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‘Deadpool’ Writer Details Action Scenes That Were Removed When Budget Was Cut By $7 Million

'Deadpool' Writer Details Action Scenes That Were Removed When Budget Was Cut By $7 Million

With “Deadpool” poised to be a box office behemoth this weekend, fans will no doubt be feting 20th Century Fox for taking a gamble on a hard-R movie centered around the cult character, but wise executives always protect their risky moves. Just before the green light was given, the filmmakers were given a task by studio suits — cut the budget by $7 million. Writer Rhett Reese revealed that meant dropping some action scenes from the movie. So what was torn out from the script? 

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“Angel Dust, played by Gina Carano, used to be three different characters,” Reese told io9. “It was Garrison Kane, Sluggo and Wire. There was a reduction of action. We had a motorcycle chase between Deadpool and Ajax on the freeway that we took out. We had a big, big gun fight in the third act that we took out and we basically had Deadpool forget his guns as a means of getting around it. So there were just reductions.”

However, Reese sees the silver lining that emerged from that situation. “It was that last, lean and mean chop that got us to a place where Fox was willing to make it,” he said. “The script was very efficient and not too long. That was a function of budget more than anything, but I think it really made the movie pace nicely.”

Fair point, but one has to wonder what another $7 million mattered to a movie that has a reported budget of $58 million. But maybe it went into the onslaught of marketing that is positioning the movie for a possible $90 million weekend. And no doubt, “Deadpool” feels filled to the gills as it is. That said, Reese and Paul Wernick, who will be back to write the sequel, can probably rest assured they have will have much more money to play with next time around.

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I think the movie worked better without the action scenes they scrapped. After you have seen one barrage of bullets, how many more do you need to see? It was much funnier with him getting to the fight and realizing he had forgotten his guns, LMAO.


That’s unfortunate because I was very disappointed he loaded up all those guns and then forgot them! He was limited on his bullet usage in the first freeway fight too. I wanted to see some more John Wick style gunplay. And the motorcycle chase sounded like it would’ve been cool. Sucks because I think it’s gonna make plenty of money therefore they could’ve afforded the extra. Oh well, next one.


I’m pretty sure the motorcycle chase and the extended “raid style” shootout will be in Deadpool 1.5, the movie was a gore filled nonstop action thrill ride and laugh fest but the more action the better I say


    Deadpool 1.5 will have more action, more blood, more gore, and more laughs and I’m looking forward to that


shame they couldn’t include all that in. I really did feel the thing that was lacking of the movie was more action cuz it felt sporadic. And i don’t really like gina carano too.

My thoughts exactly: what’s another $7 million to a big studio?


    Vincent, the movie had nonstop action so it wasn’t lacking at all, and it had tons of gore too

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