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Review: ‘The X-Files’ Season 10 Episode 3, ‘Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-monster’ Is A Treat to Be Treasured

Review: 'The X-Files' Season 10 Episode 3, 'Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-monster' Is A Treat to Be Treasured

Previously, on “The X-Files”…

Mulder and Scully are back to being FBI agents, and they didn’t just spend years of their lives investigating aliens and conspiracies. A lot of times, they were trying to stop mutants and freaks. Some of those episodes, in the third season, were written by a guy named Darin Morgan, who was one of the very best. Darin Morgan is back to write and direct this week’s new episode of “The X-Files.” To quote Scully: “It has a monster in it.”

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This Week’s Dossier

Mulder’s a bit down in the dumps over how maybe he’s wasted his life investigating weird stuff that was eventually revealed to not be so weird, which might be why Scully suggests they investigate a strange death that might have been caused by an animal attack… or might be the work of a lizard monster. Turns out, there is a man-sized lizard running around, but he’s not the real monster. Instead, he’s a humble fellow named Guy (Rhys Darby), a man-sized lizard who was attacked by the human behind these deaths, and — thanks to the bite he received — is now switching between human and lizard forms (and getting a crash course in the ennui many humans live with daily). Mulder listens to Guy’s story, but it doesn’t have any answers as to what’s happening or any solutions to Mulder’s ongoing existential crisis. Because for once, Mulder is reluctant to believe in the fantastic.

Later, though, after Scully apprehends the real murderer (an all-too-human psycho serial killer played by Kumail Nanjiani), Mulder catches Guy just as he decides to return to the woods and hibernate for 10,000 years. Guy transforms into his lizard form right in front of Mulder, and a little bit of Mulder’s wonder at the universe is restored.

Wait, Explain It to Me Like I’m Five?

Mulder and Scully met a were-monster. Scully gets a dog. Oh, and being human kinda sucks.

Makeout Watch

It only took 22 years, but Scully finally got to have sex on camera on “The X-Files.” (Your interpretation of the fourth season episode “Never Again” notwithstanding.) Hey, Scully got some! Unfortunately, the scene was a lie being told by Guy, Guy didn’t seem totally clear on how human sex actually works and the other participant wasn’t Mulder. But certainly many Gillian Anderson fans got a kick out of her turning porn star, and scenes like this prove to be very valuable in reminding us that Anderson has some incredible comedic chops. 

Some Deep and Relevant Thoughts About Hair

Again, we have no idea when Mulder got his hair cut because these episodes are airing out of order. But I’m getting used to Scully’s wig. It looks way better loose than in a ponytail, anyway.

Nostalgia Alert!

Let’s just let Scully speak for all of us here: “Yeah, this is how I like my Mulder.” The quiet way in which Scully relished the weirdness of this case — and what it brought out in both her and Mulder — made it clear that we’re not the only ones experiencing some hardcore reminiscing.

But It’s Not 1993 Anymore

Mulder has a camera phone! Mulder… is not great at operating it, but his flailing with the settings was all too easy to identify with.

Also, an early witness to spot the were-monster is a transgender prostitute played by “RuPaul’s Drag Race” favorite Shangela (a.k.a. D.J. Pierce). “The X-Files” has, at times, struggled with acknowledging LGBTQ issues properly and sensitively, but here Mulder goes out of his way to use the most appropriate and accurate terminology possible; something we might not have gotten during the original series, but here in 2016 feels downright essential. It’d be nice if Annabelle weren’t a prostitute on drugs, but Shangela is always a delight.

Fun Ultra-Nerd Fact

Let’s be clear: This episode was packed with in-jokes and callbacks to the classic series, especially episodes that were also written by Morgan. Two tombstones in the cemetery pay tribute to Kim Manners and Jack Hardy, a producer and an assistant director on the original series who have since passed away. The stoners at the beginning? They were played by Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker, who 20 years ago also played stoners in multiple third season episodes.

