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‘The Planters’ Shows How Make a Comedy Feature With Only a Two-Woman Crew

'The Planters' Shows How Make a Comedy Feature With Only a Two-Woman Crew

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The Planters

Logline: A dark comedy about a reclusive telemarketer who befriends a homeless woman with multiple personalities.

Elevator Pitch: 
Two women, starring in, and making a film with no crew. “The Planters” is a dark comedy about Martha Plant, a virgin who doesn’t like people, but likes to bury stolen treasure in exchange for mystery donations. She calls this “planting.” After a homeless woman in a wedding dress and helmet runs into her on one of her planting excursions, Martha takes her in and they begin a unique friendship over a search for the identity of a perverted plant recipient. Expect to be floored by what can be accomplished by two people with this radical experiment in feature filmmaking.

Production Team:
Directed by, Written by, Produced by, Cinematography by, Sound by, Costumes by, Makeup By: Alexandra Kotcheff & Hannah Leder

Producer: Jacqueline Beiro

About the Film:
The way we are shooting this has never been successfully done before – two women taking on all the on-set production roles (Writing, Directing, Acting, Cinematography, Sound, Costumes, Make-up, Props, Coffee, etc). In addition to exploring darker human conditions through comedy, we want to push the boundaries on how narrative feature films can be made. Also, as two young women, we are strongly dedicated to the movement of bringing underrepresented voices to the foreground of the film industry. 

Current Status: We have shot a quarter of the film and are currently fundraising to finish it.

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Very nicely done ladies #^.^# Cant wait!!

Vickie Pfeiffer

Thank you for the adventure… great!!!

Karen Caruso


Innovative, intriguing!

Diana Valcheva

I vote for The Planters,can not wait to see the film!

Pat and Howard Pollack


Anthony De Longis

Kudos for your passion and vision. Love to see the work. I’ve acted, directed, written, action coordinated and voiced main stream and indie projects both in a career that has spanned four decades. I know the task you’ve set yourself. Good luck and good planting.

Bradley Allenstein


Justin James

Looks great!

Victoria man--estier

Good Luck cousin hannah , big kisses

Lizzie Maya

I am so inspired and impressed by these film makers and The Planters! I can’t wait to see The Planters and more work from thee fine artists.

TJ Mancini

Seems like something from The Theater of the Absurd… I want to plant myself in front of it…


Exciting project

arnie miles-pickup

can’t wait to see the final version

Your's truly

Exciting project! Fresh and new!

Your's truly

Exciting project! Fresh and new!

DW Brown

More women making film! …and stuff like this.

Nelson Coates

Very unique concept and storyline. Would definitely love to see this as a finished film.

joan bates


Conrad Palmisano

Really enjoyed it well done

Julie Danyew

I’m excited to see the completed work. :D Enjoyable!

Klara Meyers

Intriguing storyline, cannot wait to see the finished product,

DW Brown

All art is based on the use of limitations. Rock on!

Marilyn Wells

Mighty cool and creepy! Break a leg ladies!


Very excited to see this!!


Yes. This is what I want.


Sounds dope!!

Bradley Allenstein

Yes!!! Amazing!!!

Doug Smith

This looks like a brilliantly quirky film by two amazingly talented filmmakers. Can’t wait to see the completed version.

Dagny Looper

Do it!

Cara Alexander

AH I’m in love with this project—so so excited to see what it becomes!!

Lorna granger

very exciting !!! Amazing young women !!! Can’t wait to is it !!!

Jill Landis

YES! Can’t wait to see The Planters.

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