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Combating Suburban Obligations by Skipping Work in ‘The Grasshopper’

Combating Suburban Obligations by Skipping Work in 'The Grasshopper'

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The Grasshopper

Logline: A contractor ditches work to spend the afternoon honeymooning with his wife in their suburban paradise home.

Elevator Pitch: 
A darker and more adult version of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Instead of a kid ditching class, it’s a middle-aged suburban man ditching work. It’s about how the older we get, the harder it is to run away from responsibility. The script was a Sundance Labs second round finalist and is the feature debut of Chicago-based director Brad Bischoff.

Production Team:
Director – Brad Bischoff
Producer – Malik Bader
Producer – Frank V Ross
Producer – Olivia Curry
Producer – Phil O’Neil
Cinematographer – Jake Zalutsky

About the Film:
I grew up in the suburbs where all of my schools are on the same street, like a block from each other. Then there’s a golf course behind my house. Growing up, I was made to believe that these are the steps in life. After this, you go to college and get a degree, then you get a job. Then after that you get a house. Then one day you wake up and you’re 45, but you don’t feel any different from what you’ve always felt. This film is a man coming to terms with that awakening.

Current Status: Fundraising.

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I love this idea. I think about the pace of life every day and what are the real priorities in this world. I hope that this film becomes a reality. Make it happen!!!


I can’t wait to see this…….absolutely a question people ask themselves every day


This sounds better than half the stuff you see in the movie theatres these days.




Just trying to bust out one day from the routine……….. Sounds amazing!!! What a great concept, cannot wait to see this film come to fruition.


I have been a big fan of Brad Bischoff’s short films and he has definitely proven himself per all of the recognition he has received. His story telling ability is one that shows you "between the lines" and often results in an experience that you truly feel a part of. Being a suburban husband/father/homeowner, I am excited at the thought of ditching work to see this film after reading the synopsis for The Grasshopper!


If Brad Bischoff’s short films are anything to go on, this movie will be well worth seeing. How many filmmakers get a retrospective of their work at a major theater in Chicago before they’ve made their first feature? Pretty special ones…


This sounds really interesting- something a lot of people that grew up on those "Coming of Age" films from the 80s are going through now.


Sounds pretty relevant to today’s audiences. Interested to hear more about what happens in the story.


This film sounds really cool. I’m looking up these filmmakers’ other work.

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