Scully’s ill-fated dog Queequeg, introduced in “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” is not only remembered fondly but gets a successor in the form of Guy’s abandoned pet dog who Scully adopts at the end of the episode. Her joke that “You forget that I’m immortal” is also a reference to “Clyde Bruckman” (as well as the later episode “Tithonus,” which hints at the same notion).

Even Mulder’s choice of night-time sleepwear hearkened back to one of the show’s most iconic moments. (Fun fact: That was probably a replica because the original red speedo is now in the Smithsonian.)

“I’m not going to ask you if you just said what I think you just said because I know it’s what you just said.” (Most Awkward Quote)

“I’m just looking for some kind of internal logic.”
“Why? There isn’t an external logic to any of it.”
– Mulder and Guy

That exchange goes on a little longer, but, in an episode full of stellar dialogue, this line stuck out as an attempt at hanging a lantern on some of the narrative’s weaker points without actually addressing them. This episode, in many ways, was a delightful treat, especially after the two relatively solemn previous installments. But with the exception of the big twist about Guy’s real nature, its charms were not found in its plotting.

“Dear Diary: Today my heart lept when Agent Scully suggested ‘spontaneous human combustion.'” (Best Quote)

“To which I know what you’re going to say… But Mulder…”
– Mulder

We’ll have to wait for the complete transcript of Mulder’s speech to Scully in the motel room, in which he speedily and steadily debunks all of his own theories, but it was a ramble on par with the best of the series and a joy to behold.

Final Report

For a while, we’ve been predicting that “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-monster” would be the best episode of this short season, largely based on Darin Morgan’s pedigree as a writer/director, as well as the show’s decent legacy with comedy. While in some respects that is definitely the case, it isn’t perfect. For the most part, Morgan keeps things moving light and quick, but there are still some pacing problems; most especially the sequence where Guy explains his life story to Mulder, which weighs things down just as they should be intensifying. And Mulder’s depression over his life’s work proves a little too talky and hard to track.

More importantly, the decision to air these episodes out of order is proving more than a little distracting. Take the first scene with Mulder and Scully in the old X-Files office, which is still clearly in the process of being set up — a far cry from last week’s “Founder’s Mutation” when they’ve clearly settled in. (There’s also likely a story about how the “I Want to Believe” poster is Scully’s, one we may end up hearing soon.)

All that said — what a delight. Killer banter, great jokes and such charming performances from Anderson (clearly having a great time) and Duchovny (working hard to give his more serious moments real weight). And the supporting work is great, too. Nanjiani is a bit underused but steals the scene whenever he gets a chance, and Darby’s kooky edge makes the character of Guy feel more real than we could have expected. Whether or not it’s the best episode of the season remains to be seen, but we’re so glad to have seen this.

Grade: A-

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I think all the people who are calling this "the worst episode ever" ate either jaded millennials who never saw the show during its original run, or have forgotten that some of the series’ best episodes were the lighter, more comical ones, where the show deliberately poked fun at its own premise and characters. "Bad Blood", "Humbug", "Jose Chung’s from Outer Space", to name just a few. Watching "Were-Monster", for me, was like going back in time to the mid-’90s. It gave me the EXACT same feeling that those classic episodes did. And the 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes seems to agree with me.


This was the the worst thing I have ever seen on television. It is painful to see the x files ruined bit by bit, week by week.


A good episode that pays tribute to some of the more ridiculous "monster of the week" episodes in the shows history. If you like the dark, broody tone of the first two episodes of the new series you might want to give this one a miss, however.

Theres plenty of in jokes for the dedicated fan, and it’s a well crafted intermission from the gore and paranoia.

I can see why some fans and newcomers won’t like it; but it’s refreshing to see a reboot not simply sweep some of the more ‘cringeworthy’ elements of the shows history under the rug, but rather embrace them wholeheartedly in a fairly camp romp. Rhys Darby plays his ridiculous part well and with all the enthusiasm and energy of your dad playing with your Scalextric on Christmas day.

