrational Man"
3.Jennifer Jason Leigh-"The Hateful Eight"
4.Julie Walters-"Brooklyn"
5.Kristen Stewart-"Clouds of Sils Maria"


Where’s Elizabeth Banks in Love & Mercy?

Black coffee

The overly obsessive RPatz hags reached this page and felt compulsed to put down Stewart. Your style of writing is obvious. Newsflash, she’s the first American actress to be awarded the French equivalent of an Oscar, the Cesar, and was voted this by the majority of 3000+ French film professionals. The movie has 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and more than 90 reviewers who praise the movie with almost all singling out Kristen Stewart. Consider yourself a minority and some random nutty Twilight fan (being obsessed with Twilight in the first place doesn’t speak in your favor as a "film critic" by the way…) with some idiotic senseless agenda against Stewart vs the leading and most respected reviewers both nationally and internationally.


I just want to know why Cotillard is considered a longer shot while Fassbender as lead is not. If it’s about the release strategy Weinstein gave the film, it makes no sense considering their chances differently, specially not forgetting the fact that she got better reviews from Cannes. Well, about the rest, I also think Youth is going to go very well with the academy, with Weisz and Fonda having good chances (Fonda has been considered sometimes in last years, but it hasn’t come out yet, and the part being small, in a year like this, which seems to be fullfill the supporting categories with co-leads, may harm her).


The film About Ray is definitely missing from both the Best Actress and Supporting Actress categories. Elle Fanning and Naomi Watts are sure to be strong contenders.

Matt Trbovich

I like Kristen’s chances. She stole that picture from a brilliant Juliette Binoche and an overwhelmingly beautiful overall scope. In the end, what I’ll remember about CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA is Kristen’s mystique, her aura. She seethed in every scene she entered, and she did it well. And I disagree-that Cesar is significant. I think that was a big nudge to her critics that, hey, we’re telling you that an American actress that has been considered mediocre for her entire career was stellar in a really tough and virtually undefined role. P.S.-Rooney should be lead.


Emma Thompson in nomination for The Legendo of Barney Thomson.


Jennifer Jason Leigh could be a frontrunner for The Hateful Eight, especially after Tarantino recently called her the standout of the cast and seems to have heavily rewritten her role from the leaked first draft (see his Deadline interview). She’s a veteran actress with a 35-year Hollywood career, well-liked in the industry, and badly overdue for her first nomination despite winning various critics’ awards for Georgia, Mrs. Parker, Miami Blues and Last Exit to Brooklyn. Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein will push her hard come Oscar season.

Emayatzy Corinealdi also has a good shot at a nom for Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead.

Marion Cotillard and Elizabeth Olsen now look very unlikely due to distinctly un-Oscar-friendly release/distribution issues.


Marion Cotillard gotta win this category for her critically aclaimed performance as Lady Macbeth.

I hope Harvey to make a campaign for her, he cannot waste another great performance by her again.


Why isn’t anyone talking about Alicia Vikander for Ex-Machina? Did you guys not see the movie? One of my absolute favorite movies, and incredibly acted.


Oh come on.. Oona Laurence (Southpaw) should’ve been on the list


Julie Walters please.


1. Rooney Mara (Carol)
2. Julie Walters (Brooklyn)
3. Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight)
4. Judi Dench (Tulip Fever)
5. Helena Bonham Carter (Suffragate)
6. Elizabeth Olsen (I Saw the Light)
7. Kristen Stewart (Clouds of Sils Maria)
8. Ellen Page (Freeheld)
9. kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)
10. Shailene Woodley (Snowden)
11. Meryl Streep (Suffragate)
12. Joan Allen (Room)
13. Rachel McAdams (Spotlight)
14. Naomi Watts (Demolition)
15. Sarah Paulson (Carol)
16. Rachel Weisz (Youth)


@ NINI That’s funny because I never bashed someone for not having the same opinion with me about Cotillard or anything else nor would I ever. Instead I was bashed for having my opinion and elaborating on that.

