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Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital Partners With FUSION to Broadcast Movie Awards on Same Night as Oscars

Russell Simmons' All Def Digital Partners With FUSION to Broadcast Movie Awards on Same Night as Oscars

All Def Digital (ADD) and FUSION have agreed to a multi-year strategic partnership to broadcast the All Def Movie Awards. FUSION will be the exclusive broadcast partner and will partner with ADD to build the new awards season franchise. 

FUSION’s cable network will air a special one-hour broadcast of the All Def Movie Awards on Sunday, February 28 at 7PM and re-air it throughout the night. FUSION and ADD will also feature content from the event across their respective digital and social platforms, including FUSION’s Snapchat Discover channel. 

The announcement was made by Russell Simmons, founder and Chairman of ADD, and Isaac Lee, CEO of FUSION and Chief News and Digital Officer of Univision. 

“We are thrilled to have a like-minded network partner helping us build what will be an explosive media property and franchise in the All Def Movie Awards,” said Simmons. 

“Elevating underrepresented voices is core to FUSION’s mission and we are thrilled that the All Def Movie Awards will be an event for us to celebrate the diversity that makes our culture so rich,” said FUSION CEO Isaac Lee. “Last year, FUSION partnered with All Def Digital as we sparked a dialogue about our country’s broken juvenile justice system and now we are excited to build on the success of that partnership to provoke another important conversation.”

“The All Def Movie Awards are meant to fill a generational and cultural void — just as the MTV Movie Awards did,” said Sanjay Sharma, President and CEO of ADD. “FUSION is the perfect partner to celebrate the uncelebrated, and use comedy to encourage honest dialogue and action.”

Awards will be recognized by members of the All Def Academy, who today announced the following films will compete for Best Picture of 2015:

– “Beasts of No Nation”
– “Chi-Raq”
– “Concussion”
– “Creed”
– “Dope”
– “Straight Outta Compton” 

Members of the public can vote for two categories in the All Def Movie Awards (Best Picture and Most Quoted Movie) online at, through midnight on February 23rd.

Other awards will honor Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director as well as Best Bad Muh F**ka and other often overlooked categories, such as Best Helpful White Person and Best Black Survivor in a Movie. 

The All Def Movie Awards, which will be held just yards from the Academy Awards stage, will feature a Black Carpet for celebrity presenters, arrivals and VIP guests. The show will also feature a special live musical performance, and a consistent stream of video content before, during and after the show on all of ADD’s social channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Periscope. 

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In retrospect (because I just watched it) at times it was horrible… a cringe worthy mess. So much so that it has inspired the first annual "CC Said Sit Yo A$$ Down Awards". The first win goes to All Def Digital’s director. Whoever he was, he should SIT HIS A$$ DOWN somewhere because the show missed the mark in areas under the control and responsibility of the director. The second award goes to the audience. They were, for the most part, a lifeless bunch who appeared to be lost. They should all SIT THEIR A$$ES DOWN somewhere other than the next All Def Digital Awards show. But in their defense, the show appeared to lack direction. Many skits were too long or too flat, which left the stars looking stupid. The last "CC Said Sit Yo A$$ Down Award" is a tie. The winners are the show’s writers and some "Goldie" winners. I kid you not, the trophy was an image of the pimp "Goldie" from the movie The Mack. Anyway, the show’s writer(s) and some Goldie winners should "Sit Yo A$$ Down" for the inappropriate use of the N-Word. They made me cringe every time they said that word, with a smile on their no less. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in the program. That said, it did have moments in which I literally stood up and applauded.


Hello Edwina, disappeared? Hmmmmm, since I don’t do FB, I wonder who has the power to delete your postings? How does that work? But I agree with your assessment of All Def Digital. The Fusion network (from my cable provider) is only offered in a package with other channels. But, just today, with my broke self, I paid the additional rate b/c I, just like you, believe this is essential viewing.

Edwina Turner

I just want you to know that I have shared this post multiple times ovet FB and each time my posts continue to disappear!!! The culmination of this type of show for diversity and as an alternative to the Academy Awards show has been an outcry from the Black community for years! I believe that this will garner Great support and success! We thank you Russell Simmons and your affiliates for this format and platform! DON’T STOP PLEASE!!!

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