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Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital Announces First-Ever All Def Movie Awards Hosted By Tony Rock to Coincide with Oscars

Russell Simmons' All Def Digital Announces First-Ever All Def Movie Awards Hosted By Tony Rock to Coincide with Oscars

Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital (ADD) network has announced the first-ever All Def Movie Awards, which will take place just days before the Oscars, at the World Famous TCL Chinese 6 Theatres. The live event will be held on February 24 and hosted by Tony Rock – as in Chris Rock’s brother; the same Chris Rock who is hosting the Oscars.

Awards will be recognized by members of the All Def Academy, who today announced the following films will compete for Best Picture of 2015:

– “Beasts of No Nation”
– “Chi-Raq”
– “Concussion”
– “Creed”
– “Dope”
– “Straight Outta Compton” 

Members of the public can vote for two categories in the All Def Movie Awards (Best Picture and Most Quoted Movie) online at, through midnight on February 23rd.

Other awards will honor Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director as well as Best Bad Muh F**ka and other often overlooked categories, such as Best Helpful White Person and Best Black Survivor in a Movie. 

The All Def Movie Awards, which will be held just yards from the Academy Awards stage, will feature a Black Carpet for celebrity presenters, arrivals and VIP guests. The show will also feature a special live musical performance, and a consistent stream of video content before, during and after the show on all of ADD’s social channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Periscope. 

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” said Tony Rock. “With that in mind I have teamed up… with ADD to bring you the ‘All inclusive’, All Def Movie Awards. We’ll honor the entire movie making process. Great acting, mediocre acting as well as horrible acting. Soundtracks. Wardrobes. Maybe even craft services (the best part of the set). This is the award show Hollywood has been waiting for.” 

Added Russell Simmons, founder and chairman of All Def Digital, “I don’t expect a 90 year-old Academy member to see ‘Straight Outta Compton’ or vote for it. I’m more concerned that in 2016 there continues to be a stunning lack of diversity in the studios, in the green light process, in the decisions of what films and television series get made, and what actors get chosen. This needs to be addressed institutionally. The All Def Movie Awards are not the Black Oscars, but they could be. This will be a fun, entertaining and hopefully thought provoking celebration of the uncelebrated.”

The All Def Movie Awards will be programmed as part of  All Def Comedy Live, a live weekly comedy showcase. HBO is currently developing a series around the weekly event, which routinely draws celebrities and the best new, emerging and established artists working America’s comedy stages.

Admission is by invitation only, but a select number of seats will be reserved for fans by lottery.

All Def Digital (ADD) is a multi-platform media company for millennials focusing on urban youth culture through premium video programming across comedy, music, lifestyle and topical and timely social commentary.

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Mark and Darla

Just about every institutions in America was created by white people and we as black people had to fight just about all of them for inclusion, the Academy is no different. As Americans, why shouldn’t our movies be included in an American Institution that reward movies for their excellent creativities.


In a desperate attempt to remove the sand beneath his feet, poor ol’ tap dancing Eric shakes, rattles and rolls across the floor in a clumsy effort to bolster his Civil Rights analogy. The audience, as if from the rough crowd of the famous Apollo Theater yell "Marvin K Mooney WILL YOU PLEASE GO NOW!"

Brenda Spencer

I Love It! As a member of the African American Media let me know how I can help!


The Civil Rights Movement was concerned with the advancement of black Americans in all facets of American life and that included a move to end inequality and separatism in the entertainment industry. Creating our own separate space might allow us to celebrate achievements within our own community, but what does it do to secure us the same rights and privileges afforded to others who don’t look like us? If we don’t ask for change, if we don’t demand it, we will never get it.


"using a ludicrous parallel between this and the Civil Rights Movement?" <—- The best "check that BS" of the month. First runner-up for tap Dancing court jester goes to –> " tap dancing, Eric"


Eric, again you’ve missed the point. This show aims to be "fun, entertaining and hopefully thought provoking celebration of the uncelebrated.", it’s not a rival to any awards show in particular. That said, I AM LOVING IT! I especially love the unique categories. Listen, it’s safe to say most awards shows are boring and predictable, but this, not so much. Now, if I had one vote in which I could use in just one category, that category would be "Most Quoted Movie". I believe Straight Outta Compton will win this award b/c of its connection to rap lyrics. However, my choice is Chi-Raq. I bet y’all know the line that sticks in my "male" head? :-(


It’s quite the embarrassment when blacks decide to attack and belittle other blacks for focusing on representation and imagery in their OWN community instead of directing their hollow and weightless arguments toward the overall erasure of POC’s from the film industry. Shifting blame towards AA for making their own "movie awards" and using a ludicrous parallel between this and the Civil Rights Movement? Keep tap dancing, Eric. Perhaps it’ll get you somewhere soon.


@Aaron: What if Dr. King and every other civil rights activist in his time convinced themselves that change would never happen? You and I would still be drinking from a "colored" water fountain. If we don’t have separate seats and fountains now, why are we going backwards to create separate awards shows and so on? Maybe we can’t alter the way people think at the end of the day, but opportunity does not come without a fight. As Viola said, "The only thing that separates women of color from anybody else is opportunity," and that’s true for men too. Let us fight for opportunity.


@Eric- We call what u are saying "cooning" aka looking for white approval. If u look at the history of Hollywood, u will know that it was never made for the negro to be accepted for his talents and abilities. Ur asking ppl who don’t like u and consistently remind u of that, to somehow change their beliefs and start liking u. No matter how much u cry, whine or beg, it won’t happen. So we might as well do our own award shows just like this.


What I mean about promoting ourselves is this: On what scale is our work being recognized if nobody but us is paying attention? A number of black actors have been criticized recently as though they are asking for acceptance from whites, but I think it’s only natural to want to be seen beyond the confines of BET and NAACP. As an American, I want America to see me.


A consolation awards show is not the answer. If we are fighting for unity, why do we so often create division like the All Def Movie Awards? It is not our responsibility to promote ourselves. We need to focus on bringing attention to the organizations that consistently demonstrate they are closed to diversity.

kai azor

Ol’ Rush came up with a great idea to capitalize off the Oscars…with his own Def-Oscars. It could be more entertaining than WhiteOscars. I will be voting whether I remember to watch or not.

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