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Spike Orders Pilot For TV Series Based On Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’

Spike Orders Pilot For TV Series Based On Stephen King's 'The Mist'

Depending on who you ask, Frank Darabont‘s adaptation of Stephen King‘s “The Mist” is either an underrated gem or a missed opportunity. For Dimension, it’s probably down to dollars and cents, and they likely believe the story can do more than the $57 million worldwide that Darabont’s film brought in at the box office. So, lo and behold, a TV series is here.

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In the works since last fall, Spike TV has stepped up and ordered a pilot for “The Mist.” Christian Torpe (Danish series “Rita“) is writing the show, which will expand the novella into series form. The story is basically about a thick mist that holds some dangerous creatures and keeps a small town hostage. It’s a premise that could probably be easily opened up, but I have to wonder how long one small town would be enveloped in near zero visibility fog. 

But that’s for the creatives to work out, and they’ve clearly got a take that’s enough to spur Spike’s interest. Thoughts? Leave ’em below. [Deadline]

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THE MIST had so much great stuff going on in it, namely great atmosphere and some utterly terrifying imagery. But that ending… It was such nihilistic nonsense. It just meant nothing in the context of the story. It brought nothing to the narrative and existed just for shock value. If a new version has to be made (which it doesn’t, but there we go), let’s hope it can actually find something to say and not just wrap itself up with such unnecessarily unpleasant emptiness.


I can see the military opening a portal again, but this time the entire world drowns in the fog and what comes out of the abyss is far worse than a few creatures …


I can see Thomas Jane’s character coping with the events of the film 10 years after. The military opening up a portal again and Thomas leading his own group of people WD style.

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