Take it for what it is; a gleeful salute to the sillier side of a show that knows it shouldn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, its got aliens in for crying out loud.

Jackie B

Bloody hell what was episode 3 about, I didn’t even get that the first two were concluded then we get that turd of a story! Really a three year old could watch that where did sophistication go? Thought this series would be great, but think I,m now going to delete episode 4 before my it insults my intelligence!

Martin B

Episode 3 ,just so awful,failed in every degree,hope no more waste of screen air like this.

H kaur

Seriously! I know it’s been 14 years but as a fan of the original X- Files, this was too painful to watch!


Wow. This made the series 1 ‘colonel bent’ episode look oscar worthy. It was so utterly pathetic I’m almost speechless.

Angus Bearn

The most dreadful nonsense

Charles Robertson

I am sure the new series of the x-files is meant to be a satire, because some of the scenes are downright clichéd.
I think the audience is meant to take this with not just a pinch of salt but en entire salt cellar’s worth. Never-the-less it is good to see Mulder & Scullt back on our screens after more than a decade…


Reading the comments, i guess you either like it or you don’t

personally i thought this was brilliant!!! takes me back to the old days :)


I’m not liking the new show. Something’s missing. Is Chris Carter still writing this? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like it.

Chris O Connor

Another episode like that and Ill stop watching the X Files . :(


I was ready to watch an episode of the X-files and instead it turned into some stupid sitcom. This was definitely the worst episode of all time. Giving it an A- is a bit off. F+ would be too high.


What a fucking stinker. so far, season 10 has reassembled a spaz-thatched cross over parody of Wharehouse 13 – and, what was formerly the X-Files. Talk about shitting the bed.


I stopped watching X-Files in season 2, too same old same old, I only watched and loved the funny 1’s, this was PERFECT, stop whining and get a sense of humour!


Seriously? I rarely take the time to comment a TV show. But expection were so high and the result is below zero. For those who like this humour… Can I have the same pills? Even Dr Who old series are better than this. I am a neird, I love everything related to Xfiles but THIS (I should say "that") was a low budget (did you notice all the Ford vehicules in this episode?!?!) not even a slice of finesse. Shame on you, I feel betrayed, let down by my heroes. Shame shame shame on you. Even Red Dwarf is better, at least, they don’t pretend… You just killed my wish to follow the new serie.


DISSAPOINTMENT!!! who the hell is responsible for mutilating the X-files in this way should be locked up. This seemed like a parody. I can’t Imagine Duchovny and Anderson have agreed to doing this episode. If you ask me it’s a stain on their carreer.


they are wasting so much time with this mini series they should have just brought it back completely if they were going to do these one off episodes


Horrific. Abhorrent. Terrible. Episode. .


That epi was Awful..really One of the Worst tv shows in my life.Thats a lot shows

Chris J

What a joke (not funny at all) I loved this show in the 90’s and the first 2 episodes took me back 20 years ,, this one didn’t. I asked my wife,,, did we just watch that ???? What a waste if the rest are like this one,, you’ve just lost a life long fan!!

Debbie P.

I am in total agreement with those who have voiced their opinion that this episode was beyond silly and painful to watch. I almost never – and I do mean NEVER – watch TV. But the X-Files is the one show I will make an exception for. I was so excited to see the return of the X-Files, because for the most part, I haven’t watched TV since this series ended. Why ruin it with this kind of garbage? Seriously??!!

Shiri Kuchta

All I can say is, What the heck was that?


If the third episode is a sample of what a creature episode is going to be, then they will certainly loose me as a dedicated fan! That was the worst of the worst!!
Terrible acting, terrible special affects, (non actually). Terribly disappointed! One crap of an episode.


Best episode of the entire fall-winter season. SO funny!


This was fantastic episode, so fantastic I’m surprised that some X-Files fans seem to hate it. Don’t they remember that The X-Files had its share of fun, comedic episodes like "Bad Blood"?


