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New Plot Details Emerge For Claire Denis’ Sci-Fi ‘High Life’ With Robert Pattinson

New Plot Details Emerge For Claire Denis' Sci-Fi 'High Life' With Robert Pattinson

As Claire Denis‘ sci-fi “High Life” has been coming together over the fall, details about the director’s most ambitious effort yet have come in fits and starts. We know that Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, and Mia Goth will star in the movie penned by Denis, acclaimed novelist Zadie Smith and Nick Laird about a group of skilled criminals who trade in facing jail time and capital punishment for agreeing to participate in a likely fatal government space mission, where they will be tasked with finding alternate energy sources and will be part of human reproduction experiments. Like I said, it’s ambitious, and now even more has been revealed about the project that sounds pretty damn great. 

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Screen Daily has the latest intel, and the plot is even more layered, and we’ll just let it speak for itself. Here you go: 

The film follows the character of Monte a few years after the mission’s launch as he raises his daughter, Willow, in complete isolation on the empty spacecraft as it heads towards its final destination, a black hole.
He fathered Willow against his will after his sperm was used to inseminate another convict in space as part of the experiment. In the process of raising her, however, he comes to experience real love for the first time in his life.

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Meanwhile, the talent on the film expands well beyond the director, writers, and cast. Cinematographer Agnès Godard is lensing, Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples is providing the music and sound design, Leos Carax‘s editor Nelly Quettier is on board, and so too is physicist, black-hole expert, and the film’s scientific advisor Aurélien Barrau.

Production on “High Life” begins this summer, so we probably won’t be seeing this until 2017. But it already sounds like it will be worth the wait.

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Complex subject that should bring its lot of surprises. Denis is a master of Cinema and a great person to bring a team together.
I’m very excited about this movie and really hope the ride will be Unforgettable!


Patty Arquette and Pattinson. Niiiiice combo. Love love Claire Denis. Looking forward.


Fresh, I wish you had expanded a bit on talking and walking, as I’m not sure exactly what you mean. However, I also like the approach he is taking vis a vis project selection. Of course, that is facilitated by the wealth he acquired in the T-Saga. He is choosing projects with other artists from whom he can learn and grow, which is very cool. With characteristic modesty, he’s stated that he never had formal acting training, so his approach now offers OTJ substitutes. The subject "High Life" actually sounds like it combines a bunch of disparate plot elements that don’t naturally go together, but maybe that will just make it more interesting. The subject of approaching a black hole is huge and highly complex all by itself, but I guess the unintended pregnancy hooks us into the humanity or something. It should be interesting how it’s put together. Cheers.


I love the direction Pattinson has taken with his career. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He starts filming Good Time with the Safdie brothers today, and then on to High Life. So excited to see these films. Next year is shaping up to be very good.


I’m not a sci-fi fan but this film looks very promising. Looking forward to the end result!


Sounds very interesting.

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