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Apple Is Backing a Dark TV Series Starring Dr. Dre With No Shortage of Sex & Violence

Apple Is Backing a Dark TV Series Starring Dr. Dre With No Shortage of Sex & Violence

You’ve seen him act in films like “Set It Off,” “Training Day,” and “The Wash;” now Dr. Dre is about to make his debut headlining a TV series that will be backed by Apple – the company he sold Beats Electronics to, 2 years ago, for a whopping $3.4 billion. So this is a continuation of that relationship.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dre will star in what will be a scripted series that is, as of today, being kept underwraps; meaning, no details on what exactly it’s about, other than it might be semi-autobiographical in nature. 

All we know with certainty is that it will be titled “Vital Signs” – a dark drama that will unfold over 6 half-hour episodes, with Dre starring and executive producing, and Apple financing it.

More from THR’s report: “… It is described as a dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex. In fact, an episode filming Monday and Tuesday this week featured an extended orgy scene.”

THR quotes sources who add that Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae are among the series’ cast.

Also, in terms of distribution – as in what network might carry it – no word on that either. It might be an Apple TV series, just like other box makers, like gaming consoles Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s XBOX, who produce their own original series that only members of their network can watch.

Music video director Paul Hunter is directing “Vital Signs,” as well as producing with Aaron Ginsburg and William Green.

No ETA on when this will be released; but Apple will drop the entire season all at once. 

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Miles Ellison

In America, acting competence doesn’t matter. Audiences don’t care whether people can act or not. This is why just about all the prominent black figures in Selma, an American film about the Civil Rights movement, were played by British actors.


Any and everybody seems like they are getting a TV series deal! Where are the trained actors? Who wants to see Dre "act?" This better be an Arnold Schwarzenegger type TV series, where Dre says one or two words or nothing at all?

kai azor

With his name recognition, Dre can do pretty much anything, but I can’t tell who will this be marketed too? Good to see Paul Hunter continue his transition from music videos to features…something that Hype Williams couldn’t pull off.

Miles Ellison

Calling his performances in Set it Off and Training Day acting is like calling a hot dog a tube steak. But if there is no shortage of sex and violence, he won’t have to act much.

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