@ TAYLOR WTF? You’re probably the one who should.


@Stergios ‘So keep it up, folks. Obsessing about an actress and perceiving anyone who doesn’t worship her’
says the guy who bashed everyone who didn’t support Marion Cotillard last Oscar Season.
Maybe you should think about your own behaviour first, it’s really ironic.


@STERGIOS Do you ever shut up?


I wish the Academy would recognize voice-acting performances in animated movies because Phyllis Smith’s turn as Sadness in Inside Out without a doubt deserves a nod.


I consider also Emma Thompson for The Legend of Barney Thomson.


rooney mara is the best!


Where’s the love for Elizabeth Banks in Love and Mercy?


Man, I just saw Macbeth’s trailer and it’s no wonder why the reviews for Marion Cotillard’s take on the iconic role of Lady Macbeth have been almost nothing but universal raves since Kurzel’s adaptation debuted on Cannes last month. Even the possibility of her being snubbed in the supporting category seems beyond any understanding at the moment. TWC has to campaign for her, especially after her snubs over the last few years for the company’s Nine and The Immigrant.


1.- Helena Bonham Carter – Suffragette
2.- Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs
3.- Ellen Page – Freeheld
4.- Elizabeth Olsen – I Saw the Light
5.- Marion Cotillard – MacBeth


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!


what about rachel weisz in the lobster?


my top contenders by far:
Rooney Mara- Carol
Marion Cotillard- Macbeth
Ellen Page- Freeheld
Jennifer Jason Leigh- The Hateful Eight
Kate Winslet- Steve Jobs

#it’s to early to predict the sure things, i know. That’s y it is called PREDICTIONS :) everything may change.


looking forward to seeing kate winslet in oscars again.
Her still in steve jobs looks great ,yet i’m hoping triple nine would also be a great film.


Without fail, every time Kristen Stewart is mentioned in any positive way in any trade article, the same group of haters show up (heard they were Robert Pattinson fans) and write a novel on just how bad an actress Kristen Stewart is supposedly. How many of these sad sacks are there? Because it sounds like they are the same person or a few individuals expressing the exact same talking points. Why the effort? What would happen to them if Kristen Stewart got an Oscar nomination? Death and dismemberment? Even if she doesn’t get one for Clouds, she will undoubtedly get nominated one day, because despite what you crazy people keep telling yourselves, she is a really really good actress. And if it is true that these anti-KStew fans are all Robert Pattinson fans, maybe they should be more concerned about his acting and his career. Just a thought.

Satan Joy

Elizabeth Olsen and Gugu Mbatha-raw, both delivered Oscar caliber breakthrough performances, hopefully would find a good spot by this year.

Satan Joy

Hoping Shailene Woodley would get in the final five, if Snowden turns out to be the "stars finally aligned" project for her, as well as if the reviews are glowing. She was BRUTALLY snubbed for 3 years now, first for her vigorously scene-stealing, emotionally absorbing breakthrough in "The Descendants". she also lived to the title of "The Spectacular Now" with a spectacular work, that is both convention-defying and transcendent in verisimilitude and character discernment, lastly her incandescent incarnation of a compelling literary character in TFIOS; she gave a fully-realized and intricate performance, so rich in honesty—she was the best performer last year imo with Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl. She was also fantastic in White Bird in a Blizzard, with an enthralling and demanding role, that is brimming with restraint and naturalism as a device for her to understand and feel her character. She is my favorite young actress this generation, and hopefully she would get a nom or a win any time soon.


@ SP1193 Amen to that my friend! Chastain is a hell of an actress and undeniably overdue by now for an Oscar win. It would be so great if Academy members could indeed get over the horror barrier. A big IF here, it would be such a fantastic surprise though. I’m sure Jessica kills it once again.

Also Emma Stone would be a nice surprise as well. Word has it she’s terrific in Irrational Man. She was great in Magic In The Moonlight as well.


