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‘The Revenant’ May Win the Oscar for Best Picture, But Should It? (Podcast)

'The Revenant' May Win the Oscar for Best Picture, But Should It? (Podcast)

For a while, it seemed like the Oscar race was too close to call. This week, however, the narrative shifted: As Anne Thompson reported on Thursday, “The Revenant” is looking like the sort of contender that nothing can beat. But does it deserve its frontrunner status? And what does it say about the film industry that this grisly survival tale — and not, say, “Spotlight” or “The Big Short” — has so much momentum?

That’s the starting point for this week’s episode of Screen Talk, in which Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson debate Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu’s odds of being the first filmmaker with a best picture winner two years in a row. They also touch on some of the other strong candidates, such as “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which is still holding on tight in some major categories. Plus: Thompson finally watched Kohn’s favorite nominee, and the duo dig into recent speculation surrounding The Weinstein Company’s curious decision to pull out of the Berlin Film Festival.

Listen to the full episode above.

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Get Real

The Revenant is simply much better than Spotlight and The Big Short which were good, but not nearly as memorable.


The real problem is movie extras should have their own category, nobody cares about best picture, momentum or campaigning, times are changing, give the extras a chance! I should have won extra of the year in 2013, the academy may have snubbed me and crushed my dreams, its the next generation of extras I care about.


I’m not a fan of The Revenant. I’m surprised Creed isn’t nominated for Best Picture. I’d much rather see it win the Oscar. The Revenant is really weak on character development. The audience’s connection to the protagonist’s need for revenge was lacking. Even John Wick made me feel bad for the protagonist. And in the end, there were no meaningful additional themes in the film. The indigenous people weren’t even featured prominently enough for the film to claim them as a focus. It was just meh.


21 Grams and Babel are god awful films, birdman and revenant are decent but don’t deserve this level of awards love.


I guess I will be grudgingly finish the revenant which I stopped about midway through because it’s confused and adventure and characters that we route four and human connections with a simple endurance test and the virtuosity of been grueling which is what is the distinction between mad Max and this film is mad Max is still an adventure with technical virtuosity but I did feel more that I was having an adventure of them just in during a grueling marathon


Revenant and spotlight are the best out of the nominees, and either would be a deserving winner. Bigh short is a mess. Mad max is ok, but best picture? seriously…


Since when is this a criteria? Braveheart won the best picture Oscar. So did Dances With Wolves, The Greatest Show on Earth, Titanic…it’s not about quality, it’s about momentum and campaigning. Why is this even an article?

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