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“We’re Just Not Very Interested”: Coen Bros. Talk ‘Fargo’ TV Series

"We're Just Not Very Interested": Coen Bros. Talk 'Fargo' TV Series

Met with critical acclaim and an audience eager to delve into the show’s crime ridden, wintry world, FX‘s “Fargo” doesn’t seem to have impressed the Coen Brothers. While Joel and Ethan may have an executive producer credits on the series spun off from their 1996 movie, the siblings are pretty clear in an interview with Radio Times that they are pretty indifferent about the show. 

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“We’re just not very interested. I mean, we’re perfectly happy with it. We have no problem with it. It just feels divorced from our film somehow,” Joel Coen said, which must be slightly deflating for the show’s creator, Noah Hawley, who has peppered the show with little Easter eggs to the Coens. Not to mention that it echoes the black comedy and drama of their picture pretty closely.

When asked about possibly exploring a longer narrative through a television show, the Coens prefer to stick with film. “Our longest movie [‘No Country for Old Men‘] is two hours two minutes. It’s just not how we think about stories. I mean, after two hours with a character, we feel we’re pretty much done with them,” Joel said.

Thoughts? Are the Coens putting too much distance between themselves and the show? Let us know below. [via Exclaim]

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Why is saying you are not that interested a problem? Why doe saying they are not interested & after "2 hours with a Character, we are done", seem to rub folks the wrong way ?
There is no controversy here. Someone is just trying to generate some on the 24 hr BS machine that is the Internet.


Its a shame the Coen bros don’t appreciate the television series…because, quite frankly, I think its better than anything they have done in years.


Season 1 was classic, it was gritty, satirical and was an epitome in terms of performances by MARTIN FREEMAN & BILLY BOB THORNTON. I think the eccentric acting by Billy as Lorne malvo was refreshing and brilliant. Same goes for Martin’s Lester character. The scene where Lorne goes in ht e building killing people and we only see a literal view of building, while hearing shots fired by him was as crazy thing in the show just as its characters..I think FARGO TV-show is all about individual performances by some great actresses, who fulfill the requirements of a role to its very end in letter and in spirit being masters of DARK COMEDY.

El Jefe

I don’t think it matters if the Coens are putting distanc between the television show and their movie. It was their movie and they had literally nothing to do with the show. Their producer credits are just tied in to the compensation they receive from FX.


So , I really like the Fargo movie. Now I watched the TV series Fargo and liked it’s first season…alot , and it’s second season even more . I just watched 3 different shows that I individually enjoyed ….. what exactly is the problem here ?

Hamza Joozer

Both seasons are fantastic


Sometimes parents disown or are indifferent to their children.

Kevin Klawitter

I haven’t seen Season 2, but Season one felt NOTHING like the movie it ostensibly followed. "Fargo" the movie feels like an elevated parody of life in Minnesota. It’s a comedy of manners more than a crime story. "Fargo" the TV show is a dark crime saga that feels like an exaggerated version of the original movie, with none of the authenticity that made the film so charming.

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