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What Happened to Sergio? (An Easy Explanation)

What Happened to Sergio? (An Easy Explanation)

Regular readers of S & A may have been wondering what happened to me since I haven’t written anything for quite a while for the site. So I decided to let all of you (well O.K. maybe only two of you who really care) where have I been these past weeks.
The answer is very simple. I’ve been sick. And by that I mean really sick.
I don’t want to get into the gory details on what started out over a month ago, as what was then planned as a routine examination of a on-going problem with my leg, turned out to be something slightly more serious, just before turning into something not lethal but really serious. And before I knew it, I had to have two serious operations on my leg in less then 24 hours, with another smaller procedure on it a week later.
Needless to say, recuperation has been long and painful, with some setbacks along the way; and then there’s physical therapy which I’m still dealing with.
As you can guess, I’ve been through the ringer, but the good news is that the worst is definitively over, and I’m well on my way to becoming my old self again, or a reasonable facsimile of. 
Actually, I did try to write some new pieces during my ordeal but wasn’t able to, because, as I discovered: 1) hospitals are really not great places for writing unlike libraries or you own home where you don’t have to deal with screams, odd smells, bad lighting, constant interruptions to draw your blood etc; and 2) writing is really hard when you’re in excruciating pain.
And it goes without saying that an experience like this teaches you just how fragile life is. You’re here one moment and literally you could be gone the next, so make sure you look forward to, value and treasure every day you have.
I’ll be back soon.

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LMAO @ BLACKMAN: "tomb boy"!


I noticed something was FLAGRANTLY off as i scrolled down this boring blog. Something was missing. A lot of something was missing. You cannot leave this blog in the hands of tomb boy. So, heal up. Get up and get back. And Change that Dam n Diet! Its always the DIET. You can still be ratchet eating clean

Geneva Girl

I’m so sorry to hear this. Continued success for your recovery.


Get well soon. I’m glad you wrote this because I googled "what happened to Sergio…" We miss your voice. Here’s to a speedy recovery.


Get well Sergio, glad things are coming along. I agree that hospitals are terrible places to write. I had to spend several days in the hospital with my son a few months ago and I found it a very distracting place to write, especially with the consistent nurse check-ins lol.


aah all the best and get well soon


UPDATE: AMBER BROWN ALERT has been modified. 1 found (Sergio M.). Still missing, 300-month-old SAVANNAH MORGAN, the custodial caregiver of the old goat, has not called home. Normally, given that this is the basement, aka the comment section of a blog, the fact that she hasn’t called in wouldn’t be a major concern. However, since Shadow and Act is a microcosm of a real neighborhood comprised of family and friends, it’s noted that many of it’s inhabitant (long time readers) have returned to give well wishes to one of it’s own, Sergio. And, just like in the real world, when someone leaves the nest, the do come back on special occasions such as funerals or when someone has been given their last rites and family reunions. In this case, some of my favorite readers (i.e, Sandra, Gigi Young (I loved our convo on the movie Imitation Of Life), April Guscott, Vichus (even though he’s tired of Sergio’s shtick) and M Crew Lite (formally known as "Mike"), have all come back to the hood. But no Savannah Morgan! But I am keeping hope alive. If anyone knows her whereabouts… HOLLA, and tell her she’s missed.



Gigi Young

So glad you’re on the mend. Your voice was missed.


Aside from the pain of going through Physical Therapy, your illness has put a hold on your travels abroad. Yes sir, your trips to the Royal Opera House in London, the English National Opera and the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland, all have to take a back seat. But as they say, you can take the negro out of the country, they can’t take Monteverdi, Stockhausen and Hans Werner Henze out of the negro. Oh, for those who don’t know, Sergio is a classical music kind of guy. That’s right, he loves – almost – every classical artist but he cannot stand Puccini and Ralph Vaughan Williams. I wish I could tell you why but that’s his story so I’ll let him tell it. Anyway, I was think about him going through a day of bruising PT while easing his mind with Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado playing in the background. And, Sandra (above) is sending him virtual flowers to help him through the process. Then I thought… hmmmmm, last I checked, my classical music selections were at an all time low and he already has flowers, so how can I help? Well, a good meal is just what the doctor always orders. But what kind of food would the black Sergio Wolfgang Mozart enjoy? Italian? Louisiana gumbo? Vienna sausage? Grapes, wine and cheese? What? Heck, I know, as I said, you can take the negro out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the negro. So Sergio, if you hear any noise it’s just me at your door with some Brown Sugar-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows, corn bread dressing, mash potatoes and gravy, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, honey roasted ham, pig feet and chitterlings. I bet you feel better all ready. :-) Enjoy and get well soon.


feel better soon dude.

April Guscott

So sorry that you were unwell, but very happy to hear that you’re on the road to recovery. Good luck with PT!


So sorry to hear about this but I’m so glad you’re feeling better.


this is my comment


Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Let’s all be honest, your articles are the ones that get me riled up, and thats always a good thing. Wish you all the best so you can get back to doing what you do well. Starting trouble.


Blessings on your recovery!


Glad you’re doing better. We’ll be waiting.

Jason Pollard

Sorry to hear, but I hope you have a speedy recovery


See what trying to come for Whoopi Goldberg does to you? God don’t like guly shady ir disrespectful


Sending you virtual flowers, Sergio. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


Wishing you a healthy recovery from this serious ordeal. All the best.


2 things

1. Didn’t know you were gone. No, that is not a commentary on the quality of your writing or how much I like the site. I just read a lot of entertainment stuff, so I didn’t notice.

2. I may be tired of your shtick, but that doesn’t make me care less about the well-being of a guy who I, all things considered, consistently read. I hope the best for your health.


I hope your have a safe and speedy recovery.

Dave R

Wow, terrible. But glad you’re in good spirits and on the recovery. I had REALLY been looking forward to a meet up at the Black Cinema/Oscars talk. I did get to meet Pemon, Alisa, Kisha and the Prof, so that was phenomenal. But I look forward to you writing here at S & A, and hope one day to have that in-person opportunity. I didn’t show up with an armful of scripts, but I was hoping to at least start a convo. But get well, and I’ll hunt ya down later!


WHEW… that’s good new. I mean, it’s funny how the mind works. Here I was thinking you were kidnapped, drugged and fondled by those 2 black chics, when in fact is was 2 fat white chicks, nurse types, holding you down while giving pain medication. I know, I probably shouldn’t be joking around at a time like this… you know, you still in pain and everything, but I’m laughing to keep from crying. Listen, I got so sad thinking the Weekend Box Office report was a permanent gig for Mr. Dry Toast Tambay, that I had a hard time holding back the tears. But I kept hope alive and I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

kai azor

Sorry to hear about your situation, Sergio. Hope the food is half way decent:(


Hope the worst is behind you and you’ll get better soon.


Get well soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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