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Watch: Kristen Stewart’s Emotions are More Dangerous Than Ever in ‘Equals’ Trailer

Watch: Kristen Stewart's Emotions are More Dangerous Than Ever in 'Equals' Trailer

Drake Doremus has made a career out of examining the trials and tribulations of relationships (see: “Like Crazy” and “Breathe In”), and while his new project, “Equals,” once again plays with similar romantic themes, he’s heading way into the future for his most ambitious relationship study yet. 

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Starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, “Equals” centers around a dangerous and intoxicating relationship between two people who live in a futuristic society where nobody has or expresses emotions. Their bond threatens to destroy their systematic society and themselves, forcing the two into a risky game of love and survival. Guy Pearce, Kate Lyn Sheil, Bel Powley and Jacki Weaver also star.

“Equals” screened to favorable notices at festivals in Venice and Toronto last year. The movie was bought in a joint deal between A24 and DirecTV and will be released in theaters and On Demand sometime this summer. Watch the debut trailer above. 

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@Awardsgeek: Bravo!…I couldn’t agree more!.


@Mia – Sorry to disappoint you but I am not Truthy. Might i suggest you take your own advice – get a life and stop ruining sites like these for people who want to actually have an honest discussion about film and the film industry, and who take exception to blatant misrepresentation of previously reported facts. Fact – not opinion – about reviews and distribution details are the point of my posts. Aim your grievance elsewhere.


‘not buying into the conspiracy angle’. I am shocked Truthy, thought you jump on it. Also I am glad your delusional self cannot understand sarcasm. Not that I am surprised mind you. For the last time, get a life lady! It will do you good!


Not buying into the conspiracy angle but articles like these – ie. deliberate misrepresentation of the critical response and the distribution details – certainly feed into the appearance of some sort of agreement between Stewart’s publicists and certain members of the press. Had the author of this piece simply presented the facts as they are known he could have avoided the appearance of collusion.




@enough – interesting point you are making there, love the conspiracy angle. Have you set up an investigative group or are you a one woman show. So how does this work – Do you think Chanel does this with all brand ambassadors or is KStew a special case? Do you think the journalists get lifetime supply of Chanel gear for favourable reviews? (That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it and I totally don’t blame the journalist for doing it. I would) If that is the case, Chanel + The $1m PR machine have truly done wonders for Kristwn’s career but I do wonder what went wrong with the Oscar nomination and I’d be interested to hear your view on it….Was it more than they could afford or is there a different plan in place that we are still unaware of. Are they plotting a world domination instead???


Kristen Stewart is a fantastic actor. She has the magnetism of the silent screen era yet a modern approach. Love her. Sorry to see the usual trolls are at it.


Honestly, Stewart’s over the top PR campaign needs to stop and needs to be called out every time it rears its ugly head. I just saw the sale poster for Personal Shopper in Berlin today, and it’s a glamour shot of her in a Channel dress. Does this mean Chanel financed PS the same way they did CoSM? Are we going to get PS shoved down our throats the same way they did with the flop CoSM? Wine and dine the critics at Cannes, get them to write glowing reviews and then the rest of the critics follow along like sheep. Not buying it a second time. Her career is a product of PR and financing by the fashion house she fronts for.


LOL at the spin in this article!. Equals was panned by critics, it has no release date (I particularly love the "sometime this summer" part of this paid off to the hilt snowjob). The film is a dud just like it’s "actors", plot, director.

Tell the fu*king truth!-you hacks have been paid off to try and make people believe that this film isn’t a dud, that Stewart’s PR team isn’t spending millions of dollars to keep her career going.

HACKS, one and all. How on earth do you sleep at night-you lost the meaning as soon as you all let yourselves be co-opted.


Thanks for the laugh, Truthy! Nothing funnier than the psycho Robert Pattinson fan who lives in comments sections about Kristen Stewart, pulling up info about her movies and spouting quotes from her, telling others to get a life. LOL. Kstew is YOUR life, so you fit right in with her fans! ;)


Success? What success? American Ultra was a big ole bomb with the critics and at the box office. Equals is so bad, it’s going straight to DirectTV for a month before it can even play in NY for a week, which will probably be the extent of it’s run in theaters. Anesthisia was another flop, to go along with CoSM which never made a dime, and CXR. Where is all her supposed success? You mean a few good reviews? LOL forever. Pattinson has those, too. He’s not the one who’s desperate for validation, he isn’t trying to dig his way back into films after disgracing himself with a married director on the side of the road, is he? He’s not the one who needs to spend a million dollars a year to try and polish his tarnished image, is he? Who is the real loser? The one who still has the respect and goodwill of his peers or the one who made herself into a tabloid joke? And since when is simply stating a fact about a flop movie an "attack"? You paranoid Stew fans need to get a life.


I see RPatz loser fans are attacking Kristen’s success again. For the loser who claim they hate Kristen and her movies, why bother even looking at a tweet about her movies. We understand your idol is washed up, but leave Kristen alone. Her success and critic awards are more than your idol will ever see in his life time.


Stewart’s fans keep showing their immaturity. Anyone who tries to inject some reality is deemed a "hater." Didn’t you hear? No one is allowed to express what they consider a negative thought about her. If you say she’s wooden and all hype, you are automatically a "hater," instead of just observant. You don’t need to be a fan of anyone else in order to see through all the smoke and mirrors that surround her. Too bad her own fans are so blind.


You don’t read too well do you? What’s hateful about telling someone whose JOB it is to report about the movie industry that he has two huge factual errors in his story? This isn’t about Stewart, its about sloppy reporting. If you’re not mature or intelligent enough to tell the difference between that and a hate rant then perhaps you should stick with fan sites.


it is when you do that in a hateful and condesending manner like you did so yes you are a hater is obvious from the way you write so chill if you are not going to see it the ok don´t read about the movie


Pointing out egregious errors in a report doesn’t make you a hater. Preferring accuracy to hype isn’t an unreasonable request.


I see the haters are her . Go find a crackpattz website to annoy bitches.


Kristen Stewart’s emotions? Both of them? She runs the gamit from A to B, no matter what film she’s in. This glorified perfume commercial is dull as dishwater, according to a majority of critics. The reviews out of the festivals were not favorable, it generated no buzz, and won no festival awards, not a single one. It’s another dud, just like the rest of her flop indies. Even the much bally-hooed Clouds of Sils Maria didn’t make a single dime of profit. She’s virtually box office poison and without a million dollars worth of PR, no one would be talking about her at all. She has a very limited range, which has been pointed out by reviewers here and at Variety. This bomb is so bad, it’s going straight to DirectTV in a deal with A24.


Good lord – where to start with the spin in this so-called report? "Favorable reviews"? As someone else pointed out it has a 40 on RT. Producers tried to spark interest with that silly "bidding war" story claiming that Paramount and Sony were fighting over it but it ended up going to A24 for its Direct TV deal. And you make it sound like a day and date release – it’s not. The terms of the A24/Direct partnership is that anything acquired under this banner goes to Direct Tv for 30 days BEFORE theatrical. And so far none of the titles that have gone this route have gotten anymore than token run in theaters. Maybe next time you can stick to the facts and resist the sugar coating.


Equals has a RT score of 40%.

Since when is that a "favorable" rating?.


Favorable reviews???…from whom???…it was panned. Jeeez, Indiewire is without a doubt on Stewart’s payroll.


Love the trailer. Thanks for your kind words in support of Drake’s, #Equals. #FINDYOUREQUAL


This looks interesting.

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