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ABC Names its First African American President – Channing Dungey

ABC Names its First African American President - Channing Dungey

Ben Sherwood, co-chairman, Disney Media Networks and president, Disney|ABC Television Group, today announced that Channing Dungey has been named president, ABC Entertainment, succeeding Paul Lee, who has decided to step down as president, ABC Entertainment Group. Ms. Dungey, who was instrumental in the development and success of such hits as “Scandal,” “Criminal Minds,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Quantico,” “Army Wives” and “Once Upon A Time,” will now report directly to Mr. Sherwood. In addition, Patrick Moran, executive vice president, ABC Studios, will continue to oversee day-to-day operations, and report directly to Mr. Sherwood.

In making the announcement, Mr. Sherwood said, “Channing is a gifted leader and a proven magnet for top creative talent, with an impressive record of developing compelling, breakthrough programming that resonates with viewers.” He continued, “We thank Paul for his many accomplishments at ABC and his devotion to the ABC brand, and we wish him continued success in the future.”

Ms. Dungey added, “I’m thrilled and humbled that Ben has entrusted me with this tremendous opportunity. And I am truly grateful to Paul for being a valued mentor and friend. I’ve had the great honor of working alongside the talented team at ABC for many years and look forward to starting this exciting new chapter with them.”

Prior to this announcement, Ms. Dungey was executive vice president, Drama Development, Movies & Miniseries, ABC Entertainment Group. In this position she oversaw the development and production of all drama pilots, movies & miniseries and the launch of new series for ABC Entertainment.

Series Ms. Dungey has developed and launched include “Scandal,” “Quantico,” “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “American Crime,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Secrets and Lies” and “Nashville.” Prior, she was senior vice president, Drama Development, ABC Entertainment Group, since June 2009.

Previously Ms. Dungey was vice president, Drama Development, ABC Studios. In that role she was responsible for the development and acquisition of drama programming for the studio. Her slate of programming included the award-winning and critically acclaimed ABC show “Private Practice,” CBS’s long-running drama “Criminal Minds,” the CW’s “Reaper” and Lifetime’s highest-rated series, “Army Wives.” Ms. Dungey joined ABC Studios in the summer of 2004.

Ms. Dungey began her successful career in entertainment as a development assistant for Davis Entertainment at 20th Century Fox. She then became story editor at Steamroller Productions, where she worked on the development and production of such films as “Under Siege” and “On Deadly Ground.” Following that, she joined Warner Bros. as a production executive, where she helped develop and supervise a diverse range of commercially successful, critically acclaimed films, including “Bridges of Madison County,” “Heat,” “The Matrix,” “Twister,” “Devil’s Advocate,” “City of Angels,” “Conspiracy Theory,” “Rosewood,” “Space Jam” and “Practical Magic.”

In the spring of 1998 Ms. Dungey became senior vice president at film production company Material, which was responsible for 2000’s “Red Planet,” as well as 2002’s remake of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.” After being named president in 2001, Ms. Dungey co-produced “Queen of the Damned,” “Showtime,” starring Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo and “The Big Bounce.”

Ms. Dungey, who graduated magna cum laude from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, is a founding member and current board member of Step Up, a national non-profit membership organization dedicated to helping girls from under-resourced communities fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of professional women. She also teaches a graduate level course in Television Development at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television.

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"Still We Rise", Keep on Riseing to the Top.



Orlando Durr of Old Sckool Muscle shop

Congratulations we are all very excited about you and your new position! We all look forward to a new beginning of great shows.

Harriett H. Simmons

I am elated to say the least to read about your promotion Channing I am 70 years old and retired from teaching computers to high school students 45+ years. I am also African American-love the term instead of (black). I want to say this is special for me to read about you. I decided to teach because jobs like yours were not available for us. Now the door is being forced open because of interests and instruments of viewing by all people. You see this would not have happened if you did not work so hard to make it happen and you did not take no for an answer. This is the time for the reality and viewing of the times. They want to force the ending of this viewing, (Donald Trump) but it is not so. Do what you know Channing and the Viewers will enjoy your work. I only wish that this change in attitude happened during my younger years. You were not thought of and you did not experience rejection, because it was before you were born. Smile Your parents know what I know. Congratulations I am praying for you and routing for your success as the President of ABC Entertainment Systems. Be strong and don’t take no as an answer unless it just isn’t good enough to view.

Gail Becker, MS.Ed

WOW! AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to show this to my students! ABC, you do know how cheer up Black History Month! However, I have always loved you regardless of who is president! ������


Congratulations. I pray things continue to run smoothly, and always to "thank God, for whom all blessings flow."



Lisa Ensign

No doubt!!!


We are proud to know our family name is reaching such heights. A shout out from lower Michigan area.


Congratulations Ms.Dungey!

