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Halle Berry Signing Up For Two ‘Kingsman’ Movies

Halle Berry Signing Up For Two 'Kingsman' Movies

While his return wouldn’t make any narrative sense, there are some “Kingsman: The Secret Service” fans who are bummed that Colin Firth is a no go for the sequel. But it’s time to move on, because the movie is pushing ahead and finding other people to join the franchise.

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Deadline reports that Halle Berry is in talks to join ‘Kingsman,’ in what would be a two-picture deal. So yes, 20th Century Fox is already planning ahead for “Kingsman 3.” And why not? Unless they really screw up the sequel, this series is likely going to be kicking around for a while. At any rate, Berry will play the head of the CIA, which falls right in line with the reported stateside setting of the followup. And given that she’s wanted for further movies, her role is likely substantial.

The Matthew Vaughn-directed sequel is slated to open on June 16, 2017. 

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Emperor Zerg Rush

I didn’t care for the first at all (and I was wrong that it would be a complete dud) but I feel like Fox is overestimating the popularity of it by a huge margin if they actually think they can get a third film from it.


Yawn. Who cares about Kingsman 2. Nobody is going to see it since they are not bringing Harry Hart back. Not even my 18 y.o. son and his friends, the target audience, is interested without Colin Firth returning. Have you heard the word bomb. Harry Hart/Firth was the movie. Again, yawn. Report on something interesting please.

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