I think a lot of people are underestimating Jessica Chastain’s role in Crimson Peak. I hear it is an absolute "monster" of a role and incredibly played from her. If the Academy can get over the horror barrier, it would be her’s for the taking.


Oh my God, the level of stupidity here is seriously disturbing. Having an opinion about an actress and being able to elaborate on that doesn’t make you a hater nor forces you to hide yourself behind various names. Personally, I could never be a "hater" of someone I don’t know. I think Kristen Stewart is a fine, average actress with some great career opportunities coming her way lately and trying to make the best out of them. As I’ve said again, I hope she gets better with each project. That doesn’t mean I think of her as Oscar-worthy. It’s not that hard to get, trust me. And by the way, you got me curious on searching about that Truthy. Oh wait, anything in the entire world would be more interesting like that. So keep it up, folks. Obsessing about an actress and perceiving anyone who doesn’t worship her and being able to thoroughly explain their opinion as haters who hide themselves behind names. And sorry to disappoint you here, but I guess even Kristen Stewart herself wouldn’t give a s**t about you. It’s equally funny and sad to me how when one who’s genuinely in love with film as an art and likes to share their opinion online on various films, actors and awards predictions find themselves talking with people who would better stick with reading the tabloids.


Weinstein says that Rita Ora is "the biggest discovery as an actress for the year" for Southpaw.


Weinstein says that Rita Ora is "the biggest discovery as an actress for the year" for Southpaw.


To May 27 1:52 AM: First of all, your point about PSA is ridiculous . PSA is only relevant in terms of gauging potential to expand or the point at which to start cutting back on screens. No studio executive ever said “Well it didn’t make back its cost but it had a great PSA!” The only number that matters is gross compared to total cost (production and marketing). And even adding in the non US markets COSM isn’t likely to make back its cost. For its 2014 release in seven non US markets (France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and Lebanon) COSM earned 1.3M, 1.1m of which came from France. It opened in the UK (including Ireland), Greece and Australia in May 2015; only remaining markets are Spain and Japan which are scheduled for next month. It’s winding down its run in the US as IFC has reduced theater count for the past two weeks; the gross for week 7 was 84K, so optimistic projection for US is 1.7m,. So best case scenario for combined 2014 European and 2015 US runs is 3m. Considering that this includes what were likely the markets with the strongest potential – France and the US – it’s unlikely that the grosses from UK, Australia, Spain and Japan are going to add another 3.6 m to reach the production cost of 6.6 m (before marketing costs). In fact Australia has reported only 284K in three weeks.
As for your claim that VOD will make up the difference, it’s nice to think so but we won’t know for sure since most distributors don’t report VOD number unless its extraordinarily good, as in more than the theatrical box office. So if we don’t hear anything about COSM VOD sales we can assume that they weren’t noteworthy


@@Lizzy This is about the oscars dummy, the Oscars are an AMERICAN event with a large portion of the academy being American. I understand the frustration the rest of the world has with America but in relation to this specific post your point is irrelevant.


I swear, you Americans like our friend Lizzy over here needs to spend some time in other countries. You are aware Clouds of Sils maria is technically an European movie right which is also an Indie? It sold extremely well in every country. Look up total figures rather than latching onto US figures alone besides which it showed in less that 100 cinemas and the by average per screen is extremely high for an Indie movie. its is also coming out on VOD. finance wise, it has done well.
Learn to look at things further than your nose and get an education while you are at it.


Love of God Truthy. We all know its you and your other silly name Sergios. Do some actual research rather than the shady one you do just to throw shade at Kristen Stewart who you purport to hate yet spend your money and time on watching her movies and leaving nasty comments on all boards concerning her. Sils Maria made its production spend ages ago.
Fingers crossed she gets nominated. Watched the movie and seriously worth it.


Why must these hateful people show up every time Kristen Stewart is mentioned! I truly feel bad for this wonderful & talented young lady!