Michele Raney

Congratulations. It’s been a long road since our accidental anchorwoman Melba Tolliver.


Particularly refreshing! More grease to your elbows…

Velma C. Armstrong



What and outstanding accomplishment


Et tu, Brutus? You too Walter!? Somebody check the book, cause I know the WALTER H GAVIN I’ve come to respect as a wise man, didn’t flip his script to become S&A’s shade-throwing cynic, who’s raining on this parade? Man, maybe someone used Walter’s name b/c it sounds eerily like the reader who said "Your getting excited over nothing. The new president of the Oscars is black. Point made". Well, the reader (whomever they are) conveniently forgot to mention the NEW changes President Cheryl Boone Isaacs has implemented since her arrival. So come on man, talk to me, what’s going on?

Faryce Moore


Larry Farmer


Winslow Jeffries

Great news, once you have a foothold bring others into the fold at ABC.




Way to go! Maybe we will get the formation of a black male superhero instead all the stereo types

Wanda Thomas


Terri Lynn

Very impressive! She has accomplished SO much to be so young . . . very qualified!


Her record of success is undeniable, ABC would’ve been foolish not to promote her. Congratulations to Ms. Dungey. NBC needs to take notes.

Lorretta Hoagland

Thank you Channing for representing! Another step forward.

Cynthia Pharr

Ms.Dungey record speaks volume


Way to go! Simply marvelous…,.,

Naidalyn Douglas

Congratulations!! You are a pioneer!!


Now, that’s the way it done! Make your talent work for you.

Walter H Gavin

Dungey’s elevation is great for one person as far as we know and that’s Dungey herself. Is her elevation going to mean more "black" producers will get to pitch shows or get pilots or series orders on ABC? Will her elevation translate into more "black" folks getting work? Will she be a boat-rocker, a change agent or just window dressing? It may turn out that what she greenlights in her position will be the same ol’ same ol’. To have risen to the top of a large "white" corporate programming entity might be great for her, but the bottom-line is how will it effect the characterizations, the storylines, the business opportunities for "black" creatives at ABC?

carlton dungey

Congratulations & God Bless


Ms. Dungey, Congrats on your new position!!!


"maybe there’s a serendipitous reward from watching BLACKNPROUD’s display of foolishness?" Well, I don’t know if this fits but "fools of a feather flock together" and so appears Rena Moretti with her own brand poo-poo juice.


I thought it was too good to be true. Damn, right after giving props to S&A’s readers for doing the right thang, the weed-laying so-called Black-n-Proud sprang into action. Oh well, maybe there’s a serendipitous reward from watching his display of foolishness?

Rena Moretti

To recap: another insider who has developed a bunch of flops is being promoted at ABC.

Are we supposed to act happy because of the color of her skin?

ABC (like the other networks) needs new blood, not the people that have gotten them in the dire straights they are in today.

Miles Ellison

@BlackNProud ABC has a few black shows already, and more in the pipeline. It’s not like they’re excluding black people. Besides, Shonda Rimes is the real president of ABC.



Angela Glover


Aqualyn Kennedy

Absolutely fantastic! So very happy for her and for ABC!


Bs. Now they won’t have ANY blacks on any of the shows so they can say " we aren’t racist, we have a black female president! Your getting excited over nothing. The president of the Oscars is black. Point made


This is amazing news! Congratulations Shadow and Act, you’ve appeared to have arrived. Never have I seen a post championing a successful and wonderful woman of color without the shade throwing garbage pickers, aka "haters", coming out to piss on the parade. To that I say "OH HAPPY DAY!". This rally disproves the notion that black folks are to busy as crabs in a barrel, to stand-down long enough to honor one of their own. Good job S&A and congratulations Ms Dungey!

Helen Dungee Tribble

Our family history is constantly being upgraded.. Congrats cuz and continued success..


This is amazing news!! Congratulations Ms. Dungey.

imoya Monroque

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to more greatness from Ms Dungey

Dr. Cherli Montgomery

Congratulations Ms. Dungey!

Ebony White


ANGELA Hill Mosley

Congrats to you and may your success and destiny flourish!!

Dale Redding

Your qualifications are spot on for this assignment. I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to the youth of America.



O. Agnew

Congratulations indeed. I’m sure your worked hard for it.


I’m happy to see a sister in the chair show em what u got girl u didn’t make it this far to not show em what you are fully capable of…


Bravo… Bravo, on a job well done!!!

Analuisa valdez

Congratulations ms.Dungey ! Awesome !

Angela Gordon

Absolutely fantastic!





Mimi Mogeni

This is fantastic news!


Yes black women rock..go getting my sister!!!

Sidney Douglas

Cool ������


OH Yeah!!!



Joy Shannon

Right On!


Congrats!!! Ms.Dungey

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