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‘Aim For The Roses’: John Bolton’s Daredevil Documentary Has Epic Teaser and Poster – Watch

‘Aim For The Roses’: John Bolton’s Daredevil Documentary Has Epic Teaser and Poster - Watch

John Bolton’s latest film “Aim For The Roses” brings Canadian daredevil Ken Carter’s 1976 stunt back to the big screen and Indiewire has the first teaser and poster. 

Carter is known for his ambitious stunt that would have had him fly a rocket-car a mile from the banks of the St. Lawrence to U.S. territory on the other side. Ultimately unsuccessful, the hype is far removed from modern memory but in 2008 the Vancouver musician Mark Haney created a Carter-inspired concept album in honor of the stuntman. Now, Bolton brought the story of these two men together. 

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“In a bizarre case of art imitating life, Mark suffered through almost as many setbacks trying to pull off his album as Ken did trying to pull off his stunt,” said Bolton. “He went way over budget and way over schedule. His marriage fell apart. He almost lost a thumb in an English muffin slicing incident.”

Adding, “I was inspired by, and I could relate to, Ken’s and Mark’s uncompromising commitments to their crafts in the faces of mid-career crises.  And so I committed to a leap of faith of my own, by making a ‘musical docudrama’ about both men.”

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The documentary features archival interviews, footage and contemporary expert witness. It also showcases Haney’s music and his own story of being dissatisfied with the “normal” life of a bassist, comparing both artists and their crafts. 

“Aim For The Roses” was co-written by Bolton and Brendan Woollard and produced by Bolton and Naomi Mark. The documentary will be released May 1 in Canada.

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Check out the full poster below:

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