This episode was a failure, having seen every episode and understanding the comedic standpoint of previous episodes this one missed the mark big time! The one feature of this show is it leaves you wondering at the end of the viewing "is that really happening?", the only thing I am wondering at the end of this episode is if their will be a season 11 due to low ratings


Worst x-files episode ever! Keep it original the first episode was amazing what happened? Also why are the episodes out of order that’s just ridiculous? If there are more episodes like this I will be writing off this new series and won’t consider it as part of the original series.


The first 2 episodes were information dumps and the point of the 3rd episode was to play it down and make the X Files seems like a joke so nobody takes the information seriously.

Amber H

Episode 3 was a absolute waste of time…MassivelyMassively disappointing and not funny. This episode went completely off track of what the x-files is all about..FAILURE!


The author of this article is as bad a writer of the guy who wrote that episode. It was terrible, an absolute disaster and it has me questioning whether I will watch another episode. So disappointing after two very good episodes…HORRIBLE!!!


oh come on…. what was that? very disappointed about ep3. no story ,B grade graphics , what happen X filles?


As somebody who was 19 when the X Files began, and consider the X Files my all time favorite, this episode was right there with one of my favorites, Bad Blood. There’s great black helicopter episodes and there’s great lighter, more slapstick ones. I would like to think that TRUE fans appreciate them all.


They shouldn`t have botherd making s10..
My nerdy hearth can`t take more of this shitt.


Brian stop posting under different names. Real x files fans know this episode sucked balls.


Omg. Couldn’t watch it all, it was that bad. I’ll try one more episode and if it’s crap. .I’ll just leave quietly.


This was absolutely TERRIBLE. Who in their right mind approved this episode? This was like a bad B movie…Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or something. I will not be watching the rest of the series.




obviously, those who didnt like this episode are all idiots and not real x-file fans. so please save the earth some electricity and bandwidth and go watch barbie or some big bang theory and go complain by your mommys. x-files is back, classic episode..keep up the fantastic work. boom


You guys are crazy. This episode was great.

joe h ledesma

were monster episode was one of the worst episode ever made. change writer, doesn’t have it period.

Judd Lee

Easter eggs aside, this was a long, boorish and extremely dissapointing episode in a season where there are only 6. I was embarrassed by it


What in the world were the writers and director thinking? This lizard episode ruined the legacy of X Files. I’m very close to turning the channel to something else.


This was like a low budget bad episode of Buffy. Not quite funny, vaguely embarrassing, actually really cringeworthy. The whole premise might have warranted 30 seconds showing some sort of loser monster before an actual storyline kicked in.


Interesting to see how many claim the original series were ‘funny’ and ‘silly’.. There’s a few, yes…but they were towards the end.. when there was no chemistry between Scully and Mulder’s replacement, in fact, it was all out of ideas..they instead went with comedy episodes..they all sucked.. so with these so-called fans who are under the assumption ‘comedy’ was the must’ve been in a coma when XFiles first started… they were all entertaining with mystery, coverups, shady-characters, and two agents with a purpose.. This latest episode? Stoops for people of low IQ…


What a load of sh*t! This was like a really bad version of scary movie. A total piss take of the X files. Turned it off its so bad ……


The funniest & the best episode so far not like the first 2 episodes which quite bored. I enjoyed it.


Gave up after 20 minutes. The show was a joke and corny. It was like one of those spoof movies of scream

Hank A. Salmi

The comedy aspect didn’t quite hit me, but these stories are never meant to be taken too seriously, anyway. Scully was hotter than an oven plate, but I’d stick to the original alien storyline with a little less sitcom next time, thanks.


MIKE ULMER : This IS the roots of the X-Files! For crying out loud, the "silly" X-Files episodes are by far the most popular ones of the old series!
It’s amazing how "fans" whine about an episode which follows the exact formula of the most popular classic episodes.


