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Netflix Acquires First Blockbuster With Will Smith-Starring Supernatural Cop Movie ‘Bright’

Netflix Acquires First Blockbuster With Will Smith-Starring Supernatural Cop Movie 'Bright'

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Worried that your Netflix subscription is too expensive? No worries, Netflix is putting your money to good use and buying a bunch of distribution rights to movies you’re probably going to want to see. In arguably their wildest pick up yet, THR reports that Netflix has acquired the rights to the new film “Bright” from “Suicide Squad” writer-director David Ayer.

Originally written by Max Landis (“Chronicle,” “American Ultra”), Ayer re-wrote the script of what sounds like Netflix’s first bonafide blockbuster. It’s the largest project Netflix has picked up to date, as the online streaming outfit has typically trafficked in series original and prestige features (as they did at this year’s Sundance, when they snapped up a ton of festival premieres). 

Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, “Bright” is set in an alternate universe where mythical creatures live side by side with humans and the police have a division that solves crimes involving magic. Smith plays a human cop who is forced to work with an Orc (Edgerton) to find a dangerous, powerful wand before it ends up in the wrong hands. 

Still, insiders cautioned THR that “a deal is far from done, however.” If the deal does shake out, it will see Netflix purchasing a film that was once projected at having a wallet-busting budget of $80 to $100 million. 

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That assumes Frankenstein and Ultra were completely his scripts, without anyone else’s input. My guess is that they go through multiple rewrites, and Landis’ vision might not be on the big screen.


Yeah, probably premature to call this a "blockbuster." Landis’ most recent films are "Viktor Frankenstein" and "American Ultra."


Gotta admit, Ayer’s got in made at the moment. He’s paid to write and rewrite most of the movies he also gets paid to direct. That’s a lot of freedom for someone in that town. Good on him.

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