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Bill Bellamy Will Play One-Half of an Interracial Couple in Fox Comedy Pilot

Bill Bellamy Will Play One-Half of an Interracial Couple in Fox Comedy Pilot

Bill Bellamy has booked the male lead in Fox’s untitled Chris Case comedy pilot, which follows interracial couple Jay “Havoc” Hammond (to be played by Bellamy) an African American, ex-NFL lineman who moves in with his white wife Christy (to be played by Becky Newton), and her two sons, as he struggles to win the most challenging game of his life: fatherhood.

Bellamy’s character is described as tough, as he tries to move into the broadcasting side of professional sports, after retiring from the NFL. He often clashes with his wife Christy in terms of how her kids should be disciplined, because he feels that she lets them get away with too much.

The pilot hails from writer Chris Case who will also exec produce, alongside Chris Spencer, Evan Silverberg, Daniel Rappaport.

This is an interesting concept for a series – especially in 2016. But of course it all depends on how it’s executed. Although I can’t immediately picture Bill Bellamy as a recently-retired tough NFL lineman. Maybe a wide receiver, since he has the height (he’s 6ft 4), but he lacks the physical size and presence to be a lineman in the NFL. But a minor quibble… 

Malcolm D. Lee who is on board to direct the pilot.

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@ Dana, that’s a good question. Has there been successful movies with interracial couples at the center of the story? Off the top of my head I’d have to say not really. Well, I just watched "The Shelter" (on Netflix) starring Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Connelly. I don’t believe it did well at the box office… and I wasn’t moved. Additionally, a few of Will Smith’s movies have tested the interracial waters. I don’t believe those films are at the top of his box office success. Consequently, it’s safe to say "diversity" is good except when Betty Crocker is sleeping with Tyrone. So this film, even though it’s a comedy, in your opinion, is guaranteed to fail, huh? But I wonder if movies with interracial couples are more successful or acceptable when the man is white and the female black? If so, why?


Who is going to watch this? Who is this show suppose to appeal to? Interracial couples? Black men? White women? Black women? Why men? This show has no audience at all. It won’t work. 100% guaranteed to fail.


There is a criminal case in upstate NY where a Black man is accused of killing his White ex-girlfriend’s 12 year old son. One of the issues that came that caused them to break up was that he was too strict and tough on her children (he’s Jamaican so you know-tough discipline…) Also dude was a Soccer coach at a college. This case just came to mind reading, just sayin…



Miles Ellison

Bellamy played a wide receiver in Any Given Sunday. This doesn’t look particularly interesting or original, though.

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