I was so disappointed! The whole episode looked like a parody. The mystery was gone, and it wasn’t even funny… :(


This was the worst episode of any TV Show ever to air. Shameful for a reboot of XFiles. Absolutely dreadful.

Ep #3 was a disgraceful cartoon. Not funny, embarrassing. May not watch more. Ugh.

Mike ulmer

The wife and I started watching the old 1990s X-files just days before the new episodes started. We both were very disappointed! Please go back to your roots. All three had reference to right wing conspiracy or bad government the problem. Where is the spark! The writing is like something from a bad comic book! At least we have several more of the old episodes to watch. Please hire some decent writers. Start a fund crowd if your short of money.

Danielle White

I thought the episode was hilarious and oringinal…kudos!!!

real girl

Third episode was a flat out failure! waste of air time


Absolute garbage! My wife and I were really looking forward to the new series. We turned it off after about 20 minutes of being horrified at the corny lines and terrible acting! Will not bother to watch the rest unless they revive the old recipe. The original X-Files were ground-breaking. The new series is absolute trash! how hard up are these actors to accept roles in such utter rubbish?


If you wanted to see corny and cartoons.. Xfiles was unique in the sense it combined ‘fact’ and science, with mystery, and a cool couple that had sophisticated dialogue..this show was the opposite. Disappointed.


I too am an X-phile and had high hopes for the third episode and first ‘Monster of the Week’ following last weeks preview, but I was sorely disappointed. The episode was painfully too self-aware, making it seem like more of a diorama of a show, and the ‘comedic’ bit about the absurdity of human nature would have been better presented as a few enlightening jokes, instead of a drawn out, 20 minute segment. There was no mystery, no savory bits. I loved all the of the X-files, including the goofy, cornball episodes, but this wasn’t even corny or loveable in a nostalgic kinda way. It was just stupid :(


Oops! Hahaha!

FEB 2, 2016 7:26PM


I want to believe….that this season isn’t about to take a bigger nose dive than tony montanna

Daniel S

Started out good with episode 1 and 2..then 3. WTF…i waited up late for this..I may not even bother another episode. Letdown

cark kolchak

This is the all time worst X files episode, and now they are getting political all of a sudden. What a huge disappointment.

Carlos Cardoso

I need to watch the older episodes to forget this…


Episode 3 was terrible terrible terrible,


Why does everything have to be the best thing ever or the worst episode ever on the Internet? It was good, and Darin Morgan is a great writer, but it wasn’t quite up there with his best work either (Clyde Bruckman’s, Jose Chung’s).

jorge whittaker

This episode was great. Genius!


I felt like I was watching an SNL skit of the X-files. So’s as if they brought it back to make fun of it, like a Comedy or something on South Park. To me. DD and GA act like they are going to burst out laughing at any minute. Why bring back these eps and have it end like this? DD looks sometimes like he’s actually in pain and would rather be doing his singing gig pretending he’s actually a rock star.
Why did they even bother coming back ? Seriously

Donna L

What a disappointment this episode was!! I totally enjoyed the first 2 episodes but this was an absolute joke. Sully was completely out of character.


This has to go down as one if not the worst x-files episode of all times. absolut crap and I doubt any real fan will enjoy something like this

Jeff B

I was hoping for a little more but this episode is something I will check out again as there was alot of talking but it did have a good share of memories of the past in there so I give this one a B, its all about the writing for better or for worst, this show has so much going for it!


Utter utter utter utter garbage! 3rd episode into a reboot and they do that. It’s 60s b movie meets doctor who. Grrrr


I loved everything about this episode!! Bravo!

John Kimbler

Man this episode destroyed the spirit of X files and was a mockery to the characters and fans.


well I am completely disappointed…this episode is far away from the old x files recipe…the first and the second were excellent but this was far away from mystery case we used to see in x files I had a feeling like I was watching some cheap comedy show :( please give us good old x files pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


ARCHON: "humor"??… if you recall, as the shows got for "silly", so did the downward spiral years ago and it crashed!.. like I said, if you want corny humor, go watch SNL reruns, cartoons, or some hillbilly shows.. This 3rd show was the worst of the worst, the smelliest turd of them all.. and they have a few more shows left? shameful.

