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Mark & Jay Duplass’ HBO Series ‘Togetherness’ Canceled After Season 2

Mark & Jay Duplass' HBO Series 'Togetherness' Canceled After Season 2

It was announced today that “Togetherness” has been canceled by HBO. Mark and Jay Duplass’ first television series is still airing new episodes of its second season on Sunday nights, but will not return for a third season.

“Although we have decided not to proceed with another season of ‘Togetherness,’ we look forward to continuing our strong creative collaboration with the talented Jay and Mark Duplass,” HBO said in a statement to Deadline.

Mark Duplass sent out the following message via Twitter shortly after the news broke:

Despite low ratings, hope remained for a series with a strong cult fanbase and wide critical support. HBO has announced plans for expanding its original programming, in part to promote its standalone streaming service HBO NOW, so the stacked upcoming slate of new comedy series — including “Vice Principals,” “Divorce,” “High Maintenance,” and “Insecure” — wasn’t necessarily a death toll for “Togetherness.” In the end, it seems like the lack of an overall audience as well as low traction in the awards race — a big priority for the network — doomed the L.A.-based comedy.

“Togetherness” will air its sixth episode of Season 2 this Sunday at 10:30pm. The season finale on April 10 will now mark series’ end.

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I AM SO SAD!!! NOOOO!!! This show is our favorite!


I am so disappointed Togetherness has been cancelled. Fantastic writing and acting. I loved these characters. I am from London and it seemed like Sky Atlantic didn’t give the new series enough of a plug and put it on and a very late time. I’m not knocking shows like Game Of Thrones and Sopranos etc(the big shows), they are great. But surely there has to be room for character driven emotive story telling like Togetherness also to balance it out? Just because something doesn’t have huge viewing figures doesn’t make it irrelevant!


It is so upsetting to hear this amazing show was cancelled. It quickly became one of my favorite shows and I am sure if HBO gave it more time, it would have been a huge success! All the actors are amazing, and there is such chemistry between them. But of course the Duplass brothers directing and writing had a huge part in that too. I have since found other work done by the Duplass brothers, and hope to see more. Truly gifted writers, directors and actors. It’s such a shame to see a great show like this get does not make sense.

Laura Taylor

No! Big mistake, HBO. Big. I have 6 shows: Walking Dead, Good Wife, Girls, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Transparent. I used to have 7. Bring back Togetherness!

Terrell Sandefur

NO! This blows. TOGETHERNESS & GIRLS are the only 2 shows I watch on HBO. I am saddened to hear this news.

Gary herman

I don t watch much tv – live in NYC go to a ton of movies , broadway , off Broadway , off off Broadway and travel in the u.s. and internationally to film festivals– I know I have great taste so pretty much when occasionally there is a terrific show on television it -I realize that I better enjoy it while I can cause it s really hard to be great on television and appeal to a wide audience.


Nooooooooo! Why does this always happen?!? All the best shows get cancelled! I love this show!


Between this and Looking, I’m really sad for the state of television. Yes, there’s a lot of wonderful, inventive programming… but the smaller "indie" programs seem to be losing ground. And that’s troubling.

Jody Dimitruk

Togetherness is the best show on the air! It gets better with every episode.

Tanya Maurer

Togetherness is a "must Watch" for me.
Togetherness was my top "must watch" show.

Paulette Osborne

I really like this show. Sad to see it go. Please reconsider.




This is by far one of the best shows I’ve seen. It’s brilliantly original and authentic. Very sad to see it go.

Todd barickman

Love this show… Damn you HBO!!!


That’s so sad. We think it’s the best tv-series we have ever watched. It’s all in there: brilliant scenario, strong lines, great acting and it’s very lifelike.
Not a good decision!

Eve Duran

LOVED the show and really looked forward to it every Sunday. I’m really sad to have just discovered this. Just a great series!

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