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Antonia Thomas & Regé-Jean Page to Topline “Lavish” ABC Pilot Set in Alternate Steampunk Reality

Antonia Thomas & Regé-Jean Page to Topline "Lavish" ABC Pilot Set in Alternate Steampunk Reality

British actors Antonia Thomas and Regé-Jean Page have landed the female and male lead roles in the ABC drama pilot “Spark,” which hails from writer Michael Cooney, and is described by the network as a “lavish” drama series of “passion, greed and hope,” set in an alternate Steampunk reality where gas and coal fuel the world.

At the center of the drama is the battle for power between two rival families, and the rebellious, smart young woman (played by Antonia Thomas) with a “spark” of invention (electricity) that could smooth out relations between both empires.

Regé-Jean will play the charismatic youngest son of the powerful Lavelle family (one of the rival empires), who are industrial natural gas titans with control of half the city, and who are constantly working to undermine the coal interests their opponent’s rule over.

Needless to say, I’m certainly intrigued. A “lavish” TV series set in an alternate Steampunk universe starring 2 leads of African descent isn’t exactly something we see everyday. And I love the original premise. Now let’s see how it’s executed. 

Should “Spark” be ordered to full regular series, it’ll mark the American TV series debuts for both actors (although Page has a role in the upcoming “Roots” mini-series reboot which premieres this spring).

“Spark” producers are Ian Sander & Kim Moses. Writer Michael Cooney executive produces Spark with Sander and Moses.

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GWAN Antonia – well deserved, top actress who still hasn’t done enough TV since Misfits imo. Love her. Can’t wait.

Krystine Brown

Light skin whiner here, wo dering why they’re both light-skinned. I love steampunk, and can’t wait to see a good,tv series that makes use of of it but its 2016, and I really want a nice diverse cast with people of many shades. And more asians and latinas please! Non-sexualized and completely clothed.

Paul Mitchell

Another show with Liggtest Black From England they can find to plAy these. Like there are no Dark Skin. Black to play these roll on American T.V. There are about 1,999,000.00. Actor in the USA that can play these parks if you give them a chance.
Again White Producter/director/Casting Agent and /writer/Music director.
I will not watch this show and will tell 1000 people to not watch this and email there friends.


PEGGY…Willie Lynch would by you dinner if he were alive. Keep dividing and cooning.

kai azor

Now that I thought about it, it might be like that show ‘Brisco County, Jr’…if you guys remember that.


I got a feeling that this "drama" series will be very soapy! I mean I could be wrong. From the premise alone, I got lots of sex, cheating etc!

kai azor

This show should be popular in the hipster community with it’s steam-punk fashion cues. Better start investing in pocket watches & driving/flying googles.


So I guess there are no black American actors that know how to act anywhere? Not watching because of that.


We finally get to see people of color take the lead in an unconventional story. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more to come.


light skin for the win!


@ Carl LOL. I’m surprised they aren’t here already. Might it be different this time? Prolly not.


The "Why Are They Light Skinned" whiner troupe is on the way…


I agree, sounds really good.

Black Girl Nerd

Why hasn’t there been more buzz about this? No trailer on hulu or youtube? They’ve hyped other shows already with trailers. I hope they don’t shelve it because they think it doesn’t have an audience… because it will. All the Firefly fans + most of the Misfits/Roots fans will watch at least the pilot.

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