Charlotte B

What a great episode. I’ve been a hardcore X files fan for over two decades and I bloody loved it. I don’t understand how you could hate it.
Oh, and the Kim Manners tombstone was very cool. Nicely done.


F-FILES : the humor here is spot on and directly taken from the old "silly" X-Files episodes, which is considered the best of the best.
So yeah. What was your argument again?

And Tazmo, you’re just a goddamn paranoid idiot. Jesus fucking Christ man, what is wrong with you?


I thought the first two were riviting, I wonder what happened in the third episode. I thought they would continue on with the conspirisy theme, I wonder if maybe it hit a nerve with the government? Like maybe they were told to shut it down?


I understand that episode 3 was intended to be comedic. A few parts were – like Mulder and his camera phone. Also, the Mulder " but I know you’d say" was ok. The rest was just not that well written and not that funny. Perhaps it was their timing but I miss the looks he would get from Scully…sad to say, and I HOPE it’s not this – their chemistry seems off. I remain hopeful the last 3 episodes contain some M&S classic chemistry. My wife pointed this out and my response was…"well, they are not living together so maybe that coolness Dana has exhibited is purposeful?" I hope Chris kicks in up a notch.


Sweetly funny and great self reflection of the characters. X-files at its best.


this show was effed up…i’m surprised so called ‘fans’ come here saying they liked the ‘humor’..really? this wasn’t humor at all. If you like this type of humor, go watch Hee-Haw reruns… X-Files has lost touch with it’s original path.. combining mystery, truth, conspiracy, intrigue..with Scully and Mulder as professional agents. This show sucked. Period.


Couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was sooooo bad that YOU JUST HAD TO WATCH IT. From 9 Seasons I cannot believe how producers screwed up the show. Very dissapointing. I do hope it gets better.


what a waste.

Todd B

I too have been a long time fan of the series and have truly grown with the characters. After season 10 episode 2, I thought they would tighten up the story and start getting serious. 15 minutes into episode 3 and I can no longer continue watch this horrifying train wreck as a show that I once held at the pinnacle of absolute amazing conspiracy story, fall to complete and utter ruin! I pray they NEVER air another episode like no.3 again and can recover to produce the kind of seriousness the show needs and deserves! I DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE!


While I somewhat agree with Carole C (the episode just didn’t seem to ‘fit’, as the review above says – pacing issues certainly), I disagree with Coyote.
In the first seasons there was the odd humorous or ‘different’ episode, my favorite being the take-off on COPS. I don’t think this is a great episode, but honestly it was nice to see them obviously having some fun.


I think this episode was absolutely fantastic.

Sgt Major

I watched the X-Files before, and enjoyed the first two episodes…but this was a big stinking load of crap! If this will be the new theme the writers can rest assured they sure screwed up a good thing. It could not have sucked anymore than it did!!!


Loved it! Don’t care what anyone else thinks :)

Miles Dittberner

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Mulder and Scully completely have forgot the whole alien hybrid government conspiracy? The mini season starts off with them being brought back together because of this profound event which they are supposed to be investigating while working on the newly reopened X-Files. Yet the last two episodes there are no mentions of it, let alone a teaser or some foreshadowing. The 3rd episode starts off with Mulder bored and complaining that is all a big waste of time. Really? You’re in the middle of a giant government conspiracy, your life’s work, and you’re bored? Seriously Mulder, you don’t have anything better to do? You’d think maybe he’d be coming up with leads or some kind of evidence to further his life’s work. My problem so far is that the reboot isn’t taking itself seriously and it shows through in the writing and the characters. It’s almost as if it’s making fun of itself.


Who knew Scully had a decent rack? Will become a classic episode.


