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First Look: Millennial Sex Comedy ‘Do Over,’ Premiering for Buyers in Berlin (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

First Look: Millennial Sex Comedy 'Do Over,' Premiering for Buyers in Berlin (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Indie sex comedy “Do Over,” about a group of friends who decide to hook up with the people they lost their virginity to years earlier (a “re-booty call”), will premiere for buyers in Berlin at the European Film Market. The film is the debut feature from actor Ryan Francis (“Sisters”), who co-wrote the script with producer Kevin J. Foxe from an original story by producer and star Gina Field. Watch an exclusive clip above, and see the exclusive “Do Over” trailer and poster below.  

Also featured in the ensemble cast are Drew Seeley “(High School
Musical”), Amy
Paffrath (“The Purge: Anarchy“), Zack Lively (“Greek”), Jonathan Bennett (“Mean
Girls”), and Hayley Marie Norman (“Beyond the Lights”). 

“Do Over” is executive produced by Brandon Edwards, with Lon Haber & Co. handling worldwide rights. 


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This looks like a great idea. I’m there.

Hadley Hodgkin

Cant wait it looks charming and funny

Alfred Y.

Wow looks really funny, dat re-booty call tho! awesome to see familiar faces haha #tbt


omega this looks hilarious!

Morgan Dolginow

I was lucky enough to see this movie at one of its first screenings in the L.A. area and highly recommend it! It is hilarious and definitely speaks to the current "Netflix & Chill" generation.

Mac scarpa

This movie puts the fun in funny!


This looks hilarious! I hope it gets picked up!


Awesome. Looks like a fun film!

David Youse

OMG. Ryan Francis does it all. Can’t wait to see this.


Do-over- great idea!


Well, too bad we only have the trailer available for Valentine’s Weekend…


Can’t wait for this to come out :-) ‘I’ll be back’


To booty call or not to booty call…that is always the question. Feels like a winner.


This looks so funny! Can’t wait!


This movie looks like a crack up!! I can’t wait to see it!


Awesome! rebootblast


This concept is so very real –and will connect with so many who wonder about the ultimate- "do over"!


Fantastic! Netflix jump on this!!! I think it would make a great series too.


This looks funny! Hope the movie does well in Berlin!


You had me at "indie sex comedy" – preview clip looks like a lot of fun! Ready to see more Jonathan Bennett, too

Bradley Hasemeyer

Classic. Fingers crossed for Berlin!!


This movie looks so funny, can’t wait to see it!!!

Michel de Nostredame

I see this doing very well at the box office! Fun cast and great idea for a social networked world!


Looks good

Albion Butters

Very real story with great twist at the end. I can see "do over" becoming a meme…

Blue MGM

NO WAY…WHAT AN IDEA! Cannot wait to see this! Do-overs all over the world are next! Where can we see it or do we have to wait to do it over?!?

Eddie Gee

Funny!!!! Definitely something that the world needs to see and enjoy!


Bravo and bless you !!!! I definitely want a do over……��


Looooooove this…..what a hilarious and fantastic looking film. I cannot wait to see it. No one can say there is an fresh content anymore!

Would love to see this film when it comes out. It's a clever idea and seems like it's going to be very entertaining.



Amazing talent! Funny moments for days. Can’t wait to see it! When’s it coming to theaters?

Philmore McDonahue

Looks good! Foxe is a really weird last name though.


Love the re-booty call concept.


A great romantic comedy idea we can all relate to. So excited to see it on the big screen!!!!!!


The film is hilarious… can’t wait to see final. Great idea.


Who doesn’t want a do-over!! Lordy, that would be a godsend.


What a fresh idea, this looks great. Kind wish I could do this… heh Look forward to seeing.

Chris Sibley

Hilarious film–saw it at a Soho Screening–looking forward to the final version!


Oh man, not sure I’m ready to "Lose it all over again". But, I’d waste an hour and a half watching this folks awkwardly stumble through it. :)


Clever concept. I’m game for a Do Over!


oh my god! hilarious! i can’t wait for it to hit the screens. some great jokes here.


a refreshingly funny movie with a new spin on modern relationships and an unexpected female empowerment message


This look awesome!


What a great, fun idea. Looking forward to seeing more. <and looking up my first on Facebook as I type….>

Rebecca Zamolo

Such a hilarious idea and it was so much fun to be a part of it!


Definitely something my friends and I would do.. Hahaha. Can’t wait to watch it !

Zelda Luv

Can’t wait to see this — is it out on DVD?


That trailer actually made me laugh! Excited to see it.


Looks like fun. Netflix?


LOL! Looks funny! Hope to see it soon! Definitely wish I lived closer to Berlin. :)


Dig Amy Paffrath. She is next Amy Poehler.


Some hilarious scenes…should be a big hit.


Best call for a raunchy romcom plot! How has this not been done before, it’s perfect! I see this film inspiring a lot of people to reconnect…


This is a dope idea! Could be the start of a re-booty call phenomenon.


Cannot wait to see this!!!!! Looks hilarious!


Hilarious plot! Can really see this becoming popular when it gets out there


This movie looks hilarious! What a great idea! I look foward to seeing Do Over!


Sounds like a really original premise for the genre, can’t wait to see it!


Woo! This is exciting!


This is a definite Netflix & Chill movie, when is it coming out?


Love this cast! Hope it does well in Berlin!

Steve O.

Funny idea! Would love to check it out!


So funny! Can’t wait to check this out!

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