That was ONE critic from The Playlist, a separate blog, who was PRAISING a different movie performance. Go look up the review Indiewire gave her for this movie a year ago in Cannes. She topped the Indiewire critics’ poll, made up of a collection of dozens of critics, at Cannes and I believe at NYFF for Best Supporting Performance — Male or Female, including over several who were nominated for Oscars last year, such as JK Simmons, Mark Ruffalo, etc. That’s not even to mention the hundreds of amazing reviews she has received worldwide. The box office is not terrible for a talky French art house film, and every movie analyst knows it. This wasn’t playing in hundreds or thousands of theaters. And as for her Cesar win, it was historic, whether you think it’s important or not. The "3 nobody amateurs" were actually four French actresses with multiple previous nominations, so obviously you hadn’t heard of them. The Cesar awards could’ve nominated numerous other American actresses for appearing in French films in the past, but haven’t. So stay pressed that she has received glowing reviews for this performance. I’m sure you’ll continue to follow all her work and read all her reviews.


C’mon Indiewire. A couple of weeks ago you were saying Krksten Stewart had limited range. Did someone pay you for this bullshit here?? The movie is dull. Assayas is really dull and Kristen Stewart is …well… bland – at best. Box Office is terrible.
You seem to be forming an opinion based ln that cezar award. You do know she won it over 3 nobofy amateurs don’t you?…. don’t you?? You’re losing credibility here.


Hey Stergios or however you spell your name, I beg to differ with your essay on Kristen Stewart. The French I am sure would totally disagree with your opinion. I must laugh when you stated that Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson have more depth than Kristen. While you may have your own opinion, I think Woody Allen and Ang Lee know more about talented actresses than you! Have you heard that both of these award winning directors have hired Kristen to be in their movies? In fact, Kristen has been in Atlanta shooting Ang Lee’s movie! It’s OK Stergios, we all make mistakes! Kristen forgives you! ✌️


Of course the main name the idiots jump on is Kristen’s. She really does rule their small world.


These comments sound like a bunch of scorned ex lovers… give it a rest you people don’t know shit ..


* @ LILI I never found it hard to elaborate on my opinion. In fact, I enjoy sharing my opinion and I’ve always been pretty quick when I write. I’m not pressed for anything – there’s no reason to be anyway.


@ @ STERGIOS I don’t disregard either of them. I just feel her work in Assaya’s film is getting overhyped and I find the whole Oscar conversation around that exaggerated to say the least. I’ve thoroughly explained why in my previous post. It’s pretty clear I don’t have anything against her and as I’ve said, I hope she continues to put on good work but there’s nothing I find Oscar-worthy about her acting, her performance in COSM included.

@ I never found it hard to elaborate on my opinion. In fact, I enjoy sharing my opinion and I’ve always been pretty quick when I write. I’m not pressed for anything – there’s no reason to be anyway.


These lists always puzzle me when none of the films are out yet. The only one I’ve seen so far is Clouds of Sils Maria. Stewart was sensational in it. Looking forward to the rest, well, except the Steve Jobs biopic. Pretty tired of biopics. Are they just going to make every wiki history entry into a film??


ok RealPrhag and truthy strike again. Keep it up your delusional bitter comments are lulz.

jeavis crisp

Truthy is that you again? Admit it Kristen is your obsession


Segios and Adrian – We all know you are truth. Cannot help posting nonsense on every site.
Watched Sils Maria, still Alice and Camp X-Ray. Her best performance of all 3 was in Sils Maria and definitely worth an Oscar nomination. She outshone JB.
She was comfortable on-screen,every scene she was not in, left me wondering where she was. That is the expectation of a great supporting cast.
For Cannes where it was shone, she won the critics award for best supporting for combined male and female supporting roles. Won a cesar for the same role.
She deserves a nomination for the performance. I


Who are you kidding Rob fans. You continually try and insert a make name, but your female hormones are screaming. Adrian claims that an affair will stop Hollywood from nominating her……male driven Hollywood doesn’t give a crap. You are butthurt that she’s in the awards conversation, thats why you only comment about her. It’s plain as day, you are biased and a hateful troll. Go back under your rock, tell Rob to scoot over, since that’s where he’s at as well.