HAHAHA I took screen shots of all the comments! Reddit is having a really good laugh at the "fans" here. Sorry not trying to be a jerk, its just I don’t like fake people. This episode was exactly what true fans loved about the series. There is a reason they brought this writer back (google him, his episodes are all in the top 10). #RedditShame (you are allowed to dislike an episode, however don’t try to claim its against the series when it was written by the most popular writer in the series…


And sorry, people think the set was faked?!?! It was filmed in British Columbia Canada. The scenery was most certainly not faked! Thanks for thinking Canada is CGI though


Apologies for the typo! "Don’t fake being a fan if you WEREN’T raised on it"


Are people serious on here? People "claiming" to be fans hate this episode??????? The Men In Black was one of the most famous episodes in X-Files, and yet there are little kids crying fowl on this one? Wow, showing your age here boys, showing your age. Dont fake being a fan if you were raised on it…

William H

I love x files but this episode got me very very confused. At a certain point i was hoping that it would be a dream or something but it wasn’t. This episode was a big disappointment and so not funny(almost stupid) and I have big expectations for the next episode.


this episode sucks. NOT funny. It does resemble the ‘funny episodes’ towards the end, which explains why so many fans left the show and it soon ended — Crappy on so many levels..


Loved this episode – funny on so many levels, especially for fans of the original.


As a fan of XFiles, this was a complete embarrassment of a show. What were the writers thinking? Even the ‘forest’ scenes looked so fake.. And what’s with the idiot running around in his underwear and an accent? I was expecting a show that was at least updated with the fans. Maybe a show with updated technology such as smart phones being used by aliens to interact with people. I don’t know but this show was unoriginal, not funny, and dumb.


Wow. What a bunch of humorless people in the comments.
The episode was hilarious. Several of the most memorable and best episodes are the "silly" episodes. We actually had a live discussion on the matter during a stream about how sad it was that we most likely didn’t get to see a silly episode with so few episodes, so imagine how the chat exploded in happyness over this one, hehe.


What? I thought tonight’s episode was great, it reminded me of some of the lighter episodes from the older part of the series. I loved it! This is The X-Files I know and love!


From Quebec

Holy sh… what just happened !!! I just read this review here on Indiewire (usually quiet solid) and on TV Fanatic. Well, could someone explain me in what way these two comments represent the real reality of this, well, very, very disappointing 3rd episode ?? Probably the worst episode of the entire life of the Xfiles ! I cannot believe what I just watched. I am so agree with Coyote and Don… what happen ??? That was NOT funny That was NOT the Xfiles but a sort of dum sketch that we would have seen on SNL !!! How can seriously two journalist from Indie and Fanatic can write something si false about this episode ?? It was not good. Not at all. Comme on guys be serious ! And by the way, I read and respect Indiewire all the time. Bu this time Ms Miller I don’t understand.

Carole C

I’m a big fan of The X-Files but tonight’s episode was disappointing, ridiculous, not funny. The original recipe was better.

Don Lomax

Lord! What an absolute turd of an episode! The funny wasn’t funny. M &C standing over dead bodies on morgue slabs with their throat ripped out acting like Laurel and Hardy was painful to watch. As a long time X-phile I found myself apologizing to everyone I know for suggesting that they watch the new series. "Really, Olly?" At least Laurel and Hardy were funny.


Third episode was a major disappointment. Where did all the mystery go when the first seasons of Xfiles came out? Now it sucks to see these episodes where they try twisting corny characters with humor.. So far it seems the director lost the original recipe for X files..


I love The X-Files. Anything that happens is fabulous. More please !!!

Joe Carroll

Jose Chung is my all time favorite episode of any TV show ever. And this one is right up there with it. The beauty of the X-files is its range. It can go from conspiracy to horror to to thiller better than anyone and then nail you with a light hearted satirical curve ball like this one. Darrin Morgan is my hero. Best episode of the run. Come on season 11!!

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