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‘Batman v Superman’ is a Mess, But Who’s to Blame? (Podcast)

'Batman v Superman' is a Mess, But Who's to Blame? (Podcast)

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“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” may be dominating the weekend box office, but word of mouth is a different story. Critics can’t stop lambasting Zack Snyder’s super-sized blockbuster, and even fans of such massive spectacles are disappointed. But who’s to blame for these shortcomings — the filmmaker or the studio for greenlighting the project in the first place? That’s the first of many questions addressed in this week’s episode of Screen Talk, which finds Indiewire’s Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson digging into the Hollywood machine from a couple of angles, before considering some of this weekend’s counter-programming — including two musician biopics (with another right around the corner). Then they address the upcoming Cannes Film Festival lineup, which presents a very different set of cinematic possibilities. 

Listen to the full episode above.

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Patrick Cassano

Critics be damned. Quite a few have taken the time to diss the dark tone of Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and the official kickoff to the DC Cinematic Universe. Whaaa – Superman doesn’t fly out of a phone booth, or smile much, and everyone takes it all so, so seriously. It seems critics prefer the clever one liners and peppy outlook of the Marvel movies – Tony Stark’s witty repartee; Ant-Man shenanigans; or Starlord dancing a jig to distract one of the most powerful warriors in the universe – who by the way is wielding a frickin’ Infinity gem! Please, people! Look at all the evidence DC has to set upon this darker path. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series is bested only by the Avengers at the box office. Not much laughter there, folks. The Arkham video game series is a best seller. Even Snyder’s nihilistic Watchmen, a property only familiar to comic book enthusiasts, made over $100 million. DC took its storytelling to a more serious, adult level in the late 1980’s and increased sales across the board. So they see no need for a sense of humor just yet. Dawn of Justice is high drama and a superb launch of the next 8 films on their long-awaited slate.


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A mess? Wow.. do you know anything about these characters. Do you know DC canon? Why speak on something you have no knowledge of. And where are all these fans that hated the movie. Because the last time I checked, the movie was heading to record status. Hating makes you look small. But I guess that’s the only way you can get people to read you work. Keep up the garbage.. it’ll take you places..

Jonathan Woodruff

424 million in three days.

Jonathan Woodruff




"half the audience was clapping and i was one of them"

Andrew A

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! I expected it to be really bad because of the reviews but I don’t agree. It wasn’t perfect but still very good! Love it and can’t wait for Justice League.

Thug E. Fresh

How is it a mess??? I saw it yesterday. In the theater I was in, half the audience was clapping and I was one of them. B v S: Dawn of Justice is absolutely amazing.

Denis Raymond

”We hate what we do not understand.” Quote Martha Kent in Batman v Superman.

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