To Stergios,

For a person who dislike her work seems you spent half and hour to write your post about her. Stay pressed.


I want Cotillard & Mara to be nominated this year!


I hope to GOD Marion Cotillard makes it for Supporting Actress.


I think the bigger issue is that COSM is going to be perceived as part of last year’s crop. Eligibility aside, It was part of the 2014 festival cycle (Cannes and NYFF); and with the Cesars coming two days before the 2014 Oscars, the perception will be that it was part of last year’s cycle. And the BO is a problem as well – IFC started slashing the theater count after the week 5 dip,and this week its down to 65 theaters and only added 84K to its total – probably will be down to a handful of screens this week, after only reaching 1.5 million domestically. Its going to have to make 5 million internationally to even make back its cost, and that’s before marketing costs are added in. By campaign season it will be played out in terms of on-demand and DVD potential, so i don’t see IFC putting money in an Oscar campaign. The caveat being unless they don’t have any other Oscar prospects in the pipeline. But looking at the names listed above, and then adding in the specific dynamics, i think that they’d be facing an uphill battle for a nom


Adrian is the Copy/Paste Troll who lives in every single article mentioning praise for Kristen Stewart, spewing vile hatred against her at every chance she can. Ignore her, or go check her twitter, which is @Truthy_1. Same utter garbage. She has a concerning obsession with Kristen Stewart.


Do you really think that role called for "raw emotional force"? You want to see her raw emotional force, check her out in Anesthesia once it’s released because although her role is small, she has a heartbreaking, incredibly emotional part. As for Valentine, it was meant to be a subtle role. Valentine doesn’t scream or cry or have conventionally "baity" scenes. She is a grounded voice or reason for Maria. Anyway, you sure do spend a lot of time and effort on someone who is such a minimally talented actress actor in your eyes. She has received tremendous praise and a Cesar award for that role, which you conveniently disregard.


What about Moore’s "Maps to the stars" performance?


I find KStew bland, but to disregard the critical praise she’s received for The Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice, and that Gitmo drama with Peyman Maadi is absurd. You can’t care for an actress’s style, but it’s not crazy that people think she might have an outside chance considering the praise and the Cesar


Love the gross scarlet lettering, Adrian. You seem a little over-involved. That said Clouds of Sils Maria is far too artsy fartsy to warrant a serious consideration at the Oscars, especially considering it was released in April or March. It’s a film about two women talking, even if it’s a good movie. The serious contenders are going to be Kate Winslet, Julie Walters, Rooney Mara, Ellen Page, and probably Julia Roberts for The Secrets in their Eyes


*a hell of a lot of ass*…

In case it was in any way unclear.


Stewart getting nominted for anything right now-or ever, would be a travesty. Stewart is just as bland an actress as she ever was. I think she spent the last eighteen months kissing a :) if a lot of ads.

Michael Hawely

Just wait until you see Elizabeth Banks in LOVE & MERCY next month!


Honey, you need to do some basic math. Sils Maria box office has declined for the past 3 weeks. It’s stalled at $1.5 million domestic, and the foreign numbers weren’t significant. Even being generous, there is no way it can even recoup its production budget, not to mention advertising/promotional costs. It was a box office flop, there’s no getting around that. The Academy doesn’t nominate actresses from flops, it doesn’t matter how many good reviews they get. You can’t point to a single example of that ever happening. As Stergios says, she has a limited range as an actress, she hasn’t demonstrated that she can create a character, she plays herself over and over. France may use her to get publicity for their award that no one in the US cares about, but she’s not going to get an Oscar for CoSM or anything else she’s done so far. How quickly some people forget the On The Road disaster. She campaigned hard to get a nomination for that and again came up empty handed. It’s obvious her team is desperate to get her some validation, but she’s going to have to do a lot more before it happens.


