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Watch: These ‘Chicken People’ Will Make You Question Eating Poultry

Watch: These 'Chicken People' Will Make You Question Eating Poultry

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In a world where online interactions have exposed niches that most would never dream of exploring, there is yet another esoteric field that few would imagine even existed: Competitive chicken showing.

While most would imagine chicken showing as a strange and obscure subject to be fascinated by, these breeders are enamored with it. Spending hundreds of hours grooming, breeding and showcasing their poultry trophies, these individuals have found a recherché hobby that few would ever even consider a reality. But while similar to the competitors in a Westminster Dog Show, these show chicken breeders are compassionate, caring and eccentric people who — along with their chickens — must overcome the struggles and bask in the triumphs of their stranger-than-fiction lives as they make their way to the Ohio National Poultry Show.

Chicken People” is set to premiere at SXSW in the Documentary Spolight section on March 13. Catch the Indiewire exclusive clip above.

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Betsy Bradley

One thing I love about breeding is the hatching part, it never gets old to me. Seeing how this new life comes into this world and the love and care it takes into raising them into being show quality is hard work.I have learned so much from people that i see in this video. Thanks to the show poultry world i have a whole new out look on the poultry world and raising and breeding them. Again thank you to everyone who helps us by giving us amazing tips and advise.

Kevin Kaiser

I’m in central California what channel can I find this feature?

Lisa Meeks

Can’t wait to see this. I’m a chicken person too. Saw some the filming going on at the Knoxville, TN show. Yes, we’re eccentric but most of us are pretty nice people.

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