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James Franco Will Direct Film Based on Aziah “Zola” Wells’ 148-Tweet Narrative That Went Viral

James Franco Will Direct Film Based on Aziah "Zola" Wells' 148-Tweet Narrative That Went Viral

Well, many said they would love to see this story unfold on screen (big or small), praising the author for her “narrative skills,” so this news shouldn’t surprise.

Announced via press release this afternoon, James Franco will direct an adaption of “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind The Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted,” the November 2015 Rolling Stone article by David Kushner in which Aziah “Zola” Wells’ revealed the truth behind the stripper saga she detailed in a series of Twitter posts last year that went viral soon afterward. 

To be titled “Zola Tells All,” Franco is teaming up with Andrew Neel, and Killer Films on the project which he’ll direct from a script penned by Neel and Mike Roberts.

Franco and Vince Jolivette are producing via their Rabbit Bandini Productions with Killer Films’ Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa, and Gigi Films’ Gia Walsh and Kara Baker. 

In October 2015, “Zola” posted a 148-tweet narrative about a trip taken to Florida with her friend Jessica, and her boyfriend, as well as Jessica’s violent pimp, Z. About a month later, Rolling Stone published Kushner’s piece in which “Zola” discussed the entire story, which went viral, as some questioned its validity.

The press release contained no details on casting or ETA, or whether “Zola” herself will be involved in any way in the making of the film. Stay tuned…

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Hopefully, the crazy boyfriend will not become the star and I hope this means the story will not be told through his eyes and please leave Seth Rogan out of this movie (LOL).

Miles Ellison

There are no "right hands" for stories about hookers and strippers.


I’m surprised Lee Daniels didn’t snap this up first. But seriously this a human interest story on sex trafficking is buried in this tale, and could be an interesting drama. It could also be a dramady in the right hands with strong writers. A comedic route is not appropriate for the nature of this topic.

Miles Ellison

All this word blitz about a movie that’s about a stripper. We’ve seen this before.


Of we do. Be cause this is America ,and everything has some kind of racial BS stitched to it. Like for instance a all white writing and production team telling a intrinsically " black" story. It should raise alarms ,as it usually doesn’t work in favor of the people it arrogantly attempts to depict. Of course she sold them the rights to do this so……

Yes of course we have to.

Paul Mitchell l

Once again a story about a black women(+2 white director /white writer/casting agent/ & several white producers/production company),how will this story be told? Did any Black person (male or female talk to her about this project? Did she have a smart agent to help helr or did she just took the money and ran. HISTORY ( OUR. STORY)
Look forward to see it on CABLE(may BET or TV 1 will show it in about 2-4 years?

Skys Wrong

Zola is not being given an opportunity because they are basing their movie off of the Rolling Stones article about Zola. Race doesn’t have to be brought into the conversation as this is a straight theft if her intellectual property and that of her partner – Jessica I believe.

Carol J

I agree with you Sky, its an opportunity. It wouldve been great to have Black directors and writers, but there are none whove shown interest. And thats okay;all of our movies dont have to show Black professionals because although we ARE underrepresented, we’re NOT one dimensional. And its cool that James is putting our diversity on a larger platform. He’s able to bring additional attention and recognition to it because of his white privilege. #Whitepriviligedoneright


Is this some kind of throw back to the 1970s? Really. a "pimps & whores" story, written, directed and produced by white men? With all the great stories out here, why would anyone choose to do this. There is a difference between a viral tweet and a film. Whois going to pay to see this nonsense?


Oh hell… I can’t stand that guy.. why on earth is he doing it.




First Diablo Cody now more tales of stripper ghetto garbage. You have writer’s out here busting there hump to get discovered and this idiot wants to promote this crap. Oh yeah, real black people don’t want to see this hot mess.


Of course we all have to start by bringing race into the argument. If there had been any interest by African American directors, writers, or producers, I’m sure that’s the direction it would have gone. Give this poor girl her glory with whomever is directing the adaptation. She wrote a powerful piece that captured the attention of many and deserves the chance to have it go mainstream.

Timothy J

James Franco just want to cash in a story that black folks will fun to go see in theaters. I have seen a lot of comments on social media of "black" people saying they can’t wait to see this. 2 white writers, a white director, a white producer, a white casting agent, for a black girl story.

Admiral Ackbar

James Franco sucks. And IT’S A TRAP!


with a white director and two white writers? this is a trainwreck that’s coming from a mile away. once black twitter sees this they’re gonna flip their wigs.

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