Well, having seen Clouds Of Sils Maria, I have to say that the possibility of seeing Kristen Stewart nominated for an Oscar for her work is almost nonsensical. I’ve watched most of Stewart’s films by now and while I wouldn’t call her a bad actress and I was pleasantly surprised by her really good work recently in Camp X-Ray, Still Alice and Clouds Of Sils Maria, she’s definitely an actress of extremely obvious limitations, something that I believe is strikingly evident even in her strongest work and unfortunately her solid turn as Valentine in Assaya’s film is to me no exception. She has a profoundly limited range of facial expressions when trying to reflect the emotions of her characters, so you may have some cringe-worthy moments when watching her even in something she’s clearly good at – watch Clouds Of Sils Maria, for example. There are moments in Assaya’s film when you go "hell, she’s REALLY good" and then moments when you’re totally sure that an actress of raw emotional force and depth like Jennifer Lawrence or Brie Larson would add so much more to the role. It’s actually sad to see how much attention she draws since starring in Twilight movies and Snowhite And The Huntsman (two projects where I found her simply atrocious acting-wise) when actresses of her generation who are phenomenal and consistently brilliant struggle to get major roles in mainstream market and take Hollywood by storm (like the criminally underrated Juno Temple for example, Oscar-worthy almost in every role she’s played by now). It seems like there’s some kind of a movement of late to suggest we’ve all missed Kristen’s amazing acting ability. Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing now, seriously. Anyone who will be willing to watch her work from Adventureland to Welcome To The Riley’s until her star status and having the minimum of knowledge in regards to acting can easily understand she’s just an average actress, who can be really bad (see Twilight or Snow White) or really good (something one can see mostly in her indie flicks). Still, there’s a major difference between really good and great / Oscar – worthy. How could anyone suggest she’s Oscar-worthy for Sils Maria is beyond my understanding. Yes, she’s really good and that’s about it, she’s nowhere as great as some people might want to believe she is. Her Cesar win was really a little too much, even if she really stood her own next to an acting powerhouse like Binoche. I really hope she keeps on getting projects which will give her the chance to get better and better. Still, I don’t think she’s worthy of Oscar recognition for her work in Clouds Of Sils Maria. Cotillard and Mara seem to have incredible momentum right now to score Oscar nominations and I think if TWC is going to build a strong campaign for both of them in this category, they’ll both end up nominated. I just can’t waith to see Youth – Jane Fonda is supposed to be incredible in her brief role. God, how I’d love to see thw ferocious talent of Kate Winslet being acknowledged again at The Oscars. I hope her turn in Steve Jobs will give her that opportunity.


*Have you even seen the film(Sils Maria) to be able to have the opinion that the academy would not nominate her?


"Sils Maria isn’t even going to make its money back" – how do you know it won’t make its money back considering the international box office figures available on box office mojo for the film are incomplete and IFC has not released the figures for VOD. Having recently seen Sils Maria, I honestly have to agree with some critics who have said that she outshines Juliette Binoche in the film, Her performance in Still Alice despite being good was not award worthy. Have you even seen the film to be able to have the opinion that the academy would not nominate her?


Sils Maria isn’t even going to make its money back, the Academy doesn’t nominate films that are total flops at the box office and I doubt they will nominate Stewart for any award for a long time. Critical acclaim is not going to cut it in her case. Her affair with a married director embarrassed the whole industry, especially since the Academy is primarily made up of older white men, the same kind she cheated with. You need to be likable to get an Oscar nomination, and Stewart has never had that likability or warmth factor. Compare to Jennifer Lawrence, who they love. She has 3 nominations already, and last year Stewart was snubbed by every group that gives out awards for her Still Alice performance. She couldn’t even get an Independent Spirit nomination. Let’s wait until she at least gets nominated for one of those before including her in Oscar buzz. She’s not even close, and her Cesar isn’t a factor for the Academy. This is not France.

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