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A Reunion Reveals the Truth of Past Generations in ‘This Family’

A Reunion Reveals the Truth of Past Generations in 'This Family'

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This Family

Logline: The Withnail Generation had children…

Elevator Pitch: 
Family in a house movie. But what a family and what a house. Owen’s still half in love with his mother, Marianne and is trying to get free. The family gather for her last birthday. They slaughter a pig and prepare for battle.

Iconic British actress Diana Quick is attached as the matriarch in our movie as well as Robert Sheehan. We’re the director and creative team behind critically acclaimed “Wreckers” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and this is our second feature together. We’ve already started filming fragments and now we are about to shoot the core drama.

Production Team:
Director: D R Hood
Producer: Simon Onwurah
Exec Producer: James Appleton
Editor: Claire Pringle
Cinematographer: Annemarie Lean-Vercoe

Prior credits:
“Wreckers” (2012), starring Benedict Cumberbatch; Silver George, Moscow IFF
“The Other Man” (2006, short) with Anna Maxwell Martin; Best British Short, Edinburgh IFF
“Journey Man” (2002, short) multi award winning global festival hit, released in UK cinemas

About the Film:
Family is the crucible of life and in “This Family” I will explore family life and how adult “children” can go forward in life taking the best from the parents they found so difficult. On a much deeper level “This Family” is about life cycles and generations passing through a single place. Our main characters will all pass from the ancient house they live in, and even the moors beyond the house will change. The younger generation are always the true inheritors. Exploring that mystery of time is why the film has stayed with me.

Current Status: Fundraising for core drama; already filming fragments and texture.

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Flora Brooke

We all belong to our own version of "this family"; our family – the only one we really know. We are, by virtue of being human, interested in other families and how they work. Sounds like fool-proof subject matter!

Louise Breckon Richards

wreckers is a fantastic film and this looks set to be as wonderful .

Anne Barron

This can’t fail to touch a nerve and we can all see our own families reflected in the concept of this film.

Elesa Bryers

I love the sound of this film, and the way it seems to tie the elements of past, present and future together.I saw ‘Wreckers’- also by Likely Story- which -to me-was an unflinching exploration of the dark, unspoken tensions within relationships, movingly seen through the eyes of the wife, who is fiercely trying to protect hers at all costs. It was a beautifully layered film, and I’d be fascinated to see the same team’s portrayal of family life.

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