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20th Century Fox Aiming For R-Rating For Next ‘Wolverine’ Movie

20th Century Fox Aiming For R-Rating For Next 'Wolverine' Movie

Well, this was inevitable. As James Gunn predicted, studios are going to be emboldened to go R-rated for their superhero projects following the smash success of “Deadpool.” And 20th Century Fox, the studio behind “Deadpool,” evidently intends to take one of their most popular characters into grittier territory.

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A promotional catalog handed out by the studio at Toy Fair 2016 in New York City revealed that its next untitled ‘Wolverine‘ movie, slated to be Hugh Jackman‘s last turn in the role, will be R-rated. But the larger question is whether or not the James Mangold directed movie needs to be R-rated. Such a move would allow the studio to make a more violent movie, and would very likely include a foul-mouthed cameo from the Deadpool character (the filmmakers attempted to get Wolverine in this weekend’s movie).

Consider this the first wave of R-rated superhero projects greenlit around Hollywood, but let’s hope executives heed James Gunn’s warning and ensure the material is right for the rating.

There’s no official word from Fox yet about this tiunr of events, but stay tuned. “The Untitled Wolverine Movie” opens on March 3, 2017. [Comic Book]

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What would a HARD pg-13 movie look like? They said DeadPool was a HARD R rated movie. Can we have a movie with out the X-men with Wolverine in his original comic book outfit (the Orange and Brown one), and be the Wolverine. Please. I do think this needs to be thought out, But the characters that are darker need to be portrayed that way. I say let’s see some of that violent past and maybe have DeadPool cameo in the film.


If they go that way then I have no problem not seeing it. I saw the other Wolverine movies and would probably see the next one but I have no probably not seeing the next one if it’s rated R.


Perhaps 20 Century Fox should consider making a Wolverine movie that uses more and 10% of the source material and stop trying to write better stories, they have proven they cant. Wolverine as the original F U to the wussy costumed nerds who think letting evil mutants continue to destroy and kill people is a good idea. But idiots like Bryan "I like my young boys dressed in leather" Singer keeps pumping out the weak BS renditions of comics millions love and are stupid enough to pour money into his lap.


Well we all know that it is full of fantasy violence but the reality is that Deadpool had an exorbitant useCRUDE OR PROFANE LANGUAGE
About 75 f-words, 40 s-words and a pool of crudities, including "a–," "b–ch," "h—" and "p—." We hear the n-word. God’s name is misused, at least once with "d–n." Jesus’ name is thrice abused.

So this is the path that these movies will take and, as for me and my 12 and 13 year old boys, we will not be hearing that junk, no big deal for Hollywood, its only my $30 to them. Society will simply conform


Let’s all please note how hilariously wrong the angle of Wolverine’s claws are in that pic. After that, we can wince at the lighting and detail of said claws, and then we can remember how the movie wasn’t all that great. The cinematography was curiously wide and flatly lit (as tv shows are when they need to shoot quickly, at the expense of the final product). The story was silly and the simplistic "orientalism" will seem problematic at best in ten years, if not tomorrow. After we remember all that, our hearts can sink when we remember that the same guy will apparently helm the next one. Why can’t Jackman be allowed the dang A-Team (for once) for his last hurrah, and make the film we always wanted? Get fucking Whedon! Get McQuarrie! Get Greengrass! There are SO MANY directors that would do the character and the fans better.


So..if they were smart…they could make more money by some simple editing and voice over work and put out a PG 13 and R rated version.. It could have been easily done with Deadpool, so that parents could have taken their kids to it… In Deadpool..cut out the sex scenes, his butt scene with the ring pop..and since you couldn’t see his mouth as Deadpool..cut out the language.. Easy to tone down the graphic gory battle scene… I like it R rated..just thought they could have made more $$ if they did a PG13 version in ADDITION to the R..

saifuddin miajee

I like you


Just give us Old Man Logan and we’ll be happy.


Didn’t know we needed another Wolverine movie


@nick Wolverine is 20th Century Fox, the same company that just released Deadpool with a R-Rating. Try and keep up.

Bill McCormick

And yet for years the comics never had "adult" content. Not until a bunch of basement dwelling morons decided that the only good comics had to have sex and violence. Grow up.

No Thanks

Unsurprisingly I see a lot of blood thirsty folks cheering this and calling people who don’t like it names. The Wolverine was plenty dark and violent without needing to be rated R. I love comics and comic book movies but get turned off by excessive violence. That’s a shame because I was really looking forward to this film. I hope they’ll put out a PG-13 cut on Blu-Ray. It would make sense since a lot of PG-13 movies get "unrated" home releases. But we all know the second this R rated trend backfires they’ll be back to making less gory comic movies.


Marvel Entertainment is owned by Disney The titles owned by Disney will never put out as an R rated movie


It wouldn’t take much. The first Avengers was originally given an R rating for Coulson’s death.

Fuckface Fred



Oh and the same guy who wrote Green Lantern is writing Wolverine 3. So it’s gonna suck no matter what the rating is!!!!!!!

Penishead Fred



None of it will matter if it’s R or PG-13. The last two Wolverine movies were awful and it’s because of bad writing and they changed way too much from the comics. Wolverine deserves to be R rated but for the love of god write a decent story!


I can’t understand why Hollywood can’t make all its movies for 2 audiences. Make the movies R rated features from 21:00 onwards, and a censored PG version for the kiddy matinees.


Though DEADPOOL And Wolverine I get I think that movies like X Men or The Avengers shouldn’t get an R rating. Adults are not the only one attending


James Gunn is a Pu$$y now. YES! Wolverine should be Rated R. He has Razor blade claws!!!! I rather watch 90 mins of him slicing and dicing through baddies as opposed to watch him "hang on to stuff with them". This is a rebirth of rated R films. Finally. Pg-13 is the red headed step child of the ratings.


Yesssss!! This is exactly what I hoped would happen! I hope we see a lot more R-rated films across the board; I’m tired of neutered PG-13 fare.


Does Wolverine "need" to be R rated? He’s got giant razor sharp metal claws for God’s sake. I would say yes.

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