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Beware, Horror Fans: ‘The Witch’ Has Just Been Named an Official ‘Satanic Experience’

Beware, Horror Fans: 'The Witch' Has Just Been Named an Official 'Satanic Experience'

In the year since Robert Eggers’ “The Witch” became the Sundance sensation of 2015, various press outlets (Indiewire included) have been over the moon in declaring the movie a terrifying new horror classic. Words like that can certainly set a high bar, but if you happen to think the movie won’t deliver on its promise of terror, perhaps this news will seal the deal.

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The Satanic Temple has just given the movie an official sanction, declaring it as a “transformative Satanic experience.” In celebration, the group will be launching premiere screenings of “The Witch” beginning in New York City on February 10 that will include interactive performances and ritualized pronouncements of a “new Satanic era.” Screenings will follow in Los Angeles (February 12), Austin (February 16) and Detroit (to be determined).

In an official statement made by The Satanic Temple, the group says it “is confident [the film] will signal the call-to-arms for a Satanic uprising against the tyrannical vestiges of bigoted superstitions, and will harken a new era of liberation and unfettered inquiry.”

Added The Satanic Temple’s National Spokesperson Jex Blackmore, “We are empowered by the narrative of ‘The Witch’: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns.” She goes on to praise the film’s plot, which “departs from the victim” narrative of witchcraft and stands as a “declaration of feminine independence.”

The group has also launched a website for the film entitled “The Satanic Revolution,” where viewers can find more information and officially register themselves into “The Book of Satan.”

A24 will release “The Witch” nationwide on February 19.

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Lord Ganesha





This movie is trash and who ever that stands for it is also trash. May God bless you


    god is dead. satan is the only lord.

Phil Slattery

I was curious about "The Witch" before reading this article, but now I am intrigued. I will definitely see this asap.


Stop with the ridiculous hype of this movie. It’s not scary at all and not a horror movie. It’s being hyped to death into something that it’s not. Save your money.


Hilarious! There’s nothing quite like Satanists, they have a wicked sense of humor and if you are scared of a movie you’re an idiot. Heeeeeere come the protesters to make the movie more enticing! Good job!


To Richard: Explain yourself! "Religious Humanism" is more than a little vague. From your perspective, The "Satanic Temple" and the "Church of Satan" seem almost like two separate entities! Is the name of the temple meant to imply more a metaphorical "rebellion" from religious constraints? If so, and this based on my own religious background, then they can pick another name! Either way, I’m not interested in this film!


Eric…you HAVE to be kidding! Just because satanists like the movie you aren’t going to go see it? Just because they decided they "approve" of it?I bet a few of them approve of drinking water now and then…and breathing air…you gonna stop doing that too?? If you want to see the movie, don’t let the satanists stop you. You never know when one is sitting next to you…or even living in the same building, work with you, etc. I’m thinking it’s a safe bet that you will be okay if you do go and see it. Sheesh.


I wonder how Eggers feels about The Satanic Temple embracing his film.

Mark Wess

SPOILERS: Did they even watch the film? The movie depicts the witches as baby-killing devil worshipers. I thought the whole point of what they do is to disclaim that rumor, but now they’re supporting it?


There is no information on where the NYC screening will take place or how to get tickets. LAME.


@Derek, Perhaps this movie is for you more than you think, since you’re demonstrating that you know nothing about Satanism. It doesn’t deal with devils or demons. Think of it as religious humanism.


I was really looking forwardto this movie until satanist started endorsing it….I’m not down with the devil nor do partake with anything satanic


Liberal Hollywood: Run with this! This is your lede!


The Witch is deeply atmospheric, very well acted. But it’s more of a supernatural drama than a horror film. Not scary but compelling as a story.

Ernesto Rafael Aguilar Jr.

The Witch is far from being a horror flick it does not even come close to the Original horror movie of all time THE EXORCIST now that movie was the only horror film to be nominated for 10 impressive Oscar nods and win 2 one for best screenplay & another for sound and was a 4 time Golden Globe winner as well. In 1999 it was voted the scariest film of all time. It also grossed 480 million dollars in 1973 now if you compare that $$ to 2016 we are looking at over a BILLION dollars.

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