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‘11.22.63’ Sequel Series: Stephen King Reveals Potential Plans For Another Jake Epping Adventure

'11.22.63' Sequel Series: Stephen King Reveals Potential Plans For Another Jake Epping Adventure

Fans couldn’t get enough of the Stephen King-based television mini-series, “11.22.63,” and are asking for more. During a Q&A on the show’s Facebook page, the author was asked a series questions, one including the chance of seeing a sequel or a spin-off of the James Franco-starring show.

When asked if he would consider revisiting the characters and seeing how things panned out differently, King replied: “I’d love to revisit Jake and Sadie, and also revisit the rabbit hole that dumps people into the past, but sometimes it’s best not to go back for a second helping.”

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While he may not want to continue with the series, the novelist did add what his ideal second-part to the story would be. “If I were to write a sequel, it would be about Jake trying to stop unscrupulous people from using the rabbit hole to change the past in some terrible way,” added King.  

In the Q&A fans also found out that King was “scared to death” about writing about Lee Harvey Oswald. “I felt a little like Jake, messing with the past. ‘11.22.63’ was my first stab at a novel with actual historical figures in it, and I felt like I was actually watching them come to life,” confessed the writer.

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The J.J. Abrams-produced adaptation premiered on Hulu on February 15 to a slew of positive reviews. The eight-episode series followed Jake Epping (Franco), a man sent back in time to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

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Would you like to see more of Jake’s adventures? Watch the trailer for “11.22.63” below:

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